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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.
Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Ten mind-blowing, historic events you will likely witness in the next 100 days - Fri 18 Nov 2016, 2:15 pm

Ten mind-blowing, historic events you will likely witness in the next 100 days
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 MikeAdamsFriday, November 18, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) About 100 days ago, I correctly predicted what you're seeing right now across America. On August 30, my Natural News article entitled Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days... no matter who wins the election, I wrote these words which were widely ridiculed at the time but are now obviously true:

The day after the election results show Trump to be the clear winner, radical leftists break out into mass protests across America. But Obama is still in power at this point, and Trump won't actually occupy the White House until early 2017. So for the remainder of 2016, Obama will open the borders wide open and even encourage as many illegals as possible to invade the USA in a final "mad dash" to the USA.

As I've publicly predicted numerous times over the last year, if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law. After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, Trump invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.

Knowing that all this was so easy to see on the horizon, you might wonder what I think is going to happen in the next 100 days. While I don't claim to have a magical crystal ball, overall my predictions turn out to be around 70% correct. With that in mind, you should expect to see 7 out of 10 of the following predictions coming true in the next 100 days.

#1) A massive, deliberate market crash in 2017, engineered to blame Trump
A disclaimer on this one: The timing on this may be well beyond 100 days. But it will likely BEGIN in 100 days with the Fed mucking around with interest rates and setting in motion events that will lead to a massive debt collapse before the end of 2017.

Thus, you may not see the full effects of this in 100 days, but you will before long, so make sure your assets are sufficiently diversified.

#2) An attempted political coup by communist agitators on or before January 20, 2017
This prediction is a sure thing. The radical commie left is already planning on ways to overthrow the government on January 20, 2017 (Inauguration Day).

We've covered the attempted coup in this Natural News article, which explains:

Leftist revolutionaries infuriated by President-elect Donald J. Trump's victory over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are covertly planning the unthinkable: A takeover of the U.S. Capitol Building on Inauguration Day in a dramatic attempt to thwart his presidency.

#3) A very likely false flag attack in a large U.S. city, carried out by the Obama administration to maximize chaos for Trump
This one isn't a sure thing, but it's likely. Desperate to block Trump from becoming president, the criminal Obama regime will try anything... including setting off a high-altitude EMP weapon over the United States to bring down the national power grid and thrust the nation into chaos (and Martial Law).

Many people believe the mysterious military plane circling over Denver yesterday is somehow involved in just such an operation, as it has been identified and confirmed by the U.S. Navy as a TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out) airborne communications hub to ensure the continuity of government following a nuclear war or other massive catastrophe.

#4) Over 100 presidential pardons for the cabal of criminals running the Clinton regime
This one is just an educated guess. I'm betting that between now and January 20, President Obama issues over 100 presidential pardons for the criminals involved in the Clinton regime, including Hillary Clinton herself. (Expect him to also pardon Loretta Lynch.)

Why will he issue all these pardons? Because if he doesn't, they're all going to jail.

Not everyone will be pardoned, of course, for the simple reason that not everyone can afford the payoffs to Obama that are necessary to achieve the pardons. Hillary and Bill Clinton will pay dearly for their pardons, which is why soon after January 20, you'll hear about the Clinton Foundation "partnering" with some new Obama non-profit effort to save children (or whatever). It's actually just a massive cash transaction to BUY the pardons from Obama.

Obama might also try to issue pardons for illegal aliens en masse. If he does, expect the legality of those pardons to be challenged (and reversed) by President Trump.

#5) Aggressive arrests of protesters by police in January
The minute Trump becomes President, he will direct police nationwide to alter their stance and get more aggressive with leftist commie protesters (who are actually just street goons hired by George Soros to carry around signs they can't even read because they're largely illiterate).

Expect to see police engaging protesters with force instead of apologizing and backing away like they were ordered to do under President Obama. Since leftist protesters aren't used to meeting resistance, you can expect to witness some serious clashes that will spill some serious blood onto the streets.

My advice to cops? Stand your ground starting January 20th, and prepare to defend your life, your community and your country against the violent communists who are attempting to destroy it all. Finally, your President won't condemn you as a criminal for doing your job.

#6) An assassination attempt on Donald Trump or a family member
Given all the death threats against Donald Trump being posted by delusional haters and anti-Trump trolls, I suspect we'll get to witness at least one lame attempt on his life in the next 100 days. This could be some daredevil leftist leaping over the White House fence and making a run for the residency with an ice pick. Or, if we're really lucky, we might get to be entertained by some radical leftist attempt to SCREAM Trump to death in a youtube video.

It couldn't possibly be any funnier than the video shown below, posted by an emotionally unhinged Clinton devotee who thinks the world can be "fixed" by screaming her raging demands into a web camera: (extreme PROFANITY warning)

For the record, I believe all assassination attempts on Trump or his family members will fail. The U.S. Secret Service is, believe it or not, actually quite competent in protecting the President.

#7) Acts of economic sabotage
You can fully expect to witness deliberate acts of economic sabotage being carried out by organized leftists (with George Soros ties) or President Obama himself. Harry Reid will also likely have a hand in all the sabotage, as he's a key criminal in the leftist power regime that just got defeated in the election.

As Michael Savage recently explained, Obama is likely to "poison pill" America on his way out, metaphorically setting fire to the system before handing it over to Trump.

Savage, by the way, is essentially the architect of Trump's plan to rebuild America. Check out his book "Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama" to learn the details.

#8) Self-defense shootings of rioters by Trump supporters
Remember that video of inner city black kids beating the snot out of a white Trump supporter? My educated guess is that Trump supporters are now going to start shooting back.


When crazed, violent leftists assault you for your skin color, you have every right in the world to shoot them in self-defense. There is no argument on this except from the lunatic left, which ridiculously believes that black people are incapable of committing hate crimes, by definition. They are about to find out how incredibly wrong they are. Personally, I pray for the safety of all Americans and hope no one gets shot. Then again, I also know that leftists tend to be crazed violent racists and criminals, so violence instigated by the left is assured.

#9) Arrests of Sanctuary City bureaucrats who refuse to follow the law
I'm going out a bit on a limb here, and this may be more of a HOPE than a prediction, but my hope is that Donald Trump issues federal arrest warrants for all the city bureaucrats (mayors and their minions) who refuse to follow federal immigration laws.

This includes, of course, the city officials of Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and others. If these city officials are going to openly violate the law, they should be immediately arrested and charged with conspiracy by the DOJ (which might even be run by Ted Cruz).

Think about it: They are openly saying they are going to harbor illegal aliens and violate established law. President Trump knows this can't be tolerated in a society of law, and he'll go after these people first with a warning, and then with the full force of the federal government. As he should!

#10) Hillary Clinton gets murdered (or "suicided") by incredibly unhappy Clinton Foundation donors who want their money back
I don't put this one into the "hope" category because I would never wish death upon anyone, but some of the globalist criminals the Clinton Foundation took money from aren't quite as polite.

Think about it: Hillary Clinton pre-sold the Presidency to international "investors" who funded her foundation and her campaign to the tune of over a billion dollars in all. Much of this money came from nefarious international operators who don't take "oops" for an answer. My guess is that before long, they're going to demand their money back. NOW.

That's why I wouldn't be surprised if there was a price on Hillary's head. Again, I'm not condoning any of this, just analyzing the reality of the situation. Hillary should have known, of course, that the real risk of dealing with violent, dangerous globalists is that sometimes they turn on you... especially when you lose the election you promised them you'd win. Instead of all the political favors and backroom deals they were expecting to get from Clinton, they instead got President Trump who hates corruption so much that he just banned all his administration staffers from being lobbyists for five years after they leave!

I'm astonished that nobody in the media is talking about all this, but I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Hillary Clinton turns up "suicided" one day soon. After all, it's the same tactic the Clintons used to eliminate their own political enemies for decades.

And karma is a real bitch if you've acted like one your whole life.

The FBI is going to bring down the DOJ - Fri 04 Nov 2016, 5:17 pm

The FBI is going to bring down the DOJ... and America will cheer the agency's heroes as the Clinton crime regime is finally toppled
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 MikeAdamsFriday, November 04, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Dark-Figure-Walk-Secret-Shadows
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Desert-Farms-Nov-2016-MR
(NaturalNews) To all the men and women of the FBI who are now working diligently to bring down the corrupt DOJ and the criminal Clinton cartel, We the People support your effort!

Agents in the FBI are right now seeking to topple the criminal corruption at the DOJ by targeting all the following individuals who may soon be wearing prison stripes:

* Attorney General Loretta Lynch
* Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates
* Assistant Attorney General Peter Kaznick
* Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin
* Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell

According to a former U.S. Justice attorney Joe DiGenova, disgruntled FBI agents are "digging tunnels under the Justice Department. They are going to sink that place," reports Daily Caller:

DiGenvoa says the agents within the bureau have gone “rogue” and any upper level bureaucrat that gets in their way from investigating Clinton could be exposed...

He later said, “Everything is on that laptop. It’s probably adverse to everything she has said publicly and probably proves that she has committed multiple perjuries. So their stuff like that over at the department of state.” He added, “There’s classified information. There’s pay to play. There’s stuff about destroying documents. No doubt it’s the panoply of issues that they have tried to cover up.”

DOJ corrupt officials are stupid... FBI agents are smart... guess how this turns out?
As an investigative journalist, the thing that really strikes me about all that we're witnessing today is just how incredibly stupid the Clinton co-conspirators are. It's obvious that none of them have any idea how technology works. They don't understand real-time online backups, email originating server authentication or the fundamentals of digital security.

They're arrogant, lazy and stupid, and that's exactly why they're now getting caught red handed (and may eventually find themselves going to jail).

Remember: Nobody in the corrupt Obama or Clinton regime attained their positions of authority based on merit. Most of them just bribed their way to high office or blackmailed somebody in the Clinton cartel to achieve power (because that's the way corrupt democrats do things, you see).

The FBI, on the other hand, tends to recruit intelligent people based on merit, not on how politically connected somebody's daddy is in Washington. As a result, the FBI's culture is one of more independent thinking, hard work and merit-based professional advancement. No wonder the FBI's agents are seething at the corruption and criminality of the Clinton mafia... it's a cesspool of unearned power from a cabal of elitist nitwits who are too obnoxious and arrogant to believe anything can ever bring them down.

That's why the scrappy, hard working men and women of the FBI are finding so much joy in toppling the Clinton criminal cartel: It's sheer happiness to pull the plug out from under such a massive cesspool of criminal filth parading around as political "leadership" and watch the bewildered heads roll down the steps of Capitol Hill... thunk, thunk, thunk... SPLAT.

In fact, it's a joy for all informed Americans to even imagine such an outcome. That's why I wanted to let the FBI know that all the patriots across America are with you on this one. If the FBI brings down the DOJ, there will be victory parades in the streets!

The FBI can restore its reputation as the protector of a democratic society rooted in real justice
The FBI's reputation among patriots took a huge hit with the Oregon rancher fiasco last year, but I'm willing to bet that right about now, all kinds of FBI agents are realizing the Oregon ranchers were right: The corrupt U.S. government really is a threat to us all. Thanks to the Clintons, the FBI sees that the same way the Oregon ranchers did. And just as the ranchers hoped to end BLM corruption across America's western lands, the FBI is now working to end DOJ corruption in D.C. In both cases, you've got hard working cowboys fighting for a free nation by ridding this country of the corrupt criminal class running the show in Washington.

If FBI agents have now awakened to all this, the awakening is likely to keep spreading through the halls of D.C., including the Pentagon itself, where a military coup against a corrupt Clinton regime would be extremely popular among police officers, federal agents, patriots and ordinary Americans.

That's where this will likely wind up if the FBI fails to bring down the regime. In fact, my analysis of the THREE waves of revolution that will assault a Clinton regime looks like this: (and if Trump wins, then the problem is already solved)

Wave #1) The FBI and other intelligence insiders (this process is already under way and may prove sufficient to end Hillary's chances before Election Day).

Wave #2) The U.S. military (an armed military occupation of Washington, the elimination of the criminal Clinton cartel, and the restoration of fair and free elections).

Wave #3) A citizens' revolt (armed American patriots storming Washington and taking their country back from the criminals who stole it from them).

Only if all three of these waves fail will the Clintons remain in power, and even then, most of America will refuse to recognize any legitimacy of a Clinton presidency, DOJ or even the U.S. Supreme Court under a Clinton administration. In essence, America will erode into a divided nation haunted by a screaming criminal tyrant named HELLary Clinton who will, sooner or later, go down in history as the most corrupt President to ever (briefly) occupy the Oval Office before being led off in handcuffs to face criminal prosecution for literally hundreds of felony crimes.

Stay tuned for more stunning history as it unfolds in real time...

NOTE TO THE FBI: Don't fail America now, or there won't be anything left to fight for... for any of us!

Learn more:

BREAKING: Racketeering indictment of Hillary Clinton now 'likely' as FOIA for Datto backup device re - Thu 03 Nov 2016, 4:10 pm

BREAKING: Racketeering indictment of Hillary Clinton now 'likely' as FOIA for Datto backup device reveals FBI possesses ALL the incriminating emails
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 MikeAdamsThursday, November 03, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Natural News can now reveal that dozens of democrat operatives will be facing criminal indictment from damning email evidence that has been in the possession of the FBI for more than a year. The bad news is that such indictments may take months to formally announce, with criminal proceedings requiring years to reach a conclusion. The good news is that Hillary Clinton isn't going to get away with her criminal racketeering for much longer, as the U.S. intelligence community is now determined to make sure she faces justice regardless of the outcome of next Tuesday's election.

Here's the evidence that supports these assertions:

First, FBI sources have told Fox News' Bret Baier that an indictment is "likely." From Real Clear Politics:

Sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is "likely" in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, "barring some obstruction in some way" from the Justice Department. No doubt Loretta Lynch is determined to engage in that obstruction in one form or another, which is probably why Lynch herself may be among those who are eventually indicted for criminal conspiracy.

