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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.
Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Costco is the #1 organic food retailer in the U.S. - Sat 04 Mar 2017, 4:45 pm

Costco is the #1 organic food retailer in the U.S.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Costco-1024x741

Who would of though? According to this Well and Good report Costco is the number one retailer of organic food, beating out Whole Foods who came in a close second.
Whole Foods may win the prize for the most recognizable retailer when it comes to organic food, but the top honor when it comes to market share actually goes to…Costco.
Yup, the chain best known for its bulk stock and low prices reported $4 billion in organic food sales last year—that’s billion with a B. Whole Foods, by comparison, racked up about $3.6 billion in certified organic sales.
The chain best known for its bulk stock and low prices sold $4 billion worth of certified organic food last year—that’s billion with a B.
And this shift could have a major impact on you (and your healthy habits), even if you’re not a card-carrying member. For one thing, it’s proof that food shoppers across the board are prioritizing organics. And in other exciting news, it shows that it’s possible to sell certified organic produce (COP) at a competitive price—crucial for closing the healthy food gap.

Should the Blues keep Shattenkirk for a playoff run? - Thu 23 Feb 2017, 8:27 pm

Should the Blues keep Shattenkirk for a playoff run?
February 23, 2017, 11:26 AM ET [16 Comments]

HockeyBuzz Hotstove
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In this edition of the hotstove, we discuss whether the St. Louis Blues should trade Kevin Shattenkirk, as planned, or hang onto him now that they've won seven of 10 and look like a team capable of going on a run.

Todd Cordell

Unless the Blues feel they have a legitimate chance of re-signing Shattenkirk, I still think they should trade him. 

Last year alone the Blues lost David Backes, Troy Brouwer, and Brian Elliott to free agency for nothing. I think the two power forwards are overrated, however, there is no doubt the Blues could have fetched solid returns had they shopped those guys at last year's deadline. Those are exactly the types of players GMs go nuts for, as evident by the contracts they landed in free agency.

Each case needs to be looked at individually, however, you can only give so many guys away for nothing before it starts to catch up with you. If the Blues can get, say, a 1st round pick and/or high-end prospect for giving up on Shattenkirk two months early, I think that's the way to go.

James Tanner

The Blues should keep Shattenkirk. With three legit #1 Dmen, they could easily be one of the NHL's best teams. They're deep at forward, the defense is awesome and if Jake Allen gives them OK goaltending then they are a legit contender. 

Best to hang onto Shattenkirk and try to win. You don't get too many opportunities to do so.

Peter Tessier

While the Blues are an improved team is this just the natural bump that comes with a coaching change? The Blues have been the same team for some time- never really good enough to contend with the heavyweights of the west I don't think Yeo in charge changes that. So yes they should sell Shattenkirk and do it soon. Get the return and get moving because if he's not in the future plans then you don't need him now regardless of what the team looks like compared to before.


Pittsburgh Penguins - Thu 23 Feb 2017, 8:25 pm

Ron Hainsey trade breakdown
February 23, 2017, 11:40 AM ET [210 Comments]

Ryan Wilson
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Pit Pittsburgh Penguins Blogger • RSS • Archive • CONTACT

The Penguins were going to trade for a defenseman at the deadline this year and they have. Today they acquired the services of Ron Hainsey

Pittsburgh is officially in the rental game again. They will spend a second round pick and an AHL depth player to add veteran depth to the blue line. He has a 2.8M salary. Pittsburgh will be responsible for half of that.  

Ron Hainsey was signed by Jim Rutherford back in 2013 after the Joni Pitkanen ankle injury so he is definitely familiar with the player.

Here is a quick look at Hainsey

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 QZlWya7

Don't expect any offense and more likely than not you'll get average possession.  

Yesterday on 93.7 The Fan Jim Rutherford eluded to wanting a veteran presence that can kill penalties.  

