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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.
Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Being Prudent & Preparing for Possible Civil War / Martial Law / Civil Unrest – A Christian View - Wed 21 Sep 2016, 6:45 pm

Being Prudent & Preparing for Possible Civil War / Martial Law / Civil Unrest – A Christian View

By Ray Gano -
July 12, 2016

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Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano
In light of all that has taken place the last few days, I feel that it is prudent that we look at what is taking place and the possible outcome that could take place.
I know that what I am presenting is something scary as well as something that we do not want to think about.
The issue is that we have an administration that is pushing a massive race war. Lines in the sand are starting to be drawn and police and law enforcement are gearing up.
Back in May I was writing about how Russia has introduced the SATAN II missile. This is the most powerful missile now in the world and can pretty much hit any target in the world. Its range has been extended to over 10,000 miles in its attack range.
If you would like to read this article, you can read it here.
Interesting thing is that while I was looking at what Russia was doing, the US and the UN were keeping things very quiet and what came out of it?
Read this, dated May 11, the day prior to Russia’s big press missile announcement.
U.S. approves UN use of force to protect civilians in conflict
UNITED NATIONS — The United States has announced its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.
U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was “proud” and “humbled” to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.
U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.
“The Kigali Principles are designed to make sure that civilians are not abandoned by the international community again,” she said, recalling how U.N. peacekeepers left Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and Srebrenica before the 1995 massacre.
Source –
As you can see, this was reported by Military Times, a viable news source.
Only a few blogs and Fox News also reported it, but buried somewhere in their news.
Folks, this is serious.
This past weekend with the horrible attack on the Dallas Police, our illustrious leader used that to horrible situation to push his agenda “TO FEDERALIZE” state and local police forces.
Back in March 2015 Obama got one of his “yes men” panels together and “studied” what they need to do about the “police problem” our nation was having. Of course the panel’s findings was that the only way that all the police can be policed is by putting them under the hand of the federal government. Who can trust local police chiefs to do the right thing… at least according to the yes men panel Obama put together.
In May 2015, the panel published their findings in a report, titled “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report.”
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 US-Police-State
The report urges the federal government to federalize police training and practices, via the use of federal lawsuits, grants and threats to cut federal aid. So far, Obama’s deputies have strong armed and sued more than 30 police jurisdictions to adopt federal rules in a slow-motion creation of a national police system, similar to the slow-motion creation of a federal-run health-sector via Obamacare.
So when I came across this really small short article from Military Times yesterday, I was like “where did this come from and why didn’t anyone report on this?”
It is like this action was totally swept under the carpet and hidden from public view as much as possible.

What Would Cause Martial Law…A Nuke?

There are many people out there promoting a martial law situation. The last time our nation came under martial law was on 9/11 and it lasted a short number of hours.
For our nation to be able to put under national martial law, something drastic and I mean majorly drastic would have to take place.
As many people like to point to the riots and such, that is not enough to call martial law nation wide. This falls under mayors and governors, at least the way the law reads today.
The one thing that could create an need for martial law in the US would be the detonation of a nuclear device in some city. If it was detonated in a large metropolitan area like Chicago, New York, Dallas or such, then the call for national martial law would very easily accepted but the nation’s people.
Even if it was detonated in a smaller area, the call for martial law could take place.

What Would Cause Martial Law… Civil War?

This is one that I can also see, and the current riots could escalate into something like this taking place.
With home grown terror groups like BLM and The New Black Panther Party promoting armed conflict, we can literally see a race war take place.
Another thing that could cause this to come to fruition putting in Hillary Clinton when the people’s vote was clearly for Trump. So if the electoral college over rode the vote of the people and put in Hillary when Trump should have won, I could see an armed uprising for that.
Finally, I could see Obama override the 22nd Amendment, with the help of congress and senate, so that he could stay in power. This could also cause an armed uprising and thus instill martial law.
Thing is that many police and military stand with the constitution and the American people.
But a National Police force or the use of UN Soldiers, not a good thing and I believe that we would see a blood bath no matter what.
This is why this US / UN action of allowing UN Peacekeepers on US soil is a very bad thing and I am amazed that not many people have reported on this.

Because The Bible Tells Us So

For those of us who are students of bible prophecy, there are a number of verses that seem to point to a duel fulfillment when it comes to the US. Most of those point to a “daughter of Babylon” sort of situation.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 DAUGHTER-OF-BABYLONThe term “Daughter of Babylon” is used a number of times in scripture. But there are people out there that totally skim over the “DAUGHTER OF” part and instantly jump to BABYLON.
Thing is that I do not see the US as BABYLON, but when you read scripture pertaining to DAUGHTER OF BABYLON, like it or not, you could see America being able to hold that sort of title.
There are many that claim that “We don’t see America in Bible Prophecy.” Just because something is not there does not mean that it is not addressed in scripture. The name of our Savior JESUS, was not mentioned in the old testament, but we clearly see Him being addresses by other names and titles.
I do believe that America is being addressed as a “Daughter of Babylon.”
I digress and need to stay on topic.
The Daughter of Babylon is talked about in the prophecies of Jeremiah (chapters 50 and 51), Zechariah (chapter 5), Isaiah (chapter 47 and elsewhere), and of course John the Revelator (chapters 17 and 18 in his Apocalypse).
Here is a short sampling of these verses:
Daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy [shall he be], that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.  (Psalm 137:8)
Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: [there is] no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate.  (Isaiah 47:1)
They shall hold the bow and the lance: they [are] cruel, and will not shew mercy: their voice shall roar like the sea, and they shall ride upon horses, [every one] put in array, like a man to the battle, against thee, O daughter of Babylon. (Jeremiah 50:42)
For thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; The daughter of Babylon [is] like a threshingfloor, [it is] time to thresh her: yet a little while, and the time of her harvest shall come.  (Jeremiah 51:33).
Deliver thyself, O Zion, that dwellest [with] the daughter of Babylon.  (Zechariah 2:7)
When you do research we can see that war and bloodshed does come to the shores of the Daughter of Babylon. It is this fact that I am focusing on and not trying to promote some sort of time table of actions.
Like it our not our nation is facing some serious times and the bible tells us to be prudent when God warns His children of hard times coming down the road.

Last Days Prophecy

Many people may disregard this warning of a coming civil war / martial law / civil disturbance of some sort because things do not line up according to their take on the last days.
Please note that I am NOT stating that we are or are not in the tribulation or such. What I am pointing out is that there is scripture that points to the cause and effect of The Daughter of Babylon.
So please do not think that just because “A” has not happened that “B” can’t happen.
NONE of us have a view into the future and I will admit that I am speculating here as well. Thing that I look at is history and the fact that man constantly repeats his horrible history about every 100 years.
The historical fact is that the world is due for another war on par with that of World War I & II. It has been about 100 years since WWI.
This is why I strongly believe that we could see some sort of armed uprising / civil disturbance / martial law take place in the US.
What ever the catalyst is that causes it is not the issue, we need to focus on the outcome, not waste time on what caused the outcome. Leave the cause to the history books, we need to focus on the here and now so that we can be of use and better help our fellow man down the road.

What Can We Do To Prepare For Civil War / Martial Law / Civil Disturbance

1 – Get our food pantry in order & Get proper amounts of water on hand
2 – Get our medicine cabinet in order
3 – Gear up to protect the Home & Family
I will cover each of these in detail below…
Get our Food Pantry in Order & Proper Amounts of Water on Hand
I have been warning people for some time now that one must have food and water on hand. A family needs to have at least 90 days’ worth of food and water. This is a minimum.

Stocking Up The Pantry

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Food-storageI know that I keep harping on this, but you MUST look at your food as an investment.
Food is money, food is something to barter with. If you are able to grow and raise food, you are in a very strong position.
In fact, look at anything that you use in day to day life as a hard commodity. I say this because “IF” there is an armed uprising or such, there will be a run on stores and shelves will empty in a matter of hours due to herd mentality.
The goal is to NOT be part of the herd.
By having a month or so worth of food on hand, this is money you will not have to spend down the road, thus the cash on hand can be used for other things.
“IF” there is some sort of armed uprising and martial law is called we will instantly see a run on food, and other essential items.  The rise in demand will cause a form of hyperinflation that will kick in and prices will rise drastically.
Example, what you buy today might only cost $1.00 where in a time of civil war / disturbance that same item may cost $5.00, $10, $50+
The key is that because you thought ahead and purchased, you saved money and most likely saved your families life.
Scripture says…
Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.
Proverbs 6:6  Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:
Proverbs 30:25  The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;
There is a Russian proverb that says… ” When it happens you will know that it is true, by then it will be to late.”

Getting Your Water Storage Started

In regards to water, get some bottled water on hand quickly. This will help you get your 90 days of supplies started. Rule of thumb is one gallon per person per day.
You can also purchase sturdy garbage cans and fill them with water, but you need a way to filter it so you can drink it. Pouring it through several cotton towels will do this in a pinch. You are looking to filter out dirt, debris, and the occasional bug that flew into the water.
NOTE – This is NOT a long term water storage solution, just a short term. If you do not use this water in say seven days, empty it out and put in new fresh water. There are water purification kits that you can use to keep the water longer, but best is to keep rotating as needed.

Food That I Recommend

Many people have asked me about all the different foods out there. I have to admit that I have tried a lot of the foods and many are not any good. They taste like salty cardboard mixed with a few dehydrated veggies thrown in. Think over glorified Ramin noodles.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Thrive-foods1THRIVE LIFE FOODS – At the top of my list is THRIVE LIFE Foods. We have been using THRIVE Foods for over 6 years. We raised our two youngest kids on it and my oldest son is raising his children on it.
Yes it is the Cadillac of food, but I refuse to skimp on my family’s health, welfare and nutritional needs.
One of the things I like about THRIVE LIFE Foods is that they have what is called “The Q.” What you do is choose a wish list of food, associate it to your “Q” and then associate an amount, anything over $50 a month, and then tell them what day they can hit your credit card. About seven days later your first batch of food you chose from your wish list shows up on your front porch.
Pick the food, pay and forget it. It keeps showing up every month with more items from your wish list.
Another thing that THRIVE LIFE has is non-GMO and also Organic foods available. This is a real plus over many of the other companies out there that are in the survival food arena.
If you are interested in THRIVE LIFE Foods, then check out our Thrive website –
NOTE – If you are wanting to order over $500 worth of food, please contact, I might be able to save you some money by running it through my back office. Contact me at and lets set up a time to talk.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Augason-farms-30-day-supplyAUGASON FARMS FOODS –   Augason Farms runs a close second in my book when it comes to emergency / bulk food. I have tried them in the past and they are really good. The great thing is that they also are sold on Amazon and the prices are pretty affordable when you look at the nutritional value as well as the really great taste that you are getting.
One of the recommendations that I make is for Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Supply Pail Storage Food. One thing about this is that they have calculated over 1800 calories a day, where some of these other “survival buckets” only have calculated 1200 calories a day.
Don’t want to go for the full 30 day meals, then Augason Farms also has their “Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply”
For just over $65 you can get 92 servings / half a month’s supply of lunch and dinners. If you couple this with the 30 day supply, you will have a very well rounded food supply for a solid month.
Augason Farms – 30-Day Emergency Supply Pail Storage Food
Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Pailshoot2_3I learned about Survive2Thrive from my friend Steve Quayle and found out that this is the only Certified Organic, Non-GMO Grab & Go Food Storage on the market today.
Survive2Thrive created this 40-Day Organic Emergency Food Supply because the majority of food storage option available are absolutely horrible. They are just empty calories that are loaded with GMO’s, preservatives, and extremely high levels of sodium while offering very little nutritional value. I personally can’t imagine thriving on such ‘food’, and I use the term loosely here, for any length of time. If you are looking for Non-GMO, Certified Organic Food Storage that will keep you healthy for a long period of time look no further.  Shelf Life is 10-15 years if stored properly!
To learn more about SURVIVE2THRIVE – Check out the following link….


