BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq called a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc MP Xuan Daoudi, Tuesday, "core" blocks in the Kurdistan region to hold an expanded meeting of the application of the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani on forming a new government andto choose someone else in his place, as he pointed out that the election a new government need to activate Oola.oukal Daoudi Parliament of the region in a press interview today: "Barzani 's initiative is a good step, but we hope that is not confined within the media frameworks , " stressing the need to "work is carried out as soon as possible to end the crises experienced people Alcarda.oodhav Daoudi, that " the election of the new interim government or the presidency of the parliament to resolve all provincial problems need to activate the provincial First Parliament, through which can proceed to choose the government and the presidency of the region", calling on the masses , " the five basic" in the region to "expedite the convening of a meeting extended to discuss the re - work of the parliament and put the main points of the application of the initiative mechanisms, and to end the state of division and differences that paid for the Kurdish people.