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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.
Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Tivon and KTFA Members Tuesday Afternoon "What Are We Waiting On?" 7-5-2022 - Wed 06 Jul 2022, 8:07 am

[size=30]Tivon and KTFA Members Tuesday Afternoon "What Are We Waiting On?" 7-5-2022[/size]
Samson:  An Economist Confirms The Inability At The Present Time To Reduce The Exchange Rate Of The Dollar
5th July, 2022
The economic expert, Dr. Safwan Qusay, explained that the current time does not allow changing the exchange rate of the dollar and raising the value of the Iraqi dinar without taking measures to ensure that the dinar maintains its value.

Qusay told Al-Maalouma, "The Central Bank confirmed that there is no justification for restoring the dollar exchange rate to its previous era, especially since the process of defending the value of the Iraqi dinar needs reserves that grow over time in this bank, as well as the process of rehabilitating the economy to be productive. And he can defend the value of the dinar.”

He added that "Iraq does not currently have revenues in dinars other than the legal revenues approved by the government for fees, taxes and others, and when the Iraqi economy is rehabilitated so that there are revenues from the geographical location or the industrial, food and agricultural sectors, as the process of changing the shape of the economy is what will allow the value of the dinar to increase“.

And he indicated that “the increase, if it takes place, will be unreal, and Iraq may feel that this increase will not be in place, and it is better to invest the savings that the country obtains from high oil prices for strategic investment projects so that it will be a base for defending the Iraqi dinar to absorb unemployment and reduce poverty.”  LINK
Tivon:  How do you expect to have revenues in IQD if you never change the rate to support the national currency?
Mazhar M. Saleh stated that the hard currency reserves can defend the IQD and preserve the purchasing power of the IQD against any inflation. By the end of the year it will move from 70-90 Billion. Fluctuations in prices will not affect the IQD therefore the income of the citizens will sustain itself.
 It's like he's talking in reverse of what the reinstatement is supposed to do once the rate is released.
How do you expect the IQD to move up in value if the industrial, food, and agricultural sectors are using the USD? You know what I noticed? The reason I think we are seeing continous articles as to why they can't reduce the USD price is because Al-Kazemi has not been officially approved or voted on to run the country due to the dissolution of Parliament not happening as of yet.
They are nervous because they are not sure Mailiki is not officially out of power. Because the excuses they have do not make any sense. As long as he appears to still have his foot in the race they will be hesitant to cause any upheaval.
Why? Because as I stated before the reinstatement of the IQD is an "Act of War". It can literally cause blood shed. So they want to be sure about who's the head honcho in charge. And that has not been clearly demonstrated.
They know the Rothschilds financial schemes are based on intimidation, bribery, and murder. Don't think they don't know why Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated. He wanted to get rid of the USD and go back on the Gold Standard. And he was killed for it.
That has stuck with many people in Iraq. Which is why they are so scared to do it. They think hit squads will be after them. Another thing when you look at the recent announcement from Citigroup about oil prices dropping. You can see the time clock ticking away for Iraq to do something now.
So Dr. Safwan Qusay can throw that strategy out of the window of relying on savings from oil prices to invest in projects. The War in Ukraine will not last much longer. So if 90% of Iraqs revenue comes from oil I think it's best they strike while the price is hot.
 The EFSL is contingent upon the current oil prices to help move the wheel of the economy that Mazhar M. Saleh stated almost a month ago. So how in the world can they wait any longer to reduce the USD price when the EFSL is only for this year?
Have you guys noticed the trend of articles denying or denouncing the reduction of the USD before the EFSL is even officially published in the Gazette?
Al-Kazemi is up to something because he's been to quiet on these opinion pieces that goes against what he intended to do when he requested at the earliest session to reduce the USD. 100 Deputies were/are in agreement. He faced no contest from none of them. So I will only keep my eye on him as he knows what's in the cards and he also knows the parliament has a hand full of red twos.
Jamal Cougar (Post 35) stated at the beginning of the ratification of the law money will be dispersed to ministries & governates. Which implies it isn't official yet. So what are they waiting on? Something is very fishy.
Iraqi citizens are already complaining that they can't buy any special items for the upcoming holidays which was a customary thing for them. Not to mention just yesterday even though it is up to the Central Bank at least it has been brought up by Parliament to start the process.
But we now know since yesterday that a gradual increase goes against the Article 8 Compliance of the IMF. So a instant rate change would definitely prompt the citizens to get rid of the USD now that we know the ATMs were designed to recycle them out of the system. So it's makes plenty of sense why they installed that feature in the machine. IMO

Samson:  Al-Maliki's Coalition: The 2022 Budget Will Not Go Ahead Without Returning The Price Of The Dollar
5th July, 2022
The State of Law coalition confirmed, on Tuesday, that the coalition will not vote to pass the 2022 budget except by a decision to lower the dollar exchange rate and return it to what it was previously.
The leader of the coalition, Haider al-Lami, said in an interview with / the information / that “Al-Maliki’s coalition categorically refused to raise the exchange rate of the dollar and keep the price as it was previously, or raise it to a maximum of 125,000 thousand Iraqi dinars for the 100 US dollars, but we were surprised by the refusal Great," noting that "the only person affected by this rise is the Iraqi people.
He added, "Iraq today exports more than four million barrels, and the price of one barrel reaches more than $100, but so far we see the dollar exchange rate is very high."
The leader of the State of Law explained that "the coalition will not proceed with passing the Federal Budget Law for 2022 inside the parliament, except by a decision to lower the dollar exchange rate and return it to what it was previously in order to serve the interests of the Iraqi people."
And the leader in the State of Law coalition, Essam Shaker, confirmed to “Information” that “all the political elites agree that Al-Kazemi’s government has committed grave mistakes in the economic file, starting with the file of raising the dollar exchange rate and decreasing the value of the Iraqi dinar, leading to weak control over the markets and leaving millions of Iraqis at the mercy of Monopoly and the mafias of the markets that manipulate prices as they wish.    LINK
Tivon:  Well Frank did say the rate precedes the budget. Not only that the Financial Management Law is not enough to serve the people for the remainder of the year as was stated by Mazhar M. Saleh. But I am quite surprised to hear this from Maliki.
Probably because he wants to go out on a high note given the corruption charges facing him and his cronies. Because the Mafias of the money markets are the same people who assassinated Muammar Gaddafi when he wanted to get rid of the USD hegemonic control over his people.
Someone either got a hold of Maliki and told him to play ball  given what was on those leaflets in terms of Zero-Hour and many corrupt officials want to come clean before their property is swept by military officials and they are carted off to prison for "Crimes Against Humanity".
So I can understand why some say they were surprised by this announcement from Maliki. No one expected that to come from him. Maybe the writing on the wall is forcing him to get right with God. As his reign is coming to an end.
Now that he supports this maybe we will start to see a trend from other officials to move forward with support to Al-Kazemi to reduce the USD price sense Maliki blames him for the rise of it.
We are living in strange times but exciting none the less. I'm pretty sure Eddie would be surprised and excited to read this. Because the USD price should not be this high given the rise in oil. Which is enough along with reserves to support the IQD on a 1:1 scale.
But again thus will not last and the clock is ticking. Citigroup confirmed this. Will they reinstate the IQD before the upcoming holiday so Iraqi citizens can continue the tradition of shopping before it gets here? Don't know as that window is even shorter than the oil timeframe.
Maybe Maliki is using this to campaign for office. Either way he can't take back these statements so I'm sure this has sparked confidence in those who were and are scared to release the exchange rate if they have public enemy #1(Al-Maliki) getting behind the move to reduce the USD even if it's only intended to make Al-Kazemi look a certain way in front of the Iraqi people.
This is why we should have a broad landscape view and don't pay to much mind to opinion pieces when the laws support a return to constitutional obligations to serve the Iraqi people. And so far that has worked wonders for the Oil & Gas Law. Why not the exchange rate?
Think about it people. This is only going one way. You can have three different articles on the same thread saying different things on the same subject. This only causes confusion to those who do not use any critical thinking to tie this convoluted mess together to understand why things are said by certain individuals that either support or go against what is right.
You have to have that internal compass to determine what that is. The articles will not do that for you. IMO
Suzie:  I have to agree with Tivon, we are living in strange and exciting times and while it seems Iraq is "fast-tracking" things, my OWN OPINION stays the same.  I mentioned months ago that for the monetary reform/new exchange rate to appear Iraq NEEDS to be fully article 8 compliant which they are not, and they need a fully seated Government which they don't, and the new EFSL as we all know has not appeared in the Gazette as of yet even tho' the 15 days has passed. Even being "hooked" up globally, the AMF, etc, atm's in place, their gold reserves and everything else points to the fact they're ready and supposedly moving quickly, they still have to have what I've mentioned, IN MY OPINION.   Just sayin'..
Tivon:  I remember Delta stating back in 2018 that they are not of the mindset of announcing that they are Article 8 Compliant. Why? Because they do not want to tip off the markets. Speculation would go wild.
Think about the guy who got caught trying to smuggle out IQD at the Iraqi Airport. He did that because he knows Al-Kazemi has that on his agenda. Why do you think they are doing the same thing with the EFSL? We are way past the 15 day deadline for it to be ratified and we still do not have official word on that.
 They don't need a fully seated government for the White Papers/EFSL because all of that was done without a formed government. These two things operate outside of political turmoil. 
You forget Al-Kazemi request to reduce the USD price at the earliest session. He didn't state at the earliest possible formation of the GOI. We Iraq will honor certain things just because it makes sense to us. At times they do follow through and have been for the past few months. Then when it comes time to officially underwriting it like the reinstatement they stall. Why?
Because they are scared of the Money Mafia who are willing to kill to keep Iraq on a program rate. No one wants to end up like Muammar Gaddafi when he tried to get rid of the USD. Maliki just stated that these mobs exist. Read it.
As I said it needs to be clear on who is running the country. Al-Kazemi or Al-Maliki? Keep in mind a seated government for this year is almost out of the picture. Simply because the EFSL is created to take place of the budget given the many sectors it will address.
 The 2022 Budget can not even be considered for 2022 simply because you need a seated government to pass one. And if they do there will only be 51 trillion allocated to the 2022 budget and that will go to new projects only. Which will be picked up by the 2023 budget.
The EFSL is for everything that the 2021 Budget was supposed to do. One of them being raising the value of the IQD. Al-Kazemi said he wants the full force of the EFSL. Well if that's the case that would mean his cabinet will need the remainder of the year to utilize the law.
Why would he personally wait for a seated government if he wants to use the emergency law to accomplish everything it was designed to address? IMO
Delta: The definition of Article 8 for Iraq is to lift the restriction on their currency. They are not going to tell you they are Article 8 compliant.That would signal a change.The countries on their borders would be excited.They are now working under Article 8. Article 8 compliant.The acceptance of Article 8 requires them to lift all restrictions on their currency. Abadi promised this at the Kuwait convention.

