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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kurdish sources: Kurdistan solve their employees' salaries and the budget crisis in which about one



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Kurdish sources: Kurdistan solve their employees' salaries and the budget crisis in which about one

Post by rocky on Tue 01 Nov 2016, 3:13 am

[size=37]Kurdish sources: Kurdistan solve their employees' salaries and the budget crisis in which about one million space[/size]

BAGHDAD - The Journal News is 
still the Kurdistan region of salaries crisis worsening day after day amid confusion financial Territory Ministry where nine ministries are still employees , including salaries had not received the ministries of interior, health, electricity, labor and social affairs, reconstruction and municipalities and the Peshmerga in the region.
And the payment of salaries delayed for more than twenty days to create a state of confusion among the staff slice They class the lowest income region, which led them yesterday to come out to the streets again to protest and announce strike consistently, while threatened some service departments to halt their everyday work, specifically water directorate in Sulaymaniyah, which threatened to employees 1,600 employees have not been paid after the city cut off water in case of delays in getting paid more.
Member of the mass change in the House of Representatives confirmed the bloc's quest to find a solution to the problem of the region salaries within the budget year 2017, expressing the hope that all members of the Kurdish blocs, "agrees away from partisan agendas" and to work to ensure the region salaries.
Said Hoshyar Abdullah during a statement (Il Giornale) on Monday, he said that "block change trying to cross a special project for the inclusion of the Kurdistan region of salaries problem within the 2017 budget discussions," and expressed "hope that all members of the Kurdish blocs agree away from agendas and partisan work in order to ensure the region salaries of the staff. "
He said Abdullah, to "discuss the 2017 budget a real opportunity to address the problem of salaries," adding that "it is difficult to Astmrarhzh situation in which Kurdish society is going through."
The Kurdistan Regional Government announced earlier this year to cut part of the employees' salaries as they were unable to pay the arrears of salaries to its employees since the month of September 2015 due to the financial crisis in the Kurdistan region.
Grumbling staff 
Leila Mohammed , an employee at the Ministry of Municipalities , said "The government ofKurdistan are not counted account daily to our suffering due to non - payment of our salaries, I live in a rented house and a day Arajni owner required to pay the rent I do not have that push it , so I'm thinking that I go with my children to the house of my father pushed embarrassment and pressure from the owner of the house, while said Ali Hussein , an employee of the department of Sulaymaniyah electricity we have significant resources of electricity wage, we do not know know why do not spend our salaries department of revenue. "
Astronauts officials 
revealed an MP for the mass change Tavkh Ahmed about the existence of aliens belong to the Peshmerga forces, asserting that there are more than 1.4 million space in the ministries of the Kurdistan region. He said Ahmed told (Il Giornale) "that the province has the aliens belong to the Ministry of Peshmerga, health, education and all circles within the region", adding that " the proportion of employees in the region when compared to the population number , we will find that 1.4 million and this means that every home in Kurdistan contain on three or four employees , and this is perfectly reasonable, "She said , " there are aliens in Kurdistan , a very large degree unimaginable. "
In an earlier press statement vassal (Journal News) Deputy Parliamentary Ali Hama Salih, head of the Economic Chamber of the opposition movement of change that has befallen ranked second parliamentary elections and the recent Asked about contraindications to use the local budget to pay circuits salaries of the staff, he replied, "there are actually legal obstacles to it, under law presumes that the resources of customs, taxes and graphics local circles back to the state treasury in order to enter the annual accounts, and departments that have expressed Directorates traffic local resources such as the Interior Ministry, 50 percent of those resources must be returned to the state treasury and the other half is spent on the development and improvement of road projects, and so for the rest of the ministries. " The Ministry of Electricity government of the region and that its staff had not received their salaries since the 54 days already and that its officials revealed in a press statement that "the revenue from electricity fees amounted billion dollars." In contrast, the General Authority for Tourism announced last year that its revenue exceeded several million dollars, in addition to the resources from customs taxes and municipal fees and endowments, health and Gerha.anthy

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