I'm looking for a #1 that can get a point a game and makes minimum salary. We're looking for defenseman that can come in and move up and down lineup. Maybe specialize in penalty killing and help us defensively. There are a couple guys out there on other end of spectrum that are offensive guys. If price was right, we'd take a look at them. I don't think we need to go that route and pay price. Try to get experienced defenseman that we feel can fit into chemistry of team and play in top 6.

I'd like add that extra depth on defense. That's an area we could use help with. The only defenseman we lost from last year was Lovejoy. I know at times he didn't get a lot of love from people, but he was a key part of our team. He was good defensively and could kill penalties. Hard to play against. We miss him a little bit.


It appears Rutherford was dead set on trying to find a Lovejoy replacement. Personally, I don't think chasing penalty killing ability is a great way to get value out of players. I'd rather focus on a player's ability at even-strength. Especially when you are playing in a league that is calling the fewest amount of penalties in decades.  

That said, Ron Hainsey has been a good penalty killer in 2016-17. He has a 4v5 CA/60 of 81.46 which is 12th out of a 137 defensemen who have played at least 50 minutes on the kill. He's 18th out of 269 the past three years. So that is good.

Here is how certain Carolina players did with Hainsey this year versus without him

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 3wDEkaX

The thing that I am taking away from this information is that you need to keep Hainsey away from Kris Letang. You can clearly see that Hainsey was a negative impact on Justin Faulk. Hainsey just can't handle those types of minutes and the Hurricanes kept playing Faulk and Hainsey together. The Penguins won't have to do that because they will use Brian Dumoulin in that role. This should allow Hainsey a more appropriate 5v5 role than he was getting in Carolina.

Is this worth a second round pick? No, but the news on the injury front is definitely what caused this trade to happen

On a human level it stinks to see players hurt. These guys train incredibly hard and put everything they have into being NHL players. From strictly a hockey analysis standpoint the Penguins weren't going to miss Trevor Daley this year. He wasn't playing good at all. In fact nearly every Penguin played better away from him this year and in many cases significantly better.

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 X5W5hfH

Pittsburgh missing Justin Schultz is an issue. The good news is that Rutherford said yesterday that he may be ready for Saturday.

Losing Olli Maatta is a question mark because he has had positive samples from the past, but being paired with Daley has been a train wreck.

Losing Daley is a non-issue considering his caliber of play this year. If the Daley injury was the straw that broke the camel's back for a defense trade it didn't need to be.  

I view this as an overpay for a bottom pairing defender, but it is something the team can absorb as long as they don't get into the habit of spending more futures for rentals. That was the Ray Shero path towards the end of his tenure and it wasn't a sustainable model. As we get farther away from Crosby and Malkin's pinnacle production years futures become more important. The team needs to be careful with how many they spend. Plugging holes at the deadline is a recipe for overspending and today's trade is no exception. Don't make it a regular thing.

Also, if Detroit moves Brendan Smith for a similar haul this trade will look worse. Smith is the better player and would have made more sense for Pittsburgh

If you were a fan of Ben Lovejoy today was a good day. The Penguins acquired the left handed version of him just as the GM set out to do.  [/size]