Popey7:  Imo, I concur with Tivon's post this morning... The fact that they have not released the EFSL into the Gazette is mighty fishy... While at the same time showing just how important this law is... Thanks Tivon... by the way, Thursday is 7/7... Not really sure this still has relevance but Christine Lagarde emphasized that number over 8 years ago during her speech to the National Press Club... What we wait for is certainly a biggie, and will trigger a time frame for other events to transpire as the future unfolds... God bless, and hold fast KTFA... 
DeepWoodzImo   There are no arguments here fellas. Let me share some thoughts since this is a public forum and we’ve all been told we can share our opinions. 
I don’t know why there is any confusion regarding the EFSL, the budget, the government. It’s already been said but I will repeat it because it’s the only thing worth repeating. We are on God’s timetable and He states plainly not to rely on your own understanding. 
It’s great to express an opinion as long as others get to opine without confrontation and ego getting involved. Most times it’s very easy to see what’s going on here. 
Now for a question NO ONE can answer. Simply because it’s the same question no matter what news article pops off. 
Kadhimi was in full control October last year. Budget was fully prepared and gee wiz Batman!!! They didn’t do it. That’s ok because hind sight we can see all the things they’ve done since then. But still no change, at least one we can see. WICH MEANS THEY ARE STILL WAITING ON SOMETHING besides a law they have decided not to enact….yet. 
The auctions are in full swing, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the auction pull three zero notes off the street??? 
Frank has mentioned M figures. Couldn’t we be down to something as simple as hitting that magic number they want to achieve? 
I have a very basic understanding of the currency auction. Almost none. Maybe someone could answer my questions.   
Tivon: What are they waiting on? Dissolution of Parliament. That would make sense if they are scared of Maliki and what he may do to retaliate against those who go through with reinstating the IQD.
The USD was forced on Iraq. They didn't campaign for it. The Rothschilds (Banking Oligarchs) assassinated Muammar Gaddafi when he tried to use their national currency. Al-Kazemi is trying to rally the troops and instill confidence into the people in position to raise the value of the IQD. But they do not want death hanging over their heads if Maliki is still walking around.
 So now they are stuck in this quagmire. On one hand they know Dissolution is a pending issue. On the other even if they are dissolved and Al-Kazemi runs the country off the EFSL for the remainder of the year. They still will be hesitant to follow through with anything impactful for the citizens if Maliki is still walking around.
You guys are severely underestimating the fear this guy has instilled into those in power. Especially the ones who want to do the right thing.
 AYSCUDA, BUNA, Taxes & Customs, General Customs Authority etc are all ready. But people are nervous because the atmosphere doesn't feel right or makes them feel safe that nothing will happen to them if the release the exchange rate.
That's why I will continue to say the reinstatement is an "Act of War". No one wants any casualties while trying to bring purchasing power to the citizens.
 Look at the death threats Clarence Thomas faced just for overturning Roe vs Wade. Now think about how powerful reducing the USD that will have global ramifications will be. People are willing to kill to keep Iraq at a program rate. That's why none of their excuses make sense. The Mafia is alive and well. Maliki just mentioned them. 👇 
Quote: And the leader in the State of Law coalition, Essam Shaker, confirmed to “Information” that “all the political elites agree that Al-Kazemi’s government has committed grave mistakes in the economic file, starting with the file of raising the dollar exchange rate and decreasing the value of the Iraqi dinar, leading to weak control over the markets and leaving millions of Iraqis at the mercy of Monopoly and the mafias of the markets that manipulate prices as they wish.  
Dinardiva1:  Tivon —-So are we waiting now for Maliki to be gone before this RV will happen ? IMO
Tivon:  On the surface that what it appears to be for select individuals. Al-Kazemi already knows what he wants done. He made that very clear. Especially when you read what he stated just a week ago in terms of wanting the EFSL implemented with full force.  So I wouldn't go so far to say that Al-Maliki is the sole purpose. Because he can be out the picture in a blink of an eye if those leaflets are anything to go by as far as the Zero-Hour.
Legally on a Constitutional basis dissolution seems to be the intended plan to ensure the people that Al-Kazemi will be running the show for the remainder of the year. But as we can see Al-Zamili is trying to confuse the people by giving them the impression that he is still at large.
But he sees that is not the case once they voted and passed the EFSL. He tried to file lawsuits and still protest the law but really lack control to do anything about it. Al-Maliki has psychological fear more so then he does physical power. It's like you can defang a snake to be harmless in a physical sense. But if anyone was to see one it wouldn't make a difference in their mind so they would still consider that snake a threat until it is clear it is dead or at least out of the house.
This is why you have people reluctant to do or follow Al-Kazemi. Which is a hand few. Because you can clearly see in the articles as to the many reasons they try to come up with changing the rate in spite of the clear request by Al-Kazemi who doesn't see any problems as to why this can't be done at the earliest session.
Why would he even announce something of that calibre so casually if he was not ready? Releasing the Dinar exchange rate would send a clear signal to the Rothschilds, Rocafellers, and "The British Crown" that they no longer run the show.
If you think the reaction to Roe vs Wade is something. The IQD would be a thousand times more worse for the Central Bankers. They will lose their control over the Middle East entirely.
You want to know what the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" was. All you have to do is look into why they killed Muammar Gaddafi. You have to understand how monumental this reinstatement  is to the full extent of what it will for countries that have it in their reserves. Especially America. IMO

Tivon at KTFA "We Are in The Perfect Storm" Sunday Night 7-3-2022 - Mon 04 Jul 2022, 10:40 am

[size=30]Tivon at KTFA "We Are in The Perfect Storm" Sunday Night 7-3-2022[/size]
Tivon:  We are in the "Perfect Storm".
Did you guys know the Federal Reserve contract to print money ends tomorrow? Which means by default that before Theodore Roosevelt took us off the "Gold Standard" no money could be printed beyond the physical amount of Gold & Silver that was available.
The paper money was supposed to act as a constituent of precious metals simply because you can't carry such heavy material around on your person in a feasible manner to conduct business.
 Keep in mind the gold reserves that Iraq accumulated and the 35% increase recently. Remember D. Trump said that our USD value was to high for countries like Iraq to do business with. Which is why most trade deals in Iraq until recently were conducted and denominated in USD. Which of course is no longer the way Iraq wants to continue to do daily commerce.