Second, this Oct. 28 announcement from Dr. Larry Kawa, working in partnership with Judicial Watch, reveals an astonishing discovery: That all of Hillary Clinton's emails were backed up to a "Datto device" long before she started deleting emails (i.e. destroying evidence).

From the announcement:

Citizen Activist Dr. Larry Kawa of Boca Raton, Florida today announced that he has expanded the scope of his efforts to bring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hidden electronic communications to light. He is now calling for full disclosure of a hard drive that was turned over by Datto Inc. to the FBI as of 2015. According to CNN, the contents of the Datto hard drive are believed to contain all of Hillary Clinton’s backed up electronic communications from her time as Secretary of State.

The "Datto device" backups are now in the hands of the FBI
It turns out that Datto, Inc. is a data backup company which had real-time access to Hillary Clinton's private email server for the purpose of backing up her emails. That backup data set was turned over to the FBI in 2015, but the FBI likely did not realize what they were holding at the time.

It wasn't until the Clinton Foundation email scandal began to unfold that FBI agents realized what they possessed. Now, it turns out the FBI has been sorting through those emails (and other evidence) for more than a year.

In addition -- and this is a real shocker for those who have been following this -- the FBI did not destroy the laptops from Clinton's co-conspirators.

Via Real Clear Politics:

The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them.

Now the FBI has at least FOUR sources of damning emails with overwhelming criminal evidence of Hillary Clinton's racketeering enterprise
What all this means now is that the FBI has four sources of emails that Hillary Clinton and her close associates attempted to destroy:

Source #1) Anthony Weiner's laptop, which somehow seems to have held 650,000 of Huma Abedin's emails, if reports are true, in addition to whatever child sexting pervert pics Weiner himself had collected (yeah, he's a democrat).

Source #2) The non-destroyed laptops of Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, which the media incorrectly reported had been destroyed as part of the FBI's investigation "conclusion" earlier this year.

Source #3) The Datto, Inc. backup device which has already been turned over the FBI and likely contains all of Hillary Clinton's emails that she attempted to destroy (via Bleach Bit).

Source #4) Wikileaks dumps of John Podesta emails which keep getting posted in large batches like clockwork, day after day, revealing astonishing layers of corruption and collusion among dozens of key players conspiring with the Clintons.

From these four sources of emails, an undeniable pattern of criminal racketeering emerges
All this evidence isn't just going to incriminate Hillary Clinton, by the way: This vast conspiracy of criminal collusion, corruption, pay-to-pay bribery and racketeering will ensnare dozens -- if not hundreds -- of DNC operatives and Clinton Foundation cohorts. (Can we please release some non-violent drug offenders from the prisons to make room for the Clinton brigade?)

In case you didn't already realize this, we're now watching the uncovering of a massive criminal conspiracy involving hundreds of willing participants, spanning the DNC, the Dept. of Justice, the White House, the Clinton Foundation and of course the State Department. When it's all said and done, this will be the largest criminal conspiracy ever uncovered in the history of the United States of America. And it was all masterminded by a woman who claims that her vagina gives her some sort of special privilege to ascend to power in America.

The only downside to all this is that it might take years to fully prosecute the criminal cases against these Clinton criminals, and no doubt many of those who are guilty of committing these crimes will go free in exchange for testifying against their racketeering bosses. But the Clinton house of cards is now destined to fall, eventually ending one of the most shocking and dark chapters of American history and government corruption.

Hillary Clinton's private email server was hacked by FIVE foreign intelligence agencies, says FBI source
Beyond everything mentioned above, Hillary Clinton's illegal private email server has long since been compromised by multiple foreign intelligence agencies, allowing any of them to easily BLACKMAIL Clinton if she were to become President.

Via Real Clear Politics:

FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton's server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it.

This means that from the very first moment Hillary Clinton might seize power in Washington D.C., she would be at the mercy of Chinese, Russian, North Korean or possibly even Iranian political leaders who would issue blackmail threats against her unless she granted them requested political favors.

Notably, the entire leftist media is communicating absolutely none of this to its readers and viewers, counting on the true fact that most Clinton supporters are too stupid or too self-deluded to understand the high stakes game of international geopolitics. As a result, people who continue to say they support Hillary Clinton are, astonishingly, helping elect a criminal kingpin into the highest office the land... even as she has already been deeply compromised by foreign enemies that seek the outright destruction of the United States.

This is likely why the U.S. intelligence services -- part of the "deep state" apparatus -- has now turned against Hillary Clinton and has made a decision to take her down. What every informed person now realizes -- both in government and outside it -- is that Hillary Clinton poses a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States of America, and that allowing her to seize power in Washington would spell outright doom for the nation and its people.

Why the Huffington Post is also a danger to America
Remember this as you browse the internet: Every website that's trying to get Clinton elected, including the Huffington Post, is working to place a seditious racketeering criminal into the highest office of the land. Such malicious acts are, in their own right, serious crimes against America, yet they characterize the entire delusional left-wing media and blogosphere, widely populated by academics who are so ignorant about the real world that they are incapable of recognizing the rise of a fascist, totalitarian regime even as it emerges in front of their very eyes.

Universities no longer teach students anything about the real world, you see, so a person can emerge from a top-tier university with a PhD while being so ignorant and deluded about reality that they would gladly vote for another Adolf Hitler if he dressed up in rainbow colors, chanted "love wins" and claimed to be transgender. (Bonus question: Could a biological man with a penis claim to self-identify as a woman and run for office under the premise of being the first "woman" president? Cognitively obedient liberals -- who are all completely insane morons -- would no doubt vote for the "woman," achieving the incredible distinction of placing the first female into the White House who also had a scrotum and could pee standing up. Liberal historians take note... this is somehow called "equality...")

Every website rooting for Hillary Clinton is blindly pursuing the total damnation of America, all under the guise of "social justice" or the silly pursuit of the "first female President" as if possessing a vagina is some sort of magical qualification for political superiority.

Imagine their mutual surprise when they soon discover that a vagina-possessing liberal politician turned out to be the most corrupt, dishonest and dangerous presidential candidate in history... a woman who created a massive criminal cartel and collected hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal profits while selling government influence to the highest international bidders. No penis required. So much for the glass ceiling theory, eh?

In summary, Hillary Clinton is a woman who once held the world by the balls... but then had to let go when the stank of her own putrid crimes was too much to stomach any longer. In the end, she will be remembered as nothing more than a crotchety old hag with a reptilian appetite for power and a sickening disregard for humankind. Prepare your in-flight vomit bags, folks, because this final approach to election day is going to involve nauseating turbulence and more than a few stomach-churning freefalls.

Learn more:

Be Ready For Post-Election Violence From The Left - Tue 01 Nov 2016, 6:18 pm

Be Ready For Post-Election Violence From The Left

By Ray Gano -
November 1, 2016

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano
Well we have about 9 more like 8 before the election on November 8th.
As many of you know, I spend some time on Facebook checking out what is going on and also what others are saying.
I am going to let you in on a little secret, I have an alternate user account that I have been honing for a couple of years.
The great thing is that this “pseudo Ray” gets in some of those groups that most Christians / conservatives are not allowed in just because they are who they are.
It is a great way to peek in on what the other side is doing, saying and thinking.
Let me tell you this… they are not thinking nice things about us at all.
In fact, when you get into some of these groups, you find that they are thinking very bad things about us.
Here is the bad part, many and I mean many of these people (ultra-liberal. Marxist, Democrats) have no problem in committing physical damage to personal property and to people themselves.
We have learned from Project Veritas that the Clinton campaign along with the Democrat party are in fact paying thugs $1500 plus an iPhone to go to Trump rallies and to stir up trouble and to also physically assault people.
But when you start hanging out is some of these uber-liberally dominated groups, you will find that there are A LOT of people out there that would gladly do what these paid thugs are doing for free.
AND… when Trump wins, these people plan on taking their carnage to the streets for free. These people totally believe in anarchy, mayhem and terrorist actions. Even though they do not see themselves as terrorists, that is what they are and what they are planning on doing.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 03-trump-rally-san-jose-violence-eggs.w529.h352When Trump wins, expect to see literal flash mobs showing up out of no where to cause havoc and who’s goal is to destroy property and literally “beat the pulp” out of anyone looks like they might have voted for Trump.
The firebombing of the Republican head quarters in North Carolina is just a small example.
People are already being accosted at Trump rallies and it is getting ugly. These thugs are becoming embolden and they have got the taste of blood in their mouths.
And what is worse, they are liking that taste and they want more.
Now, no matter what people say out there on the internet, there is absolutely no way that Obama can delay the elections, nor can he call for martial law on a national scale. These are theories being put out there, they sound possible, but like it or not it is not a reality.
The only thing that Obama can do at this moment is stir the uber-liberal racial pot and look the other way as the masses go crazy.
It does not matter what executive order he has signed either; he is a complete lame duck president who has no power backing him up. Police, Military, et al do not back him at all and if there are some that do, I strongly doubt that they will take it all the way and basically start a civil war.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Veterans-fghtWhat people need to realize today is that Trump has woken up a sleeping giant and the silent majority are not remaining silent any longer.
I have also been seeing more veteran’s memes on Facebook coming out saying that if they are ready if they need to fight against tyranny.
Our nation is a powder keg waiting to blow.
On one side we have Crooked Hillary who will do just about anything to gain power of the oval office. We clearly see that in all the corruption that she is involved in and the steps she has taken to try to ensure said power.
What the powers that be who have been backing Hillary are coming to realize is that odds are very good that she will NOT make it to the White House.
So they need to look at “Plan B” and that is social upheaval, riots and doing anything and everything that they can while this lame duck president is in office and is more than willing to support said mayhem.

What Should People Do?

First and foremost, I STRONGLY recommend that you go the grocery store and stock up on food, water and other needed supplies.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 America-panic-300x225Already I am getting reports from PZ readers that they are seeing shelves at Walmart being picked over and little left of the shelves to purchase.
Those who are reading the writing on the wall have already taken some action and are getting some food supplies on hand.
This is why I say that it is important that you take action as well and stock up if you have not done so.
What I am recommending is at least 2 weeks of food stored up for this situation. BUT… if you can stock up at least 60 days of food, water and other needed supplies, then it would be wise to do so.
Why do I say 60 days worth? We are just over 60+ days from when the elections take place and when Trump gets sworn in and becomes the next president.
Yes, I know that I am being very presumptuous and yes there the low information No Trump people out there who are waving the doom and gloom “Anything But Trump” flag.
Ignore these people, ignore their message, they are fools.
What we can’t ignore are those who are out there that are just looking to cause trouble, destroy property and do physical harm to those they disagree with.
The more that you can avoid these sort of people, the better off you will be in these next 60 days.
So, action item #1 – Stock up on much needed supplies.
Action item #2 – carry multiple means to protect yourself in case you are caught in one of these aggressive situations.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Gun-training-300x181I do not want to come right out and say “carry a gun.” First, not everyone can carry and there are a lot of people who do not feel comfortable carrying.
If you do not train, and I mean really train with your gun, having one is pretty much useless and will get you in more trouble than it is worth.
BUT… if you do train, stay up on your training and know how to react in a stressful situation like we are talking about, then by all means, carry your firearm.
What people need to be prepared for is a flash mob. This the “chatter” that I am hearing about in my investigations. These will be coordinated in and out mobs that will show up quickly, conduct their mayhem and then get out fast.
They are using social media like Facebook and Twitter to stay in contact and calling the masses to converge on a certain place and certain time.
How do you combat that?
You need to be prepared and in this sort of situation what I am recommending is police grade pepper foam. SABRE Red Pepper Foam is an excellent solution. It is inexpensive enough where you can purchase 2-3 cans.
Why 2-3 cans of this stuff? You might have to spray a small mob of people if you are caught in this situation. Having 2-3 cans on hand is what you might need to defend and push back these degenerates.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Pepper-gelNOW… why foam? If you are outdoors and there is a slight breeze, you will not have the liquid pepper spray blow back in your direction. Second, the foam is sticky and when it makes contact it instantly melts. This has about an 8 – 10 foot range and can spray multiple targets with this foam.
SABRE Pepper Foam –
Another solution and something that will give you more distance between you and the thugs is SABRE Pepper Gel. Like the foam, the gel sprays and does not blow back if there is a breeze going. Also, because it is a gel, it will shoot further than the foam and has a range of 18 feet. Another plus with this is that SABRE includes a belt holster that you can wear and always be prepared.
SABRE Pepper Gel –
Both of these defense products sell at a reasonable price where you are able to purchase several and have some on hand, in the car, at the office, and on your person at all times.
The key in this situation is try not to allow these thugs near you so that they will not cause your physical harm and that you are able to escape the scene quickly.
Another positive aspect is that if you are caught in this situation and you use your pepper foam or gel, the people you hit will not be going anywhere fast. That means that the odds are good that they can then be apprehended by others who are willing to lend a helping hand and / or the police once they show up to the scene.


What we need to remember is that we have a lame duck president who sides with these thugs and will probably work really hard to leave as much of a mess so that Trump has a lot on his plate when takes on the office.
Thing is, I think Donald Trump is ready for this sort of thing, he knows his history and the Clinton’s did the same thing to Bush when he took office.
Trump will be ready and take matters into his hands and solve the problems. I have faith in him to do that. Having some thugs and messes to clean up is just part and parcel of the crooked election he has had to put up with.
Please keep this next 60+ days in prayer.
Ask God to keep a hand of protection on Donald Trump and Mike Pence as well as their families.
Pray for our nation that we do not see this sort of criminal actions take place and pray that we have a peaceful transition with Donald Trump takes office.
Millions of Christians are praying and I am so glad that we are finally doing that.
I believe that God is giving us a second chance to work to pull our nation out of the garbage heap it has been in, and a chance to make America great again.