URGENT QUESTION FOR DUCK re Deagel Forecast - Thu 23 Feb 2017, 12:16 pm

Hi Duck, sure hope you have thoughts about this, thanks,


February 22, 2017

Deagel Forecast Predicts 81% US Population Reduction By 2025 3

Black Ops • Tags: deagel, depopulation

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Deagel-population-2025-forecast is one of the most interesting pages on the Internet,’s Forecast for 2025, which is now only 8 years away.
What’s interesting about this forecast is that the Deagel website doesn’t have a dog in this fight. They are quite literally mercenary. The site analyzes which markets are going to have budgets allocated to buy military aircraft. That’s all they’re really care about.  These predictions are based on a merge of publicly-available reports from institutions such as the CIA, IMF and the UN. They also include a small amount of data coming from a variety of “shadow sources” such as Internet gurus. But all these sources are from the Internet.The list is ever-changing. The forecasts for population growth or decline, military expenditures and Purchasing Power Parity in all of the world’s countries have fluctuated somewhat, since I first ran across the list in mid-2015 but one prediction has remained a constant: China will be the largest economy on Earth in 2025.
Certain things on this list are well-known and expected. We know that China’s population growth is peaking and that it will recede slightly. India’s population growth remains unchained and it will grow by nearly 100,000,000 people in 8
Other things are in flux. A year ago, Brazil’s GDP was predicted to take a distant second place to China’s in 2025 but since the coup d’état of Dilma Rousseff and the ensuing nonviolent political and economic chaos, Brazil has since slipped behind India and Russia to take the number 4 spot. I suspect that the ramifications of the currency madness in India is not yet fully reflected in Deagel’s current list and that India’s position may soon change.
Yes. The US is not predicted to be among the 5 top GDPs, not even in the top 10.
There are some extremely radical and unexpected shifts predicted, particularly within the US, UK and Australia. Last Monday, I pasted the top 60 nations, sorted by GDP into an Excel spreadsheet and did some calculations in it, to try to make some sense out of this data:
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Deagel-population-2025-summary
Above: The top numbers are for 2025 with 2015 beneath
I gave color codes to show radical shifts in population and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). “PPP” means the estimate of what the exchange rate between two currencies would have to be in order for the exchange to be at par with the purchasing power of the two countries’ currencies. On this list, it’s pegged to the US dollar. Brick Red means devastating changes, peach and yellow, devastating but less extreme. Green indicates improvement.
By far the most radical and catastrophic occurrences are Deagel’s predicted depopulation of the US by 81% or over 260M people and a PPP decrease also of 81%, with the US economy plummeting from today’s #1 spot to #11. This is up from#13, two years ago, but today, they’re predicting that the US population will decrease to 61M, down from 68M 2 years ago (!)
Mexico’s population will basically stay the same but their PPP will decrease by 31%. Canada, while it’s predicted to have a 54% loss of PPP, it will “only” lose 27% of its current population, according to Deagel’s predictions.
These figures are harrowing but not as bad as the catastrophic changes, which are predicted to be seen in the rest of the world’s most developed economies.
Here’s a short list of the most negative data:
US:              population loss of 81% PPP loss of 81%
UK:              population loss of 70% PPP loss of 82%
Spain:          population loss of 51% PPP loss of 73%
Germany:     population loss of 50% PPP loss of 64%
Australia:      population loss of 49% PPP loss of 80%
Switzerland:  population loss of 46% PPP loss of 60%
France:         population loss of 31% PPP loss of 55%
Singapore:    population loss of 25% PPP loss of 62%
Saudi Arabia: population loss of 12% PPP loss of 65%
Only three countries within the group of the top 60 GDP will experience significant improvement, while catastrophe is reigning in the countries listed above:
Russia:          population loss of 2% ppp gain of 32%
Chile:            population gain of 3% ppp gain of 23%
Colombia:      population gain of 6% ppp gain of 22%
The countries with the top 10 highest PPP, in the following order are predicted to be Brunei, Qatar, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Norway, Finland, Chile, Taiwan and Malaysia – with only Russia’s increasing, the rest all decreasing – and in the case of Singapore, decreasing significantly.
The way the population losses and gains are distributed, it does not appear that these radical depopulations will be the result of nuclear bombs or hot wars. These look like the results of financial collapse and migration, although many are predicted will die, as well.
Brazil, whose GDP will almost triple, despite its ongoing political saga (which may soon be mirrored by that of the US) will also experience a population increase of 5%, in a country which has been experiencing a population decrease, with a current growth of .86%.  In other words, ~10M people are expected to migrate to Brazil within 8 years.
According to these statistics, the two countries with the rosiest outlook are Russia and Chile.