This is why things feel like some sort of quagmire at the moment because Iraq is being hush hush about the Gazette. Somebody is timing this with something else. Aside from that we have dissolution still on the table.
Al-Kazemi at any moment could be granted emergency powers. Tomorrow into the next few days afterwards will be monumental. Once Cern turns on the LHC expect things to move much faster then they have ever been since you got into this investment.
 Plus the value of the dollar will increase exponentially given that the Central Banks will no longer be able to flood the markets with paper that is not backed by any assets. Remember what I put on the list? We are going back to 1950s prices. Where everything had a flat price. Our money will have more purchasing power as well.
The Fed lost it's charter to print money way back in 2012. They had a ten year extension. Which ends on July 4th 2022. Independence Day will have a whole new meaning tomorrow.
We are returning to a Constitutional Republic. So expect fire works for multiple events coming up. You are about to see panic in media, markets, and government.
If only you knew the Supreme Court decision on the EPA and the impact on the rest of the alphabet agencies and networks you would be over the hill with excitement about our future.
 Let's just say moving forward you will hear less about Climate Change. That agenda in dead in the water thanks to Clarence Thomas. He has since become Public Enemy #1 in the last week. Roe vs Wade pales in comparison to what he did with the EPA. IMO
Tivon:  Ask yourself, have you ever wondered what the Bible meant when it said..."The Last shall be first and the first shall be last"?
Well if you look around you, who were the ones that prospered the most (First) from playing "The Game"? The Politicians, The Entertainers, The Athletes, The Drug Dealers, The Executives, The Socialites, The Cool Kids, etc.
The popularity that came with being "The it Girl" or "The Hot Jock" in these areas was something that was off putting because you felt you had to sacrifice apart of yourself to be surrounded by vain shallow narcissistic energy where the quality of just being a human being with a good heart was not something in cards to be rewarded appreciated for.
These are the type of people that fully embraced the lower dimensional thinking of the world. And whoever was outside of the bubbles that came with these aspects of society you were considered lame or boring and to nice because you lacked the competitive (Ego) needed to survive in the aforementioned fields.
Because in this world you are (Last) and not deemed valuable. You were deemed an outcast. Someone  not to be taken seriously. Someone that is walked over and not held in any high regard. Why?
Because you cared to much. You thought about other people. You were not selfish. You were not greedy. You were not power hungry. You were "The Good Friend". You were not out to brown nose to climb the corporate ladder. 
But in the "New Age" you will be put first. You will be the predominant force. You will be the one people want to be around. Not because you are popular, athletic, pretty, rich, or powerful. But because you are yourself and filled with the holy spirit.
So understand when the time comes you will be a part of the few who will lead the many away from the carnal finite physical 3rd dimensional reality. IMO

MilitiaMan Sunday Night "First Of It's Kind" 11-28-2021 - Mon 29 Nov 2021, 9:33 am

[size=30]MilitiaMan Sunday Night "First Of It's Kind" 11-28-2021[/size]
MilitiaMan:  I have to say the depth of this article is amazing. (see article below)  It is set to a theme of the FIRST OF IT"S KIND.. This is not the first item they tell us to be first of it's kind. 
 We have the Central Bank launching and digital platform was said to be the first of it's kind and the communications being digital too.  They are not just saying this.. They are doing it.
Having a multi currency VISA CARD for digital payments down to the ATM's..?
To be international requires a real value to their currency.. Being at a program rate is not something that is the first of it's kind.. lol
Being cleared as a DIGITAL DINAR across borders? That will be.. imo ! ~ MM

#1 "The Central Bank of Iraq announced the launch of the digital enrollment service, which is the first of its kind in Iraq. This system is working to transform Iraq into a country less dependent on cash, which enables the state to fight corruption, evasion and bureaucracy in financial transactions within banks operating in Iraq. Digitizing public finances enables governments to increase tax revenues, combat tax evasion, and help raise the efficiency and transparency of public procurement systems. "
#2  "Ishtar Gate Company and Visa have launched their cooperation by launching the Visa Platinum prepaid card "Blue Platinum", with services considered the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, at Visa's headquarters for the Middle East and North Africa in Dubai."
#3  "Karbala Hosts A Forum On Digital Communication, The First Of Its Kind In Iraq"
Ishtar Gate Company and Visa have launched their cooperation by launching the Visa Platinum prepaid card "Blue Platinum", with services considered the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, at Visa's headquarters for the Middle East and North Africa in Dubai.
Ishtar Gate Company (Blue) is proud of being the first financial technology company (FinTech) in Iraq with its distinctive product, as it was able to provide a platinum card with new and unique services and make it accessible to all segments of Iraqi society as it simulates global financial progress and keeps pace with the aspirations of the Iraqi individual for a solid and advanced financial service that will enable him to It manages its financial accounts and payments electronically, and reduces its costs exceptionally, as the company was able, using modern technology, to make commissions for movements on sites free for users.
The cardholder will also enjoy the features of multi-currency, which will enable him to transfer currencies through the “Blue Cardholder” application at competitive prices, allowing him to use the card locally in the countries of those currencies, in addition to obtaining huge discounts provided by Visa International through its giant network of merchants around the world. This product represents the first cooperation with Visa International as a strategic partner in the Iraqi market.
Mr. Ali Al-Saeed, founder and CEO of Ishtar Gate Company, said: “We are proud today to launch this product, which represents a quantum leap in the prepaid card markets in the region. Our focus is to meet and keep pace with the development in users' needs for payment cards using new technology, and for being the first FinTech company in Iraq; We bear a great responsibility and we must continue to develop in this field to raise Iraq's name high in international forums. 
Soon, two other unique products will be launched in the region, the first targeting small and medium businesses inside Iraq and the second providing job opportunities for the unemployed. We also appreciate the role of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq in the process of starting to advance the development of electronic payment in Iraq and making the vision of the Central Bank of electronic payment at the level of global countries.

