BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq MP for the province of Kirkuk Hassan Turan, Thursday, that the Kurdish component in Kirkuk province does not believe in national partnership between the Arab and Christian and Turkmen, pointing out that the Kurds seek to swallow Kirkuk and annex it to Kurdistan, pointing out that the Arab and Turkmen component refuse elections for Kirkuk withoutthe adoption of a special law to maintain by the House of Representatives . he said Tauran , in a press statement today: "We can not hold elections to the province of Kirkuk , being sensitive to the province, pointing out that the election of the province of Kirkuk , require the law until it is to prevent any exploitation of the province by any political component "He pointed out that" the Kurdish component seeks to swallow the province of Kirkuk and its annexation to Kurdistan in the upcoming elections, noting that the province of Kirkuk , comprising 54,000 family did not prove official Awagaha It 's actually a resident of the province, pointing out that those families will affect the upcoming elections the bias component is in the elections, making the province share a political components . "and that" the formation of a joint committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the presidency of the Republic and Territories and legal committees in Parliament to study and develop mechanisms for future elections Kirkuk, noting that began meetings will be on the 27th of this month ".