Baghdad / Iraq News Network expressed by Amnesty International, on Monday, concern about the practices carried out by Kurdish forces in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk against Arab citizens , including expulsion from the city and the destruction of their homes. The organization condemned these practices, arguing that the "deportation and displacement of Arab population forcibly displaced from Kirkuk" illegal and cruel ", and that it constitutes a " war crime "Portal indicated Amnesty International" Amnesty "in a statement today: to, he was " Kurdish forces proceeded to destroy homes hundreds of Arabs and deported from the city of Kirkuk, in what they reprisals apparentlyin response to an attack by Daesh terrorist in the recent ".oroy man who has ten children to Amnesty, how the soldiers came to his neighborhood to inform the population to leave by Abbah.oohar that" when the dawn of October / October 25, a few days of the attack extremist organization yet, were evacuated forcibly population and bulldozers demolished hundreds of homes in the neighborhood, including his home ". among those who have been forcibly displaced from Kirkuk and the surrounding villages, there are about 250 families who fled earlier from towns Originally due to violence, according to reports from the organization, referring to the cases of confiscation of cards Alhoah.onddt organized the move, arguing that the "deportation and displacement of the population of Sunni Arabs were forcibly evicted from Kirkuk, is illegal and cruel" .otlapt from the Kurdish authorities to end these practices "immediately" .utabat "Amnesty" that "similar destruction operations, and unjustified military necessity, constitutes a war crime , " arguing that "ordering the displacement of the civilian population, unless it is to keep them safe or that there be a military justification, is also a war crime."