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© 2005-2016 Board Rules We are discontinuing the "Infraction System" Please just follow the rules of the board. Revised 07/07/2011 1. English Only!! - We added Languages Translations Tool to our board for all to be able to visit and post in their language. You must post in your language once in your language page which will post English forum for original text, See the Flags in the Header of NNP @ the Top. 2. Profanity - Never direct a curse word towards another member. We would like to keep this board as clean as possible but, I understand the terms of cursing and getting your character meaning across. Just do not abuse this. Depending what TEAM member is reading your profanity, may decide to just remove your hard work of the post. 3. Porno/Spamming/Trolls - Automatic Removal from the board!! Neno's Place does not have time for the likes of this. (including, improper postings of obscene gestures decided by administration) 4. Singnature - Only for Group members Members and the TEAM 5. Arguing on the board - Take to PMs as it is between you and who ever. We do not want to hear it. Get along are simply leave. May be deleted 6. Red Text Use!! - Please try and save this for Highlights and Admin use. 7. Drama Posters! - A Member that stirs often to cause drama intensively, will be removed but I understand and we know the membership by their posting. Drama is just apart of life. 8. No Post in all Caps - Hurts the eyes. Post will be either edited by a Team member or deleted. 9. Off Topic Post!! - Taking a thread off topic from the original topic, post may be Moved or Deleted!! 10. Personal Information. - Yours is of your own choice. You are responsible for posting that of others, not Neno's Place 11. 1 Account!! - If we find that you have two, one will be removed. If the wrong one, oh well should of followed the rules 12. Avatars - Please use common sense or you will be ask to change it Once. No advertising thru the avatars! 13. Insulting Other Members - Do not do it, walk away. Take your crap to a PM. I am not here to babysit adults. All post will be moved or deleted 14. Complaint PM's to Administrators -Neno's Place is to busy for this and they may totally ignored. Unless Life threatening, "Means Nothing" to this board or Team. Own your on. In the Users Profile, you can chose to ignore that Member. 15. Usernames - No advertising usernames Example: Forex mentor. Xmaspromo, etc, etc... 16. No Profiling Members - This pertains to labeling of others rather it is by racial or putting one on a pedestal. NNP has NO Gurus. Everyone on the forums membership is equal. NNP is open to both sides of opinions. Notes: Ali/Dinar Trade post are statement from outside of Neno's Place!! - Ali/Dinar Trade is very important to some and not so important to others. Doesn't matter as long as it is posted in the right forum. Please keep all the outside stuff of Neno's Place found, posted in the KFC category as Neno's Place is the Official Board for Dinar Trade. If it isn't posted on this board by Ali or Myself, take it will a bag of salt. FREE Advertising - You may start a thread in the Free Advertising Fourm for your offer, product, etc, but only one thread per. The Thread advertising is still the same and FREE. Only banner advertising is a cost and you can see those prices here: Copy and Pasting and Posting Copyright Material - In 99% of all Copy and Pasting of Material (articles) to this site, it is mandatory that you the poster provide the link back to the Original Material's home for the credit well received by the originator. It is also recommended to you the poster to not post the whole article this allows the reader to click on the link provided to the original for conclusion and credit recieved. Posting any Copyrighted material you need to have permission. Neno's Place is not responsible for any as written in the TERMS and CONDITIONS agreed on when registering. If Neno's Place is contacted from a proven original Licensed Author/Publisher asking for material to be removed, Neno's Place will comply. Administration can close a thread at ANYTIME!!!! If you notice someone doesn't respect these rules above or the Boards RULES There is a Report the Post System on each post. Do Not abuse it: This is Simple Rules to follow. This will be monitored with out a heavy Hand. I Reserve the Right to Update and or Modify at Any Time. Also I do not expect to catch everything and the Membership should NOT either.

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