Arbil / News Network Iraq called on the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Monday, to appoint someone to the presidency of the Kurdistan region until the start date of the elections Kadmh.oukal Barzani said in a statement today: "Call me a number of politicians and academics in the past few days, and they said that their opinion and the opinion of a number of citizens say that the solution to the crisis experienced by the Kurdistan region is I, and said that Barzani can solve these problems . "he added," I'm like any other citizen Kordestani, I hope thatthe beautiful solve these crises and problems once and for all, but many current problems, some of them connected political, economic and security situation in Iraq and the region in general, such as Daesh attacks, lower oil prices, and cut the Kurdistan region of salaries, hosting hundreds of thousands of displaced people, and some other problems are internal and are caused by political conflicts in the Kurdistan region . "he pointed Barzani," if the solution internal political problems in the Kurdistan region've got, how many times you invite the political parties of the meeting, but they did not show up under the excuses variety, and also demanded that meets the parties togetherto resolve this crisis, but they did not come together as well , ".ofatt to," this solution crisis lies inthe dialogue between the parties, and that the new president is elected to parliament in order to return to practice his second, and that the parties agree all on the formation of a new government, and appointed someone to the presidency of the Kurdistan region until the start date of the next elections . "He explained," I did all the respect and appreciation for the demands of the employees and teachers of their rights, they are demanding their rights from the government, and I support them in that, but that due to the current crises , security, economic and political problems that we are experiencing, has become the possibilities of a specific government, but they believe that there is a solution, but sit sides with the government to resolve this matter and in all transparency, to disclose all they have away from auctions or inflame public opinion. "