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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Kirkuk's Arabs sounding the alarm bell again: we are exposed to genocide



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Kirkuk's Arabs sounding the alarm bell again: we are exposed to genocide

Post by rocky on Mon 28 Nov 2016, 4:04 am

[rtl]Kirkuk's Arabs sounding the alarm bell again: we are exposed to genocide[/rtl]

[rtl] November 28 .2016 - 11:57 | Number of Views: 19   [/rtl]
Sommer News: Baghdad  
ringing Kirkuk 's Arabs alarm again about Maitardon him in multiple preserve ethnic and billed for Iraq miniature , where the face of the formation of the Arab Council of Kirkuk on Monday an appeal by SOS "urgent" to theIraqi government and the Kurdistan region need to launch a battle to regain control of Hawija from Daesh grip organization, stressing at the same time that the campaign was delayed due to the "intersections" between thethree sides. 
And controlled organization Daesh on Hawija Areas of him two years ago and prevents civilians out some areas that are not subject to him at a time when a lot of people trying to escape in the form of payments is that such moves are fraught where regulation prevents the exit of the risks. 
There were reports of international reports on the worsening humanitarian situation of civilians in Hawija Sources Daesh to the detention of thousands of civilians tried to leave the city and killed a number of them. 
A member of the Arab Council of Kirkuk Mohammed Saleh al - Obeidi , "We appeal to the Prime Minister (Haider al - Abadi) and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Department of the province of Kirkuk and theinternational coalition ... to aid our people in Hawija fired edits of Daesh terrorist gangs as soon as possible." 
He said al - Obeidi , speaking at a press conference held in Kirkuk that " the Arab component there groaning underneath conditions genocide shameful affront to humanity." 
He said , "Today , we Nstsrkh you , the human conscience and bear the historical and religious responsibility before God and the public of what is happening in the right of an entire people in Hawija , which is subject to conditions not seen her all humanity through history in terms of injustice and hunger unknown destiny that was left to them but to the delivery of death." 
He called al - Obeidi , the local authorities in Kirkuk to help the displaced from Hawija and frighten pressure them in the camps and facilitate the relocation to the city. 
He attributed the Arab official reason for the delay in launching the battle of Hawija to " the intersections between the central government and the provincial government and the government of Kirkuk , where we do not know the reason?" 
He says the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim Failure to proceed with the Iraqi government to develop aplan for the Liberation of Hawija's Kirkuk unjustified and pointed out that the city which hosts nearly half amillion people displaced since the 2014 situation will not likely accommodate more. 
He promised Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in a visit to Kirkuk last month launched the Battle of Hawija and far - flung edges of the grip Daesh "soon."



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