Download The Food Prep Lecture Show. I produced this show several years ago. Some stuff is dated, but the information is still on track. Click and listen >>>>

Download my Food – Water – Medicine Here

This is my Power Point lecture. You can flip through this as you are listening to the lecture I gave on MP3

Download 52 Week Plans Here

These are plans to help people purchase needed items over a 52 week period. THESE ARE THE BASICS, this is to help you get started, this WILL NOT keep your family totally healthy in the long term. You need to have long term survival food on hand, but this can give you goals or help you get started if you feel overwhelmed.

Get Our Medicine Cabinet In Order

I wrote a very in depth two-part article about getting your families first aid kit in order.
You can read it here –
Part 1
Part 2 –
With the onset of any war / civil uprising, medical health quickly depreciates and medical help becomes almost non-existent. Diseases like the flu and other viral sort of sicknesses go on the rise.
In 2009 Tracye and I lived through the swine flu pandemic that took place in New Braunfels Texas. We learned a lot living through that. What follows is a list of items that helped me and my family during the pandemic we experienced in 2009 with the H1N1 Swine Flu.
These are the very same supplements that I keep on hand all the time.
Sambucol (black elderberry) –
Colloidal Silver –
Echinacea –
Propolis –
Ginger Root –
Vitamin C – Rosehips –
Activated Charcoal –
When we lived in Texas and was in the middle of the H1N1 Swine flu mini pandemic I got these items as fast as I could and the moment anyone even sniffed, I gave them the following…

  • A shot glass of Sambucol (it comes with its own little glass)
  • 3-4 sprays of Silver Sol Colloidal silver spray
  • 2 caps Echinacea (400 – 500 mg ea)
  • 2 caps propolis (1000 mg ea)
  • 2 caps ginger root (500 mg ea)
  • 2 caps rose hip / vitamin C (500mg ea)
  • 1 cap charcoal (280 mg)

To this day if either of us are feeling some sort of bug coming on, we instantly dose up on all of these so that it raises our immune system. All of these items help boost the immune system and increase antibodies.
Other things that you can add and that will be VERY HARD TO FIND if there is a some sort of civil uprising are as follows

Medical Treatment Tools

Electronic Ear Thermometer – NO ORAL –
Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor –
Stethoscope –
Tongue Depressors –
Medical Eye Goggles –
Fenix Flashlight – five brightness levels –
Purell Hand Sanitizer with Aloe 8oz –

Notebook for recording vital signs & keeping patient notes.

Over The Counter Medicines You Need To Keep On Hand
Any medicines that fight a flu or other viral diseases will also become harder and harder to find as well as any supplies associated to the Flu.
Because the Flu is an immunosuppressive disease like Ebola, the following OCT medicines will also become harder and harder to find.
Medicines like …
Bayer Aspirin –
Extra Strength Tylenol –
Children’s Tylenol  –
Boiron Oscillococcinum –
Cold-Eeze Immune Support –
Thieves Oil –
Vicks Nyquil Cold & Flu Daytime & Nighttime –
Quantum Health Thera Zinc Spray –
Benadryl 25mg capsules – 1 tablet every 4 hours as needed for nasal congestion, allergy, or itching if applicable –
Tums Ex –\
Caffeinated Tea – Helps relieve headache –

Files To Help You Better Prepare Medically

I put together a zip file a few years ago that have11 ebooks including – Where There Is No Doctor and the ebook “Preparing For The Coming Pandemic…
Click on the following URL
This will download a ZIP file and once you get it to your desktop, you can double click on it and it will open up.

Gearing Up To Protect The Home and Family

I do not advocate offensive violence, but I do believe in protecting one’s family, the innocent and in maintaining a defensive posture.
Scripture says…
1 Timothy 5:8  But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.
Luke 22:36  Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.
Like it or not, now more than in the last 100 years we are living in a time where we may see war on our own shores. We may have seen foreign invaders/ UN Peacekeeper due to our serious military weakness or we may see some form of civil war, due to the racial hate, religious hate or between liberal or conservative ideals.
Believe it or not, our nation is ripe for revolution. My hope that it is a revolution at the ballot box and not one being fought on a battle field.
As bad as this sounds, people need to be prepared to defend.
I know that this sounds really “John Wayne” / Mall Ninja, but it is better to be prepared with gear ready to go than not.
Condor is a company that puts out some pretty good gear. It isn’t totally military grade, but it is pretty good gear for the price.
First thing that I recommend is getting a Cross Draw Tactical Vest.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Condor-Tactical-VestHere are specs for the vest…
– Right side features 3 ammo pouches, large shell carrying pouch, and a shooting pad. – Left side features a pistol holster for most medium-framed pistols, 3 pistol mag pouches that are adjustable to the height of most normal-sized mag.
– Vest is mounted on tough nylon mesh material which aids ventilation. – Shoulders on vest can be adjusted with long velcro strips, and also have 2 mental D-rings for the attachment of carabiners or other material.
– Vest zips up in front and can be secured additionally with a pistol belt (included) threaded through the loops on the bottom. – Interior of vest has two zip-up document pockets left and right.
– Rear of vest is double-ply mesh which allows for the addition of a hydration bladder. – A carrying handle is provided as well as strips across the back for the addition of camouflage material or other pouches.
– Left and right sides can be adjusted for width via drawstrings
This is the vest that I have ordered and what I am gearing up.
I like that there are many pockets, pouches. I also REALLY like the fact that I can put my camel back water bladder in the back and will help me stay hydrated.
Again this is not military grade, but for civilian use and being prepared it is an excellent vest.
The added belt with two mag pouches are good to keep pepper spray, stun gun or even another tactical folding knife like the Cold Steel Voyager Clip Point XL.
MOLLE strips on the back also allow you to clip on dump bag to hold spent magazines as well as a small pack of sorts that might carry a day’s rations and a first aid pack.
Allen Company makes a great pouch that will secure to the back of the vest and it can hold a good amount of necessary items.
Specs for this pouch…
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 MOLLE-Pouch-300x300Rugged 600D material, with three layers of MOLLE on the face of the pouch
10″ x 7″ x 1.5″ overall dimension, with 6″ x 10′ zippered pocket
Two D-Rings on the top for attaching a neck strap
Organizing loops that are great for handgun mags or tools
Corded suspension system allows the pouch to be open up to 90-degrees
This or even two of these pouches on the back of the vest will help you keep needed gear without weighing you down.
Another item that one has to strongly think about is a good pair of gloves. I have written about gloves in the past and so many people do not understand how a good pair of tough gloves can really help save your hands.
Mechanic’s makes some great gloves, but a good pair of motorcycle gloves that are made to take the road rash is something that will stand up.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Freetoo-gloves-300x300Freetoo Full Finger Cycling Motorcycle Gloves are some of the best out there. They are comfortable, but also take a beating. This is something that you will need to consider if you are being placed in a tactical situation where you need to get down on the ground and really rough up your hands.
Condor Tactical Cross Draw Vest –
MOLLE Rig Pouch –
Freetoo Tactical Milspec Gloves –
I have written a number of articles on weapons but to give you my choice, I personally like the following…
Handgun – Glock 17 9mm loaded with hollow points for home and personal carry. Get a few 30 round mags for this if needing to think about some serious lead down range.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Mossberg500-300x225
Shotgun – Mossberg 500 pump or Remington 870 pump 12 guage with a slection of different rounds from slug, 00 Buck, small game. Also look into pepper rounds and bean bag for non-lethal.
Long Range – Mosin Nagant with a Monte Carlo nylon stock. Put a solid rail on the top for a scope and you have a great weapon that can reach out and touch someone. Total cost for this setup should run around $150 – $200, not including scope.
Short to Mid Range / Urban Fighting – I am partial to the M-4, a shortened version of the AR-15, that or a good ol paratrooper version of the AK-47. Both are great.
This is a good all around range of weapons.
If you throw in some of the blades and swords that I recommend, you will have a nice line of weapons that can answer just about any sort of defensive situation you might have to get into.
Musashi – 1060 Carbon Steel – Samurai Sword –
Blackhawk Tatang Knife –
Cold Steel Voyager XL Clip Point –
Tactical Tomahawk and Military Compass –


I know that what I am saying here is rather disturbing. But I feel that it needs to be said. Our nation is in a very bad place in time. I pray to God that what I am saying does not come to fruition, but the way the current administration is pushing our nation to a civil war / civil disturbance, it is not helping the matter and in fact adding gasoline to the fire that is already burning.
Charles G. Finney stated something very profound that may explain what and why things are happening today.
Here is what he said…
 “Worldly desires, appetites, and feelings prevent true Christianity — the human will is, in a sense, enslaved by fleshly and worldly desires. It is therefore necessary for God to awaken people to a sense of guilt and danger and thus produce an opposite excitement or feeling and desire. This counter-feeling breaks the power of worldly desire and leaves the will free to obey God.”
Our nation desperately needs God, but we have been living a slew of lies thinking that we are serving God, when in reality we are serving ourselves.
John MacArthur wrote an outstanding article titled “When God Abandons A Nation.”
If you wish to read it online, you can read it here –
In this article he talks about 5 dominate lies we as Christians and a culture have accepted in these last days.
Lie #1 – Life is random…life is random. We’re all products of evolutionary chance, no purpose, no creator, no accountability.
Lie #2 – Truth is relative. No absolutes, no standard, you just kind of have to flow around public opinion but you can change public opinion, as we well know.
Lie #3 – People are basically good, oh if they go bad, somebody abused them. Somebody else is to blame, they lack self-esteem, they have psychological problems based on environmental failures.
Lie #4 – Thanks to Rick Warren and Joel Osteen, everyone can change his own life, get control, take charge, become the person you want to be. You have the power to be whatever you want to be.
Lie #5 – The goal of life is self-satisfaction. You’re really after feeling good about yourself, being satisfied with who you are. You hear people say, “This is who I am, take it or leave it and I’m happy who I am. This is me and I’m just out there.”
Because we have bought into these lies is why Finney’s statement is so profound to me.
“It is therefore necessary for God to awaken people to a sense of guilt and danger and thus produce an opposite excitement or feeling and desire. This counter-feeling breaks the power of worldly desire and leaves the will free to obey God.”
Bible prophecy or not, this is where we are today in US History.
We have forgotten God and He will do what He deems necessary to wake us back up to the truth. If it means guilt and danger, then He will do it.
The thing that we who are a wake and have been watching need to do is to prepare so that we can make it through that storm and make it to the other side so that we can be ready to serve and help our fellow man. It will be at that time that man will be ready to hear the good news of the gospel, and we need to make sure that we will be there so that we can share it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

10 Things That Every American Should Know About Donald Trump’s Plan To Save The U.S. Economy - Mon 19 Sep 2016, 3:19 pm

10 Things That Every American Should Know About Donald Trump’s Plan To Save The U.S. Economy
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Donald-Trump-Speech-VOA-Public-Domain-460x259
Michael Snyder September 19, 2016 4 Comments
Economic Collapse
Barack Obama, Biggest Debt Bubble, Biggest Debt Bubble In The History Of The Planet, Can Donald Trump Turn The U.S. Economy Around?, Children, Debt, Debt Bubble, Debts, Donald Trump, Donald Trump And The Economy, Donald Trump's Economic Plan, Economic Oblivion, food, hillary clinton, In Debt, jobs, poverty, Reckless Spending, Spending, The Middle Class

10 Things That Every American Should Know About Donald Trump’s Plan To Save The U.S. Economy

Can Donald Trump turn the U.S. economy around?  This week Trump unveiled details of his new economic plan, and the mainstream media is having a field day criticizing it.  But the truth is that we simply cannot afford to stay on the same path that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have us on right now.  Millions of jobs are being shipped out of the country, the middle class is dying, poverty isexploding, millions of children in America don’t have enough food, and our reckless spending has created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet.  Something must be done or else we will continue to steamroll toward economic oblivion.  So is Donald Trump the man for the hour?
If you would like to read his full economic plan, you can find it on his official campaign website.  His plan starts off by pointing out that this has been the weakest “economic recovery” since the Great Depression…
Last week’s GDP report showed that the economy grew a mere 1.2% in the second quarter and 1.2% over the last year. It’s the weakest recovery since the Great Depression – the predictable consequence of massive taxation, regulation, one-side trade deals and onerous energy restrictions.