New York Rangers - Wed 22 Feb 2017, 8:51 pm

Game 59: MTL 3 NYR 2, S/O, An impressive display of goaltending at MSG
February 22, 2017, 8:08 AM ET [161 Comments]

Jan Levine
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Nyr New York Rangers Blogger • RSS • Archive • CONTACT

The Rangers and Canadiens played a highly-entertaining contest at MSG on Tuesday with Montreal winning 3-2 in the shootout. Each goalie took turns standing on their head during the game, so it was almost a shame to end a game like this with the skills competition but that's how the league works.

It was mano-a-mano from about 185 feet as Henrik Lundqvist and Carey Price played a game of whatever you can do, I can do better. Each goalie made their share of spectacular saves, capped by Price's thievery on J.T. Miller as the overtime wound down. Previously in overtime, Lundqvist stoned Max Pacioretty twice and then benefitted from Tomas Plekanec hitting the post after getting past Miller. That play occurred just before Price's save on Miller witha few ticks left in the game. I guess you could argue Miller should have lifted the puck a bit more, but that detracts from the phenomenal save Price made.

The best news from this game is Lundqvist was sharp throughout, continuing his fine play for the play month or so. He was aggressive when needed and patient when warranted. Lundqvist appears to have the right balance between the pipes, which had deserted him earlier in the year. on the first goal, he was caught slightly out of position following Shea Weber's miss from the point. But that whole play had a ton of ugliness, from the inability to clear the zone and Nick Holden failing to mark Andrew Shaw, resulting in the wraparound goal. On the second, Weber beat Lundqvist plain and simple. silly penalty by Holden created the PP chance. Then Weber one-timed a howitzer just under Lundqvist's right arm between the blocker and body, so maybe he could have stopped it, but tip your hat to Weber. Other than that shot, Lundqvist was a stalwart between the pipes.

Pavel Buchnevich-Oscar Lindberg-Jesper Fast were strong while on the ice. Coach Alain Vigneault showed faith in using them in key moments, though their playing time was less than it should have been. Buch had only three shifts the first 30 minutes but finished with 11:23 in ice time. Fast played 10:53 and Lindberg 7:41, but those two hooked up on the first goal of the game for New York. Great zone exit by Lindberg, who got the puck to Fast in the neutral zone. Fast came down the right side and while falling down, whipped a play to the front of the net past the d-man onto Lindberg's stick for the easy tap-in goal.

Rick Nash was all over the place. He still is the whipping boy due to his $7.8 mil salary and lack of production to match that salary. But he was over the place yesterday, as he has been a lot lately. I get everything else that Nash does won't move the needle on unless he scores, but keep this in mind when/if he is gone and we wonder why all those little things that was done on the ice is missing. After getting stoned by Price on a breakaway, Nash got revenge in the second, beating Price to tie the game.

Ryan McDonagh and Brady Skjei were solid. Skjei has taken his game to another level recently. Dan Girardi was strong on the PK while Nick Holden had another so-so game, something we have said a lot lately. The test of the forwards besides the fourth line and Nash were somewhat invisible, especially Kreider and Zibanejad. The team needs Zib to re-find his game. I though he made strides Sunday but regressed yesterday. 

Biggest concern is the PP, which was 0-for-4 tonight. Larry Brooks noted that this run of futility with the man-advantage has reached 1-for-18 over the last seven games in which the Rangers have manufactured 18 shots in 29:29 with the man-advantage. The Rangers are 3-for-39 over their last 14 games and now in a 5-for-50 funk in 17 games since they returned from their bye week on Jan. 13. Fixing this has to be priority #1, possibly above and beyond trade deadline additions.

One proposed solution has been to insert Michael Grabner on the PP. Grabner's speed through the neutral zone is blunted a bit due to the way penalty killers set up. But it's worth a chance to see if he can resolve which has been a huge problem, zone entries. I am tired of the back pass to the d-man hoping he can use speed to enter the zone, as it never seems to work. Then when they finally gain the zone, the set up and structure on the PP has been lacking. New York has point men in McDonagh and Skjei but the other eight players need to be shuffled to find groupings that work. Try Grabner, use Kreider as a net front presence, same with Hayes or Nash. Mix and match the units without worrying about keeping the even-strength lines together as a way to create chances.