Trump Wins – Anti-Trump Riots Will Increase – The Need To Escape & Evade

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By Ray Gano
I was talking to my sister just the other day who lives in Texas, and she is telling me that situations there on the border of Texas and Mexico have become like a war zone. She also told me that illegals are becoming more embolden and “flash protests” are popping up in some of the larger cities like San Antonio, Austin and other areas.
The tension is getting  very high.
in the past several weeks I have had a number of people asking me ” THINGS ARE GETTING REALLY WEIRD OUT THERE – WHAT DO I DO IF I AM CAUGHT AWAY FROM HOME?”
See, everyone is worried about a “bug out bag” but in reality for most people they are worried about “getting home” vs “bugging out”.
Say you work at a business that could be targeted for anti-Trump protests and you can’t get to your car, you don’t want to get to your car because you have to face these radical anti-Trump, anti-US haters.


The Clinton Foundation’s 3 Strategies Designed to Steal the Election - Mon 24 Oct 2016, 3:44 pm

The Clinton Foundation’s 3 Strategies Designed to Steal the Election

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 CSS-Offical-New-Logo2
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Clinton-foundation-3
The Clinton campaign thugs have been reduced to a very narrow range of strategies to defeat Donald Trump and it is not working.

Strategy #1: Smear Donald Trump with Fake Sexual Allegations

The Clinton’s are using the age old strategy that has been used against them, namely smear Donald Trump with false allegations. Nine women have SUDDENLY APPEARED ON THE EVE OF THE ELECTION TO MAKE SEXUAL ABUSE ALLEGATIONs AGAINST DONALD TRUMP.
There is no proof, there is not one verified witness. Not one of these women filed a police report when the alleged event happened, Not one of these women was angry enough, or greedy enough, to file a civil suit. If their case would have had any merit, whatsoever, they would have had at minimum an opportunity to obtain a lucrative out of court settlement. Now, we are supposed to believe the fiction that their only concern is for the welfare of the country?
This strategy, like the piling on strategy employed by the elite GOP during the primary elections backfired, and this is backfiring. as well

Strategy #2: Discourage Trump Supporters from Voting With Rigged Polls

We need to begin to educate Trump supporters, far and wide, that the polls have a very poor track record of being correct. Even the MSM entity, US News, vilifies the use of polls in accurately predicting election results:
“In 2012, his own campaign’s polls, among others, predicted Mitt Romney, the Republicans’ nominee, would defeat President Barack Obama for the presidency, but just barely. Two years later, surveys in Kentucky strongly suggested then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, perhaps the shrewdest, most powerful Republican in Washington, could lose have lost his seat to an upstart rookie Democrat”. Obviously, neither event ever came close to happening.

Cliff Zukin, a polling expert at Rutgers University stated that “Polls can no longer make fine distinctions. People can trust polls on broad issues — like what voters are most concerned about — but not so much on the political horse race.”
Celinda Lake, a pollster, political consultant and president of Lake Research Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based polling firm, says polling has seen “kind of a steady decline. It’s getting harder to reach people. It’s also harder to get them to cooperate.”
Michael Traugott is a University of Michigan political science professor who specializes in polling and opinion surveys and he has stated that polls cannot be trusted for a variety of reasons and that he is in agreement with Gallup when they say the industry is in need of a “major overhaul”.
What many of these experts are referring to is the death of the legitimacy of public opinion polls due to insufficient sample size. When polls do not have enough participants, the results cannot be considered to be valid. The way that polls cover up this deficiency is to report an official sounding statistic that gives fake legitimacy to the results (e.g. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%). In actuality, the legitimate poll would state something like “the statistical confidence level with regard to the accuracy of this poll is 95% or higher”. The representation of this notion is usually expressed as a level of confidence and it looks like this: P=<.05.   If you don’t see this statistic, the poll, on its face, is unreliable.

The Tavistock Institute and the Use of Public Opinion Polls

Dating back to 1913, the Tavistock Institute used polls to shape public opinion into accepting Britain’s entry into World War I.
The plan to ‘create’ public opinion through the fake reporting of bogus polling date began as a propaganda factory centered at Wellington House in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliffe (Britain’s most influential newspaper magnate) as its director. Lord Northcliffe’s position was supervised by Lord Rothmere on behalf of the British Crown. The operational staff of Wellington House consisted of Lord Northcliffe, and Arnold Toynbee, according to John Coleman.
John Coleman, the author of the classic book Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, was one of the the first writers to call attention to the existence of Tavistock, in 1969, and the rest as they say is history. Subsequently, we learn from Coleman’s work that polls were designed to not really measure public opinion, they were designed to shape public opinion.
One of the chief methods that unscrupulous polls use to report fake results is to select a biased sample. For example, if one is using phone samplings to gather voting preferences, one merely needs to target neighborhoods which historically favor one party over the other in order to get the predetermined results that one is looking for. This violates the principle of random selection of subjects to poll and this completely invalidates any survey results.

Americans must be careful to not put any stock into public opinion polls. If America is survive any length of time, Hillary Clinton cannot be allowed to occupy the White House. Whether you like him or not, Trump will slow down the process of the globalist takeover of America. He is the only option to the immediate and complete tyrannical takeover of America. We must be careful to not let phony polling results influence our perceptions and efforts in supporting Donald Trump. Most of all, Trump supporters must allow themselves to be discouraged from voting. turn the MSM off, it is only filled with propaganda and intellectual posion.

Strategy #3: Bribe the Electoral College Voters

I recently had a conversation with a person who was associated with ARSOF at the highest levels. He told me it is their business to know the political trends in America so they can best anticipate implications to their budgets and policies should the political winds shift.
I was told by this person that Trump, right now, has the support of 65% of the voters who are mostly likely to vote. However, one of the biggest challenges to a Trump victory are corrupt electoral voters who have been bought off with Clinton Foundation under-the-table-bribe money.
I asked this person what could be done? He reminded me of how the Stamp Act tax collectors were chased down the street and tarred and feathered in pre-revolutionary war America. I told him I could not advocate for violence and he said you don’t have to. He said that these people will have business interests, or close family relatives will. He said make it known that the Independent Media will publish these interests should these electors vote against the will of the people.
As I have found out, there is a concerted effort by an unknown force that is reaching out to electors and telling them exactly what is going to happen should they vote against the will of the people. How do I know? I was speaking to a former Republican political figure in Arizona this weekend and they told me that they personally knew of electors who have already been threatened along these lines and they are having second thoughts about their role in their upcoming vote. This revelation speaks to the fact that there is distinct collusion between the Clinton Foundation and the electoral college voters. Are we surprised? My message to these would be criminals, there will nowhere that your assets can run and hide after the election. Corrupt electors will become the economic Brown Shirts of the Clinton Foundation. Although I cannot advocate for violent action, I have no compunction in recommending economic consequences to electors who accept bribes in any fashion.


Justice Scalia’s murder will soon be back in the public’s eye. How do I know? Let’s just say that some very prominent people are working behind the scenes to expose the real reason why Scalia was murdered and it ties into Clinton interests. This information will be out soon.
Further, we need to concern ourselves with a fourth strategy related to how the Clinton are trying to steal the election and it has to do with George Soros. I am presently compiling information and have been disseminating it to friends and colleagues. This, too,will surface from multiple sources. From this little investigation, I have learned how pervasive in its influence the Clinton Foundation has become. They are far bigger than anyone of us could have originally imagined. It is all coming out as I write these words.

Putting The Most Odds in Your Favor In Surviving A Nuclear Attack - Fri 21 Oct 2016, 5:12 pm

PZ NEWS - Putting The Most Odds in Your Favor In Surviving A Nuclear Attack - 10-19-16

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0By Ray Gano
Folks, I know right off that there are going to be nay-sayers to this article, partly because what they will say in the negative is true.
Can one survive a direct hit from a nuke?
No.. you will be vaporized.
But if you are well outside the blast radius, then believe it or not, you do have some good odds in your favor of surviving.
BUT… to survive, you MUST increase your odds and plan ahead. I mean really plan too.
Listen, the first thing that we need to do is look at what is really happening out there.
Like it or not, the Russians are not the bad guys, we are and a lot of the world does not like what our president has been doing. Get on news sources outside the US and they think Obama is a total fool.
In fact, they are not to keen on Hillary getting into office either. They know that she will continue the Obama policies as well as put some of her own heavy handed globalist policies in place to boot.
See, there is “We The People” and then there is our inept federal government being led by an inept president just looking to mudding up the waters.
Listen, Putin is a smart guy. He knows that Obama is a moron and a plebe for the global elite. He loves his country and he does not want to put them in danger of a nuclear holocaust. I honestly believe that he is counting the days till Obi is out of office just like much of the America people.
But the problem is this… Obama is a moron and that scares Putin. We also know that odds are very good that Trump will win, he will leave the waters as muddy as possible like the Clinton’s did when they left office.
That means that there is a small chance that Obama will start a war and then dump it into Trump’s lap to deal with and this is something that I believe is also weighing heavy on Putin’s mind as well.
We know this for a fact because of all the drills they have been having in Russia.
These are not “first strike” drills, they are reactionary drills, meaning that Putin is scared that Obi might do something really stupid and push the button.
One of the big factors that is really testing Putin is that Obama keeps ratcheting up the allegations that Russia will /is hacking the elections to ensure Trump wins.
This is an ignorance card that Hillary is also putting out there and there is absolutely no proof what so ever.
Another fact that is concerning Russia is that the US is floating “warnings” that NATO is retrofitting tactical aircraft for the use of nuclear weapons, WHICH is sign of “preparation for war with Russia” in regards with Russia.
Right now I truly believe that Putin is just holding out to find out who gets elected. If Trump becomes president, I think that he will breath easier. I also believe that Trump has some back offices meetings going on with Russia just to help calm them down, at least that is what I would be doing if I was Trump.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0But if Hillary wins, I believe that we will see preparations in Russia get kicked up a few more notches and Hillary will continue to strain relations with Russia even more. Part of that strain is pushing the Syria issue, support the Rebels (ISIS) and looking to over throw Assad. Like what Bush and Obama did in over throwing Sadam and Kaddafi really helped stabilize things in the Middle East? NOPE… it made it worse.
Another point is that the American public does not want to have a throw down with Russia because “We The People” understand how decimated our military has become.
Listen, I do not get it. Our lame administration goes off and lowers our military strength so low that we are far below WWII levels in regard to readiness and ability.
THEN… in our severely weakened state our illustrious leaders (Hillary Included) decides to pick a fight with the #2 super power who has been beefing up their military?
HELLO… anyone home?
This has brought us up to speed in regards to current events.
We (the US) is being pretty threatening and doing a lot of saber rattling. Which is causing Russia to do their own sort of saber rattlng by advertising their preparations. Both of these actions are making people very concerned.
So, what does one do?

Putting The Most Odds in Your Favor in Surviving a Nuclear Attack

First and foremost, you need to look at your personal location and see if where you live could be targeted for a strike.
I am going to come out and say it, if you live in New York, Washington DC and surrounding Virginia areas / eastern seaboard, you are going to be one of the first to go. Those locations themselves are our nations most major metropolitan areas and where our seats of power lay.
Second, if you are living near any of the missile sites that “might” still be in action, you will be a target.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Q?_encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00IN8TJYY&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format=_SL250_&tag=survival407-20
GQ GMC-300E-Plus Digital Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Monitor Meter dosimeter Beta Gamma X ray data logger recorder realtime monitoring test equipment — BUY NOW
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Ir?t=survival407-20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00IN8TJYYNOW… some good news is that since Obama has basically stripped our nuclear capabilities we do not have very many nuclear sites left. What we do have is our strategic air command and our bombers and our navy that carries nukes on ships and submarines.
If you are living near a major naval base or air force base, you are probably a target just because of the above mentioned military forces. Follow that up with any major US Army base that is still functioning.
Finally, any large metropolitan area could be a target for what ever reason the other guys would want to target.
Here are possible cities high on the list starting with the west coast moving east.
San Francisco / Silicon Valley – CA
Los Angles basin – CA
Seattle / Tacoma -WA
Las Vegas – NV
Denver – CO
Dallas -TX
Galveston – TX
Chicago – IL
Kansas City – MO
Atlanta – GA
St Petersburg – FL
Tampa Bay – FL
Miami – FL
All these cities are not only major metropolitan areas, but they also have connections to shipping ports, airports, major industry, major US hubs, etc.
Now if you live in one of these areas, don’t freak out, what you have to realize though is that you need to take planning a whole lot more serious than someone who lives say in Bozeman MT.
What’s in Bozeman? Fishing, mountains and they are the north gate to Yellowstone Natl Park. A very low threat on the Nuke radar as opposed to say the Los Angles Basin.
So what do you do if you live in one of these areas?
1 – If you are able, move, get out of dodge, relocate, exit state right.
2 – If number one is not an option, you have a serious evacuation plan that is ready to go at a moments notice. With this you need to stay on top of the news and what is going on so that you can beat the masses that choose to evacuate. In this you have a prepared place to “Bug Out” too.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=03 – You have a solid well stocked bomb shelter built, which today is very doable with a 40’ shipping container and a back hoe.
What we need to remember is that believe it or not, survivability is very possible, but you have to put some serious plans in place so that you and your family can survive.
But the second thing that you have to remember is that no matter what, we as Christians have a mandate in 1 Peter 3:15 – Always be ready to share the hope that is within you. Now this is Ray paraphrased, but what I try to point out to people sis that always means just that, always. That means in good times and in bad we need to be ready to share the hope.
So in all our planning, there is more there than just saving one’s own skin. We have a higher purpose and responsibility.
I mean think about this for a moment, and I am talking to born again Christians here. After a nuclear disaster, don’t you think that people will need hope in their lives again? How many people will be hurting and need to peace and serenity that only Jesus Christ can offer?
I am going to be frank here and say that 85% of most pastors out there do not have a clue and what most of them really care about is putting back sides in seats.
So the sharing of the hope that our Lord Jesus Christ offers will be put in our laps. First and foremost we need to be ready to answer that call
Third, what you do not want to happen is you become part of the “herd” and have “herd” mentality take over. This happens to people who have NOT properly prepared or prepared at all. Like any sort of herd, it is often driven by instinct and fear. The herd does seriously irrational things and it is VERY EASY to get sucked into the herd.
What YOU MUST REMEMBER AT ALL COSTS… herds are driving to slaughter houses or choke points to be terminated, plain and simple.
If you wish to survive, do everything you can to fight against being sucked into the herd. This is true with many sort of natural and man made disasters. Herd mentality can rise at a moments notice.
The very best way to ensure that this does not happen is be properly prepared to ride out the storm as best as you are able.