And Trump is exactly right about how weak this economic recovery has been.
So how would he fix things?
The following are 10 things that every American should know about Donald Trump’s plan to save the U.S. economy…
#1 Donald Trump would lower taxes on the middle class
The tax savings under Trump’s plan would actually be quite substantial for middle class families.  The following numbers come from a recent Charisma article
• A married couple earning $50,000 per year with two children and $8,000 in child care expenses will save 35% from their current tax bill.
• A married couple earning $75,000 per year with two children and $10,000 in child care expenses will receive a 30% reduction in their tax bill.
• Married couple earning $5 million per year with two children and $12,000 in child care expenses will get only a 3% reduction in their tax bill.
#2 Donald Trump would lower taxes on businesses
Under his plan, no business in America would be taxed more than 15 percent.  Alternatively, Hillary Clinton’s plan would tax some small businesses at a rate of close to 50 percent.  So Trump’s plan would undoubtedly be good for businesses, and it would encourage many that have left the country to return.
But where would the lost tax revenue be made up?
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Surviving-the-Final-BubbleV
#3 Childcare expenses would be exempt from taxation
For working families with children this would be a great blessing.  Without a doubt this is an effort to win over more working women, and this is a demographic that Trump has been struggling with.
It is definitely an idea that I support, but once again where will the money come from to pay for this?
#4 U.S. manufacturers will be allowed to immediately fully expense new plants and equipment
This would undoubtedly lead to a boom in capital investment, but it would also reduce tax revenue.  As an emergency measure this would be very good for encouraging manufacturers to stay in America, but it would also likely increase the budget deficit.
#5 A temporary freeze on new regulations
Red tape is one of my big pet peeves, and so I greatly applaud Trump for this proposal.  I think that Bob Eschliman put it very well when he wrote the followingabout Trump’s planned freeze on new regulations…
In 2015 alone, federal agencies issued over 3,300 final rules and regulations, up from 2,400 the prior year. Studies show that small manufacturers face more than three times the burden of the average U.S. business, and the hidden tax from ineffective regulations amounts to “nearly $15,000 per U.S. household” annually. Excessive regulation is costing our country as much as $2 trillion dollars per year, and Trump will end it.

#6 All existing regulations would be reviewed and unnecessary regulations would be eliminated
In particular, Trump’s plan would focus on getting rid of regulations that inhibit hiring.  The following are some of the specific areas that he identifies on his official campaign website

  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan, which forces investment in renewable energy at the expense of coal and natural gas, raising electricity rates;
  • The EPA’s Waters of the United States rule, which gives the EPA the ability to regulate the smallest streams on private land, limiting land use; and
  • The Department of Interior’s moratorium on coal mining permits, which put tens of thousands of coal miners out of work.

#7 Donald Trump would fundamentally alter our trade relationships with the rest of the globe
Donald Trump is the first major party nominee in decades to recognize that our trade deficit is absolutely killing our economy.  I write about this all the time, and it is a hot button issue for me.  So I definitely applaud Trump for proposing the following

  • Appoint trade negotiators whose goal will be to win for America: narrowing our trade deficit, increasing domestic production, and getting a fair deal for our workers.
  • Renegotiate NAFTA.
  • Withdraw from the TPP.
  • Bring trade relief cases to the world trade organization.
  • Label China a currency manipulator.
  • Apply tariffs and duties to countries that cheat.
  • Direct the Commerce Department to use all legal tools to respond to trade violations.

As A Way To Introduce You To Skilled Survival, We’re Giving Away Our ‘Family First’ Food Planning Guide. Click Here To Get Your Copy.
#8 Donald Trump’s plan would be a tremendous boost for the U.S. energy industry
Barack Obama promised to kill the coal industry, and that is one of the few promises that he has actually kept.  Obama also killed the Keystone Pipeline, and right now the energy industry as a whole is enduring their worst stretch since the last recession.  To turn things around, Trump would do the following

  • Rescind all the job-destroying Obama executive actions including the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule.
  • Save the coal industry and other industries threatened by Hillary Clinton’s extremist agenda.
  • Ask Trans Canada to renew its permit application for the Keystone Pipeline.
  • Make land in the Outer Continental Shelf available to produce oil and natural gas.
  • Cancel the Paris Climate Agreement (limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius) and stop all payments of U.S. tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs.

#9 Trump would repeal Obamacare
Trump claims that Obamacare would cost our economy two million jobs over the next ten years.  And without a doubt, it has already cost the U.S. economy a lot of jobs.
Not only that, but Obamacare has also sent health insurance premiums soaring, and this is putting a tremendous amount of financial pressure on many families.
Trump says that he would “replace” Obamacare, but that is a rather vague statement.
What exactly would he replace it with?
#10 Trump’s plan says nothing about the Federal Reserve
This is a great concern, because the Federal Reserve has far more power over the economy than anyone else does.  It is at the very heart of our debt-based system, and unless something is done about the Fed our debt bubble will continue to get even larger.
Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen by more than 96 percent and our national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger.  For Trump to not even mention the Federal Reserve in his economic plan is a tremendous oversight.
We are in the midst of a long-term economic decline, and things have not gotten better during the Obama years.  If you can believe it, a study that was just released by Harvard even acknowledges this
America’s economic performance peaked in the late 1990s, anderosion in crucial economic indicators such as the rate of economic growth, productivity growth, job growth, and investment began well before the Great Recession.
Workforce participation, the proportion of Americans in the productive workforce, peaked in 1997. With fewer working-age men and women in the workforce, per-capita income for the U.S. is reduced.
Median real household income has declined since 1999, with incomes stagnating across virtually all income levels.Despite a welcome jump in 2015, median household income remains below the peak attained in 1999, 17 years ago. Moreover, stagnating income and limited job prospects have disproportionately affected lower-income and lower-skilled Americans, leading inequality to rise.

That same study found that the percentage of Americans participating in the labor force peaked back in 1997 and has been steadily declining since that time…
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Declining-Labor-Force-Participation-Rate-Harvard-460x308
If we continue to do the same things, we will continue to get the same results.
Donald Trump is promising change, and many of his proposals sound good, but there are also some areas to be concerned about.
Ultimately, just tinkering with the tax code and reducing regulations is not going to be enough to turn the U.S. economy around.  We need a fundamental overhaul of our economic and financial systems, and Trump’s plan stops well short of that.  But without a doubt what he is proposing is vastly superior to Hillary Clinton’s plan, and so he should definitely be applauded for at least moving in the right direction.

MEDIA IS LYING: See The 5 Facts That Prove Trump Is ACTUALLY Beating Hillary Quite Badly - Sun 11 Sep 2016, 4:43 pm


See The 5 Facts That Prove Trump Is ACTUALLY Beating Hillary Quite Badly 


[size=32]Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Screen-Shot-2016-08-06-at-7.27.17-PM-696x392
[size=32]Donald Trump has been taking names and not taking prisoners.[/size]
[size=32]He is killing Hillary Clinton and has even had to do it by going up[/size]
[size=32]against the media’s rigged polls.[/size]
[size=32]The following five statistics that prove that Trump is really winning.[/size]
[size=32]Let’s take a look at the facts that the media completely ignores or covers up.[/size]
[size=32]Instead, they have been giving Clinton the lead despite the fact that she can’t[/size]
[size=32]get anyone to even show up to her rallies.[/size]
[size=32]Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hilary-omaha-gym-1-696x522[/size]
Clinton Rally In Omaha where she used mostly High School kids to fill the gym
where a lot of her statements were incorrectly read from her teleprompter.
[size=32]FACT #1: [/size][size=32]Trump has nearly three times the amount of followers on Facebook.[/size]
[size=32]Trump: 12,174,358 likes.
Clinton: 4,385,959 likes.[/size]
[size=32]Look what Trump’s live stream videos do when compared to Hillary’s.[/size]
[size=32]Trump Live Stream Post — 21 hours ago: 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views[/size]
[size=32]Clinton Live Stream Post — 25 hours ago: 9,000 likes, 0 shares, 121,000 views[/size]
[size=32]That does not look good at all for her![/size]
[size=32]Fact #2:[/size][size=32] Trump has 18.6 million twitter followers.[/size]
[size=32]Hillary Clinton has only 6.1 million.[/size]
[size=32]The best part is that most of Hillary’s are actually fake.[/size]
[size=32]According to the Washington Examiner, 41 percent of Hillary’s “followers”[/size]
[size=32]are not even real people.[/size]
[size=32]In contrast, The Daily Caller says that Trump’s followers are 90% real[/size]
[size=32]with 90% of them having a previous voting record.[/size]
[size=32]Fact #3:[/size][size=32] Trump averages 160k viewers per live stream.[/size]
[size=32]Clinton averages 400 viewers per live stream.[/size]
[size=32]Wow. That is bad. Trump also gets 5,000 percent more eyeballs focused[/size]
[size=32]on the screen than Clinton. Yep. She really is that boring to the folks.[/size]
[size=32]Fact #4: [/size][size=32]Instagram.[/size]
[size=32]Trump has 6.2 million followers.[/size]
[size=32]Clinton has 800,000 followers.[/size]
[size=32]Instagram is a platform with mostly all pictures and not much substance –[/size]
[size=32]exactly what Hillary supporters love. And still she does very poorly in this medium.[/size]
[size=32]Fact #5: [/size][size=32]On Reddit.[/size]
[size=32]Trump: 297,696 subscribers
Clinton: 21,429 subscribers
But on Hillary for Prison: she gets 255,228 subscribers.[/size]
[size=32]Trump has more subscribers than Clinton on every major social media outlet[/size]
[size=32]but what is even funnier is that there are nearly 3 times as many people[/size]
[size=32]subscribed to “Hillary for Prison” than there are subscribed to the Clinton page.[/size]
[size=32]The best part is that the DNC's leaked emails from WikiLeaks have proven that Clinton pays people to support her online. Trump supporters on the other hand willingly actually like and follow him on Social media.[/size]
[size=32]Trump actually has the support of the people. He is going to win this election come November no matter what the mainstream media would like you to believe[/size]
[size=32]Right now, every single patriot needs to share this article with friends and relatives. We need to fight these rigged polls that seem to come out every other day. Hillary Clinton has a big bag of tricks and is trying to trick the American public into voting for her. Let’s show America the truth.[/size]
[size=32]Can we share this e-mail with at least 10 friends. We have to fight against the mainstream media and their attempts to steal the election away from Trump.[/size][/size]


[size=24]God Bless America![/size]

Hillary's 'mystery man' appears after coughing fit - Wed 07 Sep 2016, 5:00 pm

Hillary's 'mystery man' appears after coughing fit

'Do you think the media will ever ask the campaign about this guy?'

