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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Secrets quotas Kurdish oil



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Secrets quotas Kurdish oil

Post by rocky on Fri 11 Nov 2016, 4:05 am

Secrets quotas Kurdish oil

Fri, 11 Nov 2016 09:11:01

Zarzis Koleezzadh
A study by the Institute of Environmental Energy in Turkey month was told that Ankara-based rate (forty percent) of its need for energy in the Kurdistan region's oil, the study showed that the cause of relying on Kurdish oil is due to two main factors, the first is the low price of a barrel according to the facilities and special privileges granted to Ankara from Erbil and the second is near the production fields and easy access into Turkey without the financial burden of the cost of transport. According to this report it shows that Turkey managed to get the oil region on its own terms imposed on the authority of government in Arbil, through a secret agreement unspoken knotted between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Kurdistan leader ended his tenure Masoud Barzani, according to media and parliamentary sources, despite the ambiguity that surrounds the oil to the relationship and the agreement winning the scene of the events of the region and the path of oil marketing operations Kurdish and data trade regional show that the province completely subject to Turkish will, a far cry from the independent his will and the will of the Iraqi national sovereignty, observers and some lawmakers said the provincial party losing big in the oil equation between Ankara and Arbil, and seems to meet the oil needs of Turkey by Mr. Barzani's ruling and his group to carry out the wishes and requests of Mr. Erdogan entirely subject as part of the equation and oil deal between the two parties, and it seems that the Turkish party has gained significant concessions and many of the oil deal, which looks like it is far from taking into account the interests of the region, the Iraqi and the public interest, and this agreement is calculated Kaatdae glaring sovereign rights and national of the Kurdish people and the Iraqi public, and above this, the agreement seems to be not based on the rules of international law does not take into account the common interests between the two parties and does not depend on the mutual respect between the two neighboring base. It is time the facts in the field of Kurdish oil marketing and uncovered by officials in the province, is that the Irbil exposed oil for companies at a lower price compared to the price of oil in international markets, and it seems that Iraq also resort to provide oil at lower prices to ensure marketing, and this is shown by the parties It is for the purpose of encouraging the purchase of oil and to ensure that markets her, but in spite of this and in this context does not know how many are declining ratio provided by the province to Turkey for the export of Kurdish oil based on the will and desire and conditions of Ankara, which of up to 40% of the total need for a large proportion?According almost certainly derived from academic researcher Information According to the press and the reports of foreign oil price drop presented on a plate to Ankara by up to Arbil proportion (50%) according to the privileges and facilities granted in accordance with the deal concluded between the two parties. Note that the Kurdish made concessions to Turkey is not confined only to the question of the low price of a barrel of oil, but rather extends to the granting of many oil quotas to several parties, through the allocation of quotas defined by certain percentages to the political views of the first site in the Turkish presidency and to the government and party security and intelligence parties and private banking and corporate officials Turks, as recognized by some Kurdish deputies. And quotas on Kurdish oil is not confined only to the Turkish side, but preceded and long oil quotas time between senior officials in the province, and suspected the existence of a special party a secret agreement between the two ruling parties whereby quotas according to specific proportions of senior officials in power at the level of the presidency and the leadership of political and office parties, this is the bitter truth acknowledged by the deputies in the Parliament of Kurdistan, and goes deputy to determine quotas party on the Kurdish oil in accordance with the following proportions: a specific percentage of the price of each barrel of value dedicated to calculate each of Massoud Barzani and his family and the ruling Jalal Talabani and his family, a certain proportion of the other dedicated to the six senior officials in the leaderships of the party Barzani and party Talabani, in addition to the allocation of a percentage to the two presidents ruling in a quarter of a century, and with the quota defined by a US senior official was ambassador of his country in the past and is considered as the international Godfather for the production and marketing of the oil Kurdish, customize Other ratio Party Kurds It shows the Ankara government to ensure the safety of the transport of oil through the territory of securing the region and Turkey. For the purpose of the statement cited Attorney ratios suspect and distributed local, regional and international on the Kurdish parties and the Turkish authorities Kmhassh according to estimates from researcher and concerned, as follows: Turkish quota: starts share Presidential official sovereign and the first family of 6% of each barrel, and the share of the ruling party in Ankara by 5% of each barrel, and the share of the President of the ruling party of 4% of each barrel, and the share of the President of the intelligence apparatus of 3% of each barrel, and fees for the transit of oil through the Turkish pipeline by 4% of each barrel. Lots Kurdish: starts share and 6% for each of the Barzani family and the ruling family Talabani window, and the share of each of the six senior officials in the ruling parties and the increase of 3% of each barrel, and the share of each of the two ruling parties and 5% of each barrel. Lots of other: the share of the US official Godfather and increase of 3% of each barrel, and the share of 3% of each barrel of party Kurdish opposition to the regime in Ankara so as to ensure the safety of oil transit through the territory of the region, Turkey and without exposure carrier tube to military operations. And when calculating the total sum of the deductions, quotas and percentages allocated quota system between the parties Kurdish, Turkish and US authorities almost up to 68% of each barrel, and the total percentage of the share of the Turkish authorities 22%, and the share of the parties of the Kurdish authority 40%, and the share of the other parties of 6%, and the remaining 32 % go to secure salaries and pensions and the needs and requirements governing power management in the province, noting that the percentage that go to employees of government salaries are distributed by a quarter salary of the overwhelming majority of associate-called "savings program" forced a repressive measure, which brought behind the protests and civilian districts large and continuous civil servants in many cities of the province. Because of these abhorrent quotas on the Kurdish oil, the Minister of Natural Resources for the region at the crossroads "that the price of a barrel of oil even if it came to a hundred dollars, and that the production of the region even if it arrived million barrels, the government is able to solve the financial and economic crises afflicting the region "this is almost certainly evidence that oil quotas divided among the parties mentioned herein may be greater than the percentages that I mentioned earlier, and that the resources derived from Kurdish oil may not be sufficient to meet the needs of quotas and percentages of salaries and needs

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