Arbil / News Network Iraq Kurdish politician warned known Mahmoud Othman, Thursday, exacerbated the crisis and the current problems in the Kurdistan region, calling on influential parties to dialogue and to begin to find the necessary solutions to them as quickly and Guet.oukal Mahmoud Othman , in a press statement today: " The Region Kurdistan is going through a deep financial crisis in addition to the political crisis that preceded the financial as there are other problems, and can not be for this situation to continue and the leaders of the influential parties to find a solution , ".oaattabr Othman, said the " message Barzani latter could be the beginning of a meeting of these leaders who did not held for more than a year, to discuss the situation accurately and crises, political, financial and private developments and possible changes Now, after ending the existence of "Daesh" in Iraq, and after the change of US administration, relations and dialogue to resolve problems with the federal government in Baghdad and with the neighboring province of governments and identify ways to deal with them and find the necessary solutions . "he added Kurdish politician , said:" over a long time without finding solutions, and more over time is not on our side , so you must expedite the holding of these meetings, otherwise you will lose a lot of opportunity and responsibility will lie with the leaders of political parties , each according to their size and presence. " and between, the media statements opposing assaults and complexity of the problems more and the only way is meeting at one table and dialogue seriously, he says.