Mr. Rami Ishaq Al-Ajarmeh, Founder, Head of Information Technology and Executive Vice President of Ishtar Gate Company, said: “This unique product was the summary of the work of a creative and distinguished team of Iraqi youth, where creativity, innovation and modern technology were used, and currently the focus is on blockchain technology. Our goal is to lay the foundation stone for digital banks in Iraq and to supply banks that want to be distinguished with electronic and digital banking products and services.”
Mr. Mohanish Agni, General Manager of Visa for the Levant and Pakistan added: "Our partnership with Ishtar Gateway Company will provide digital solutions and capabilities in the field of payments, while promoting financial technology innovations and digital solutions to suit the needs of the local market to provide services in line with global trends.
We trust the role of This partnership is in providing the latest services that meet the needs of customers, while providing competitive advantages that encourage electronic payment systems. For financial technology companies, the Visa network is a key factor to distinguish their services because it helps to qualify the presence of their services on the scene and provide space for creativity, which helps provide new flows of experiences digital"
For his part, Mr. Mario Makari, General Manager of Visa in Lebanon and Iraq, expressed his pride in the fruitful cooperation with Ishtar Gate Company, pointing to Visa's constant keenness to provide its customers with the latest in credit card technology and payment technologies in general. He added, “These new cards enhance the company’s leadership in the world of payments and consolidate its presence as a reliable partner for financial institutions in the region, enabling them to serve their customers and provide them with benefits and services tailored to meet their needs.”
It is noteworthy that Ishtar Gateway Company for Financial Systems and Services and its trademark (Blue) is an Iraqi company registered in Iraq, holding a license to conduct electronic payment business from the Central Bank of Iraq No. (14) based on the Central Bank of Iraq Law No. (56) of 2004The company is licensed To implement and facilitate electronic payment business in all parts of Iraq, and its scope of work includes: issuing prepaid cards through international payment companies, owning and publishing payment points and the ATM network, as well as providing various services to banks and facilitating the process of paying and collecting bills.
The company operates from its headquarters located in Baghdad / Al-Jadriya. The company is managed by a professional cadre specialized technically, commercially and financially in the field of electronic payment and technology systems working around the clock to put the best international practices and securely in the field of payment in the hands of the Iraqi citizen and at his disposal to develop the sector like the countries of the region and the world. Lin

KTFA Members "News and Views" Sunday PM 4-18-2021 - Mon 19 Apr 2021, 6:01 pm

[size=30]KTFA Members "News and Views" Sunday PM 4-18-2021[/size]
Samson:  The 2021 budget comes into effect, and this is its final text
04/18/2021 11:30:00
 The official Al-Waqa’a newspaper published the text of the fiscal budget law for 2021, to officially enter into force.
The newspaper published the final version of the budget law.
It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the government's intention to challenge some of the budget's paragraphs for amendments to be made by Parliament.

To view the budget law ... click here    LINK

"ON YOUR MARK...",THE BUDGET PUBLISHED IS LIKE A LOADED STARTER PISTOL FOR A RACE....The Ministry of Finance / CBI..finger on the TRIGGER......"GET SET.....G........"
Just where we wanted to be FOR DECADES ! IMO
Popeye7:  The boom heard around the financial world... 
Osmosis:  Rate will be 1450.........IMO, then drop the zeros ($1.45)
GodLover:  IMO   They would not open the budget & disburse funds at a PR,(program rate)   only to change it. A new rate would NEED to happen prior to budget opening. 
Don961:  The budget officially enters into force ... but: no less than 10 articles are still "pending" and will not be implemented until the "answer" arrives.
2021-04-18  Yes Iraq: Baghdad
 The 2021 budget entered into force today, Sunday, "officially" after it was published in the Al-Waqi’a newspaper, amid anticipation for many articles that may reach 10 articles whose fate will be suspended until the Federal Court decides on them.

Today, Sunday, the official Al-Waqi’a newspaper published the fiscal budget law for 2021, and by publishing the law in the official newspaper, the fiscal budget law is considered effective and the law will come
into effect from today.
However, some articles will await their fate after the Federal Court decides them, against the background of several appeals filed by parliamentary blocs and others that may have been submitted by the government.
A member of the Finance Committee, Abdul Hadi Al-Saadawi, said in a press statement a few days ago, that "the federal budget comes into effect after its publication in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Waqi’a and the issuance of final instructions on it." It was appealed to the Federal Court, which is supposed not to enter into force until a decision is reached by the Federal Court. ”
And he indicated that "a parliamentary bloc has challenged five articles in the 2021 budget, including the exchange rate, Article 11, guarantees and sovereign loans, and whose contracts have been canceled in the security ministries and the popular crowd," noting that "there is another article that will be challenged related to the tribal separation."
He continued, "This article was attached to the tables and not in the budget texts, and everyone knows that the tables are very important, and this paragraph did not appear even to the members of the Finance Committee." Destroyed by ISIS ”.
Government appeals
The matter did not depend on the aforementioned appeals submitted by a parliamentary bloc. Rather, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had announced his government's intention to submit new appeals against articles in the budget.
And Al-Kazemi said in a speech he gave during his meeting with tribal sheikhs and notables in Al-Muthanna governorate, that "we will file an appeal with some paragraphs of the budget with the Federal Court, because there are paragraphs that will affect the electricity sector, the health sector, etc." To solve it. ”   LINK
Iobey777:  Interesting... it went into FORCE today....that’s a step forward! IMO 

Don961:   Top 12 Most Expensive World Currencies - 2021 Edition
March 24, 2021
 Ever thought about what is the highest currency in the world today? Most likely, you’re thinking now about British Pound, US Dollar, or Euro… Well, guess again. There are at least a few currencies with a higher value than these three.
We’ve put together a list of the top 12 world’s highest-valued currencies in 2021 compared to the US Dollar and Euro. You’ll be surprised to learn that being the most widely traded, USD is not even in the middle of the list, but almost at the end of it.
And if you want to see the flip side, compare this list to the top 10 of the weakest world currencies to see the significant differences.
Highest Currency Ranking
So, which country has the highest currency value? Let’s start with a quick recap of the most valuable currencies rating to get the entire picture:
Currency Currency сode USD conversion rate EUR conversion rate
1 Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 3.31 USD 2.77 EUR
2 Bahraini Dinar BHD 2.66 USD 2.23 EUR
3 Omani Rial OMR 2.60 USD 2.18 EUR
4 Jordanian Dinar JOD 1.41 USD 1.18 EUR
5 British Pound Sterling GBP 1.38 USD 1.16 EUR
6 Cayman Islands Dollar KYD 1.22 USD 1.02 EUR
7 European Euro EUR 1.19 USD 1 EUR
8 Swiss Franc CHF 1.08 USD 0.91 EUR
9 US Dollar USD 1 USD 0.84 EUR
10 Canadian Dollar CAD 0.80 USD 0.67 EUR
11 Australian Dollar AUD 0.77 USD 0.65 EUR
12 Singapore Dollar SGD 0.74 USD 0.62 EUR
And now, we'll get a closer look at each currency and find out what makes them so highly valued.
 #1 – Kuwaiti Dinar ($3.31)
Currency code – KWD
Kuwaiti Dinar rates:
1 KWD = 3.31 USD (Kuwaiti Dinar to US Dollar)
1 KWD = 2.77 EUR (Kuwaiti Dinar to Euro)
Today, Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest-valued currency in the world, estimating at $3.31 per Dinar. Such a high value is explained by Kuwait's stable economy and significant oil exports into the global market, producing almost 95% of the country's revenue.
According to the estimates, about 9% of the global oil reserves are located on its territory. Petroleum production here is the easiest and, therefore, the cheapest among other countries.
Besides, Kuwait is a tax-free country with a very low unemployment rate.
All of this makes it rank 8th in the list of countries with the highest GDP per capita.
Kuwaiti Dinar was first introduced in 1961 after the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom and was initially equivalent to one Pound Sterling.
Since 2003 the currency was pegged to the US Dollar, but in 2007 the government decided to peg the Kuwaiti Dinar to the weighted currency basket.
........................... CONTINUES .........................

Iraq is at the top of the list of the best countries in the world - Tue 13 Apr 2021, 2:06 pm

We all know how iraq is an it ain't [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] somebody is peddlin BS  [You must be [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to see this image.]