Learning From History -We Have Lived Through Nuclear Events

The world has lived through two nuclear events, well three if you count the bombing of Japan.
First there was Chernobyl. We learned that thirty-one initial deaths took place and are primarily attributed to the nuclear accident itself. Reactor staff and emergency workers were the victims.
Here is some info regarding other deaths as reported by Wikipedia…
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0“The UNSCEAR report places the total confirmed deaths from radiation at 64 as of 2008. The Chernobyl Forum predicts the eventual death toll could reach 4,000 among those exposed to the highest levels of radiation (200,000 emergency workers, 116,000 evacuees and 270,000 residents of the most contaminated areas); this figure is a total causal death toll prediction, combining the deaths of approximately 50 emergency workers who died soon after the accident from acute radiation syndrome, nine children who have died of thyroid cancer and a future predicted total of 3940 deaths from radiation-induced cancer and leukaemia.
In a peer-reviewed paper in the International Journal of Cancer in 2006, the authors expanded the discussion on those exposed to all of Europe as a whole (but following a different conclusion methodology to the Chernobyl Forum study, which arrived at the total predicted death toll of 4,000 after cancer survival rates were factored in) they stated, without entering into a discussion on deaths, that in terms of total excess cancers attributed to the accident.”
[size=11]Source –

The second event is The Fukushima Nuclear accident.
From Wikipedia…
“There have been no fatalities linked to short term overexposure to radiation reported due to the Fukushima accident, while approximately 18,500 people died due to the earthquake and tsunami. The maximum cancer mortality and morbidity estimate according to the Linear no-threshold theory is 1,500 and 1,800 but with most estimates considerably lower, in the range of a few hundred. In addition, the rates of psychological distress among evacuated people rose fivefold compared to the Japanese average due to the experience of the disaster and evacuation.”
I am showing these two examples because this is real world proof that one can survive a nuclear event, one of the main keys to survival is not being in or around the blast area. It is the fallout, like what took place with Chernobyl and its radiation cloud that moved over parts of Russia and the Belarus as well as Sweden, Norway and Finland that will do a lot of damage.
Now, please understand that I am NOT trying to paint a rosy picture here. We are not going to see mutants like one sees in the “B” horror flicks and we have not seen the leather bound gangs driving around in supped up Chevy’s like you see in Mad Max. Folks, that is Hollywood and not reality.
What I am trying to do is show that one can “survive” if proper measures have been taken place.
If a nuclear device/s are detonated on the US, there will be many pockets of survivors.
During the Cold War we had what was often referred to as MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. Which means that if Russia dropped 50 nukes, we would drop 60. It was a mass arms race to see who would have the most nukes and how often we could vaporize the opposing country.
Like it or not, that is what kept the world safe, the fear of being vaporized 50+ times.
Today, thanks to Bush W and Obama, we do not have enough nuclear devices or launch areas in place to ensure a “Mutually Assured Destruction.” AND… in this case this is kind of a good thing.
Another point I want to make is that contrary to popular belief, NORAD is still active. This is our secret command and control center that is buried deep within Cheyanne Mountain. What is not active are the many nuclear launch sites that were peppered around the US in strategic areas.
I say all that to say this, all Russia would have to do is drop a few nukes over New York, DC and those eastern sea board areas and we are done. The fight is over.
The American people as well as the Russian people do not want to go up in a mushroom cloud and Putin does not want to wipe the US off the face of the earth.
I know that what I am saying folks out there are totally disagreeing with. But mindsets changed once the cold war was over. Putin is a modern post-cold war leader. He cares for his country and he knows that wiping the US off the face of the earth will hurt his people as much as utterly destroy the American people.
Putin understands the effects of Chernobyl and understands the effect that the massive radiation cloud that effected a lot of Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
If he vaporizes the US, the fallout would impact his country as well as many of the surrounding countries and oceans.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0Many of us who were raised in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s remembers all the doom and gloom “take shelter” drills and the infamous made for television film, “The Day After” …
“which first aired on November 20, 1983, on the ABC. More than 100 million people watched the program during its initial broadcast, and it is currently the highest-rated television film in history.”
Source –
This was an epic film and I remember watching it on TV. The plot of the movie…
“When Cold War tensions reach the ultimate boiling point, the inhabitants of a small town in Kansas learn along with the rest of America that they have fewer than 30 minutes before 300 Soviet warheads begin to appear overhead! Can anyone survive this ultimate nightmare…or the nuclear winter that is sure to follow?”
Source and Purchase the film –
As scary and dramatic as the film is, I don’t believe that this scenario is viable in today’s America. That is unless you are within a blast area. Again, I know that there are people out there that probably disagree and the best thing to do is bend over and kiss your rear goodbye.
I am someone who is optimistic. I am also someone who has had some pretty extensive training in surviving a nuclear blast.
I served in the US Army’ as part of Spec Ops during the Reagan years. Our training then was above and beyond what standard US Army training entailed. The reason we were trained in these things is because we worked in 6 – 12 man teams that were dropped behind enemy lines. We had to survive no matter what to ensure that the mission was accomplished. Mission first, everything else was secondary. To ensure “Mission First” we were trained to deal with these battle scenarios.
So to have a mentality of just giving up and kissing your rear end goodbye, sorry it isn’t an option if there are other options available.
I am saying all this because like it or not, our leaders (Bush & Obama) have disarmed us greatly; all the while Russia has built up their arms.
Do we have nukes? Yes we do, but our edge for MAD is not there anymore and also the attitudes of America has changed greatly.
I want to share with you what someone living in Russia had to say about this film The Day After…
“I’ve seen “The Day After” when I was a child of 10-11 in 1986-1987 in a small village in Siberia called Maya, near Yakutsk, USSR. The movie was shown over the whole Soviet Union twice on the first channel. Since then I remember the movie very clearly, the impression I got was very high, so I immediately started to deeply realize the horror of a nuclear catastrophe. We were on the other side of the Cold War propaganda. I remember at school how we were taught about the US predator imperialistic policy. We always had lessons at school how to behave in case of US nuclear attack and practiced it physically running down to underground rooms wearing gas-masks and helping each other. The US nuclear threat, I believed, was so real, so I was frightened of a sight of a shining plane board in the sky. I was sure it were Americans going to bomb my village. And this hysteria was everywhere in USSR. Now living in Moscow, the heart of an almost free country of Russia I realize that the topicality of the movie hasn’t dissappeared. We still face a lot of threats around the world, including terrorism and nuclear war. I’m sure all this comes from people’s indifference, jealosy, prejudice, ignorance… Watch the movie and let our children know and grow.”
Source and Purchase the film –
Now I want to be clear, if there is a nuclear blast will there be death? Yes.
Will there be radiation sickness? Yes.
Will we see death and destruction like we have possibly never seen before? Yes.
All these things are givens, it is how we prepare and then deal with these issues that make us either victims or survivors.
If you have stuck with me this far, the question running through your head right now is, “ What Do I Now Do?

What Do I Now Do? –  Make A Plan and Take Action

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0Having a preparedness plan in place is a must have, not only in case of nuclear, but also in the event that some sort of weird natural or man made disaster takes place. No matter what, it is always good to have a plan in place.
Like it or not, if you live in an area where a nuclear blast has taken place you will not be able to venture outside for anything.  You should stay sheltered for at least 48 hours at a minimum, preferably longer. Most survival manuals state that you should be ready to hold up for at least 9 days after a nuclear event.
What we need to remember is that there are multiple killers in regards to a nuclear event.
First is the initial blast and sudden burst of heat and radiation. This is actually short lived and if you have a properly prepared area that will withstand that, you should be good to go.
The second thing that you have to battle, and this is the long term killer, is the nuclear fallout.
What nuclear fallout is, is the dust and small debris that has radio active particles attached to it. The most common is small dust and dirt particles. If you breath some of that in and these radio active particles get lodged in your mouth, throat or lungs, or other areas within your body you have a chance at contracting cancer in these areas or worse radiation sickness.
First things first, you need to determine are you within a viable strike zone? If you are, you might want to reconsider relocating to another part of the US that is less vulnerable. If that is not an option, then look at what you can do to shelter in place.
If you have to shelter in place, can you create some sort of safe room / fallout shelter within your own home?
I am not talking about building some underground complex. You can create some sort of safe room that will help protect you and your family against the initial radiation. Once that initial blast is over, you will have to go to work and protect you and your family from fallout for a period of time.
Creating a place that you can secure yourself and your family from gamma radiation is actually a pretty easy thing to do. You just have to create a room / area that is impervious to said radiation.
Here is a simple chart that can help you deterring what you need to do to create a gamma radiation proof area.
Example, looking at this chart, you only need 1.8 centimeters of iron or steel to protect yourself. Remember, we are talking about the initial blast, that is what you need to protect yourself against in the beginning.
If you live far away from a possible target area, you may not need full protection because you are way outside that blast area.
But if you are within say 30 miles of a possible target area, you need to take precautions.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0
Theoretically you could line a closet with 1.8 centimetres (.7 inches) of steel plating and you would have a radiation proof place that you yourself could run into, let the blast take place and then be able to exit when it is some what safe. You can also mix say brick, concrete and steel to build yourself a place that is safe against gamma radiation / initial blast.
Having a place that you can run to… an anti-radiation room is something that you can build and build at a reasonable cost.
You can either build it out a plate steel or you can mix and build it out of brick, concrete and steel plating. Personally this seems more cost effective instead of lining a room with pure plate steel.
Next part of your plan is having food / water and medical supplies on-hand. You would not believe how much you can put your mind at-ease, and allow you to focus on other aspects of survival when you have properly planned to have these things in place.
As you know from past articles I am one who constantly pushes having proper food, water and medical supplies on hand. If you do not have to worry about these things, you can then focus more on the tasks at hand that rise up during this sort of disaster like ensuring your home is safe against fallout.
In fact, let’s tackle that one pretty quickly so that you have that issue out of your way.

Reducing Your Home’s Exposure To Fallout

What you need is thick plastic and a lot of duct tape. What you want to do is put plastic over every area that could allow any sort of dust or dirt to gain access to the home, for example a window or door. By using plastic and duct tape it will help prevent these particles from gaining access to your home.
Folks, you do not want to go cheap on this. You want good thick plastic and you want some great duct tape like Gorilla Duct Tape. I use this stuff all the time. It is about $8 a roll, but it is worth its weight in gold. This is the best duct tape that you can get. It sticks to just about everything and will not let go.
Gorilla Tape –
NOW NOTE – some plastic has a coating that will prevent the gorilla tape from sticking. If that is the case with you, then get some wood strips and some ten penny nails and use that to hold your plastic in place.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0Wrap the wooden strips in the plastic ends and then nail them in place. This will hold the plastic securely in place.
You can then run tape over the wood strips for an extra measure.
If you do not have access to plastic, then using duct tape over all the cracks, joints and gaps in windows and in doors. This is the fast and expedient way of ensuring that fallout does not enter the home.
Secure all areas that will allow any sort of outside air from gaining access. Doors, windows, air / heater vents, fire place, etc.

The Critical Need of Having Supplies in Place

You have taped up all the doors, windows and other places where fallout can blow in. That means that you are somewhat a prisoner in your own home.
That also means that simple trips down to Walmart are out of the question.
Food and water is your mainstay. This is the first thing that you need to focus on after creating a game plan and having the supplies in place to build some sort of safe room that is gamma radiation proof.
Again, you only need to stay in your radiation proof room for a short period of time, 24 – 48 hours at the most.

Items for Your Safe Room

In your plan you need to take into account yourself and your family members. You will be confined to this small room for a minimum of 24 hours. That means all the food, water, sanitary issues, etc will have to be in place in this room so that you are ready.
You will need to have provisions that will help you survive, so here is what I would recommend.

Food & Water

To help make things clearer for you. Imagine this room is your “life boat.” Like on a life boat, you do not have the room to live like kings. It is bare essentials only.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0So here is what I recommend for your “Lifeboat” safe room.
3 Day 3600 ER Bars – These bars are what are used in lifeboats. They taste good, have all the vitamins and such that you need and they also do not cause you to be thirsty. Officially one of these bars will provide you 3 days worth of food. Personally, I would have allocated two of these bars per person.
You can see the video here that I produced talking about the ER Bar.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0


Emergency Water Packets – Have you ever seen those juice bags that the little kids run around with? There are now water packets that fulfill lifeboat needs.


  • Emergency Purified Drinking Water – 12 pack (125ml/pk)
  • Coast guard and Transport Canada approved.
  • Purified and bacteria free. 5 year shelf life.
  • Ideal for hiking, camping and boating. Survival kits.
  • Can withstand temeratures ranging from -40° F to 230° F


You put a box of these in your radiation proof area along with your ER Emergency bars and you have put your food and water needs in place.

AGAIN, you have to remember that YOU WILL NOT be spending much time in this room. This room is there solely to keep you safe against any gamma radiation from. You will not be living there for weeks and months on end. You will only be there for 24 – 48 hours. To be frank, that is about how long a nuclear war will last and currently we as America are in a weakened state. That is why in my opinion that if Russia does attack, they are not going to wipe out the entire US. It just does not play out in their favor either.