Published: 1 day ago
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hillary-Cough-TW
Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton has had numerous coughing fits during her 2016 run for the White House (Photo: Twitter)
After Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton suffered the worst coughing fit of her campaign Monday, a mysterious man seen by her side for many months on the campaign trail suddenly appeared on her plane.
As WND reported, Clinton suffered two coughing fits on Labor Day – one during a speech in Cleveland, Ohio, and a second one during a press conference on her plane.
In the past, the same man has been spotted helping Clinton up stairs and holding what appears to be a Diazepam pen. Some observers have referred to the man as Hillary’s “mysterious handler.”
The following image of the man on the plane was posted by the Gateway Pundit blog:
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hillary-handler
Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit noted that the man is sometimes dressed like a Secret Service agent, “but his actions prove otherwise.”
For example, during one campaign event at Union Hall, New York, some protesters got rowdy.
“Hillary Clinton suddenly froze,” he wrote. “She looked dazed and lost. Seeing this, a group of men rushed to assist the candidate on the stage. One man, however, gently pats the candidate’s back and says, ‘Keep talking.'”
But, according to the post, “An expert on Secret Service tactics told [the Gateway Pundit] Secret Service agents would not touch a candidate in the manner that this individual did and especially Hillary Clinton. It has been widely reported on Hillary’s disdain for the agents who work to protect her. The man who touches Hillary may be a member of Hillary’s close staff – but he is NOT a Secret Service agent.”
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hillary-clinton-staircase-600
Hillary Clinton being helped up the stairs. The “mystery man” is to her left
Hoft asked, “Do you think the media will ever ask the campaign about this guy?”
WND did ask the Hillary Clinton campaign about the identity and role of the man in the photos but hadn’t received a response at the time of this report.
At an earlier campaign appearance, the same man was reportedly seen carrying a long object that resembled a Diazepam pen.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hillary-mystery-man
Also Monday, Clinton was seen spitting a yellow, unidentified object, which may have been a lozenge, into her glass.
Apparently frustrated that it can’t shut down news coverage of the recurring coughing fits, the Clinton campaign lashed out at an NBC reporter for daring to broach the subject of Clinton’s coughing fits in his news report Monday.
And in an appearance on ABC News that aired Tuesday evening, Clinton running mate Tim Kaine insisted concerns about Clinton’s health are “idiotic.”
NBC News’ Andrew Rafferty wrote the following five-paragraph report about Clinton’s severe coughing fit in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday:
Hillary Clinton struggled to fight back a coughing fit while campaigning in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday.
“I’ve been talking so much,” Clinton said with a hoarse voice. “Every time I think about Trump, I get allergic.”
The former secretary of state has suffered from coughing fits at times throughout the Democratic presidential primary.
However the frog in Clinton’s throat on Monday was one of the most aggressive she’s had during her 2016 run and left her almost unable to finish her remarks.
After the event, campaign aides attributed it to allergies.

Though Rafferty’s report was short and straightforward, the reporter received a harsh rebuke from Clinton’s traveling press secretary, Nick Merrill.
Merrill blasted Rafferty on Twitter Monday, telling the NBC reporter to “Get a life.”
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Merrill-tweet
President Obama’s former speechwriter, Jon Favreau, asked, “Is there anyone at NBC, or anywhere else, who’s willing to defend this story?”
In his Washington Post piece titled, “Can we just stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?” Chris Cillizza said the questions about Hillary’s heath “are absurd”: “This is a totally ridiculous issue – for lots of reasons – and one that if Trump or his Republican surrogates continue to focus on is a surefire loser in the fall.”
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Cillizza
Rafferty isn’t the first media personality to face attacks for merely discussing the issue of Clinton’s health.
CNN “network honchos” reportedly “acted like the mafia” when they confronted the famous Dr. Drew Pinsky for raising the topic on a radio show, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.
As WND reported, Dr. Drew’s television show on the HLN cable network, “Dr. Drew on Call,” was canceled eight days after he raised questions about Clinton’s health in an interview on KABC-AM in Los Angeles. HLN is the sister channel of CNN.
Dr. Drew has refused to blame Clinton and her supporters for the cancellation of his popular show.
But a source told Page Six CNN network officials relentlessly pursued Dr. Drew for a retraction.
“CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the mafia when confronting Drew,” said the source, who is close to Dr. Drew. “First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”
According to the report, “What followed was a series of nasty phone calls and emails.”
The source called the CNN officials’ behavior “downright scary and creepy.”
GOP nominee Donald Trump, however, has insisted the story surrounding Clinton’s health has been ignored by the mainstream media even though concerns have gone viral on social media and alternative news sites.
“Mainstream media never covered Hillary’s massive ‘hacking’ or coughing attack, yet it is #1 trending. What’s up?” Trump tweeted Tuesday.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Trump-tweet-Hillary-health
Many tweeters have been using the Twitter hashtag, #HackingHillary, to post comments about Clinton’s health.
Even Hollywood actor and producer James Woods chimed in, expressing his concerns and launching the Twitter hashtag #HerHackingHighness.
“I feel badly she’s obviously very sick, but she can’t responsibly be president with serious health problems,” Woods tweeted Monday.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 James-Woods-TW
Also on Tuesday, Trump told ABC News he will release his full medical records. In the ABC appearance Tuesday evening, Clinton defended her own health record and questioned that of Trump’s. She claimed a short 2015 letter she provided from her personal internist, Dr. Lisa Bardack, is sufficient to show she’s physically healthy enough to be president.
“What we have released is commensurate with what others who have been nominated for president have released. And we followed closely what the format was; we put out the information,” she said.
Clinton attacked Trump’s own health letter as “devoid of information.” She said the doctor who wrote it “basically [said] he did it in five minutes, because the ‘limousine was waiting.'”
In a Monday column published on WND, Dr. Jane M. Orient, M.D., questioned the short letter concerning Clinton’s health.
“So far, I have not seen a doctor putting his reputation on the line by writing, ‘I have read all the available medical reports and looked at the photographs and videos, and my diagnosis is that Mrs. Clinton is in fine health.,'” Dr. Orient wrote. “No doctor has said, ‘If I were at an event and saw someone displaying the signs captured on video, I would ignore it. I would not bring the person a chair, or ask, ‘Are you OK?’ or make sure she had a ride home.'”
Dr. Orient reviewed Bardack’s letter as if it concerned a hypothetical case of a patient named Mary Jones, who needs medical clearance to drive a school bus.
“In the actual record, as opposed to a summary letter, I’d expect to find a weight. Photographs show evidence of substantial rapid weight gain. If true, it requires an explanation,” Dr. Orient wrote. “Since Mrs. Jones has had dizziness and falls, did the doctor check her blood pressure and pulse lying down and then standing up?”
Noting that Clinton is taking the blood thinner Coumadin for recurring clotting problems, Dr. Orient asked: “How often is the INR (a measure of clotting function) checked? Has Mrs. Jones been instructed about Coumadin interactions with some 800 drugs as well as fruits and vegetables (kale, avocado, grapefruit, etc.), alcohol and herbs (oregano, thyme, basil, etc.)? The INR can change unexpectedly, but even if stable and within the desired range, the patient is at risk of clotting or hemorrhage.”
Dr. Orient continued:
“About that transverse sinus clot: How does Dr. Bardack know it completely dissolved? It usually doesn’t. Did Mrs. Jones have a venogram or MRV? Veins are often damaged by a thrombus – a patient might have a swollen ankle for life. A swollen brain can be fatal. With impaired venous drainage from the brain, a patient gets intracranial hypertension. Symptoms include headache, double vision, visual impairment, nausea and vomiting and dizziness. The record should contain a good eye exam, looking for swelling of the optic nerve head. But many patients (maybe 90 percent) with intracranial hypertension don’t show that. The definitive test is a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to measure opening pressure. But no one is going to do an LP in somebody who’s on Coumadin.
“And the severe concussion? How is Dr. Bardack sure there is no persistent brain damage? Has Mrs. Jones had formal cognitive testing, as done in athletes? Has anything changed on a more recent examination? Has she had an MRI with DTI, which shows connecting pathways in the brain? Have reports of confusion or difficulty arousing her from a nap been investigated?
“Then some videos have led some to suspect seizures, a known complication of traumatic brain injury. Was an EEG done … ?
“And did Dr. Bardack’s “normal physical examination” include a detailed neurologic exam? Did the doctor check eye movements, gait, Romberg sign (ability to stand with feet together and eyes closed), muscle strength, motor coordination, vibratory sensation, normal and potential abnormal reflexes, memory, etc.? Did she obtain a neurology or neurosurgery consult?”

Orient concluded, “If Dr. Bardack did not check for all these things, I’d judge her evaluation of Mrs. Jones for driving a school bus to be inadequate. I challenge any doctor to say that any one of these items is unimportant in a person with Mrs. Clinton’s history and recently reported signs who aspires to a position as a bus driver – or U.S. president.”

CHEMICAL WARFARE RED ALERT: Zika panic DEET chemical part of a brain damaging binary weapon being ca - Mon 22 Aug 2016, 4:49 pm

CHEMICAL WARFARE RED ALERT: Zika panic DEET chemical part of a brain damaging binary weapon being carpet bombed across America's cities
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 MikeAdamsSunday, August 21, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Tags: DEET chemical, binary weapon, cognitive confusion

(NaturalNews) With every ignorant news organization across America now pushing Americans to slather their skin with DEET chemicals as a defense against Zika mosquitoes, there's something every American needs to know: DEET is one chemical component of a binary chemical weapon system currently being carpet bombed onto U.S. civilian populations.

That's an aggressive assertion, I fully realize. So in this article, I'm going to lay out the science for you that proves all this, citing published scientific studies, government research papers, historical accounts of military actions and molecular citations from the world's most authoritative sources on chemistry. As far as my own science background goes, I am the lab science director of CWC Labs, an internationally accredited, ISO-17025 accredited forensic food analysis laboratory. I personally run mass spec (LC/MS-TOF) systems with a special focus on pesticides, herbicides and chemical toxicology. In fact, I have just completed a science paper on the world's first LC/MS-TOF accurate quantitation and anti-counterfeit analysis method for cannabidiols in hemp extracts, and that paper is going to be published later this year at a science expo event. I'm also the author of the #1 bestselling science book Food Forensics.

In other words, let there be no doubt whatsoever that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the science I'm about to describe here. Nearly everyone who attacks this story, you will find, has no qualifications to even understand the science.

DEET damages brain cells
Getting back to DEET and Zika, the DEET chemical is actually N,N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide. From a molecular science point of view, it looks like this (courtesy

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 DEET-chemical-600

Note the molecular formula of C12H17NO. This means it has a total of 12 carbon atoms, 17 hydrogen atoms, one nitrogen and one oxygen. (We often use molecular formulas as shorthand in chemistry. This tells you the elemental composition and ratios, but not the bonding configuration or polarity.)

