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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Governors of the Middle Euphrates are critical of the reluctance of the federal ministries to provid



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Governors of the Middle Euphrates are critical of the reluctance of the federal ministries to provid

Post by rocky on Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:08 am

Governors of the Middle Euphrates are critical of the reluctance of the federal ministries to provide services for visitors to Karbala

 Karbala / long-Presse 

Criticized the Central Euphrates provinces and Baghdad administrations, on Friday, thereluctance of some federal ministries in providing services for visitors to Karbala, especially the transfer process, as they demanded the central government not to justify this reluctance by the financial crisis, called for visitors and owners processions service to maintain public property and not tampered with. 
The governor of Karbala , Akil Turaihi, in an interview with a number of media , including the (long - Presse), on the sidelines of Governors of the provinces of the Middle Euphrates and security chiefs in a meeting, " Themeeting today included the provinces of Babil, Baghdad, Najaf, Wasit, Diwaniyah, Karbala, it came to discuss the reality of services provided to visitors arrivals to perform forty visit in Karbala , "noting that" the meeting was attended by a number of governors and heads of provincial councils and committees of security and security leaders, including the leader of Babylon operations and the Middle Euphrates. " 
He Turaihi, said that " the conferees agreed on coordination and cooperation in all security and services and health fields in order to provide better services to visitors , " noting that " it was agreed to take a series of measures which emphasize the claim federal ministries Brphi this visit resources mechanism and support theprocess of transferring visitors ". 
Turaihi stressed, "there is a problem in the lack of enough fuel for the mechanisms that are involved in transport visitors provide , " noting that " the amounts allocated by the central government to Karbala will not be enough for this." 
He Turaihi that "this year , the visit exceeded all expectations and began Visitors flock in large numbers to maintain early," adding that "the most important problems experienced in Karbala over the past visits and visit this year is causing some service processions , which benefited from other provinces damage to structures infrastructure and public property such as roads and maintaining parks and sewage networks and others. " 
Turaihi He continued that "Karbala and its government and its people welcome visitors and serve them, but we call on them to maintain public services and property and not to be tampered with and observance ofconducting islands and cooking in places do not cause damage to the province , and the pollution of their environment." 
For his part, the governor of Baghdad, Ali al - Tamimi, told a number of media , including the (long - Presse), he said that " the province has completed ten days ago preparations for visitors traveling services to Karbala and secured the roads they walked and facilitated the work of the service processions erected on the road , " noting "what processions offer service to visitors owners provides millions of dollars to the government." 
Tamimi said, "There is a reluctance by some of the ministries that were involved in the transfer of visitors each year, including the Ministries of Transport, municipalities and reconstruction , " likely " to be the reason for the reluctance of the two ministries is the lack of knowledge of the new ministers to work mechanism followed in each visit Magdy Rady We Sntalibhm the performance of their role or claim head of government pressure on them, you must press and media in this area , too. " 
He stressed Tamimi, " the need not to justify federal ministries reluctance by the financial crisis and the visitors service appropriately and mobilize all the potential for it, including the fleets of buses and wheels owned , " stressing that " the Baghdad province and despite the financial crisis , but it involved all thepotential mechanism and human in support of the province of Karbala and service visitors. " 
For his part, governor of Wasit province, the owner behind the valley, in an interview with a number of media , including the (long - Presse), said that "today 's meeting in Karbala discussed the negatives that occur for visitors services during visits millions and developing appropriate solutions , " likely " to enter more than three millions of Iranian pilgrims to perform the ceremony forty visit this year, 75 percent of them will pass through the border port Zurbatiyah. " 
He pointed Wasti that " the entry of Iranian visitors began early in advance of this year compared to last year, and in recent days , came across Zurbatiyah port more than 250 thousand Iranian pilgrims, was 50 thousand of them on the day before yesterday, and more than 80 thousand entered yesterday." 
The Zurbatiyah border crossing with Iran year has witnessed in the past 2015, the entry of some three million Iranian pilgrims to perform the visit forty , including about 500 thousand visitors entered without visas after obtaining the state of chaos and lawlessness in the border region as a result of the large number of Iranian visitors and the inability of the Iraqi authorities working in the port to control them. 
The visit forty one the most important visits Shia Muslims , where Shiite Muslims from southern and central provinces out individually and in groups beginning of the month of Safar walk to Karbala, while border crossings, airports receiving Shiites from various Arab and Islamic countries Muslims to participate in the visit the death of Imam Hussein, the third Imam Shia Ithna, to pray on the twentieth of the same month, which marks the visit (forty) or the return of the head of Hussein and Rhth and his supporters who died in the battle of Karbala in 61 for migration, it has become the practice or this ritual annual tradition after the collapse of the former regime, which was put strict limits on the exercise of Shiite rituals .

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