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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kurdish minister does something connects Kurdistan, Iraq and the division into three states is the p



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Kurdish minister does something connects Kurdistan, Iraq and the division into three states is the p

Post by rocky on Fri 18 Nov 2016, 1:32 am

[ltr]Kurdish minister does something connects Kurdistan, Iraq and the division into three states is the perfect solution[/ltr]

 Since 11/17/2016 16:59 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News 
Said Minister of Education of the Kurdistan region Bhtawan honest that the Kurdistan region is the state by virtue of the status quo, and among that there is currently nothing linking it to Iraq, said that "splitting" the latter is the solution Alamthel.oukal honest during a seminar on the situation of displaced in the Kurdistan Region was held in Dohuk province and I followed / balances News /, said Thursday that "the slogans that launches the unity and sovereignty of Iraq is not only false slogans," noting that "it is very difficult to achieve a real coexistence in Iraq." he added Sadik that "the division of Iraq into three Kurdish Shiite and Sunni states is the best way to the security, stability and prosperity of the Iraqi people, "adding that" the survival of Iraq in this way will worsen problems day after day, "stressing that" now the Kurdistan region is the state by virtue of the status quo, "pointing out that" there is currently nothing binds us in Iraq. "The President of Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, announced on Wednesday that he would not give up the right to independence and under what pressure was, stressing at the same time to achieve that goal through dialogue and peaceful means, while pointing out that the recent visit to Baghdad, touching a good response in this Alatjah.okan governor of Kirkuk, a member of the Union PUK Najm al-Din Karim announced in a sudden position announced the completion of all procedures for the declaration of the second province in Iraqi Kurdistan after the end of the battle to liberate Almousel.massadr informed quoted Karim, who is currently in Washington, as saying that "the region II, which will be announced in the Iraqi Kurdistan includes four provinces of Sulaimaniya, Kirkuk and Halabja and Khanaqin, "free to choose the Democratic party Briasah Massoud Barzani among accept the status quo, or a return to conflict between the two parties she added sources said Karim said," while attending the committee security coordination in Kirkuk province, which includes the security services and police forces and the Peshmerga forces leaders' meeting and all of them Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in the government of his home last week that "the Iraqi constitution allows for the establishment of the regions," adding that "the Kurdistan Regional Constitution does not conflict with the regionalization of its provinces projects" .oovq to sources in Kirkuk, the province of the Democratic party representatives in the province denounced modern cream and accused his party to work on fragmentation of the Kurdish people .almassadr expects to take over the Hero Talabani the presidency of the Kurdish region and the second will be larger than the current region, which is limited to the provinces of Arbil and Dohuk, pending the resolution of the battle of Mosul to join the Kurdish towns mechanism Traf disputed areas of the guardian .oabdo that this will create an Arab tension Kriya in the direction versus , where not all of what he wishes Necmettin cream verifiable although there confirms the September meeting in Sulaimaniya, which included the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party, the Islamic Union and the Islamic Community, the MDC foundations for this, but exploring possibilities Thakgah.okan President of Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament Yusuf Mohamed a friend warned of the danger of the current situation in the region, stressing that it will lead to the fusion of two departments independent in each of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, wishing not to lead the situation into chaos and Cturab.oukal friend that the current situation in the region is the beginning of the consecration of the two departments, which are similar to the situation that appealed to them Massoud Saddam Hussein to occupy Arbil during the conflict erupted summer of 1996 between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Kurdistan Democratic party (KDP), Authority (PA) in Arbil devote current practices, the subject of two administrations, but the political forces pushing for a lack of access to this stage, and through the granting of powers of the three provinces of the region and the wider rule of not Mrkza.anthy 29 / tc n[/ltr]

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