All by itself, the DEET chemical is known to cause damage to nerve cells. Let's explore that, because DEET is just one part of a binary chemical weapon system that is right now being deployed against the American people... a weapon system engineered to cause mass fear and confusion while even achieving a "behavior modifying" effect as you'll soon see.

DEET damages brain cells by interfering with enzymatic reactions
Ever wonder how DEET kills insects? It's an acetycholinesterase inhibitor, meaning it blocks the molecular action of acetycholinesterase.

Via this Natural News article:

French scientists Vincent Corbel from the [i]Institut de Recherche pour le Developement in Montpellier and Bruno Lapied from the University of Angers headed a team of researchers who studied the mode of action and toxicity of DEET, also known by the chemical name N,N-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide. "We've found that DEET is not simply a behavior-modifying chemical but also inhibits the activity of a key central nervous system enzyme, acetycholinesterase, in both insects and mammals," Corbel said in a statement to the media.[/i]

What exactly is acetycholinesterase? "Acetylcholinesterase (AChE, acetycholine acetylhydrolase...) is found in many types of conducting tissue: nerve and muscle, central and peripheral tissues, motor and sensory fibers, and cholinergic and noncholinergic fibers," says this 2013 science paper in Current Neuropharmocology: "Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors: Pharmacology and Toxicology."

Blocking AChE causes "disrupted neurotransmission" and other damaging effects to brain cells: "The enzyme inactivation, induced by various inhibitors, leads to acetylcholine accumulation, hyperstimulation of nicotinic and muscarinic receptors, and disrupted neurotransmission."

According to that science paper, AChE inhibitors work similarly to carbamate and organophosphate pesticides -- two classes of chemicals routinely sprayed all over the national food supply -- meaning that people who slather their skin with DEET are poisoning themselves with brain-disrupting pesticide chemicals. Says the paper, "In medicine and agriculture, the word 'organophosphates' refers to a group of insecticides and nerve agents that inhibit AChE."

These organophosphates "exert their main toxicological effects through non-reversible phosphorylation of esterases in the central nervous system," report the scientists. "The acute toxic effects are related to irreversible inactivation of AChE."

In other words, some classes of AChE inhibitors can cause irreversible damage to the central nervous system.

DEET inhibits nervous system function... that's how it kills
DEET is an AChE inhibitor. As stated in this science paper entitled "Evidence for inhibition of cholinesterases in insect and mammalian nervous systems by the insect repellent deet":

Despite the widespread and increased interest in the use of deet in public health programmes, controversies remain concerning both the identification of its target sites at the olfactory system and its mechanism of toxicity in insects, mammals and humans...

...[W]e show that deet is not simply a behaviour-modifying chemical but that it also inhibits cholinesterase activity, in both insect and mammalian neuronal preparations. Deet is commonly used in combination with insecticides and we show that deet has the capacity to strengthen the toxicity of carbamates, a class of insecticides known to block acetylcholinesterase.

These findings question the safety of deet, particularly in combination with other chemicals...

Now you are beginning to grasp the binary weapon of DEET + Carbamates (or OPs). Carbamates are common pesticides sprayed on food crops. They're also sprayed into the air by your local government as part of their ill-formed mosquito control programs they claim will stop Zika.

DEET is one part of a binary chemical weapon (the other part is carbamate insecticides)
I hope you're paying close attention to what I'm explaining here, because what the study mentioned above reveals is that DEET is part of a binary chemical weapon system that goes "ballistic" against your nerve cells when combined with certain classes of insecticides (such as carbamates and OPs).

What are carbamate insecticides? They are a class of pesticide chemicals that are right now being sprayed on food crops all across America. Even worse, they're often used in aerial spraying campaigns in combination with DEET. In effect, this is a chemical binary weapon now being deployed against the American people.

"Deet is commonly used in combination with insecticides and we show that deet has the capacity to strengthen the toxicity of carbamates, a class of insecticides known to block acetylcholinesterase," says the BioMedCentral science paper linked above.

Adding to the concern, this warning from explains, "Over 80% of the pesticide poisonings in the US are caused by organophosphate and carbamate pesticides. These compounds inhibit acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme critical to the control of nerve impulse transmission from one cell to another. When the enzyme is inhibited, there is overstimulation and then paralysis of the secondary cell."

According to this PDF document from the USGS, "The toxicity of OP and carbamate pesticides is due to the disruption of the nervous system of an invertebrate or a vertebrate through the inhibition of cholinesterase (ChE) enzymes. These enzymes are involved in transmitting normal nerve impulses throughout the nervous system. An acute pesticide dose reduces the activity of ChEs, and nerve impulses cannot be transmitted normally. This can paralyze the nervous system, and it may lead to death, usually from respiratory failure."

That same report goes on to explain how "More than 100 avian species have been poisoned by these pesticides" and that "Raptors and other bird species become victims of secondary poisoning when they scavenge dead animals poisoned by pesticides or when they feed on live animals or invertebrates that are unable to escape predation because of pesticide intoxication."

In other words, the carbamates make animals weak and confused, turning them into easy prey. Hmmm... can you think of any other targeted population an evil government might want to make weak and confused so that they can be easily controlled or exploited? Remember, to the government, We the People are nothing more than zoo animals living on tax farms, and they are more than happy to use chemical sprays to keep us all dumbed down and ignorant, just as former slave plantation owners refused to allow their slaves to learn to read.

"Research by Duke University Medical Center pharmacologist Mohamed Abou-Donia, who has spent 30 years studying the effects of pesticides, found that prolonged exposure to DEET can impair functioning in parts of the brain and could result in problems with muscle coordination, muscle weakness, walking or even memory and cognition," reports Natural News.

The binary weapon formula is DEET + Carbamates
In summary, here's how the binary chemical weapon works:

DEET + Carbamates = Extreme toxicity, weakness, confusion and loss of cognitive function.

The DEET is now being purchased and deployed by obedient sheeple who stupidly think Zika viruses are going to eat their brains. The Carbamates and OPs are sprayed onto populations via aerial carpet bombing runs and agricultural chemical spraying. If you aren't eating a 100% organic diet, you are eating carbamates at every meal. These then combine with the DEET chemicals to cause mass mental confusion, weakness, memory loss, fear and neurotransmitter disruption.

Combine this with endless propaganda from a complicit media run by globalists and this is how you end up with people voting for their own enslavement at the hands of tyrants.

The following map, sourced from the USGS, shows the number of avian deaths recorded across U.S. states from OP and carbamate poisoning (from 1986 - 1995). Note how widespread the chemical spraying is? "Organophosphorus and carbamate compounds are used throughout the world as insecticides, herbicides, nematocides, acaricides, fungicides, rodenticides, avicides, and bird repellants," says the report.

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Carbamate-OP-avian-deaths-USA-600

Agitation, confusion and death
How exactly do AChE inhibitors cause so much damage to the nervous system? According to the same paper cited above: (bold added)

The inhibition of the enzyme leads to accumulation of ACh in the synaptic cleft resulting in over-stimulation of nicotinic and muscarinic ACh receptors and impeded neurotransmission. The typical symptoms of acute poisoning are agitation, muscle weakness, muscle fasciculations, miosis, hypersalivation, sweating. Severe poisonings may cause respiratory failure, unconsciousness, confusion, convulsions and/or death.

It almost sounds like a nerve gas chemical weapon, doesn't it? Not coincidentally, that notion is exactly right. These OP and carbamate pesticides ARE chemical weapons and if they were deployed as weapons, they would be illegal under United Nations treaties that prohibit weapons of mass destruction from being deployed against human populations.

Chemically very similar to nerve agents such as VX Nerve Gas
"Many of the toxic nerve agents used by the military are similar organophosphate compounds," reports MD Guidelines.

Here it gets even more stunning: According to this published science paper, organophosphorus compounds (OPs) make up most of the deadly nerve agents that have been deployed as chemical weapons by the world's governments. From the paper:

Nerve agents of OP group include tabun, sarin, soman, cyclosarin and VX. Sarin, soman and cyclosarin are phosphonofluoridates, and VX is a phosphonothioate (Fig. 1313). Soman has four, while sarin and VX have two isoforms, which significantly differ in toxicity and irreversible AChE inactivation rate. Based on the acute toxicity, VX is the most toxic compound among all the nerve agents [67]. The developing and production of these extremely toxic nerve agents started in the 1930s, and later used in wars and by terrorists on several occasions. As chemical weapons, they are classified as weapons of mass destruction by the United Nations, and their production and stockpiling was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

And yet, even though these nerve agents are classified as chemical weapons, variations of nearly identical molecules are widely deployed as pesticides, often being sprayed in combination with DEET and other chemicals.

Note carefully that "soman and cyclosarin are phosphonofluoridates," meaning they combine fluorine with organophosphates to create a hyper-toxic chemical that's deadly to brain cells. Here's what the cyclosarin nerve gas molecule looks like (courtesy of

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Cyclosarin-molecule-600
Molecular formula: C7H14FO2P

Note the astonishing molecular similarity of this nerve gas agent to diisopropyl fluorophosphate, a commonly used pesticide: (SOURCE: ChemSpider).

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Diisopropyl-fluorophosphate-600
Molecular formula: C6H14FO3P

See how they have a common structure centered around the phosphate element (P) with a double bonded oxygen (O)? Notice how they both have an attach fluorine atom, which creates an extremely aggressive molecule that can bond with (and therefore ravage) other biological molecules including brain cells? (Fluorine is also found in many psychoactive drugs such as SSRIs.)

"Commonly used OP insecticides have included ethyl parathion, malathion, methyl parathion, chlorpyrifos, diazinon, dichlorvos, phosmet, fenitrothion, tetrachlorvinphos, azinphos methyl, pirimiphos-methyl, dimethoate, phosalone," says the Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors paper cited elsewhere in this article.

Many of these insecticides, you may recall, are routinely carpet bombed onto America's cities under the justification of eliminating various flies, mosquitoes or agricultural pests. Malathion, for example, is routinely sprayed on civilian populations.

Weaponized Zika was used by the U.S. military to attack communists
As you take in all this information -- none of which you'll ever see on CNN, Fox News, the NY Times or the Washington Post because all of those organizations are run by quack pseudo-journalists and scientifically illiterate morons -- keep in mind that Zika virus was weaponized and deployed against communist targets by the U.S. military.

Via The Free Thought Project:

At Fort Detrick, the military’s biological weapons base in Maryland, in great secret, Army scientists were considering how fleas, grasshoppers, and mosquitoes might be deployed against the Communist threat. These insects were harder to protect against than gas -- masks wouldn’t help. The threat they posed would last, as long as a population of insects remained alive. Plus, it would be very difficult to pin an insect-borne attack on the U.S.

Among these possible insect soldiers, A. aegypti was “the golden child,” writes Jeffrey A. Lockwood, in Six-Legged Soldiers, because the disease it carried, yellow fever was so terrible. The Army Chemical Corps, in a 1959 report, notes that yellow fever is “highly dangerous” and that “since 1900, one-third of patients have died.” There were parts of the Soviet Union that had never been exposed to the disease, which made them vulnerable, but which had the right climate to support mosquitoes. The Chemical Corps started to experiment with how a brigade of A. aegypti might be deployed and what sort of damage they might do.

They would load hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes into planes and, later, helicopters, then drop them over the field and see how far they could spread.