BOOM! Ivanka’s Line Ranked #1 On Amazon Bestseller List…Who Needs Nordstrom or TJMAXX? - Sun 19 Feb 2017, 2:47 pm

BOOM! Ivanka’s Line Ranked #1 On Amazon Bestseller List…Who Needs Nordstrom or TJMAXX?


By Kat Stevens -
Feb 17, 2017

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 16736099_10155100997027112_753313724_n-640x350

It seems that with each new retail store that removes Ivanka Trump’s line, conservatives come out in force to support the First Daughter.
Ivanka’s fragrance is now the #1 on “Amazon Best Sellers” list, even above big name brands like Estee Lauder and Jennifer Lopez.


Ottawa Senators - Tue 14 Feb 2017, 7:55 pm

Game Day: Sabres @ Senators - No love for Lehner; Sens targeting Iginla?
February 14, 2017, 11:09 AM ET [22 Comments]

Jared Crozier
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Ott Ottawa Senators Blogger • RSS • Archive • CONTACT

The Senators will hope to defeat an old friend for the first time in regulation since they traded him when the Senators host Robin Lehner and the Sabres for a Valentine's day showdown.  

Lehner shut out the Senators 4-0 10 days ago on Saturday night, a game that ended a pretty dismal 3 game post-All-Star road trip for the Senators. He hasn't been confirmed as the Buffalo starter but given he is the undisputed #1, and he has also owned his former club, it is a pretty safe bet he will be in the net staring down the ice at his old tandem partner, Craig Anderson. Lehner (as well as Kyle Okposo) called out his team following Buffalo's 4-2 loss on home ice to the Canucks on Sunday, for failing to execute the game plan Dan Bylsma has put into place, calling it "disrespectful". Calling teammates out is one thing, but the focus will be on him to back up his words tonight or it will be all for nothing. 

Anderson made his triumphant return to the Ottawa net on Saturday, shutting out the Islanders to the tune of 3-0, the Senators second win in a row after struggling for the five previous games, pre and post All-Star break.  

This is an important stretch for the Senators, as Boston is now on their bye week and Ottawa will play three of the five games in hand they have built up between now and the next time the Bruins take to the ice on Sunday. They are currently tied in points and Boston has some momentum (and a 3 game winning streak) following their coaching change and to have them come back down 5 or 6 points with Ottawa still holding a couple of games in hand would be very beneficial to the Senators aspirations for a playoff spot that includes home ice in at least the first round. 

The lineup is still up in the air for Ottawa, as I said yesterday Chris Neil will be back in, but Guy Boucher was still considering dressing seven defensemen. That may have changed this morning as Chris Wideman left today's morning skate early and could be questionable for tonight.  

The key for Ottawa is to get to Lehner early, because the longer he goes shutting down his former mates, the tougher it is going to be to beat him. They might want to agitate him a bit to get him off his game, a tactic that looked like it had some success for the Canucks (most notably Alex Burrows) on Sunday.  

Pierre Dorion was on TSN1200 yesterday, and covered a wide range of topics. At the forefront was his discussions with the Colorado Avalanche and the Matt Duchene/Gabriel Landeskog rumors and how he wasn't ready to part with 3-5 assets to get that deal done. He also hinted that another deal might be in the works involving someone else that might not be expected or on the radar. 

Could that be Jarome Iginla?

Iginla has always been one of my, if not my favorite players ever since he came into the league, so I would love that deal to see him play in Senators colors. However, at age 39 he is clearly on the tail end of his career, he is a year removed from back to back 60 point seasons (or at least 61/59) and had 47 points last year. His production is well down this season (15 points in 53 games) but he has been more of an afterthought in Colorado as they look to the future, and has not played much in their top 6.  