3 Day 3600 ER Bars –
Emergency Water Packets –

Your Lighting Needs

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0I discovered the Rayovac Sportsman lanterns back when Katrina hit Texas. These things are great and really priced right. There are two different sizes a standard lantern that puts of 240 lumen of light and has a high setting and low setting. At the low setting the lantern will last about 300 hours. This lantern takes 3 “D” sized batteries.
Then there is the Rayovac Sportsman Mini lantern, which we have several. These are also great and put off 150 lumen of light for approximately 60 hours. These mini lanterns run off of 3 “AA” batteries.
We still use both of these today and in fact I have 3 large and two small. All of them are placed throughout the house in strategic areas so that we always have a light source if needed.
One nice feature about these lanterns is that they have a blinking light that blinks about every 5 seconds to let you know that the batteries are still good.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0Something that you will need to do is work with your hands and also have light. A great solution is having a headlamp. I have tried a lot of different head lamps, but I have to say that I am a fan of the Streamlight Septor headlamp. I have owned two of these and I need to purchase another because the other headlamps that I have are junk. You drop them and they are toast. You need a headlamp that you can depend on. This is why I like the Streamlight Septor. The negative is that they cost around $26.00, but they are worth it.
Now, in doing research I have found a cheap Chinese knock off called the LE Headlamp LED. It looks like it is built to be like the Streamlight Septor. The difference is that this costs about $8.00. If you are looking for a cheap solution, give this headlamp a try. It has some positive reviews but it also has a few complaints. Remember, you get what you pay for.
Rayovac Sportsman Fullsize Lantern –
Rayovac Sportsman Mini Lantern –
Streamlight Septor  –
LE Headlamp LED –

Need For The Toilet

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0We are human and we have needs. One of those needs is a place to go to the bathroom. There is a great and simple solution, ER Emergency Ready Portable Snap-on Toilet Seat. This will snap onto a 5 gallon bucket.
You will need some durable garbage bags as well so that when the need arises, you can then bag up the waste and not have to deal with the smell. This is a great solution and for $12.00 you can’t go wrong.
ALSO, do not forget to put a few packs of toilet paper in your radiation free room.
ER Emergency Ready Portable Snap-on Toilet Seat  –

What To Do To Pass The Time

Like it or not, this is going to be a scary time if you have actually use this radiation free room. Once in there you will be hard pressed for information and the temptation to get out and “go see what is happening” will be pretty high.
So you need to have things in your radiation free room that will help you keep your mind occupied and not dwell on what might be happening.

Have Bible on Hand

First and foremost, you need to have a Bible. God’s Word will give you comfort when it seems like the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0I recommend Waterproof King James Bible.
This is a great bible. It is made in the USA with a 25% lighter weight paper

  • Extremely Durable Synthetic Pages Sewn and Glued into Spine
  • Stain Resistant
  • Ultra Clear Text
  • Ideal for Gear Bag or Backpack
  • Dry Highlight
  • Write and Underline with pencil or ball point pen
  • No Bleed Thru
  • F L O A T S

I personally own one of these and I love it. The one negative that I would say is that it would be great if they created a Large Print version for people like me that are starting to get up their in years.
Waterproof King James Version –

Have a Hard Wired Security Camera System

This is a good thing to have so that while you are in your radiation free room you can keep an eye on what is going on outside. There are many systems out there, but none that I can recommend that do not cost a lot of money. Also, you really need just one camera facing a direction that you want to see. Now there is no problem in setting up a camera system with multiple cameras, but you need to have the means to view what is going on.
Because of the radiation and fallout that could possibly be in the air, WIFI and other wireless signals will probably be out of the questions. So you will need to find a hardwired, outdoor, weather proof camera system that you can then run the wires to your radiation free room as well as having some sort of monitor in place. This way you can keep an eye on things and see what is taking place.
There are a lot of individual factors when it comes to putting in a CCTV system in your home. That is why I am hesitant to recommend one system over the other.
What you need to do is conduct your research in regards to your own home as well as how you will power this system in a grid down situation.

AM / FM / NOAH / Short Wave Radio

One of the best radio companies out there is Eton / Grundig. I have several of their AM/FM shortwave radios.
First, I like the Eton American Red Cross AM/FM Shortwave radio. These have been discontinued, but they are still on the market. I own one of these with NOAH alerts. It came in handy in Texas in regards to flash floods, massive thunderstorms and tornadoes.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0Second is the Eton Field – World Band Radio with Bluetooth, which means you can stream your Bluetooth MP3 player into this unit and while using a stereo amplifier can the play the radio and your blue tooth through your stereo.
You an hook on an external wire antenna like the Usmile® LW1650 Portable Long Line shortwave antenna, which can be strung up in your attic or someplace else that is high and then run the feed down into your radiation free room so that you can scan the radio bands for any sort of news. Having a radio where you can pull in a signal is pretty vital and may be the only link that you have to the outside world for some time.
Finally, you will need to keep these things running, and odds are, the electricity will be out. This is why I highly recommend the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit w/Nomad 20 Solar Panel. I have some of the Goal Zero products and they have come in handy big time.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0I do not own one of their Yeti Solar Generators, but I have a number of friends that totally love theirs. In an off the grid or grid down sort of situation, these perform greatly.
Now the one negative about the Yeti Solar kit is on the expensive side. The total kit costs about $600.00. But you will have power to run these items including keeping your cell phone, Kindle and other small devices charged.
OK… I know that some of you are already saying “Cell phone?” Yes, there are apps that you can download onto your smart phone that can help you even though you may not have cell service. Thing is that you need to keep these sort of devices charged up.
As many of you know I am a fan of the Kindle and I have a number of books and reference materials on my kindle to help me through some of these times. For example, I have “ Where There Is No Doctor” on my kindle.
Having your laptop available is also something that can help you in situations like this. You can download a number of apps that can help you in these sort of emergency situations.
But again, you need to keep all these electric items charged up and that is where the Ground Zero Yeti comes in handy.
American Red Cross Emergency Radio –
Eton Field – World Band Radio  –
Usmile® LW1650 Portable Long Line shortwave antenna –
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit w/Nomad 20 Solar Panel –
Where There Is No Doctor –

Dealing With The Stress & Getting Sleep

This was a topic that I really thought hard and strong about adding and that is means to help you deal with stress, allow yourself to relax and help you get sleep.
Once the initial blast is over, you will still be stuck in your home for at least nine days, these nine days will be hard, and will cause you great stress. In these sort of situations, you may not be able to rest, relax or sleep. Your body will also be burning the vitamin B like crazy and you need vitamin B so that you can think clearly and act at a moments notice.
So here are some over the counter items that you might want to stock up on.
Dramamine – These are sea sick pills, but one of their effects is that it makes you drowsy and causes you to go to sleep.
Dramamine –
Benadryl – This is a histamine inhibitor and will help with itching, allergies, stuffy nose as well and make your drowsy.
Benadryl –
Nyquil –This also will help you get some much needed sleep due to some of the meds and alcohol that is in the product. This is also one of my go to medicines. When ever I have a cold, flu or other bug trying to get a foot hold, I take some Nyquil that night, sleep like a baby and nine times out of ten, I feel better the next day.
Nyquil –
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 ?ui=2&ik=cf41e1e124&view=fimg&th=157e35c2fa54d6f3&attid=0Melatonin – 3, 5 and 10 mg are available. This is a safe and natural medicine alternative that can help aid you in going to sleep. You need to try the different doses so that you can find how many milligram’s you need to take and then keep that on hand.
Melatonin –
ST John’s Wart – St Johns Wart has been a cure for nervousness for hundreds of years. This will help you calm your nerves and helps with alleviating mental stress.
St. John’s Wart –
Vitamin B Stress Formula – As I mentioned before your body goes through the vitamin B when you are in stressful situations. When you are in this sort of mentality and low on “B” your thinking process and problem solving skills are slowed down. You will also find it more difficult to be alert and movement is slowed down. Vitamin B helps with the neural transmitters and helps with keeping those electric pathways flowing. So when your vitamin B is low, both thinking and movement is hampered.
Vitamin B Stress Formula –
Genseng – Prince of Peace Red Panax is what I use. What I like about this is that the company that produces it, is a Christian company. This is the same company that makes another product that I recommend all the time – Tiger balm. Genseng also helps with the thinking process and problem solving skills. Many seniors take it for the same reason, it helps memory and promotes clear thinking.
Gensing –

This is the end of part 1

I will be following this up with the following topics

  • Surviving the 9+ days isolated in the home
  • First aid issues in treating nuclear disaster injuries
  • Venturing outside / Rad meters / Giger counters
  • Dealing with security
  • Venturing out for more supplies
  • Getting a garden going & dealing with fallout

As well as other topics.
Please share this with your friends and family. This is an important issue and in today’s day that we are living in, this might become a reality.
We need to know how to deal with it for no other reason than to share the gospel and share the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pt 2 – Creating a First Aid Kit Suited to YOU and YOUR Needs - Tue 11 Oct 2016, 5:35 pm

Pt 2 – Creating a First Aid Kit Suited to YOU and YOUR Needs

By Ray Gano -
April 15, 2016

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Ray-gano-medIn the first part of our discussion about a customized first aid kit for you and your family I introduced the different levels or foundations.

REVIEW – Foundation #1 – Custom Car First Aid Kit

First foundation was a customized car first aid kit.
What I took was an off the shelf Coleman First Aid Kit and used that as my basic foundation for my customized car kit.
From that I added the following items…

  • Trauma Shears
  • Israeli Compression Bandage
  • Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet
  • Quick Clot Blood Clotting Agent
  • Super Glue Single Packs
  • Gorilla Tape To-Go
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • Microfiber Travel Towel

If this is to much to think about, I highly recommend a all in one pack called – Trauma Pak with QuikClot
In your car kit I am also recommending that you put a few ounces of silver / American Eagle silver dollars in my kits. Why? You never know when you will be in a situation where you need to have some quick money.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Renaissance-Precious-Metals-300x175Situation #1 – You are stuck on the side of the road, and your wife is injured. Someone has pulled over to help and you need a ride to the hospital. Having a couple of silver dollars in your first aid kit might help secure a ride.
Situation #2 – You need a fast hotel room to apply medical treatment. Again whipping out some silver may be the thing to gain you access.
The good thing is that this is money that is difficult to spend quickly.  But in an emergency situation, people have offered services when you surprise them with some silver.
As always, I recommend getting your silver from Steve Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals. He makes it easy to purchase a few ounces just for a situation like this.
Renaissance Precious Metals –

Recommended Custom Basic Car First Aid Kit

Coleman First Aid Kit –
Trauma Shears –
Israeli Compression Bandage –
Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet –
Quick Clot Blood Clotting Agent –
Super Glue Single Packs –
Gorilla Tape To-Go –
Hand Sanitizer Gel –
Microfiber Travel Towel –

REVIEW – Foundation #2 – Custom Urban Home First Aid Kit

The first level / foundation is our car kit, and our second level / foundation is our urban First aid kit.
By foundations or levels what you have in your Urban Home First Aid Kit will also have the same items that your Customized Car First Aid Kit.
Most important is a good means to keep your kit in a good secure bag / backpack of some sorts.
You need something simple to keep your first aid gear organized. Organization is critical so that you can find stuff in a hurry.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 First-aid-3V-Velox-II-web-266x300After doing a lot of research, I have found the “3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack”
I like this for several reasons…
It flips completely open exposing the main compartment. This is important so that when you arrive on the scene you can quickly unzip it and get to the items you need quickly.
It is rugged, tough and with the MOLLE set up you can add more bags, canteen, ect to the outside. It also has Velcro strapping on some of the pockets so that you can Velcro things to the outside like labels, patches, etc. These sort of labels can also assist you in finding things you need quickly.
It isn’t small, but it isn’t huge either. You want a first aid pack that you can quickly pick up with one hand and sling it on your back if you have to. The straps on this also are very rugged and positioned well so they do not rub. You can carry this for some time on your back and not be hampered by the straps cutting into your neck like a standard school backpack does.
It also comes in different colors. So if you are not the OD Green type, there are other colors to choose from.
3V Gear Velox II –
According to the Center for Disease Control, around 213,000 people are treated in emergency rooms each year for injuries that result from outdoor recreation.
The most common injuries (27.4 percent of them), are fractures, followed by muscle strain and sprains (23.9 percent), bruises and abrasions (15.9 percent), lacerations (14.81 percent) and dislocations (3.81 percent).
The CDC also lists concussions, burns, crushing, dental injuries, skin inflammation and poisoning as other common injuries experienced in the outdoors.
If you have not read my first article on a Urban Home Custom First Aid Kit, take the time to read all the items that believe will help you build a really great custom first aid kit for your home.  I go into great detail as to what is realistic to have on hand.
You can read the first part of that article here…
Please take the time to read that because you need the #2 Level / Foundation items so that you can then build off of that and go to our #3 Level / Foundation Custom Suburban / Country First Aid Kit.

Foundation #3 – Custom Suburban / Country First Aid Kit

You have your custom car kit and your custom urban kit, now we are going to take those two kits and build off of those to create a custom suburban / country kit.
NOTE – As I have mentioned before, you will run into different sort of wounds living in the city/urban environment than that which you will run into living in a suburban/ country environment.
What I am presenting is suggestions that I think are wise if you live in a suburban / country environment.
But my suggestions are not an end all to be all. What you need to do is really survey your living situation and think about what illnesses or injuries you or your family may encounter.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Where-there-is-no-doctor-209x300One of the first things that I recommend to anyone living outside and a distance from a doctor or clinic is one of the best books in the world, “Where There Is No Doctor” by David Werner
This book was written with missionaries in mind being in the deepest parts of the world where no doctor is available. So you become the primary care giver. This book is a wealth of information and will teach you have to treat a plethora of illnesses, injuries and even some minor surgeries. It is written in a very easy to understand way so that a lay person can read it and be able to perform medical functions. It also has a lot of images to help the person who is treating and caring for the sick.
One other thing that I am really impressed with this book is the list of medicines and illnesses in the back. For example, you need to use an antibiotic, but you are not sure what antibiotic to use. This appendix helps you determine what doses and medicines for you to use for certain situations.
Where there Is No Doctor –
There are some great companions books that go along with this series that I HIGHLY recommend as well.
Where there is no Dentist –
Where there is no doctor for Women –
Finally I recommend and excellent book by my friends Dr. Joseph Alton AKA “Doc Bone” and his wife “Nurse Amy”  “The Survival Medicine Handbook.”
The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way
These are all very good books to have on your shelf and I would keep “where there is no doctor” in your bag so you have it as a reference.
In fact, the author made the book available for free in a PDF version. If you would like to download a copy to keep on a Kindle or Smart phone, you can download the PDF here…
Where There Is  No Doctor PDF –
I DO NOT recommend this be your only copy. You need to have a physical copy of this book so that you can look things up in a hurry and possibly have someone holding the book so that you can read and treat at the same time.

