BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , congratulated President Fuad Masum, chairman of the Turkish Republic Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the occasion of the anniversary of the Turkish National Day ninety - third, reiterating the historical relations between the two neighboring countries and the importance of protecting the Turkish - Iraqi interests Almstrkh.erb infallible in the text of his message on Saturday to President Turkish sincerest congratulations and sincere congratulations, wishing him a multitude of health and success for the people , Turkish friend all the progress and prosperity, he underlined Iraq 's desire to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation with Turkey in order to serve the aspirations of the two peoples , two countries in the development and well - being and Alastaqrar.ccant Turkey has recently announced that it participated the process of liberalization city Mosul and artillery troops stationed at camp Ba'shiqah district north of the city has been bombarded for Daesh sites at the request of the province Krdstan.onvy Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi for this review and considered "null and void the claim , " adding that Turkey "is not fighting Daesh but to expand its influence in the region."