Erbil / Iraq News Network announced the Kurdistan Democratic Party, welcomed the content of the letter addressed to the President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani, pointing to " the party 's response to the imperatives of the stage and withstand the challenges and foil conspiracies opponents and enemies." A statement from the party spokesman Mahmoud Mohamed today: " The letter sent by Barzani came in a timely manner," he returned it of "Gateway to solve problems and internal dilemmas." "The Democratic Kurdistan assesses the message loud and preferably Helms where and welcomes it , " noting that "from the perspective of objective reading of the situation of the region in general and Kurdistan in particular, the party sees an urgent need to resolve the political crisis to be responsive to the imperatives of the stage and stand against the challenges and foil conspiracies opponents and enemies as he put it . He expressed his support and assist the Kurdistan Democratic Initiative Barzani full and ready to start a dialogue with all political partiesof Kurdistan and find a mechanism for how to solve problems. "