In The Country? Beware The Critters

As man moves out into the country where critters live, he is more than likely going to run into said critters.
Some of these animals are nice, cute and cuddly, others will kill you if you harass them to much.
Some of the most common is the Rattlesnakes, Cotton Mouth / Water Moccasin, and the Copperhead. There are others like the Coral Snake, but statistics show that they are not as aggressive as the vipers mentioned above.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Cutter-snakebitekit-no-go-220x300So what you need is an excellent snake bite kit.
Forget those little “Cutter Hi-Lo” snake bite kits.   They are outdated and it is found that cutting the wound to make it bleed is not a good idea.
There is a great kit on the market called “The Sawyer Snake Bite Kit” which uses a special pump that looks more like a syringe and it is very easy to use. In fact, you can use it with one hand if you had to use it on yourself.
Here  is the description of the Sawyer Snake Bite Kit…
The Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit extracts venom and poisons from the bites and stings of snakes, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and more. The Extractor’s double chamber vacuum pump action is designed to provide powerful suction for the extraction of venoms and poisons without the need for scalpel blades or knives used in other kits. Because it’s a pump, not a syringe, it’s easy to use with one hand.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Sawyer-kit-300x300When using, select one of the 4 plastic cups that will best cover the bitten area and attach it to the pump, then using your thumb simply push the plunger and the extractor pump will quickly and effectively remove venom’s and poisons from beneath your skin. By simply cleaning the cups after each use you can safely reuse the pump many times over.
The Sawyer Extractor is most effective at retrieving venom outside of the muscle areas of the body. Retrieving venom quickly can significantly improve treatment results by medical practitioners. In muscle areas such as the calf muscles, venom quickly enters the circulatory system and an extractor pump is less effective.
This is the kit that we have, in fact because they are so inexpensive, I have several and keep them in places where I can get to one quickly if I have to.
Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit –

Dealing With Bee, Wasp, Scorpion Stings

You do not know how many times I have been pruning a bush and I upset a wasp’s nest that I had no idea was there.
Talk about a sting that really hurts. Those buggers pack a punch. Usually I get stung on my forearm and when it has happened, it swells up pretty badly.
When this happens, the first thing that I do is get my Benadryl and pop a few of those. It will help with any possible allergic reaction that I might have.
Benadryyl –
Second I get some anti-sting medicine on it and it helps ease the pain.
Sting Kill Swabs –
Third, and this is something that I found really helps is putting a cold pack / ice pack on the sting. What is amazing is that the cold literally shuts down the pain. Why it works I have no idea, but it helps.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Mueller-ice-bag-web-119x300I remember recently I got stung by a scorpion and I slept with an ice pack on my foot, (that’s where I got stung) and it kept the pain at bay pretty well. I wrapped one of those old fashioned ice packs on my foot with an ace bandage and it was good to go.
Muller Ice Pack –
These are a great thing to have no matter what and have many applications.
SPECIAL NOTE – If you live in the country, you may want to get a test done to see if you are hyper-allergic to bee stings and the such. If you are or you know that you are, you need to have some “eppi-pens” prescribed to you so that you do not go into anaphylactic shock and your airway becomes constricted. Benadryl will help with this, but if you hyper-allergic, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Punctures & Serious Lacerations (cuts)

Living in the country often means having to do laborious outdoor work. It also means that you will be exposed to tools of the farming trade that you may not be so familiar with, for example…

  • Pitchfork
  • Machete
  • Scythe
  • Hoe
  • Ax
  • Chainsaw
  • Hatchet
  • Long Knife
  • Skinning Knife
  • … and the list goes on.

You get the idea. Many of these tools can really do some damage. If you are punctured or cut with one of these, you’re in a world of hurt.
Now the items that I am going to recommend may sound funny to you, but if you think of the logic around these items, they make complete sense.
Not only is it a good idea to have several Israeli bandages on hand, but I have found that using women’s sanitary products, which are made to absorb large amounts of blood, can also help in a big way.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Tampax-tampon-webWhat turned me on to this ideology was when I was attending a CQC handgun class. The teacher said that he kept several tampons in his “blow-out” kit. He noticed that the different sizes of tampons correspond to the different sizes of bullet wounds.
Small tampon – .22 – .38 bullet
Medium/Regular tampon – 9mm – 45 cal
Large tampon – 357 on up.
Because these are made to expand and basically stop the bleeding, inserting these into a puncture wound will also do the same thing. Pour some “quick clot” on the wound and insert the tampon and you could effectively stop the bleeding long enough to get the person to a clinic or hospital.
Super Absorbent Tampon –
Women’s kotex can also help be uses as pressure bandages. The different thickness’ and sizes can be adapted to different cuts you may need to treat.
In today’s modern kotex they are treated so that they can absorb more blood  in a thinner amount of padding.
So if you were out in the field cutting down weeds and vines and your arm or leg got badly cut, applying one of these “sanitary napkins” could help keep the bleeding at bay.
SPECIAL NOTE – As I have stated before, I HIGHLY recommend having multiple Israeli compression bandages on hand. But if you do not have some of these, then applying quick clot, a kotex pad and wrap it with an Ace bandage can also help. A sanitary napkin is just a quick replacement in case you do not have a compression bandage in your kit.

One Final Thing To Think About Pet Medicine

If you have pets, and you live out in the country, you may want to think about how you will treat them medically if they have an injury or illness.
The best place to start is… you guessed it, a first aid kit.
Here is what I recommend the “AKC Pet First Aid Kit.” Couple this with what you have in your total kit and you have what you need to treat most pet injuries and illnesses.
This kit can be used from everyday tick removals, insect bites, extra water for a walk in the park and of course when emergency help is required for your pet.
This 50 piece kit, also provides extra room inside so that you can customize it for your pet. Good things to think of including are some of your pet’s favorite treats, any special medications they may need, special vet instructions, etc.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Pet-first-aidSome of the items in this kit include…

  • waterproof emergency ID card
  • a thermal foil emergency blanket,
  • reflective leash,
  • a collapsible food/water bowl,
  • plastic water bottle,
  • plastic pill/vitamin container,
  • alcohol cleansing pads,
  • medicine applicator,
  • fur-friendly vet wrap,
  • tweezers with attached magnifying glass,
  • pet safety guide and more.

We have two of these kits and we have added a 16 oz bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide to clean wounds and also if needed to help induce vomiting in case the dog ate something poisonous. Included in this are some syringes so we can draw up a certain amount of peroxide and then administer it down the pets throat. The size of the pet will determine the amount of hydrogen peroxide you will need to use.
AKC Pet First Aid Kit –
We also have included charcoal pills that will also help with poisonous substances that the dog may have ingested. Please note that since we own dogs, most of what I am suggesting is geared to dogs, but in a lot of cases can be used for cats as well.
Also continuing the “Where There Is No Doctor” theme, here is an excellent book that I recommend, “Where There Is No Animal Doctor. The author’s hope that this book will be useful for people living in areas where there is no veterinarian available
This is an amazing manual covering animal functions of all the major domestic animals. It is written in a simple, easy to understand style, and like the other books, have many good graphics to help illustrate.
This book was really developed to benefit folks living in many of the rural areas of the world where livestock still play an important role in village life.
It deals with many different animal health related topics, including disease prevention, control and treatment, and the promotion of good animal nutrition.
It is hoped that people who use this book will be able to realize which disease conditions they can handle on their own and when to call for help from more experienced animal health workers.
Where there is no animal doctor –


It is my hope that this two part article has been able to serve you and help you think about creating and building your own Custom First Aid Kit no matter where you are located so that in any sort of emergency or even non-emergency situation, you can treat yourself and your family if you have to. Once you then have them stabilized and if needed, you can then seek further medical treatment from a medical professional in your area.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Stay Safe!

8 Alarming Warning Signs That Indicate War With Russia Could Be Imminent - Sat 08 Oct 2016, 7:53 pm

8 Alarming Warning Signs That Indicate War With Russia Could Be Imminent
October 6, 2016
How many more indicators do we need to see to realize that  a major confrontation between Russia and the West is approaching rapidly? Is World War III upon us? Because it’s certainly starting to look that way, and I am far from the only person saying it. The most alarming thing about it is that WWIII is most likely to involve nuclear weapons, which brings the destruction to a level that threatens the very existence of humanity.
Steve Rosenberg, Russia correspondent for the BBC tweets constantly about the situation in Russia. To quote him:

When 1 Russian paper talks about a war between US & Russia, that’s worrying. When 2 papers do it, it’s very worrying.

In no particular order, here are 8 warning signs that should grab your attention right now.

#1 The Epic Civilian Drill

This one worries the daylights out of me. Russia is currently conducting a drill that involves more than 40 million people and scenarios will cover biological, chemical, and nuclear emergencies.
The huge four-day “civil defence” drill has set alarm bells ringing in Washington and London, with tensions already high over disagreements in Syria.
Following a breakdown in communication between the USA and Russia, the Kremlin has now organised the huge emergency practice drill – either as a show of force or something more sinister.
The drill will prepare Russian citizens for “large natural and man-made disasters”, according to the country’s Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disaster.
The ministry revealed 40 million civilians, 200,000 emergency rescuers and 50,000 units of equipment are involved in the war game, which is running from October 4 to October 7.
A spokesman said in a statement: “The main goal of the drill is to practice organisation of management during civil defence events and emergency and fire management, to check preparedness of management bodies and forces of civil defence on all levels to respond to natural and man-made disasters and to take civil defence measures.” (source)

Can you hear me now? An activity on that level, with 40 million civilians? Are you really convinced that is a drill? The logistics alone make me wonder if action is about to be taken.

#2 The Deputy Commander of NATO and a US Admiral are worried

Back in May  the former deputy commander of NATO,  General Sir Alexander Richard Shirreff, warned that a major confrontation between Russia and the West. US Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, echoed that view saying:
“Under President Putin, Russia has charted a dangerous course that, if it is allowed to continue, may lead inexorably to a clash with Nato. And that will mean a war that could so easily go nuclear.” (source)

#3 Peace talks about a cease-fire in Syria have broken down

Talks between Washington and Moscow that aimed to broker a peaceful solution in Syria broke down completely last week.
The rift between the U.S. and Russia deepened Monday as the Obama administration quit talks over the failed cease-fire in Syria, saying Moscow’s role in the bombardment of Aleppo left nothing more to discuss.
The decision ends for now prospects for a truce and threatens to send the long war in a perilous new direction and makes hopes for a political settlement more distant. (source)

#4 Russia is no longer participating in a nuclear disarmament agreement that has lasted since 2000.

Russia has backed out of a deal to convert 34 tonnes of weapons grade plutonium into nuclear fuel each year.
Russia has just withdrawn from its agreement to dispose of enough weapons-grade plutonium to make 17,000 nuclear warheads.
And…they’re blaming the change of heart on the US.
In the year 2000 Russia and the United States agreed to end the arms race and each turn 34 metric tons of weapons-grade plutonium into reactor fuel every year. The agreement was re-affirmed in 2010.
In a statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United states of creating “a threat to strategic stability, as a result of unfriendly actions towards Russia.” (source)

#5 Russia is gearing up in Syria

It was reported that Russia has positioned a battery of S300 in Syria.
The specific type is said to be S-300VM, also known as Antey-2500. These are specially designed for defending against ballistic- and cruise missiles. The system will be stationed near Tartus harbor and will protect the Syrian east coast as well as the Russian fleet in the eastern Mediterranean. These also have good capabilities against attacking planes. A volley cruise missile attack by the U.S. against the Syrian and Russian airports and air forces in Syria, discussed in various U.S. papers as the start of a “no-fly zone” war, will be severely hampered by this. (source)

TASS, the Russian news agency confirmed this yesterday:
MOSCOW, October 4. /TASS/. One battery of the air defense system S-300 will provide protection for the Russian Navy’s logistic facility in Tartus and Russian ships off Syria’s yshores, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the media on Tuesday.
“It is true that one battery of the S-300 air defense systems has been delivered to Syria. It is to provide protection for the naval logistics facility in Tartus and the Russian Navy’s task force,” Konashenkov said. (source)

#6 Four different European militaries have had to head off Russian bombers.

A document released by the French Ministry of defense states that on September 22nd FOUR European countries scrambled fighter jets to head off two Russian Blackjack bombers. The bombers headed across the top of Scotland from Norway, before skirting Ireland’s west coast towards France and Spain. Norway, the UK, France and Spain all sent up fighters to intercept the jets.
According to the statement, the two bombers were first detected by Norway, which scrambled two F-16 jets to accompany them to the north of Scotland – where they were then intercepted by RAF Typhoon aircraft.
French Rafale fighter planes then picked up the bombers after they skirted Ireland’s west coast, before Spain sent two F-18 jets to intercept the Russian planes north of Bilbao. (source)

#7 President Obama seems to be deliberately trying to provoke Putin.