The mosquitoes apparently performed well enough: By 1960, the Chemical Corps was producing 500,000 A. aegypti every month, rearing them on sugar water and blood and letting them lay their eggs on paper towels. Scientists had found they could infect a new generation of mosquitoes with yellow fever by mixing the virus in the solution in which the mosquito eggs grew. Hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes were not enough to start a real epidemic, though. The corps proposed constructing a facility in Arkansas that could produce 100 million A. aegypti mosquitoes each week.

Are you grasping all this yet?

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Who benefits from a Zika outbreak and the mass chemical spraying of Americans
So the U.S. government breeds infected mosquitoes and drops them on population centers as a weapon. This isn't a conspiracy theory, it's U.S. history.

Now consider the question of who benefits from a Zika outbreak. Thanks to Zika, Obama has already funneled billions of dollars into vaccine companies. He also managed to redirect hundreds of millions of dollars in Zika research money to a United Nations climate change slush fund. (Hint: Obama plans to run the United Nations after ending his U.S. presidency.)

At the same time, DEET sales are exploding across America while local governments are carpet bombing cities like Miami with brain-damaging insecticide chemicals. The DEET, as we've documented here, contains AChE inhibitors that block brain function and cause memory loss, irritation and confusion among the voting population. (Nobody can remember all the campaign promises Obama made and then failed to deliver, see?)

It's all just in time for the riots and elections, isn't it? The more people coat their skin with DEET and then get exposed to carbamates or OPs which are being sprayed on U.S. cities, the more confused Americans become, making them even more susceptible to the outrageous lies of the mainstream media that's trying to get a racketeering criminal traitor elected to the White House.

In effect, the criminal government is already in the process of deploying binary chemical weapons against the voting population as a form of chemical cognitive engineering. The goal is to cause widespread fear, confusion, memory loss and cognitive weakness. This is all being done for the simple, obvious reason that if all the human minds across America were allowed to wake up and notice what's really happening, the criminal class of government liars and crooks would find themselves swinging by their necks from trees. Thus, keeping the masses dumbed down and chemically brain damaged is a necessary strategy for the corrupt political class to remain in power.

This is the biggest political science story in American history, yet there isn't a single news organization reporting it. Ever wonder why?

DEET, fluoride, SSRIs, lead in the water and mercury vaccines... what do they all have in common?
Now I ask you: What do all these things have in common? Consider the common biochemical actions of DEET, fluoride, SSRI drugs, lead in the water and mercury in the flu shots (yes, vaccines still contain huge concentrations of mercury... over 50,000 ppb in my lab tests, which is over 25,000 times the maximum EPA limit of mercury in drinking water).

The answer is: THEY ALL DAMAGE BRAINS and inhibit cognitive function.

What you are observing here, if you still have the cognitive capacity to understand it, is a deliberate, coordinated, multi-vector chemical assault on your ability to think clearly.

This is a whole new kind of warfare against the commoners (the sheeple). The deliberate dumbing down you're being subjected to isn't just an info-propaganda campaign launched by CNN and the NY Times. There is a very real, very deliberate chemical warfare component to all this.

Yes, the U.S. government is currently waging covert chemical warfare on the American people. They are doing it using binary chemical weapons, in violation of international treaties against the use of weapons of mass destruction. And they are doing it to deliberately cause mass fear, confusion, memory loss and cognitive impairment.

Every media story you see that urges you to slather on the DEET is unknowingly participating in this binary weapons deployment. Don't blame your local news person for this; they are too stupid, incompetent and scientifically illiterate to know anything that's really happening in the world around them (that's why they have to read teleprompter scripts written by someone else... they can't even think for themselves anymore).

Now you know the real story on Zika and DEET and why they're being pushed so aggressively by the same subversive media that's desperately trying to overthrow democracy and install a totalitarian criminal in the White House. This is all connected. The timing of the Zika release is not a coincidence.

THIS IS ALL OUT WAR AGAINST AMERICA. And it's not just a propaganda war. It's a chemical war, and you have already been targeted for intoxication to make sure you never achieve the presence of mind to vote for anti-establishment candidates like Donald Trump who threaten to overthrow the corrupt, criminal government.

Sources for this article include

Learn more:

The #1 Reason Why America Is Submitting to the New World Order - Mon 22 Aug 2016, 3:00 pm

The #1 Reason Why America Is Submitting to the New World Order

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 CSS-Offical-New-Logo2
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Learned-helplessness-99
Why are so many Americans simply giving in to the suspension of our Constitution and the widespread criminality among lur leaders (ie Clinton)?
There is a set of psychological reasons why our people, even those that are seemingly more awake than most, would accept this latest tyranny from their government. We know about cognitive dissonance which prevents people from seeing the totality of a threat and thus inhibiting their personal ability to make the paradigm shift needed to accurately perceive the threat. We also know about bystander apathy which stands as an obstacle to getting involved because in this large country, “someone else will do it”. And there is a third psychological reason which prevents us from getting involved because we have been conditioned that our actions cannot make any difference which is reflective of a condition called, learned helplessness.

The Brainwashing of America

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Sheep
“Yes we can sacrifice liberty for security. And there is no such thing as a conspiracy.”
Americans have been brainwashed into believing that their government will care for them in their time of need. Has this time in American history been foretold? I believe that it has and that H. G. Wells was the prophetic messenger of the New World Order.
Wells actually understood a concept that modern day psychologists refer to as learned helplessness and he wrote about it in his book, The Time Machine, which was originally published in 1895 and the book was later made into a 1960 hit movie by the same name. The book prophetically told of a time in the distant future where the “normal” inhabitants of the earth would be docile, passive and suffer from the condition that modern day psychologists refer to as “learned helplessness.” What is learned helplessness?

Learned Helplessness

Why won’t America stand up for herself? Why is the country, once a country which possessed courage and conviction, now sitting idly while allowing itself to be taken to the slaughter without so much as a whimper?
The answer to the above question lies in the psychological concept known as “Learned Helplessness” as discovered by Martin Seligman in the 1960’s.
“Learned helplessness” occurs when an animal, or a person, is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape from. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation. Even when opportunities to escape are presented, this learned helplessness will prevent any action”.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Seligman-2
Phase One
In the first phase of the learned helplessness experiment, Seligman placed a dog on an electrical grid, shocked the dog and noted that the dog would demonstrate the ability to escape the aversive stimulus.
Phase Two
In the second phase, the dog was barricaded on the grid and was unable to escape the painful shocks. Eventually the dog laid down and passively accepted the shock.
Phase Three
Seligman then removed the barricades and the dog could have easily escaped the shocks. However, the dog, conditioned by the prior set of events, simply laid down and accepted the shocks, without mounting any resistance whatsoever. This, in large part, is where America is at today.


Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Sheep-attacking
Unitl America discovers that their actions can and do make a difference, the American sheep will continue to accept their enslavement. Is there anything that can turn this around? Yes, the incessant message of freedom and the exposure of the abject criminality of this establishment as well as the sociopathy of Clinton. All of us need to become missionaries of the truth.

This Investing Legend Just Doubled His Bet Against U.S. Stocks - Sat 20 Aug 2016, 3:59 pm

This Investing Legend Just Doubled His Bet Against U.S. Stocks

George Soros just doubled his bet against U.S. stocks.

You’ve probably heard of Soros. After Warren Buffett, he’s likely the world’s most well-known investor.

Soros is a household name because of his incredible track record. From 1969 to 2011, he generated average annual returns of 20%. He nearly beat the S&P 500 2-to-1 over that stretch.

Soros also famously “broke the Bank of England.” In 1992, he made a giant bet that the pound sterling, Britain’s currency, would crash. When it did, Soros pocketed $1 billion.

For the last few years, Soros has been on a bit of a hiatus. But two months ago, he came “out of retirement” to run Soros Fund Management, which manages about $29 billion.

That's because Soros thinks there's big money to be made right now…

But Soros isn’t betting stocks will go higher—he’s betting they’ll crash.

In the first quarter, Soros cut his stake in U.S. stocks by 37% and placed a HUGE bet on gold.

Today, we’ll tell you about Soros’ latest move. And we’ll tell you about another investing legend who’s also betting big against stocks. Plus, we’ll show you the #1 way to protect your wealth from a stock crash.

• Soros bought 1.9 million “puts” on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) last quarter…

The SPY tracks the performance of the S&P 500. And a put is a way for an investor to make money if a stock falls.

As of March 31, the Soros Fund owned 2.1 million puts on the SPY. At the end of June, it owned 4 million. In other words, Soros doubled down on his bet against U.S. stocks.

• Soros thinks we’re heading for a repeat of the 2008–2009 financial crisis…

In January, he warned, “When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.” He added, “The world is running into something that it doesn’t know how to handle.”

According to Soros, this crisis has been "unfolding in slow motion.” But since the “Brexit,” the world is now racing toward it.

As you probably know, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union in June. The unprecedented decision caught investors by surprise. It erased more than $3 trillion from the global stock market in two days.

In its aftermath, we warned that the Brexit was a “taste of what’s to come.” Soros agrees. He recently said the Brexit “unleashed a crisis in the financial markets comparable in severity only to that of 2007/2008.”

• Paul Tudor Jones is betting against U.S. stocks too…

Jones might not be a household name like Soros. But he’s a legend on Wall Street.

He’s a “big-picture” trader who’s nailed several market tops and bottoms. He’s best known for calling the “Black Monday” stock crash of October 1987. As you may know, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged almost 23% on this day. It was the darkest day in the history of the U.S. stock market.

Today, Jones runs the Tudor Investment Corporation, which manages $32 billion.

Like Soros, Jones is betting U.S. stocks will fall. Last quarter, his fund bought 5.95 million puts on the SPY, more than doubling its bearish bets against the S&P 500. The fund now owns 8.34 million puts on the SPY, making it his biggest position.

• There are plenty of reasons to be nervous about the stock market right now…

The global economy is weak. The U.S., Europe, Japan, and China are all growing at their slowest rates in decades.

Stocks are expensive. The popular CAPE valuation ratio, which gives a long-term view of the stock market, is 62% above its historic average. The S&P 500 has only been more expensive three times in history: before the Great Depression, during the dot-com bubble, and leading up to the 2008–2009 crisis.

Corporate America is also struggling to make money. Corporate profits are on track to decline for the fifth straight quarter. That hasn’t happened since the 2008–2009 crisis.

• The stock market has another big problem…

Share buybacks just hit a four-year low. MarketWatch reported on Tuesday:

Through Monday, announced share repurchases during the second-quarter earnings season beginning five weeks ago has averaged just 3.3 announcements for about $1.8 billion in sum each day, the lowest level since the summer of 2012.

A buyback is when a company buys its own stock from shareholders. This can lift a company's stock price.

According to investment bank Goldman Sachs (GS), buybacks have been the biggest driver of U.S. stock performance since the financial crisis.

With the global economy slowing and profits on the decline, buybacks have been about the only thing keeping stocks afloat. If this trend continues, the stock market could lose its biggest buyer. And that could be the last straw for this incredibly fragile stock market.

• If you’re nervous about the stock market, we encourage you to take action today…

Step #1 is to own physical gold.

As we like to remind readers, gold is real money. It’s preserved wealth for centuries because it’s unlike any other asset. It’s durable, easy to transport, and easily divisible.

Gold’s also a safe haven asset that investors buy when they’re worried about stocks or the economy.

This year, gold is up 28%. According to the World Gold Council, it’s off to its best start to a year since the 1979–1980 gold market, when it soared 254%.

Casey Research founder Doug Casey thinks gold will head much higher than that in the coming years. According to Doug, the financial system is held together by “chewing gum and bailing wire” right now. When the public realizes this, they’ll dump stocks and buy gold.

