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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kurdistan Alliance condemns arrest of Turkish authorities deputies Kurds, he describes as "arbitrary



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Kurdistan Alliance condemns arrest of Turkish authorities deputies Kurds, he describes as "arbitrary

Post by rocky on Sun 06 Nov 2016, 2:39 am

Kurdistan Alliance (archive)
Kurdistan Alliance condemns arrest of Turkish authorities deputies Kurds, he describes as "arbitrary action"

Author: AR 
Editor: AR 06.11.2016 09:50 Number ofViews: 274 

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Condemned the Kurdistan Alliance, on Sunday, the feet of the Turkish authorities on the arrest of a number of deputies from the Turkish peoples Democratic Party, and in what was described the arrests as "arbitrary action", called on the Iraqi parliament to take a unified stance supporting the deputies detainees.
The Kurdistan Alliance Risan Sheikh Dler in a statement received (range Press) "Coalition condemns strongly the arrest of representatives of the peoples party and calls for their immediate release because they represent a large part of the Turkish people."
She Dler that "the Kurdistan Alliance extended an invitation to the international community and human rights organizations to shoulder their responsibilities towards the arbitrary actions of the Turkish authorities," indicating that "the Kurdistan Alliance, the Iraqi parliament demanded to take a unified stance supportive of the deputies of detainees."
The Turkish security authorities have implemented since the days of arrests affected a number of officials and members of the Turkish parliament from the Kurds and the mayor of Diyarbakir, southeast Turkey, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke a few days ago about the subordination of Kirkuk and Mosul to Turkey.
The suspended head of the Turkish authorities, "the Democratic Party of peoples," Salahuddin Dmartash, from his home in Amed, because of his refusal to testify in the investigation of the "fight against terrorism."
As long arrest his partner in the presidency of the party, Vigan Iuksk Dag, at her home in Ankara, in addition to nine other MPs from the party, as part of their refusal to make also testify. The arrests were made possible after the lifting of the Turkish parliament, earlier this year, the immunity of the deputies threatened prosecutions.
Now it faces Dmartash investigations relating to "public disorder" and "advocating violence", in events dating back to 2014, as called for with other MPs from his party people out to the streets. The events and then the killing of two policemen, as well as 31 civilians, according to official figures.
"Peoples' Democratic Party," and it was at that time advocated open borders with Syria to help the Kurds, Syrians trapped by the organization Daesh in the town of Kobani.

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