This conflict is not just about Russia. Our own president has engaged in a peeing contest and has been every bit as provocative – possibly even more so. Obama has put boots on the ground in Syria, aiding the rebels who want to overthrow the current government of a sovereign nation.
You CANNOT just show up in another country and start calling the shots because you don’t like the way they do things.
I have questions.
Is this just sabre-rattling or does Obama really think he has the right to invade a foreign country, shoot down the aircraft of that country, and also shoot down the aircraft of an invited guest in that country?
Does he really think he would get away with it?
Is he deliberately trying to provoke other world leaders?
Does Obama actually want a war? Because this is how you get a war.
Is he totally insane?
Does he really think Vladimir Putin will sit back and say okay, fair enough, Barack, no biggie?
And getting into a p*ssing contest with Russia? What is he thinking?
Provoking Putin takes things to a whole new level. It puts millions more lives at risk, because what is currently a civil war could easily escalate into an international conflict with two superpowers on different sides. (source)

#8 Putin is provoking right back.

Recently, Russian stationed troops a mere 50 miles from the US border in Alaska.
Russia has been building its forces in the Arctic due to the natural resources present in the region but the latest move takes things to a whole new level. The forces are scheduled to be in place in less than two years time.
A defense meeting on Tuesday saw Sergei Shoigu, the Russian defence Minister admit that the decision to garrison troops in the area was actually made in 2015 and he confirmed the plans to push ahead with the formation of the Coastal defense division by 2018. The force will protect the coast from the Arctic in the north to the Primary Territory in the south.
It is fair to assume that the targets they had in 1983 will be the same targets as they have in 2018. They are strategic United States facilities that if nonoperational would hobble the United States defense capacity. (source)

Are you ready for this?

Be sure you’re prepped with emergency food, water, and other vital supplies, because when this goes downhill, it will gather speed in a hurry.
We are living in very troubling times and if we’re not careful the time to prepare for what lies ahead will have passed. We need to think very carefully about the preparations we make for the welfare of our family. Here are some resources you may find useful:


A Quick-Start Guide for New Preppers Who Want to Be Ready RIGHT NOW


The Pantry Primer
The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide
The Prepper’s Blueprint
The Survival Mom
Prepper’s Natural Medicine
Prepper’s Armed Defense
Urban Emergency Survival Plan
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 War-with-us-and-russia


Building The Mini EDC Pouch - Fri 07 Oct 2016, 6:06 pm

Building The Mini EDC Pouch

By Ray Gano -
October 7, 2016

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano
EDC… you hear that term a lot in the prepper circles and it is starting to become more main stream.
What is EDC ?  … Every Day Carry.
I got the following email from a reader…
Hello Ray,
My husband and I enjoy your articles on Steve Quayle’s website and have found them to be really informative. I like your writing style and it seems like you writing specifically to us.
I have an idea and I need your help.
I want to make a mini EDC bag that my husband can carry on his belt. He is a business man and can not wear his cargo pants. So he really does not have anywhere to keep his EDC items on him.
The problem is that I do not know what to get him and what sort of things he might appreciate. We are new preppers, and I don’t want to waste a lot of money getting all that “cool guy stuff”, as you like to call it, but I do not want to get him shoddy stuff that is a waste of money.
Please point me in the right direction.
Thank you,
I started to write Bev back and thought, HEY… this would make a great article So I hope that you do not mind Bev that I will share this with the world and possibly help some other wives put together a “Mini EDC Pouch.”


Just so you know, my daily EDC is pretty minimal. Here is what I carry daily…
First…If I carry nothing else, I carry a knife and in fact the few times where I have ran out the door and forgotten it, I have stressed out knowing that I do not have a knife on me. I have two knives that I rotate…
Cold Steel Voyager Clip Point XL … OR
Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6”
Both of these are great knives and depending on where I am going I have one of these on me at all times.
Cold Steel Voyager Clip Point XL – this is a great all duty knife. I use this for just about everything. I cut meat, chop small trees and branches, skin a chicken, and it makes for a great self defense weapon. This is the knive that I carry most of the time.
Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6” – This is my go to battle blade. This is the knife I wear when I know that I am going down town and could possibly run into a situation. When people see this knife, well they kind of freak out because it is so large. I tell them it is my “pocket sword.” This thing is long. But what I like about it is that it is very versatile in the fight. You can use it as a kubaton, a fist filler like brass knuckles and when things get bad, flick the wrist and you can deploy the blade very easily.
BEV – Get your husband at least one of these knives. I do not know his day to day needs, but if you are worried about him getting into a mix up, get the Ti-Lite. If you are thinking day to day, get the Voyager Clip Point. He can carry this in his suit pocket and it will not weigh it down.
The other things I carry daily…
Self defense money clip
Para-cord survival bracelet
Uzi Tactical Pen
There are many other things that I can add to this list and at times when I am totally “geared up” it looks like I am wearing Batman’s Utility Belt.
But when I started thinking about Bev’s request I have to say that I was getting pretty enthusiastic about her idea. “HEY… no more Batman belt.”
Here are the issues and what I am looking for….
1 – I personally do not want to carry a man purse / messenger bag. Those are to big and like it or not, the bigger the bag, the more stuff you want to add to it.
2 – it has to hook / clip to my belt.
3 – it would be great if I had room in it to carry more of my EDC items, but not bulky.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Reebow-Gear-EDC-Bag-1-300x300Well, I have to give credit where credit is due. My wife Tracye actually found the perfect bag. The Reebow Gear® Tactical Molle Pouch.
She sent me the link and WOW…. This thing is perfect and what is better is that the price is right. It ranges from $14.99 to $16.99 depending on the color you want.
The Reebow Gear pouch is a great organizer for big screen smart phone, camera, key, wallet, pen, knife, notebook, small tool etc small accessories, and even can be a holster. It has a lot of positive ratings and one guy even carries his Beretta 21A in it. Another comment also stated that you can carry a Glock 26 in this as well, which is what I carry when I am in C&C mode.  It is made out of CorDura, which is a really tough canvas material that takes a beating. Finally it has an external phone holster and slot to keep a tactical pen.
It has the MOLLE system attachment straps, so it can even be carried on a tactical belt or MOLLE vest or backpack.
The one negative that I have is that the canvas loops on the back that hook to your belt, well they can cause the pouch to droop a bit. Some guys may not mind this. Me, I like things snug so that I can access them quickly.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Blade-tekHow I solved this is using the Blade Tech Tek Loc. This is a great locking mechanism that clips things that have the MOLLE set up to your belt. I have several of my larger fixed blade knives with this set up so that I can carry the fixed blade horizontally on my back clipped to my belt. This way I can pull the knife left handed and have a main weapon in my right.
The Blade Tech Tec Loc has all the hardware needed to make it nice and tight and hold it really well to you belt. It also has a locking mechanism that will then lock down and prevent what ever it is holding from dropping away.
This was a perfect solution to a small / mini EDC pouch.
BEV – this is your starting point; you can fill this tactical molle pouch with just about anything as long as it fits. I love this and I think your husband will also.

Gearing Up The Reebow Gear Tactical Molle Pouch

One of the main things I like about this tactical pouch is that it has a phone holster. I have a Samsung Note II, it is a tad big and I like a bigger screen. That is what happens when you get older.  But The Reebow tactical pouch holds it with no problem and it fits perfectly in the phone holster, and it is easily accessible when it starts ringing. If you use a blue tooth device then perfect, you don’t have to always pull the phone out.
Right next to the phone I can carry my Uzi Tactical Pen.

Uzi Tactical Pen

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Uzi-tac-pen-web-1-300x73Folks, I love this pen and I have owned this thing for over 7 years. Back then I bought it for around $14.00. The price today is still around $14 – $16. It has some nice weight but not too heavy and really fits nicely in my hand. You can fill it with any sort of ink cartage. I personally like the .07 gel ink cartage because I like a thicker line when I write. The great thing is that I have carried this in airports and other “secure” areas and it has never been taken from me. Heck, even it is does, I just buy another one off of amazon. This is truly a worth while pen and a great gift to get any dad, son or boyfriend.
BEV – This is one of the first things that I would purchase for your husband. The Uzi Tactical Pen. Even without the mini EDC pouch, this is something that he can use daily and it might help save his life as well.

Swiss Fire Steel

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Swiss-fire-steel-300x253Next, I am huge on having fire. This is why I carry a Swiss Firesteel on my key ring, I have one in my car and now have one in my EDC pouch. These things are great. They spark at 1200 degrees and you can spark up a fire in no time. Carry as small vile of cotton absorbed with Vaseline and you will spark up a fire within one – two tries. Try that with two pieces of wood.
Here is an alternative use for the fire steel… if you are somewhere and you do not have a flashlight or fire making materials, you can spark this and it will light up an area. It will give you enough light to find your way around if you have to. So… stuck in an office building and the lights are gone out, you can whip this out and it will cast enough light to help you find your way
BEV – Get your husband a Swiss Fire Steel. This is one item that could save his life if things got hairy. Everyone needs fire. Get a small plastic vile also for Vaseline soaked cotton and he can start a fire anywhere.

 Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen CREE LED Tactical Flashlight

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Fenix-pd35-300x240Both my wife and I have one of these and they are great. In fact, I am looking at getting another one for my car. I have to get out and get our gate at night and this really lights up the area. Tracye carries hers in her purse. What I like about this is that if you need light, you can switch it on to its highest setting and it will light the area up big time. It has four settings and a strobe setting as well to confuse a possible attacker.
This also can double as a kubaton sort of weapon. It fits nicely in the hand and if you have to punch someone, this will help leave a solid impression on that person. This is a police grade flashlight, so it is waterproof and meant to take a beating and will not die on you.
BEV – This is pricey, but it is the best flashlight that I think is on the market. Forget those stinking cheap Chinese things that you see advertised. I have a few of them, but you drop them  just once and they are toast. Spend the money on quality and it will serve your husband well when he really needs it.

Small Travel First Aid Kit

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Travel-Size-First-Aid-300x217What I like about this small first aid kit is that it is small. But it has a great plastic case that you can repack with items more suited to your needs. Maybe some Neosporin packs, iodine packs, or some other sort of first aid items that you think you will be more in need of.
Here are the highlights of this small first aid kit …

  • adhesive bandages, cotton swabs, safety pins, tweezers, mini scissors and multi-functional knife
  • Measures 1.8 by 4.2 by 0.9-inches

BEV – what I like about this is the case and for $5.89, it is a pretty good deal that is lite and small, but also has what your husband may need in a pinch.

SABRE Red Campus Safety Pepper Gel

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Pepper-gelI am a big fan of pepper gel and pepper foam. Cold Steel used to make a great pepper foam product, and if you can find some, that is what I would recommend. But SABRE makes a great pepper gel that has a few more pluses over that of the pepper foam.
This stuff sticks because it is gel. The SABRE peper gel even has training videos online that will help you and teach you how to use this effectively in an emergency. The shooting radius is about 10 feet with this product and it says that it gives you 25 – one second bursts. Personally I would spray the person down with this stuff.
BEV – This is a great product and for the price, you are getting your husband a good self defense weapon.

Cold Steel Secret Edge Knife

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Secret-edge-knife-296x300Not only does this make a great neck knife, but it is perfect in size for the mini EDC pouch.
First, I think that everyone should have a primary EDC knife that they carry on their person at all times. This is where my XL Voyager Clip Point or my Ti-Lite 6” knife play their role.
But I am also someone who believe that you need to always have a back up knife and this is why I am recommending the Cold Steel Secret Edge. Like 99% of the knives I recommend, I also own one of these and I love it. It is small, compact and it also doubles as a neck knife if I wish to wear it. You can slip it in your sock like a Scottish Sgian-dubh, which this knife is patterned after, in your back pocket, or in your mini EDC pouch.
What is amazing is that when I carry this knife, I really find myself using it a lot. It cuts open boxes and envelopes, makes a clean slice on paper, no problem with 550 cord, there are a lot of uses for this knife.
It has the G-10 grive style handle, so holding it and having a solid grip is a plus. It is a great tool and a great weapon. This is why I really like this knife a lot.
BEV – You get this for your husband, he will love you for it. This is one of those knives that every guy secretly wants. AND for under $25, you can’t go wrong.

Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Skelltool-cx-multitool-200x300This is another pricey item, but it is something that will last a lifetime. I have owned mine for close to 10 years, or at least when Leatherman first brought this great multitool to market.
What I love about this is that it has the basics that you REALLY NEED. Not all the added on stuff that you think you need. This is truly the perfect EDC tool. Weighing only 5 ounces, it is the lightest full-size multi-tool on the market.
What do you get out of this tool?
The Skeletool CX has a large straight knife blade that can be accessed while the tool is closed; to open it, just place your thumb in the thumbhole at the base of the blade and rotate it out until it’s fully extended — which will engage the safety lock. This locking mechanism is noted with a padlock symbol on the tool. To unlock the blade, press the locking mechanism towards the handle until the blade slides past the lock.
Equipped with a universal bit driver, the Skeletool offers real utility options like no other multitool. To change the tool bits, simply unfold the tool and remove the bit from the bit driver — and pop it out. And replacing bits is just as easy. Just press a new one into position and you’re good to go. There’s even a spare bit located in the handle side opposite the knife blade. This tool includes the following bits: Phillips #1 and #2, screwdriver 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch.
In the plier jaws you’ll find a hard-wire cutter and a regular wire cutter. The regular wire cutter is great for softer grades of wire, but the hard-wire cutter is excellent for heavier jobs — like cutting and bending fishhooks.
Finally, the carabiner style clip also doubles as a bottle opener.
I have used mine like crazy and believe it or not, the knife edge still holds a razor sharp edge.
BEV – This is something that your husband will recognize as being top of the line quality. I have recommended this multi-tool a lot, and everyone who has ordered one was very pleased with it.