Doug says this mad rush could cause the price of gold to hit $5,000 an ounce, more than triple today's price.

If you don’t own gold yet or would like to buy more, watch this short presentation. It reveals what could possibly be the cheapest way to buy gold in America. Most mints, gold dealers, and online merchants can’t offer prices anywhere close to this good.

We encourage you to take advantage of this deal ASAP. It may not be available a few months from now.
Click here to learn more.

Chart of the Day

Corporate America is cashing out of the stock market.

Today’s chart shows the value of new monthly stock buybacks since August 2013. You can see buyback activity has plummeted over the past couple months. According to MarketWatch, it’s now at the lowest level in four years.

What’s worse, corporate insider selling has surged. According to CNBC, corporate insiders, which includes CEOs and CFOs, are selling stock at the fastest pace since June 2015.

Corporate insiders know their companies better than anyone. They know if business is picking up or getting worse long before it shows up on the quarterly income statement. They also know if their stock is a good deal or overvalued.

The big drop in buybacks and the surge in insider selling tells us Corporate America doesn’t like stocks right now.

If you’re nervous about the stock market, we encourage you to own gold. But before you spend another dollar on gold, you need to first watch this short video. It could save you thousands of dollars. Click here to see why.

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 The-stock-market-is-losing-its-biggest-buyer


Justin Spittler
Delray Beach, Florida
August 19, 2016

What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid - better read, during - Wed 17 Aug 2016, 2:40 pm

What Will You Do When The Lights Go Out? The Inevitable Failure Of The US Grid - better read, during the windstorm last November, we had no electric power for 3/4 days - never been so cold in my life

By Julianne Geiger - Aug 12, 2016, 5:27 PM CDT
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 5d8b08c89d79f4bf6c0e745db26ad118
Delta Airlines recently experienced what it called a power outage in its home base of Atlanta, Georgia, causing all the company’s computers to go offline—all of them. This seemingly minor hiccup managed to singlehandedly ground all Delta planes for six hours, stranding passengers for even longer, as Delta scrambled to reshuffle passengers after the Monday debacle.
Where Delta blamed its catastrophic systems-wide computer failure vaguely on a loss of power, Georgia Power, their power provider, placed the ball squarely in Delta’s court, saying that “other Georgia Power customers were not affected”, and that they had staff on site to assist Delta.
Whether it was a true power outage, or an outage unique to Delta is fairly insignificant. The incident was a single company without power for six measly hours, yet it wreaked much havoc. Which brings to mind (or at least it should) what happens when the lights really go out—everywhere? And just how dependent is the U.S. on single-source power?
When you hear about the possible insufficiency, unreliability, or lack of resiliency of the U.S. power grid, your mind might naturally move toward the extreme, perhaps National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers. Talks about what a U.S. power grid failure could really mean are also often likened to survivalist blogs that speak of building faraday cages and hoarding food, or possibly some riveting blockbuster movie about a well-intentioned government-sponsored genetically altered mosquito that leads to some zombie apocalypse.
But in the event of a power grid failure—and we have more than our fair share here in the U.S.—your survivalist savvy may be all for naught.
This horror story doesn’t need zombies or genetically altered mosquitos in order to be scary. Using data from the United States Department of Energy, the International Business Times reported in 2014 that the United States suffers more blackouts than any other developed country in the world.
Unfortunately, not much has been done since then to alleviate the system’s critical vulnerabilities.
In theory, we all understand the wisdom about not putting all our eggs in one basket, as the old-adage goes. Yet the U.S. has done just that with our U.S. power grid. Sadly, this infrastructure is failing, and compared to many other countries, the U.S. is sauntering slowly behind many other more conscientious countries, seemingly unconcerned with its poor showing.
The Grid, by Geography and Geopolitics
According to the United States Department of Energy, the American power grid is made up of three smaller grids, known as interconnections, which transport energy all over the country. The Eastern Interconnection provides electricity to states to the east of the Rocky Mountains, while the Western interconnection serves the Rocky Mountain states and those that border the Pacific Ocean.
The Texas Interconnected System is the smallest grid in the nation, and serves most of Texas, although small portions of the Lone Star state benefit from the other two grids.
And if you’re wondering why Texas gets a grid of its own, according to the Texas Tribune they have their own grid “to avoid dealing with the feds.” Now that’s true survivalist savvy—in theory.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Juli1208A
When you look at the layout of the grid above, it’s easy to see that a single grid going offline would disrupt a huge segment of North America.
Wait—make that all of North America.
To give it to you straight, our national electrical grid works as an interdependent network. This means that the failure of any one part would trigger the borrowing of energy from other areas. Whichever grid attempts to carry the extra load would likely be overtaxed, as the grid is already taxed to near max levels during peak hot or cold seasons.
The aftermath of a single grid going down could leave millions of residents without power for days, weeks or longer depending on the scope of the failure.
So although on the surface it looks like the U.S. has wisely put its eggs into three separate baskets for safer keeping, the U.S. has in essence, lined up our baskets so that if one were to drop, or if the bottom were to fall out, the eggs from basket #1 would fall into basket #2. Which would break from the load, falling into basket #3—eventually scrambling all the eggs. Sorry, Texas. Related: Is Saudi Arabia About To Cry Uncle In The Oil Price War?
When multiple parts of the grid fail at the same time, it’s not necessarily more catastrophic—the catastrophe just happens more quickly.
According to Jon Wellinghoff, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, in an interview with USA Today, "You have a very vulnerable system that will continue to be vulnerable until we figure out a way to break it out into more distributed systems."
The Grid, by the Numbers
Let’s look at the math behind the power grid, and what the U.S. is doing to improve it.
1. Through the Recovery Act, the DOE invested about $4.5 billion in the power grid since 2010 to modernize it and “increase its reliability”. $4.5 billion seems like a fairly large number, unless you’re talking about a single machine that serves as the lifeblood to nearly every human in North America—a machine that was conceived in 1882 by Thomas Edison—with little changed since then, conceptually speaking. For people who reside in weather-challenged areas, such as my home state of Michigan, a home generator is almost as necessary of an appliance as a microwave, and people are scrambling to go “off-grid” with alternative energy solutions—an act that will not provide them immunity should the lights go out everywhere else. And for what it’s worth, for those of you sporting solar and wind energy, you’re further taxing the grid—the grid just wasn’t designed to accommodate the surges and lulls of such systems, however green you find them.
2. Power outages—just the ones due to severe weather—cost the U.S. economy between $18 and $33 billion annually in spoiled inventory, delayed production, grid damage, lost wages and output. Despite a few billion dollars being thrown at the grid to improve its resiliency or reliability, the number of outages due to weather is expected to increase, assuming that climate change will indeed intensify extreme weather, as some predict.
3. The total annual cost from power outages, per federal data published in The Smart Grid: An Introduction, is a whopping $150 billion.
4. As of 2014, the DOE had generously spent $100 million (million, not billion) into modernizing the grid for the specific purposes of surviving a cyber incident by maintaining critical functions. This would be measures separate from making the grid more reliable.
5. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the electrical grid a grade of D+ in early 2014 after evaluating the grid for security and other vulnerabilities.
6. The average age of large power transformers (LPTs) in the US is [url= Power Transformer Study - June 2012_0.pdf]40 years[/url], with 70 percent of all large power transformers being 25 years or older. According to the DOE, “aging power transformers are subject to increased risk of failure.”
7. LPTs cannot be easily replaced. They are custom built, have long lead times (even 20 months, in some cases), cost millions of dollars, are usually purchased from foreign entities due to limited U.S. capacity, and weigh up to 400 tons. All this means that patching and fixing is likely to be favored over replacement, despite their age and associated risk.
Working with those figures, most of which are provided by federal sources, this means the U.S. invested, from 2010 to 2014, $4.5 billion to modernize the grid, along with an additional $100 million to stave off cyber threats. That’s $4.6 billion over four years, or $1.15 billion per year in upgrades. Next to the $150 billion lost each year due to outages, it looks like someone has done some subpar calculating.
The security of the power grid, which is a separate issue from the reliability of the power grid, is a whole other issue that concerns itself with hypothetical one-off scenarios—albeit terrible one-off scenarios. But at least there’s a chance that those one-off scenarios, such as a cyber-attack on the grid or some terrorist activity, would not come to fruition. A chance, at least.
What we are certain of, is that severe weather will continue to stress and threaten our power grid. And unless something changes, ultimately, it will fail. So when we talk about reliability, we’re talking about “when” and “for how long” scenarios, not “what if”.
The how-long factor plays a huge role into how bad is “bad”; not because of the events that one knows will follow, which includes mass food spoilage, deaths due to overheating in the hot summer months, deaths due to freezing in the cold regions, and the halting of everything we take for granted these days—airlines, internet and most other forms of communication.
All that sounds pretty bleak, but when you throw into the mix the mania and hysteria that would ensue shortly after such catastrophic events, it will be so much worse. Best-selling author Charles Mackay, in his book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, does a pretty good job describing, through example, how crowd decisions and reactions are significantly less sensible than individual decisions—sometimes downright nutty, as evidenced by Tulip Mania, where supply and demand—or in this case scarcity and demand, drove up the prices of tulip bulbs to ridiculous levels.
In the context of blackouts, we saw this in 1977, when a lightning strike in New York on a Hudson River substation tripped two circuit breakers, causing power to be diverted in order to protect the circuit. The chain of events that followed ended in an entire blackout for the area, which led to mass rioting, over 1000 deliberately set fires, the looting of 1600 stores, and the eventual arrest of 4,500 perpetrators and the injury of 550 officers, according to some estimates. The power was only out for 25 hours, and in one area.
In all likelihood, the haves (those who have removed themselves from the grid and prepared accordingly) will soon be overrun by the have-nots in the event of any extended blackout, with heavily populated areas taking the brunt of the chaos—and your solar roof panels or generator will not suffice as your savior.
The U.S. would be wise to follow the lead of some other countries, such as Denmark, which has decentralized its grid, but we doubt the cash exists to fund such an ambitious overhaul of an archaic system that has been left essentially unattended for decades upon decades.
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Copy%20of%20Juli1208B
(Click to enlarge)
By Julianne Geiger for

Will 'Black August' Come To Every City Across America? - Sun 14 Aug 2016, 5:02 pm

Will 'Black August' Come To Every City Across America? This Is What A Hillary Clinton Presidency Could Look Like And How Obama Could Stay In Office For 4 More Years

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Obamas_2016

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die


Back on May 28th of 2016, we published a story on ANP in which we shared with our readers a warning from former Special Forces officer Tim Kennedy: "It's a scary thing coming up...just wait until July, just wait until August" we were warned back then. In an interview with Infowars, Kennedy also warned that we were witnessing a 'perfect petri dish for bad things happening' in America.

"Civil unrest is coming" we were also told then. Now we learn of a chilling security bulletin issued by the FBI's National Gang Intelligence Center warning of an increased risk of violence across the country during 'Black August'. Might 'Black August' spread to every city across America? We pray for intervention. Much more on 'Black August' below. 

Only weeks after our May 28th story we published another story that shared with you bombshell proof leaders of black lives matter were pushing for martial law, no elections and a few more years for Barack Obama to destroy this country after hacked Twitter DM's from blm 'leaders' revealed plans to try to get the Democratic and Republican Conventions cancelled using continued protests that led to civil unrest. 