KTFA Members "News and Views" Tuesday 3-9-2021 - Tue 09 Mar 2021, 5:44 pm

[size=30]KTFA Members "News and Views" Tuesday 3-9-2021[/size]
JJimmyJJ:  This isn't proposing to be a summary, it is only my opinion of what I heard tonight from Frank and Walkingstick (thanks guys!), so take it for what it's worth. If the mods want to delete this because it isn't official, I won't be offended. But, here is what I think I heard tonight about what the next parts of the plan are for the Iraqi dinar:
1) Planning is done.
They are done with the plan to announce 1:1 in country. The announcement of the NSCNs (lower denoms)  is part of that. No date for when they'll announce it all, but it SHOULD be soon--not months. More likely days or weeks. 
2) Benchmarks for 3-zero note recovery.
After the announcement of the 1:1 rate change and the NSCNs, they are going to be monitoring the rate of recovery of the 3 zero notes.  In other words, they have a target for how many "mattress dinars" are turned into the banking system. Once they recover a certain number count AND a certain monetary amount back into the CBI, this (along with other, unknown benchmarks) will trip another change of the rate inside Iraq (increasing the rate again).  No timeframe, but perhaps weeks or months.
3) 3-Zero note exchange deadline
There will also be a timeline given for when the 3 zero notes must be turned into the CBI (inside Iraq, not outside Iraq). If you are within Iraq and miss that deadline, your notes will be worthless. Once that deadline is passed, they will raise the rate inside Iraq again. Perhaps to around $4.25 to 1 dinar. No timeline on when this will happen.
Once #1 above happens, the demand within the international market will force the exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar outside Iraq to begin to rise.
Thanks again to Frank for his conference call tonight, and to WS and the other team members for bringing this to us. My apologies for what I missed and/or misunderstood.
Oh, and to quote Frank, all this is IMO

Monday Night KTFA CC:  3-8-21......IMO.....123......THIS IS IT

Samson:  Iraq declares an official holiday
9th March 2021
The Cabinet decided to suspend official working hours tomorrow, Wednesday, in the capital, Baghdad, on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Imam Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim.
In a brief statement received by Shafaq News, the council excluded the service and security departments from the holiday.
In the meantime, the governorate of Baghdad announced the suspension of the official working hours on Wednesday and Thursday for all its departments, with the exception of health and municipal institutions, for the same occasion. 
The local government in the Iraqi capital said in a statement that the suspension of work hours will include all departments and directorates of Baghdad governorate, with the exception of health institutions and the municipality, to ensure the continuation of the provision of treatment and municipal services. 
The governorates of Maysan, Wasit and Karbala, which are predominantly Shiite, decided to suspend work hours in their departments and institutions tomorrow, Wednesday, for the same occasion.
The Imami Shiite Muslims in Iraq commemorate the death of the seventh imam, Musa bin Jaafar bin Muhammad bin Ali bin al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib on the 25th of Rajab every year, as millions of visitors flock to the shrine in the city of Al-Kazemi, north of the capital, Baghdad.   LINK
Samson:  Iran is waiting for Iraq to pay its debts, and the Finance Minister: is on the list of priorities
9th March, 2021
The Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, Iraj Masjedi, held a meeting with the Iraqi Finance Minister, Abdul Amir Allawi; To discuss the issue of recovering the frozen Iranian assets in Iraq
The meeting between Allawi and Masjedi, which was held yesterday, Monday, dealt with the political atmosphere between the two countries and the mechanisms for paying Iran's financial demands from the Iraqi side, according to IRNA. In addition, Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi stressed that "Iran's financial demands are on the list of priorities and that the necessary estimates have been drawn up in this regard
It is noteworthy, that Iran is asking Iraq sums of money worth 6 billion dollars, in return for its exports of electricity and gas to this Iraq. It is noteworthy that Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said at the end of 2020 that his  country had received about 700 thousand dollars from Iraq in exchange for electricity and gas exports
Ardakanian added that during his visit to Iraq, meetings were held, and good agreements were reached regarding dues to export electricity and gas to Iraq. The Minister of Energy also said, (December 29, 2020), that Iran will pay for the purchase of the Corona vaccine from Europe with its own money in Iraq
Earlier, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity warned that a number of cities, including the capital, Baghdad, are at risk of power outages due to the decline in Iranian electricity exports  LINK

Parliamentary Finance: The economic situation is very dangerous .. !! - Sat 04 Apr 2020, 4:24 pm

Thanks Wci     I hope its  [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]  exchange the rate of Dinar.[You must be [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] to see this image.]

Bill O’Reilly Is Back In A ‘BIG’ Way (At Least According To Bill O’Reilly) - Sun 29 Dec 2019, 4:21 pm

Bill O’Reilly Is Back In A ‘BIG’ Way (At Least According To Bill O’Reilly)

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality GettyImages-519451928-e1568660885837

Ex-Fox Newser Bill O’Reilly is back and better than ever.
Just ask him.

Breitbart News has a special advertisement for him that has him gushing about himself.
There’s actually a reason O’Reilly, 70, is humble-bragging (light on the humble). He has a new book out called The United States of Trump: How The President Really Sees America. The book is comprised of two interviews with President Trump, which includes one on Air Force One. There are also two interviews with Donald Trump Jr. 
If you’re not salivating right now, I’m not sure what’s going to get you there.
On Sept. 17 (this is tomorrow) at 1 p.m. he’s hosting “The Great American Wealth Project.” The goal? To achieve a seven-figure portfolio, as quickly, safely, and easy as possible.”

Safety is always good when trying to get rich fast.
Once you “reserve your spot” in this presentation, you’ll also “position yourself” to buy his new book for free. Wow, how thoughtful of him. (RELATED: Bill O’Reilly Faces Backlash From Meghan McCain Over ‘Ghoulish’ Ginsburg Tweet)
The ex-cable news host doesn’t have a self-esteem problem. Or else his ego is possibly wildly out of control. But let’s give him the benefit or the doubt and go with the former scenario.
Here is just a sampling of O’Reilly’s latest boasts:

  • I’m the #1 best-selling nonfiction author of all time.
  • He’s the “top-rated cable television host of all time.”
  • It’s my best piece of writing for all time.

In 2017, Fox News showed O’Reilly the door after a bunch of sexual harassment lawsuits against him came to light. He has always denied the allegations. His latest gig is hosting a No Spin Zone podcast.
As the “ME” culture goes, O’Reilly has truly outdone himself.
Better than his probably boring new book, if you haven’t seen Bill O’s three-part interview with Howard Stern, it’s a must watch.

more links

KTFA Monday Night CC 1-7-19 contracts, at 1 to 1 to the USd - Thu 17 Jan 2019, 10:30 am

[size=26][size=24]KTFA Monday Night CC 1-7-19- [/size]

Go to Comments[/size]
[size=18]Part 2:

Frank26:  We continue with our study of the Iraqi Dinar. All of this is in my opinion. And we now incorporate taxes and tariffs which has been a hot topic lately with the Government of Iraq. And taxes and tariffs are definitely a part of  the Government of Iraq’s obligations to the IMF. 
Let me ask you a question: which would you rather see right now? The lifting of the 3 zeros electronically? Or the application of the taxes and tariffs?

I like what I am reporting to you tonight IMO. Because after the RI the Ts & Ts will adjust themselves. And by the way, the taxes and tariffs that are hot right now that we have presented to you in articles, those have been in existence for many years  in Iraq  So don’t get confused.
These taxes and tariffs are additional for the imports and the exports but, these T’s and T’s have now been assigned international code numbers. OK? I mean in just those 30-40 seconds of what I just told you there is a lot of power.

I encourage you if you want to learn more, then Google “Tariff Tables of Iraq”. And note it is not the assigning of the taxes and tariffs that is an issue because they have tax code numbers now. It is thecollection of these taxes that is difficult because the citizens do not have the true purchasing power in their currency at a Program Rate to afford these taxes. OK?
What we have presented to you tonight is an Int’l bridge with Iraqi private banks and banks around the world in order to bridge Iraq to the global international world.
Because internationally, these contracts, at 1 to 1 to the USd have accomplished the NEER  Let me repeat that. This bridge is to bring Iraq’s private banks into the global international world because internationally these contracts internationally at 1 to 1 with the American dollar have accomplished the NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate) of Iraq. And you know what that is because we have studied it many times.

They have bridged the REER (The real effective exchange rate) of the IQD into the global markets!!!