Is Iginla the top 6 forward that the Senators need to get over the hump. No, not really. What he does bring is a type of leadership and having been through the battles and coming so close in the NHL, while also sporting gold medals from World Juniors, World Championships, a World Cup of Hockey as well as two Olympic Gold Medals. 

There is no doubt he would be a positive addition to the team but there are a couple of issues - a) if he is "the" addition, it is probably not enough, and b) if he were to be the only addition would he consider Ottawa as a destination where he could capture that elusive Stanley Cup, the one piece that is missing from his storied career. 

It also depends on the return the Avs are looking for and if Avalanche GM Joe Sakic is overvaluing him like his is his other two prime trading pieces. Ottawa can't afford to give up much for the rental, and if it is going to mean touching any one of the Senators big 3 prospects - Colin White, Thomas Chabot or Logan Brown - or a first round pick, then it is a non-starter.  

But then again, he might be able to show Bobby Ryan how to compete on a nightly basis and he would command the respect to be listened to in the dressing room.


Arizona Coyotes - Mon 13 Feb 2017, 5:39 pm

Arizona Coyotes: Top Five Positives
February 13, 2017, 3:22 PM ET [18 Comments]

James Tanner
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Pho Arizona Coyotes Blogger • RSS • Archive • CONTACT

The Coyotes will take on the Calgary Flames tonight in one of two games on the Schedule. 

Arizona is 2-2 in their last four, with three games going to overtime. Supposing the second worst team in hockey wants a lesser chance at the #1 pick, I guess this is a good thing. The NHL tends to make you cheer against your team, which is unfortunate. But lets b real, that's what you gotta do.  

Also good, the Coyotes have won five of eight. On the bad side, they still haven't won consecutive games this season in regulation. For you math nerds, and calendar freaks, today is February 13th. 

Speaking of the date, it is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, sir. Old Man Tanner, one of Cypress Hill's whitest fans, and ex-fan of eighties hair-metal, is a (now) sixty-year-old Rastafarian who just can't keep the kids off his lawn. When he's not listening to his sweet reggae jams or watching Law and Order, he enjoys seltzer water and a nice domestic dispute over the Tupperware Cupboard with my Mom. 

Happy Birthday Pops. 

The Coyotes are having a bad year. But I've been asked to try to keep some positives in mind. So I will. Here are five positive things about the Coyotes, right now. 

1. Dylan Strome 

Dominating the OHL for two years wasn't enough to earn him more than fourth line duty or usurp the might Martin Hanzal, so the Coyotes sent him back. (They scratched him for the season opening - way to sell the future, boys). 

Good news: Strome is making the OHL his bitch. He has 44 points in 17 games. He's completely wasting his time, giving future Honda workers a story to tell, and mostly just making a mockery of the rules that won't even let him play in the AHL.  

2. Trade Booty. 

Smith, Stone, Hanzal, Goligoski (doubtful!) Murphy, Schenn, Vbrata, Doan.......if it ain't under 25 it should probably go. Or who knows, maybe I'm having illusions. Maybe they should re-sign Doan for another nine years. 

Assuming the organization wants to maximize some assets, it should be a very busy trade deadline. 

3. Claude Julien 

He's still available.  

4. Colorado PDO 96.8 ( 

Yes, the Coyotes may be ten points back of the Avs for the best odds to draft Patrick Nolan (or reasonable facsimile) but they themselves have a PDO almost at 100.  

The Avs suck, don't get me wrong. They just haven't had any luck and the Coyotes have. If things even out a bit and the Coyotes jettison a bunch of their vets, it could happen. 

5. Oliver Ekman-Larsson 

He has ten goals, and 30 points in 53 games. That's a 46 point pace while his two most common partners are Connor Murphy and Luke Schenn, and the 'first line' consists of Martin Hanzal and Jagr's step-dad Radem Vrbata.  