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Fbi_black_august_warning

We've warned again and again that if the globalists became aware that there was no way they could complete their planned destruction of America, that they would either outright steal the election for their candidate (Hitlery Clinton) or cause so much chaos throughout America using 'orchestrated terrorism' that Obama would argue he'd have no choice but to cancel the elections after imposing a 'state of emergency' throughout our nation. As we've also reported, Obama has all of the executive orders he needs to attempt to impose a dictatorship upon this country. 

As we witnessed last night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with angry blacks going on a rampage and specifically targeting whites and cops, our previous warnings are now playing out before our very eyes. Unfortunately, we also expect such incidents will probably increase - afterall, if Donald Trump wins the presidency, the globalists may have less than 100 days to complete their process of destroying America. With Hillary's campaign now imploding, it's likely becoming more and more clear to them that they'll have to complete their takedown of America another way.

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In the comments directly above the videos below from a source within the law enforcement community, we're warned that what happened in Milwaukee last night could be coming to every big city in America though we pray God intervenes. As we're also told, what happened in Milwaukee is likely what a Hillary Clinton presidency will bring to America. 

Our 'deep background source' also tells us what is happening now is no surprise to those who have been paying attention, especially after the FBI recently warned of a 'Black August' plan to 'target for death' white cops and correctional officers by black prison gangs. Has this chilling 'Black August' plan also spread outside of the prisons? First, from our source.:  
The Black Guerilla Family is the militant/animalistic ungodly terrorist side to this black power movement. They rival with many other black gangs but they will kill every white person they can. I dealt with dozens of them when I used to work in the federal prisons and they were a serious problem. Their tactics are to intimidate/harass/attack in numbers. Most of them are prislamist (prison Islamic). They literally believe that all white people should be slaves to the blacks.

And in regard to the uptick of attacks to law enforcement both on the streets or in the prosions and jails is rising to a point that eventually, more cops will be killed on a wide spread crime spree or we will only have our special cases. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown have become the leading role models for thuggish martyrdom. This country needs Jesus.

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The story from Got News tells us that after the shooting of a thug in Milwaukee who'd still be alive if he'd only followed the law, a cousin of his called for a "gallon of blood from every cop" as seen in the Facebook post screenshot below.  One Georgia police officer was also shot and killed Saturday night by a suspect who was still on the run, continuing a heartbreaking theme this summer of law enforcement and Trump supporters in the line of fire and simmering anger in the streets of America exploding in rage.

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As we reported above, the FBI has put out a warning that we believe everybody should be paying close attention to, not just the prison guards to which it was originally addressed. This warning helps to tell us just how far down the rabbit hole America has fallen. From the NY Post story.:

[size=13]White cops and correction officers are being targeted for death by a black prison gang in what’s being called “Black August,” according to a chilling security bulletin obtained by The Post.

“The warning involves an increased risk for violence during ‘Black August,’” say a sternly worded internal memo issued to commanding officers at city jails.

“Commanding officers are instructing all staff to be cognizant of their surroundings and extremely vigilant at all times,” the spokeswoman said. “As always we are regularly assessing threats and taking appropriate security measures.”

The FBI memo warns that members of the gang discussed ambushing officers who were parked in alleys or on side streets.

A prison gang known as the Black Guerrilla Family, a group tied to the Black Panthers, began Black August in the California penal system in the 1970s to honor fallen members, particularly Black Panther George Jackson, who was shot to death by prison guards at San Quentin when he tried to escape in 1971.

The gang, which still has members across the country, has called on inmates to kill correction officers and members of the Aryan Brotherhood.

The safety alert, citing an inmate source, “claims the BGF has a 2-for-1 kill policy. That the BGF is “going to kill correctional officers and Aryan Brotherhood gang members to send a firm message. And the attacks will occur across the country, not just in California.”

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The huge survival note written by Steve Quayle on a story he linked to covering the 'Milwaukee mess' last night should for the remainder of 2016 be looked at as 'rule #1' of surviving what is quite obviously now here in America: "BE WHERE EVERYONE ELSE ISN'T AND STAY AWAY WHEN VIOLENCE ESCALATES IN YOUR AREA!" 

With 'Black Lives Matters' rioters proving that they are a terroristic hate group by targeting whites in the streets for beatdowns as shared in this story from Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars, Sheriff David Clarke's country is burning in Milwaukee as seen in the photographs within this story and videos below.

As the Infowars story tells us, 4 buildings and a police car were set on fire after cops shot and killed an armed man with a lengthy criminal record who was carrying an illegal firearm used in a burglary during a chase. All of this anger and rage spilling out over the death of a man who would most likely still be alive if he wasn't breaking the law in the first place. The streets of Milwaukee are clearly a metaphor and microcosm of the streets of America. 

Milwaukee area reporters were also targeted for beatdowns and as the first video below shows us, the rule of law was clearly out the window last night in Milwaukee. 


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Why would these rioters specifically target whites and cops and will they be held accountable for their actions with what should obviously be hate crimes charges filed agains them? The conversations that took place while whites were being hunted down by blacks as outlined below are an absolute disgrace. Language warning for the excerpt below and the videos at the bottom of this story.:

[size=13]The clip shows angry rioters chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as cars slowly drive past.

Yeah they white!” states someone else, prompting the mob to run towards the vehicle.

“Yeah they white, get their ass!” screams another.

“Hey they beatin’ up every white person!” exclaims another rioter.

“He white – beat his head – bitch!” he adds.

The footage appears to show the mob attacking cars and trying to drag out the drivers.

The footage then cuts to an upper floor window before the person shooting the video states, “I think they just beat some white bitch ass for no reason – they bust open the window.”

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If these photographs and videos show Barack Obama's 'legacy', he should hang his head low and resign in absolute disgrace. It's also clear that a 'Hitlery Clinton' presidency would likely bring much more of the same as she's already proven to our men and women in uniform that she absolutely hates members of the US military and law enforcement.

Has America reached the 'point on no return'? We warned back on April 28th of 2016 that 'the rest of 2016 may be one wild ride' after another 'insider' warned of martial law before the election. As Susan Duclos told us only a week ago in a story on ANP, there is much proof that the US is preparing for a 'huge event' as the United Nations has been given the power to 'target Americans' by another Obama executive order.

With Milwaukee in flames and racial tensions still boiling over nationwide, are we about to witness the 'final takedown' of America? We'll close here with a few more comments from our 'deep background source'.:

Ignorance is literally strangling this country into a perpetual criminal coma. Another gang member killed while committing a crime, and yet again another out cry for justice. Well, he got it! You don't want to be chased by the woods then stay the hell out of the woods.

The pure ignorance from some of the comments is staggering. This violent response to the police has been a well played move but only a few of the pawns have fallen for this treachory. I warned before about this travesty coming to every major city, especially those with a large number of "African Americans/Blacks" that live in poverty and chose to stay in poverty. They think they have made a kingdom out of these Warsaw ghettos but if they could only see the lie they have been fed for so many years.

I hope these looters and rioters are doing these acts of violence then telling people they are Christians. Personally, all of these "#BLACKLIVESMATTER" supporters are truly becoming what they were intended to be. They are sadist, satanist, ungodly, mongols who are given marching orders communist. They have no clear vision of right or wrong and they believe that the law does don't apply to them. THIS IS WHAT A HILLARY CLINTON PRESIDENCY WOULD LOOK LIKE, JUST LIKE OBAMA'S.




New photo of Hillary being propped up so she wouldn’t fall - Sat 13 Aug 2016, 3:01 pm

New photo of Hillary being propped up so she wouldn’t fall
Posted on August 10, 2016 by Dr. Eowyn | 44 Comments
You saw this recent pic of Hillary being helped up the stairs by two men:
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Now, Kristinn Taylor of Gateway Pundit has discovered another photo of Hillary being held by a man to keep her from falling.
The photo was taken by Mark Ralston of AFP/Getty Images on April 16, 2016, of Hillary during a campaign stop in Southwest College, Los Angeles, before a huge fundraiser that evening hosted by George Clooney. (FOTM is publishing the photo as “fair use” in accordance with section 107 of the US Copyright Law.)
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hillary-propped-up-by-man-in-l-a-april-2016The photo above shows Hillary Clinton being firmly held up by a man on her right side (Man #1) to keep her from falling over as she leans slightly forward speaking to the crowd with a microphone in her left hand. Man #1’s right hand is clasping Hillary’s right hand, while his left hand grasps her upper arm.
Another man on Hillary’s left (Man #2) has his right hand and arm extended, ready to assist her. Behind Hillary is an obscured third person (Man #3) whose extended hand can be seen reaching out under Hillary’s left elbow.
A CNN tweet shows a view of her standing unassisted, apparently on a slightly elevated platform:
Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hillary-clinton-southwest-college-la-april-16-2016
Hillary may also be using adult diapers for incontinence. According to National Enquirer, the humble supermarket “tabloid” that broke the stories of former Democratic VP candidate John Edwards’ adultery and out-of-wedlock child, and actor Charlie Sheen’s HIV and off-the-charts bisexual promiscuity:

“insiders on the campaign trail are whispering that Hillary’s bizarre new fashion choices [of long tunics or jackets over pants] are also really cover for her medical woes. ‘People are mocking her outfits that look like they come from a ‘Star Trek’ movie,’ said one journalist following her campaign, ‘but there’s speculation that they also cover up that she uses adult diapers for incontinence.’
In the early days of her presidential campaign, Hillary’s energy level originally seemed ‘good so far,’ confided a close source — who added, ‘but behind the scenes, she appears exhausted, dazed and confused at times.’ Insiders said that her most trusted aide, Huma Abedin, even sleeps in her hotel room to keep an eye on her ‘in case there’s a medical emergency.'”

Born October 26, 1947, Hillary Clinton is 68 years old and should not require help going up a few steps or standing up to speak. But these photos clearly show that she does need help. That’s because she has a history of blackouts, falls, memory loss, blinding headaches, vision problems and collapses — which dates back at least a decade. They include:

  • On January 31, 2005, at age 57, Hillary fainted during a luncheon speech in Buffalo, N.Y.
  • In June 2009, at age 61, she broke her right elbow — which required two hours of surgery — when she slipped and fell in a State Department garage.
  • In January 2011, at age 63, she fell while boarding a flight leaving Yemen.

  • In Dec. 2012, at age 65, she collapsed at home, striking her head, supposedly because she was dizzy and dehydrated from a flu. She sustained a concussion and was hospitalized for three nights, where an MRI discovered a blood clot in a vein between the brain and the skull, which was treated with blood thinner medication.
  • When she recovered and reappeared in public on January 23, 2013, to testify in Capitol Hill on Benghazi (wherein she infamously retorted, “What does it now matter?,” when asked why she had lied that a little-known video had provoked the Islamist attack on the U.S. consulate), she was wearing thick Fresnel prism eyeglasses designed to correct double vision caused by severe head trauma. In February 2016, she was seen wearing the glasses again while campaigning in Las Vegas.

Topics tagged under 1 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 10 Hillaryglasses1An unsteady gait, clumsiness or frequent falls, are symptomatic of subcortical vascular dementia (see “Bombshell: Hillary Clinton has dementia according to leaked medical records“). Dizziness, blurred or double vision, clumsiness, loss of balance, and weakness in an arm or leg are early symptoms of multiple sclerosis (see “Hillary Clinton said to have multiple sclerosis; a stroke risk”).
Whether due to subcortical vascular dementia or multiple sclerosis, Hillary’s frequent falls and double vision are symptomatic of a neurological problem that will only get progressively worse.
See also:


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