So IMO on the 30th of Dec of last year when they electronically lifted the 3 zeros before the ending of 2018 it has not yet been done internationally…yet! But the bridge, and the Chamber of Commerce and all the evidence we’ve given you already…that bridge is up!  They have to just cross it now. 
These contracts of my friend in the form of the IQD came first. They were presented inside Iraq to businesses to offer jobs to the citizens electronically. Isn’t that brilliant! They have not lifted the three zeros physically. They have lifted them electronically!!!
Now they simply need to tell the rest of the world…the rest of the investing world that wants to come into Iraq and rebuild them that they did so! And,... to physically give the citizens of Iraq what we call the 2ndarticle containing the pictures of the new small category notes and the fils along with the instructions of where to get these new small category notes and fils, the information of their new currency rate, the information of the currency reform and the ATM instructions along with more information to the citizens. It must not fail in the hands of the citizens! 

Because the bridge of the IQD to leave Iraq internationally has been built and tested and it is sitting there waiting to be announced!
What did Trump and Mahdi talk about in the last week of December of 2018? Well maybe they talked about the Iraqi budget at 1 to 1. Maybe they talked about a new government. And by the way what new government? I mean it’s there but it has not been officially announced. Just like Article VIII. It’s there but its not officially announced.
IMO when Trump comes to visit it’s always about the benjamins. It’s always about the C-note always about money. Whatever else did he talk about with Mahdi and whoever else was in that meeting with him just before year’s end. What do you think!

​Yes Trump surprised the world. He didn’t surprise you. You’re a student with us aren’t you! But Trump took the initiative to go directly to see Mahdi in person before year’s end. And then on the 30th electronically the three zeros were lifted on those contracts with my friend’s firm. Soon I will tell you about other firms.
Yes indeed at the Kuwait conference in February of 2018 Allak promised to protect the investors’ money, freedom of their currency. We now have just that! We have freedom of capital in Iraq that is soon to be shown with international standards of Article VIII! Then from these contracts at a 1 to 1 rate paid in IQD with permission to leave Iraq’s borders   and to be safely deposited in a foreign bank outside of Iraq with no restrictions on their currency, on their funds, with their money protected with no restrictions of movement internationally with no fear of having someone steal it in the CBI or GOI . With no fear of losing their profit!!!
Ladies and gentlemen the private banks of the CBI in Iraq are soon to be born in the United States of America! I pray to God you heard what I just said! We are walking into a new phase. Pay close attention. There are banks as you already know because of what we’ve mentioned tonight in the United States and some around the world that are internationally mirrored with Int’l standards with the private banks of Iraq. The USA as you saw the article has many banks that are mirrored internationally with the private banks of Iraq.
Ladies and gentlemen, I now wish to tell you the CBI (Central bank of Iraq) is going to have satellites of their private banks in the USA.  

I know that in his 8 years of Obama he made it impossible for you to deposit any foreign currency in an American bank. He made it a law. OK. No problem so here’s what we are going to do. We are going to go ahead and only allow you, American citizens, to deposit American dollars in our American Banks.
So when they cross that bridge (they are Article VIII) you know when that Article VIII bridge  becomes solid then, what you do American banks, .you accept those wire transfers from private banks in Iraq and you convert those dinars into American dollars at whatever rate is at that moment. You will never see a rate of 1 to 1 !!!
Ladies and gentlemen, the CBI right now has one bank that is ready to go! You will have the option to go into an American Bank and deposit and wire transfer your dinars from Iraq and have them sent to an American bank and have them converted into American dollars. And thank you for being international. It’s about time!!!
But, what if I don’t want to convert my Iraqi dinars into USD’s. Not right now! What’s the rate?  $2.20 something? I’d  rather wait. What are you going to do with your dinars? Well I understand that there are now satellite banks of the CBI on American territory. Well I’ll just go into one of those banks and deposit my Iraqi dinars in your satellite bank here that represents the CBI. Can I leave them as IQD’s? Yea. Well thank you! And when I want to take them out I can take them out? Of course! And then I’ll put them in my American bank and they will be converted at what ever rate exists at that time into American dollars. Right? Right!! OK! Ladies and gentlemen you will never see a 1 to 1 rate!!!
American banks in the USA will say “hey we’re cool. We can safely accept the IQD and convert it electronically to USD’s no problem”. Go back about an hour ago. What did I say? In the near proximal future, my friend will be able to do this. Now you know why. There’s one bank that’s ready.  But I’m not going to tell you where it’s at. In fact there’s another bank that’s just about ready from the CBI satellite banks that will be in the USA. I don’t know how many. If I was to give a ball park number it might be about a dozen of them scattered throughout the USA. And more than likely they will be in the 48 continental states.

So, in taking inventory of our study for tnight: #1We just need to have them announce that they are article VIII. Because they are using International standards. And they have used Article VIII tools to maintain the 2% compliance. Does this all make sense to you?
We are taking inventory of what we have studied so far

#1 Article VIII: Please announce it!

#2 You are using Int’l standards in many ways out of Article VIII—not just the 2% compliance.

#3 Private Iraqi banks are going to be in the USA.  Really? Wow!

#4 In a short term date,  they will tell the world what they did on Dec 30th of 2018? Yes!!!

#5 How can we tell you this right now? Because these contracts have been publicly assigned to my friend’s firm to fulfill.

If you don’t have our teams then you are going to see some other things on the internet. Therefore this opinion is already released. We are beyond blessed to have my friend’s study because no one on the internet has a friend like mine. We are not ahead of the curve. We are blessed with the truth.
This conference call is the definition and implementation of Article VIII. Now, announce it please! Are my teams disappointed that they did not see the lifting of the 3 zeros physically? And, instead, saw it electronically on December the 30th?  No. Why not? Because my teams know they did it electronically and they hold the proof in contractual form and they are motivated  to help you understand all of this.  We just had to be quiet for a while until it was the right time.
To the child with chocolate all over his face. Tell me, what did you do? What are you eating? Nothing. Tell me. That’s where we are at right now.
#1 They are soon to  tell you that they are done internationally that they are dealing with contracts at 1 to 1.

#2 That they have reached the NEER. And

#3 that they are only using IQD’s in their country not USDs any more.

#4 that they are Article VIII. That they will announce Article VIII is the next step

#5 and the dinar will leave the country safely and all on international standards and

#6 REER because they have the Real Effective Exchange Rate of the Iraqi dinar.

And by the way congrats to the person who figured out what the “T” meant “even in the shadows of the 101 degrees. The “t” was missing wasn’t it. 1 (t)o 1. That’s what that was all about.
I like the fact that there is another party involved, my friend’s firm! Involved with the monetary reform and its reflected in the contracts of my friend. Domestically, yes for now.  But that is the order, that is the command, the fashion in country reinstatement for the citizens, internationally a revaluization. You see the process is from banks to corporations to the citizens 
Based on what I shared this evening I ask you this: Would you go into a contract  with someone who couldn’t pay you back? It’s a simple sentence but it’s a very deep thought.  Do you think my friend’s firm is going into 240 contracts under the understanding they will not be paid back? No. Because the contract says 1 to 1. Do you understand that this is a contract. Have you seen any? 240 just in my friend’s firm. These are binding K’s and they are solid because they are backed especially from the Gov’t.  Pretty interesting isn’t it!
240 contracts are a lot of contracts at a new RI rate.. And as I said they have gone from the NEER (Nominal effective Exchange rate) to the REER (Real effective Exchange Rate). Soon it will be announced publicly at a rate of 1 to 1 because these calculations have been done, tested and approved. But above all they have been built on Int’l standards. 