OEL's Top Five Ice Time Withs: 1. Murphy 2. Sen Dogg (AKA Luke Schenn) 3. Rieder 4. Vrbata 5. Doan 

Or, to put it another way, he's a decent team and partner away from being the best defenseman in the NHL. He is truly great to watch night in and night out.  

So there you have it. Five excellent reasons why you should throw your set in the air and cheer for the Coyotes.

Iranian Kurds launch campaign on Twitter to name IRGC terrorists - Sat 11 Feb 2017, 2:54 am

Iranian Kurds launch campaign on Twitter to name IRGC terrorists
Posted on February 11, 2017 by Editorial Staff in Kurdistan
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Iran-elite-troops-photo-ap
[size=12]Elite troops of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Photo: AP
[size=14]ERBIL,— Iranian Kurds launched a social media campaign on Friday calling for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to be declared a terrorist organization.[/size]
“It is time for international community to realise that IRGC is a terrorist organization,” Aso Saleh, representative of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI-PDKI) to Sweden and the Congress of Nationalities for Federal Iran (CNFI), shared on Twitter, using the hashtag [size=14]#IRGC_terrorist.[/size]
The Kurds have been a longtime target of the IRGC, Saleh told Rudaw English, saying that the force began killing people in Kurdistan not long after it was established.

“I think all Kurds think that the IRGC forces are acting against humanism by killing civilian people and supporting other terrorist organisations in [the] whole the world,” Saleh said, claiming that the IRGC has had direct and indirect roles in hundreds of terrorist attacks against Iranian opposition groups and other countries.
“We think that [it] is a correct decision to designate IRGC as a terror organization and by this campaign we want to support that. Stopping all kinds of terrorism, from ISIS to IRGC is a responsibility to all of us in this era.”
Saleh is hopeful that, if the IRGC is designated a terrorist organization, it will make the Kurdish struggle in Iran more acceptable among the international community.
“But fighting against [the] Iranian regime and IRGC for us is like fighting ISIS. Both are terrorist organizations and both act against freedom and human rights.”
According to Saleh, this is the first campaign that has seen cooperation from across Kurdish parties, as well as Arab and Iranian activists. He is hopeful that the groups can continue to campaign together in the future.
Tweets in support of the campaign highlighted alleged acts of terrorism committed by the IRGC, including the assassinations of PDKI leaders.

Kurdish Leader Dr.Ghasmlou, killed by #IRGC during negotiations in #Viena, 1989. #IRGC_Terrorist— Ebrahim jahangiri (@sibsportCa1) February 10, 2017
The campaign is capitalizing on US President Donald Trump’s hardline stance against Iran. On February 7, Trump took to his favoured platform Twitter to declare Iran “#1 in terror” and criticize former US President Barack Obama for his landmark nuclear deal with Iran.
The PDKI’s representative to Germany and Austria, Hiwa Bahrami, reminded the US president of his own words.
Trump has repeatedly denounced the deal with Iran, calling it the “worst deal ever negotiated.”
The US imposed new sanctions against Iran last week after Tehran test-fired a ballistic missile in late January. Trump initially reacted on Twitter, telling Iran they were “playing with fire,” and warned he would not be as kind as Obama was.
On Thursday, CNN reported that Trump’s administration was considering designating the IRGC a terror organization, along with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Sources familiar with the White House’s consideration of the move told CNN that executive orders asking the State Department to study the groups were put on hold after national security agencies expressed concern about the potential consequences.
The primary concern US security officials reportedly had with designating the IRGC a terror organization was fallout in Iraq, where Iran is a key ally of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the war against ISIS.
Iran is already designated a “state sponsor of terror” by the US, and its government and agencies, including the IRGC, are subject to sanctions.
The Twitter campaign was launched as Tehran was celebrating the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.
“In the United States, there are some who are newly in power. Those who threaten our government and our armed forces has to know that our people are united, vigilant and will resist the enemy until the end,” said President Hassan Rouhani, addressing a rally in Tehran on Friday.


