BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced the Union of Forces for support for the voices claim to postpone the date for the local elections, and until the end of the obstacles that prevent her stay on schedule and that stands in the forefront of the unstable security situation in a number of western and northern areas of the Alarac.oukal MP from the Union strongman Mohamed Karbouli in a press statement today: that the presence of Daesh terror so far in a number of provinces, as well as non - return of a number of displaced people to their home areas in areas that have been edited Knahih cliff victory in Babylon and a number of provinces of Anbar, Diyala, Salahuddin areas, allof which things are an obstacle to holding the elections on schedule in April 2017 Almqubl.oadav Karbouli that poor physical condition suffered by the citizens of the liberated western regions and those who have lost their sons were the destruction of their homes by the organization Daesh terrorist will be double-edged sword for the political process in case local elections on schedule Alorteur.okan Kurdistan Alliance MP Tariq friend who would board earlier in the day, that the coalition forces Kurdistan will go to vote in the House of Representatives to postpone the local elections and merged with the parliamentary elections , a condition that is reaching a compromise formula to conduct Provincial Council elections Krkk.oukal friend in a press statement that the alliance is currently studying the demands of a number of wishing to postpone the local elections and merged with the parliamentary elections , the political blocs, pointing out that those wanting despite positive incurred by some hot especially the provinces of which they are Atakhlu from the negative to the provinces stable again seeking to change their governments local.