​And you have the article from the US Chamber of Commerce. And the extra information we gave you from the Chamber of Commerce from Iraq today. Admitting literally “OK…the answer is Yea we can take care of you and you can have freedom of capital movement.” REALLY?
That e-mail from the Iraqi chamber of Commerce only validates   and backs up my friend’s firm’s contracts and what has happened with them. This is public knowledge now. And the only reason we know about these contracts is because we have my friend. If not we would be just like any other site just giving opinions that sometimes just don’t make sense.
We are talking about a new phase of the monetary reform to lead the country of Iraq. The reinstatement in writing going legal on it because of a binding contract is to be upheld. The Gov’t put the reinstatement in legal terms with these contracts. A legal commitment at one to one. If they don’t pay and fulfill they forfeit this commitment. And if that’s the case then we are back to the same old same old but we don’t see that. We looked hard for failure. This is a new phase of the monetary reform. It is a legal binding requirement for Iraq to fulfill all these contracts at one to one with the IQD and the American dollar.
I guess you could say lesson learned from the Kuwait conference. Because something like this has actually been done before. But the difference is they did that with the investors at the Kuwait conference last yearto come in before they did anything to prove to them that they would be paid at  one to one. I am extremely happy without a doubt. I have an easel board over her if we have to draw this out but I think you’ve got the gist of it.
So… what about other firms in Iraq?  Besides my friend’s firm. Did they get any contracts? By the way before I answer that just recently of the 240 contracts another 34 more contracts were offered to them so it’s way past 240 now. IMO other contracts were signed by other companies and IMO and they are probably within the 30-60 days with terms. And IMO those terms would probably start for them on these new contracts on the 13th of January, 2019.
Now the details of these other contracts with these other firms is unknown to us. We believe that they are at 1 to 1. And we believe they are being paid in IQDs. The same way almost 300 contracts have already been offered to my friend’s firm.  These contracts are pouring in now because they are needed to rebuild Iraq. And if you are a student and watching very carefully reading these articles with us you are understanding that they are rebuilding this country right now.
And the significant thing is the GOI is making a commitment to these legally binding contracts. They are signing contracts. They are signing a boat load of contracts said my friend. And they are starting with firms inside Iraq to offer jobs to the citizens which is only logical. Yea all the other contracts are probably at 1 to 1 but we don’t know. And they are probably 30 days and not so much 60 days out. They are probably very similar to those my friend’s firm has.

Can I tell you something else? IMO they already told you remember it was a four year plan to try to be 1 to 1 with the American dollar. IMO the budget of 2019 is probably at 1 to 1. IMO I believe the 2019 budget is using more than the 1 to 1 rate. I believe that they are using a multiple of different rates based on the fact they are about to go international.

And the reason IMO is because you have provinces, mayors of different villages and  towns that  needed specific  things done, allocated in the budget.  And these agreements were not done all at once! They were done over the whole year of last year. Which .  brought up different rates in the budget of 2019. Once again it covers many projects  in many provinces but once again a projection of what they intended to do  before the end of 2018.
IMO we may start to see a rise in the IQD locally. You’ll never see 1 to 1. From  1190 I believe we are going to start to see a rise locally and hopefully just go straight to 1 to 1. But I believe it will be due to the sanctions on Iran. Because they will not be using the USD any longer. And we believe it will give the IQD growing room locally inside of Iraq. This makes sense doesn’t it?
So if you see this from the supply and demand of the IQD inside of Iraq then we are being successful with the reinstatement of the IQD. Then the citizens will also see a rise in their local currency, (i.e. purchasing power). Now let’s ask a question together. Frank, is this purchasing power that you think you are going to see soon inside Iraq is this the purchasing power Shabibi promised them? You know an increase from the 1190 to go up a little bit? The answer is “no”. It’s the start of it.
There is a lot of talk and my friend and his firm is hearing it. A lot of talk in Iraq. Actually this talk occurred a long time ago all into last year. But because of the calculations that were successful in lifting the three zeros electronically and proved by the CBI the talk I am about to tell you is nothing to worry about. It’s very interesting what I am about to tell you. I apologize I am throwing so many things at you. you’re going to have to listen and take notes and make decisions. I am throwing you a bucketful of things.
Now this talk that was all over the place last year—not only within the GOI but the CBI too. It was bleeding everywhere. There’s lot of talk saying in fact you have an article –Samson brought it into our forum five days ago Post # 161. Go back and find it because I’m not posting any more articles in our final article thread. For a reason! But that post had a quote that said “It’s wrong to compare the IQD to a lesser valued currency.” Oh, really? YEA!  What’s the matter with you, CBI and GOI?  “We don’t like the basket of currency!”
What currencies are you going to have in there? “We don’t want to tell you”. Fine. It’s not like we care. You’re going to be pegged to the American dollar. “Hey! We don’t like that either!”   What? Why you ungrateful little…. Go outside and get a stupid stick so I can hit you with it! What do you mean you don’t like the fact that you are soon to be one to one with the American dollar. What’ya talking ‘bout Willis!

And it turns out they don’t like the basket. They don’t like the currencies that are in the basket. And #2 they are very concerned that the IQD is “priced” (that’s what they call it over there) is pegged to the American dollar. Why you ungrateful little…Why does that bother you? Because if we remain pegged to the USD after the reinstatement of the IQD well we are concerned that the IQD will be of more value vs the American dollar. You know for a REER (a Real Effective Exchange Rate) . They cannot be pegged to the USD.because we believe that the IQD will have more value than the USD  very soon. And after the reinstatement (RI) is released well we simply fear it will retard the value of our IQD.
OK let me get this straight, you pompous ass!  You’re telling me you don’t want the IQD to be pegged to the USD because you know damn well your currency is about to go up in value and internationally and probably supercede the American dollar and you’re afraid  we are going to drag you down in value? You’re afraid we are going to retard the process of the revaluization of your currency internationally? (Laughter). OK. Fine. Drop the USD for all I care! (More laughter). And also don’t bother telling us what currencies you are going to peg to in the Middle East basket. Because in all honesty, a higher rate for the IQD vs the USD is only good for us invested in the IQD!
Yea. Middle Eastern attitudes. Ya gotta love ‘em! I personally hate them. By the way this has all been calculated like I told you at the beginning when I started this topic. This has all been calculated and figured out long ago by the CBI and the Fab Four (the IMF, World Bank, US Treasury and Donald Trump)! These two concerns we just talked about the basket and the IQD pegged to the USD—this concern is LOUD in Iraq by those that are just simply not informed yet of the trueness of the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar engineered by Dr Shabibi and the Fab Four.
These are just people that should just keep their mouth shut. They don’t know what they are talking about. They might as well be Dinar Gurus on the internet. So these people that are complaining (like Maliki and his idiots) should just shut up as they did recently because  they don’t know the CBI’s true intentions on the Middle East currency basket. But IMO, we as investors, are not at all concerned about their concerns. OK?
Now I bring this up to you because you saw this in articles and I want you to understand our point of view—our opinion. And you know what? When you summarize this file they are not arguing about doing a reinstatement. They are arguing, talking and concerned .about “post reinstatement” effects!  (Laughter). Once again, a projection of what their true intentions are. My friend is good with our study not because he is a prophet that sees into the future. But because he lives in the present of the monetary reform!

​So.. a quick summary… a fear of the IQD being paired to a basket of ..oh whatever. A fear that post RI being pegged to the USD would retard the value of the IQD... whatever. These factors have long been determined, calculated and accepted and the key is that they are talking and their talk within the GOI and the CBI is getting louder and louder.

Therefore, IMO, a 1 to 1 in country is something that we, as investors of the IQD, will never see!  (hint: IMO the rate we see will be much higher).
I have 5 minutes before we have our final commercial and right after that our final file. Like you need more!!!! Everything that I have is just a continuing momentum of going straight to the apex of the mountain. So in five minutes let me give you this and when we come back from our last commercial get ready for more.
My friend and his firm were IMO privy to see another contract from another firm—a  friend of theirs. It turns out it is a contract worth 11 million dollars. It is a 90 day contract for service. It’s a contract for those of you who are students and you want to look into this  “Eco Commerce Services”. That’s the category of this 11 million dollar contract that my friend’s friend in Iraq received. And what an eco commerce services is is a platform of tools for the buying and selling of services and goods.
Now here’s the clincher—the powerful part. This 11 million dollar contract which is public knowledge because it’s in their hands it shows a value—not of 1 to 1. It shows a IQD rate of $1.38!!! And if you could see the contract and do the math at $1.38  it comes out to 11 million dollars. These contracts are pouring out at 30, 60, 90 days whatever and they are coming at such a speed IMO they will have to announce what they are doing very soon!
What I shared with you is public but if my friend did not exist or if his firm was not offered these contracts we would not know this! We know this now don’t we!  Maybe they are encouraging themselves to make this announcement very soon of all the subjects I have given you. Think about all of the subjects I have given you tonight. Which one of them do you like?
So the two banks that my friend’s firm has in Baghdad (and other Iraqi banks that have twinned with US banks) we want you to know it’s all tested! What’s “tested”? Ladies and gentlemen I would like to talk to you after our final commercial about something called RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).
We are now headed to the end of our conference call. The last topic tonight are two systems that the Central Bank of Iraq and the Government of Iraq have used. Once of them is called the RTGS system and the other one is called the NEFT. What is the difference between these two? First of all I want you to know these two systems have been and are being used by Iraq.  Now pay close attention. And understand the value of these international standard systems.
The NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) is a real time transfer of transactions in bunches or batches in volume but it’s not done in real time. But now they are using the RTGS real time gross settlement system this is also a transfer of money but it’s not in bunches or batches. It’s ala carte.