Ottawa Senators - Fri 10 Feb 2017, 7:19 pm

Senators get some help from Stars to get back in win column; the Top 25
February 10, 2017, 11:00 AM ET [10 Comments]

Jared Crozier
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It wasn't quite the outstanding bounce-back game where everything is now hunky-dory, but the Senators ended a slide with a 3-2 win over the Dallas Stars Thursday night. 

As the Stars lost their fourth straight game, they contributed to their own demise as much as the Senators. Who would have thought that taking penalties would be the best thing to happen to the Senators? Dion Phanuef, a year to the day he was acquired by Ottawa in a trade from Toronto, scored the second short-handed goal of his career off a Jean-Gabriel Pageau faceoff win to open the scoring on a man disadvantage where Ottawa had already had a couple of short-handed opportunities. Then, less than 3 minutes later, Zack Smith took a penalty and while goalie Kari Lehtonen was pulled for an extra attacker, Radek Faksa did the old "deep drop pass to his defenseman" move, only the defenseman wasn't where he was supposed to be and the puck was shot into his own net. Chris Kelly was credited with the Senators goal, and they carried the lead into the second period.  

As has been the case for so much of this season, no lead is safe and a defensive breakdown led to an easy tap in goal for Antoine Roussel off a nice feed from Faksa to bring the Stars within one. Jamie Benn tied it on a shot from near the blue line that somehow found its way through a sea of bodies (4 Senators and 1 Star) and as Mike Condon was trying to see around the traffic he guessed wrong and the puck beat him clean, but the puck went through the mass of players like the POV shot in a Mighty Ducks movie.  

Mark Stone had just one shot attempt on the net, and he made it count as he picked up Cody Ceci's shot off the back boards and wrapped in around before Lehtonen could get across his crease for what turned out to be the game winner. Ottawa hung on for the last 14 minutes and survived a late Dallas power play to get a much needed two points. 

The Senators went with 7 defensemen, although Freddie Claesson played just over 3 minutes, and his last shift was the one that resulted in the first Dallas goal, and he didn't see the ice again. 

Phaneuf and Benn had a spirited tilt in the first period, wedged in between Phaneuf's shortie and "Kelly's" goal, with Benn getting a goal later and neither could find the assist to get the Gordie Howe hat trick, although Jamie's brother Jordie assisted on the Roussel goal so the Benn Brothers combined for the feat. 

After having been shut out for two straight games, any goals would be welcomed by the Senators, including own goals on their behalf, which the Stars obliged them. Maybe that will help turn the corner, as Ottawa will host the surging Islanders for the third game of this four game homestand in a matinee Saturday afternoon game.  

In case you missed it, TSN polled some members of the organization and Ottawa media members to come up with the top 25 players in franchise history to mark the 25th season of the franchise. 

Here was the list they came up with:

1. Daniel Alfredsson
2. Erik Karlsson
3. Jason Spezza
4. Marian Hossa
5. Wade Redden
6. Zdeno Chara
7. Alexei Yashin
8. Dany Heatley
9. Chris Phillips
10. Mike Fisher
11. Patrick Lalime
12. Craig Anderson
13. Martin Havlat
14. Radek Bonk
15. Shawn McEachern
16. Kyle Turris
17. Chris Neil
18. Mark Stone
19. Magnus Arvedson
20. Anton Volchenkov
21. Milan Michalek
22. Chris Kelly
23. Ron Tugnutt
24. Antoine Vermette
25. Steve Duchesne

What do you think of the list. At a certain point you could argue for some of the current crop to be on there (Hoffman, Methot) but it is a pretty comprehensive list for a relatively young franchise without a great deal of history. 

I would bet that in 5 years if they re-do this survey for the 30th season, Karlsson will close the gap between himself and Alfredsson for the #1 slot (Alfredsson had 22 of 25 first place votes with Karlsson getting the other 3) and Stone will be in the top-5 behind Karlsson, Alfredsson and Spezza and might even pass the currently injured Stars forward for 3rd.

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