Sulaymaniyah / News Network Iraq The leader of the Kurdistan Islamic Group Xuan Raper, Monday, calls for the citizens of the Kurdistan region to the federal government to intervene in the resolution of their problems were due to lack of territorial authorities in response to them, pointing out that most of the citizens in the region have lost confidence in Bsultathm.oukal Rapper interview today: "when the citizens of the Kurdistan region calls for the federal government to address their problems , this does not mean they are against the Kurdistan Regional government , " pointing out that "calls for the citizens of the Kurdistan region to enter Baghdad to solve their problems came because of the territorial authorities in response to them, as well as being a pressure card the Kurdistan Regional government . "He added Raper, that" the majority of citizens in the Kurdistan region are going through living conditions difficult and have lost confidence in the powers of the region , "adding that" the claim of Baghdad to assume its responsibility towards them right, especially after the federal government cut the budget the province in the past . "He continued that" failure to address the political and legal crisis and the lack of activation of the Kurdish parliament will cause a worsening of the situation and the deepening problems in the region ", calling on all parties to" move and respond to the demands of citizens and improve the existing situation . "the Vice President of the House of Representatives Aram Sheikh Mohammed called on Saturday (November 12, 2016) the federal government to send staff to the province of Kurdistan provinces salaries directly in the absence of communication to an agreement with the provincial government.