Ok so you have this account? Yes I do. You want to send this money where? A bank in the USA. Okey dokey says the Iraqi bank. “Go ahead fill out the papers and we will send this one transaction of yours to a bank in the USA because we have the RTGS system and our currency is international”. We can transfer ala carte one at a time. And here’s the nice thing about it. It will be done instantly!!! That’s what RTGS is. And on top of that how much do you want to transfer? A dollar? We can do it instantly!  What if I had  a million dollars? We can do it! Instantly right now!  High volume, low volume it doesn’t matter. We can now transfer it from our banks to other banks outside of our country at any amount any time instantly.
Iraq now has the RTGS and you saw the articles. In fact in those articles Iraq told you “We choose the RTGS system”. Well you can choose all you want but you were told what to do weren’t you!  Shhhh. OK CBI so you’ve decided to use the RTGS system. “Yes so we can transfer in a single transaction either low or high values of volume of the IQD”.  So when we take our IQD’s out of a satellite bank of the CBi where we deposited IQD to have it stay as an IQD deposit --when we take those dinars out of that CBI satellite bank and deposit them into a twin USA bank in America the IQD will be instantly wired to the CBI without any limitations in high or low volume. It is immediately done.
This is a new phase. This whole conference call is a new phase. When you Americans who have dinars when you take them into one of our twin American Banks in America that have been twinned with Iraqi banks internationally we will instantly send that Iraqi dinar immediately to the CBI in either high or low volumes. It will be immediately done.
Wait a minute you mean when I go into an American bank and give them my IQD’s it’s going back to the CBI in Iraq? It’s not going to the US Treasury? Well of course not!  The CBI says we want our three zeros notes back. You already have dinars in your Treasury. This is good!  Well yea the CBI says “we gotta get our stuff together”!  For our note count. For our currency. This is a procedure that all international banks are well aware of. Right now the CBI is concerned about their M-1. M-2, M-3. You cannot blame us! No we cannot blame you. You CBI want yor 3 zeros notes back as quickly as possible to finish the monetary reform!
What are you going to do with those three zero notes? Are you going to put them back in circulation? (laughing) NO!  You’re not are you! NO! We’ve been wanting to collect these for a long time! We collected as many as we could from the citizens but they are stubborn! And they’ve got their little plans, ya know. Good luck to them. But you—investors outside of our country—when you go to one of our mirrored banks that we have established already in the USA and many countries. Yea we are going to receive those notes back to us, the CBI.
The value of my transaction will be wired to the CBI. The CBI then credits the USA twin bank with the transaction value for their customer and then takes the three zero notes physically that were taken to the bank in the United States. They (the twin US bank) does get the value wired electronically instantly from the CBI to the twin American bank but then the twin American bank will take physically those three zero notes from their customer and send it back to us the CBI and then we (the CBI) will remove it from Iraq’s currency circulation. ​

These are accomplished international standards. And, by the way these things we are talking about these systems and mirroring with banks--all of this—it’s all in place with the CBi and with Banks around the world. You read about it in those articles! Yep we (the CBI) are  linked up internationally all around the world.   All those that have twinned with Iraqi private banks.
You ask constantly for a date to which I constantly say “I don’t care!” I don’t care about when it happens I don’t care about the rate. I care about the International steps that are in place right now for a reinstatement!
Leave the date and the rate alone! Realize that the RI is no longer alone! Thanks to the President of the United States Donald Trump and the Fab Four. Also in early December which we’ve already talked about remember when the US Treasury met with the CBI. You saw the article.  Also in early December when the US treasury met with the CBI IMO they got an earful! Not of wax. (laughing) they got yelled at. And deservedly so.
Before year’s end on the 30th of December they lifted the 3 zeros electronically on these contracts. And in the very very, near future (whenever that turns out to be) you are going to see the results of this. Because it will be your turn to take advantage of the bridges that have been established with the twinned American banks.
Also I want you to note something. You saw the article about Iran. And that they are lifting three zeros. That’s simply a LOP. And  I’ll tell you this: there is all the reason for the Iranian Rial  to LOP as there is for the IQD  to RD-RV-RI  Hurrah! Wouldn’t you say!
Also there was an article that came out and showed you pictures of the Iraqi dinar in clusters and you said oh look there’s the lower denoms that we have right now! They’re getting rid of them they are showing they are replacing them. No that article was very simply telling you there is a huge business –it’s a big hobby in the Middle East to collect currency. Samples of it. So if you don’t know about that I just thought it was important that I tell you to not pay attention to that article. Ok?
There was another article that caused some concern because you looked at it and you said look it says 50 trillion allocated in the budget for article 140. Well, I’ll be honest with you  I don’t ever recall the GOI doing this before—allocating money for Article 140. Do you understand the seriousness of this! It’s interesting and it may be for the census which would affect not only Article 140 but the HCL (Hydrocarbon Law). Pretty cool huh? It’s all coming together isn’t it! But I do want you to know this allocation has nothing to do with the monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar. Okay Dokay?
We are down to our last 15 minutes. And my friend hopes this report to you was beneficial. My friend leaves you with this thought regarding the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar and also regarding our conference call. My friend says “Frank, you don’t build an international bridge to blow it up. You do so to get across”.
By the way “mirroring”—what does that mean? You see this is a process in which International standards and a protocol is established between banks due to the success of a bank platform transfer with money. Maybe the testing of  2nd set of books.
So in our study we have learned of private banks in Iraq mirroring and we’ve learned just now the definition with international standards with banks around the world. And I also don’t want you to forget do you know who else “mirrored”? Do you know who else is “mirrored”?  The Iraqi stock exchange!  Oh Snap! 

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Frank26 Videos : Tuesday 7-24-18 "IMF is Stopping ALL Funding of Iraq" - Wed 25 Jul 2018, 4:11 am

[size=24]Frank26 Videos : Tuesday 7-24-18  "IMF is Stopping ALL Funding of Iraq"[/size]


Samson:  FAMILY - Frank wants you to know that this article means that the IMF is stopping all funding to Iraq which means they will have to raise their rate and stop the auctions.

An official source : stop the program of credit readiness between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund

 23rd July, 2018

An official source in the Iraqi government, stop the program of credit readiness signed by Iraq and the International Monetary Fund in 2015 until the formation of the next government

The source, who preferred not to be named for "economy News", said that "the program of credit readiness, which earned Iraq a loan of 5.4 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund stopped until the formation of the next government,"

Adding that "Iraq will begin after the resumption of the program The third review of the Iraqi economy by the International Monetary Fund

He pointed out that "the International Monetary Fund criticized some of the actions carried out by the government during the past years and the latest delay in the House of Representatives in the adoption of the draft budget law for the year 2018 because of political difference   LINK

Chermtg:  Hot diggity dog.....Holy smokes.....YES YES YES PLEASE STOP giving them money. Time to stand on your own to feet...........Thank you Samson Your AWESOMMMMMMME....I'm gonna dance like nobody's

Frank26:  And what did I say would happen once the GOI was seated?      Insert smile LOL
Frank26:  Video #1:

Frank26:  Video #2

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