Field Notes – Expedition Model

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Field-notes-300x300These are great little note pads. The whole book is printed on Yupo Synthetic paper, a water- and tear-proof paper extruded from polypropylene pellets in Chesapeake, Virginia. Yep, made in the USA.
Everyone always needs some paper to write a note on and having this in your mini EDC pouch is a great idea. You get a pack of three of these for just over $9.00. Field Notes is a solid brand name and they really make their note pads to be used in the out doors.
BEV – This is something that is important to me. I don’t know your husband, but having some paper to write on when it is needed is a nice thing. Having it be water proof and such, well that is “cool guy” bragging rights at the office. This is kind of a trend setting item that can really help him.

Finally – A Couple of Silver Eagles

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Renaissance-Precious-Metals-300x175It is a good idea to keep a couple American Eagle silver dollars in your Mini EDC Pouch. Why? You never know when you will be in a situation where you need to have some quick money.
The good thing is that this is money that is difficult to spend quickly.  But in an emergency situation, people have offered services or it is used to purchase goods.
As always, I recommend getting your silver from Steve Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals. He makes it easy to purchase a few ounces just for a situation like this
Renaissance Precious Metals –
BEV – This is a no brainer, get a few ounces of silver so that your husband always has some insurance to fall back on.


Folks, in today’s world more and more people are looking at EDC as a reality, not something you see crazy people on TV do.
Believe it or not, everyone has some sort of EDC. Women have purses full of stuff, guys have their wallets, keys, change, ect. We carry much of the same stuff daily. All I am pointing out is why not carry stuff that might make life differences?
The The Reebow Gear® Tactical Molle Pouch is a great starting point. Add some or all the items that I am recommending and you have a pretty good EDC collection going.
Sure there is more that you can add, but this is why I limited myself to such a small pouch and not a messenger bag or sling bag. Again, bigger the bag, the more stuff you will add to it. This is a fact and any married man who has carried his wives purse for her can attest to this.
Folks, this will make a great Christmas present and I know that just about any guy out there that is worth their “man card” would totally dig getting something like this for Christmas.
Add some or all of the gear that I recommend and your husband, son, boyfriend would be the envy of all the guys.
AND… they would be showing off all the cool stuff the you got them and you would become the greatest wife in the world, not that you already are, but you would rate some major points with your man’s friends.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Stay Safe!

Creating a First Aid Kit Suited to YOU and YOUR Needs - Thu 29 Sep 2016, 5:55 pm

Creating a First Aid Kit Suited to YOU and YOUR Needs

By Ray Gano -
April 8, 2016

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Survive-the-coming-storm-ebola-crisis-ray-gano-web-version-188x300In the past I have written about “Your Office Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag” as well as a very informative article on Tools To Defend Your Vehicle and an article that is really popular “11 Items You Need To Get Now.”
Since authoring my book “Survive The Coming Storm – Ebola Crisis: A Prepper’s Guide on How To Prepare For A Killer Global Pandemic and Treat At Home”  – I have wanted to write on creating a custom first aid kit that is suited to you and your family’s needs.

Background – Why Build Your Own

The one thing that I have noticed in all the store bought first aid kits is that they really don’t address the serious injuries that people get when they really need a first aid kit.
Most home injuries resorts either you or you spouse running to the medicine cabinet, grabbing the hydrogen peroxide, maybe some rubbing alcohol, gauze, duct tape and Band-Aids.
If it isn’t for some wound then usually it is gabbing the Ipecac syrup because little Johnny ate some dog poop (Ipecac induces vomiting) or Emetrol syrup which helps stop vomiting.
For example here is a true story that happened to me couple years ago and why it is important to have a “personalized” first aid kit in your car, office and home.

A True Story

One day Tracye and I were at the park and I just got a new Cold Steel Voyager Clip Point.  I was doing what I normally do when getting a new knife, I was working with it, learning how to deploy it AND close it  with one hand.
It is the closing it with one hand that got me.
Well, in the process of practicing, I closed the knife on my right index finger and sliced it pretty bad.
Luckily enough, I had a first aid / blow out kit in the car and I was able to administer first aid to myself and stop the bleeding.
The Custom Part – From lessons past, me cutting myself with my knives, I have learned to keep multiple bottles of super glue in first aid kit. For those of you who do not know, super glue will seal up a bad cut pretty quickly. It burns like crazy, but you will close the gap that you sliced into yourself.
Now ask yourself, how may store bought first aid kits have super glue in them?
Just so you know, I started with a good store bought first aid kit, took out some of the junk that you will never use and then added stuff to the kit that I know that I would need in an emergency.

My Basic Kit For The Car – Foundation #1

Because I “customized” my kit, I was able to stop the bleeding, and yes it was spurting out. Just think Monty Python’s Black Knight and my finger was doing just that.
I applied compression long enough to stop the bleeding for a moment and then applied the super glue.
I wrapped it up and in 24 hours the cut started to mend itself.
If I did not have my “customized” first aid kit in my car, I would have bled all over the place and would not have been able to stop the bleeding, at least with what the store bought first aid kit would have had in the box.
These are items I recommend keeping in your vehicle at all times…
Israeli Compression Bandage –
Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet –
Quick Clot Blood Clotting Agent –
Super Glue Single Packs –
Coleman First Aid Kit –
Now, I know that some of you are asking what did I chuck from the store bought first aid kit?
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Trauma-shears-178x300The first thing to get rid of are the cheap scissors. In an emergency you may need to cut through some blue jeans, a shirt or multiple layers of clothes. This is why a good pair of trauma shears are in order. They are inexpensive and they will do the job right
Trauma Shears –
Another thing I chuck and replace is the medical tape and replace it with “ Gorilla Tape To-Go.” This is a small roll of 1 inch gorilla tape. The important thing is that when you get it, lift the end and fold it in on itself so it creates a quick pull tab. This stuff sticks to anything, even skin. But the skin cannot be oily, if it is, clean it off with some hand sanitizer gel (which is another good thing to keep in the kit) and wipe it off with a cotton towel (also added to kit) and then it will stick.
Gorilla Tape To-Go –
Hand Sanitizer Gel –
Microfiber Travel Towel –
Now if this is just too crazy and you do not want to go to the time, effort and possible expense, of building a car first aid kit, then here is a great solution. Trauma Pak with QuikClot.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Sport-trauma-kit-web-300x203The Trauma Pack features…

  • Respond fast- QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge uses zeolite, a common mineral, to help blood clot up to three times faster than blood on its own.
  • Critical first aid information: an easy-to-understand instruction and information pamphlet delivers valuable information on how to treat certain injuries
  • Goes anywhere, so you’re always prepared: fits in a cargo pocket, backpack, duffel bag – practically anywhere
  • Personal protection: nitrile gloves and a biohazard disposal bag provide protection.
  • Durable, waterproof, and reusable: DryFlex(TM) packaging stands up to abuse in the outdoors – you can refill and reuse it for years

The best thing is that this costs about $16 – $18 dollars per kit. So you can purchase several and have one on hand at the office, the car, your home and put one in your bug out bag.
Sport Trauma Pack –

 You Keep What In Your Car Kit?

It is a good idea to keep a couple American Eagle silver dollars in your car kit. Why? You never know when you will be in a situation where you need to have some quick money.
Situation #1 – You are stuck on the side of the road, and your wife is injured. Someone has pulled over to help and you need a ride to the hospital. Having a couple of silver dollars in your first aid kit might help secure a ride.
Situation #2 – You need a fast hotel room to apply medical treatment. Again whipping out some silver may be the thing to gain you access.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Renaissance-Precious-Metals-300x175The good thing is that this is money that is difficult to spend quickly.  But in an emergency situation, people have offered services when you surprise them with some silver.
As always, I recommend getting your silver from Steve Quayle’s Renaissance Precious Metals. He makes it easy to purchase a few ounces just for a situation like this.
Renaissance Precious Metals –

The Custom Urban/City First Aid Kit & The Custom Country First Aid Kit

OK Ray, why two different kinds of First Aid Kits?
Like it or not, you will run into different sort of wounds living in the city/urban environment than that which you will run into living in a country/suburban environment.
Here is a quick example, how many of you have anti venom for a snake bite sitting around? If you live in the city there is really no need. But where we live in the country, there is a serious need for it because the snakes are plentiful.
It is these sorts of things that you need to think about when creating / building your custom first aid kit so that it will realistically suit you and your family’s needs.
So to start off, you will need a bag, pack, ect to keep your first aid gear organized. Organization is critical so that you can find stuff in a hurry.
After doing a lot of research, I have found the “3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack”
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 First-aid-3V-Velox-II-web-266x300I like this for several reasons…
It flips completely open exposing the main compartment. This is important so that when you arrive on the scene you can quickly unzip it and get to the items you need quickly.
It is rugged, tough and with the MOLLE set up you can add more bags, canteen, ect to the outside. It also has Velcro strapping on some of the pockets so that you can Velcro things to the outside like labels, patches, etc. These sort of labels can also assist you in finding things you need quickly.
It isn’t small, but it isn’t huge either. You want a first aid pack that you can quickly pick up with one hand and sling it on your back if you have to. The straps on this also are very rugged and positioned well so they do not rub. You can carry this for some time on your back and not be hampered by the straps cutting into your neck like a standard school backpack does.
It also comes in different colors. So if you are not the OD Green type, there are other colors to choose from.
3V Gear Velox II –

What Should It Contain – Urban / City ? – Foundation #2

According to the Center for Disease Control, around 213,000 people are treated in emergency rooms each year for injuries that result from outdoor recreation.
The most common injuries (27.4 percent of them), are fractures, followed by muscle strain and sprains (23.9 percent), bruises and abrasions (15.9 percent), lacerations (14.81 percent) and dislocations (3.81 percent).
The CDC also lists concussions, burns, crushing, dental injuries, skin inflammation and poisoning as other common injuries experienced in the outdoors.
The Red Cross recommends the following…

  • 2 absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 inches)
  • 25 adhesive bandages (assorted sizes)
  • 1 adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch)
  • 5 antibiotic ointment packets (approximately 1 gram)
  • 5 antiseptic wipe packets
  • 2 packets of aspirin (81 mg each)
  • 1 blanket (space blanket) [Available on the Red Cross Store]
  • 1 breathing barrier (with one-way valve)
  • 1 instant cold compress
  • 2 pair of nonlatex gloves (size: large)
  • 2 hydrocortisone ointment packets (approximately 1 gram each)
  • Scissors
  • 1 roller bandage (3 inches wide)
  • 1 roller bandage (4 inches wide)
  • 5 sterile gauze pads (3 x 3 inches) [Available on the Red Cross Store]
  • 5 sterile gauze pads (4 x 4 inches)
  • Oral thermometer (non-mercury/nonglass)
  • 2 triangular bandages

Sit and think about all the injuries that one can sustain in an urban / city environment. When I sit and think I imagine the following…

  • Minor cuts, scraps, laceration’s

  • House hold burns & insect / animal bites

  • Sprained wrists, ankles and possible broken bones.

  • Major cuts and punctures from kitchen knives, outdoor tools, etc.

  • Workplace injuries like tunnel carpel, sore back, neck and shoulder.

  • Sport related injuries, heat and cold exposure

  • Infection – Infection can develop after an injury or wound to the skin like a bite or sting, a tattoo or piercing, or other skin problems.

This is just a short list, but it is something to get you thinking.
Now the good news is that pretty much all of that is stuff you can do something about.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Sam-splint-web-300x236No, you’re not going to fix a broken leg in the field, but you could make the potentially very long trip to the hospital much more comfortable and reduce the chances of further injury in the process if your custom first aid kit had a temporary leg or arm brace.
So one of the things you can add to your first aid kit is called a “SAM Splint” it is a roll of thick aluminum that you can mold into a quick brace and then wrap it with a Ace Bandage or Veterinarian Tape. The SAM Splint is extremely moldable, and soft enough to cut with ordinary household scissors and it can be used to splint every bone in the human body.
Sam Splint –
Ace Bandage –
Vet Tape –
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Vet-tape-webNOTE – A little bit on Vet Tape. I discovered this stuff when our German shepherd got a bad cut on the pad of his foot. Vet Tape is a self-sticking rubber elastic tape that does not stick to hair or skin. The great thing is that it is reusable, all you have to do is roll it back up onto itself and you can use it again if needed.
So when I needed to change my shepherd’s bandages, I could roll it off the wound, apply new bandages and the roll it back onto the wound. It sticks to itself and did not stick to the hair on my shepherd’s leg.
This was invented primarily for veterinarian use, but it has made its way over to first aid kits for humans because it is great for treating broken bones and burns where a bandage or such needs to be taken off and re-applied.

Keep Cold & Hot Packs in Your Kits

The need for cold and hot packs in a kit is important. Both of these help relieve pain and swelling where the person has injured themselves or sprained a wrist or ankle.
If you have not seen them, they are about 4” x 5” and they feel like they have small round beads in them. To activate them you just bend them or punch them in the palm of your hand, shake and they start getting hot or cold.
You place them where you need the pain relief or swelling to go down and use your Ace Bandage or Vet Tape to hold them in place.
Cold Packs –
Hot Packs –

Fall Down and Go Boom – Bruises and Abrasions

This is probably the biggest use your first aid kit will be called upon to treat folks, especially if you have kids.
Like it or not everyone will fall down and have a “boo-boo” getting scrapped up in the process. These sort of injuries aren’t a big deal, but when they do happen, they hurt like the dickens. The biggest issue is that you need to make sure that the scrape does not get infected down the road.
Supplies that can help with this sort of wound are:
– Instant Ice Pack
– Ibuprofen to help ease the pain
– Hydrogen Peroxide, Iodine, hand sanitizer gel to clean and disinfect the wound
– Neosporin to help the wound heal faster
– Bandages to cover the wound and keep it somewhat sterile
– Gorilla Tape (to hold the bandages on)
As you can see, a lot of what we have talked about in sections above, we already have items to treat with.
So that Gorilla tape, ice packs, hand sanitizer gel, bandages we have already covered.
Depending on who you are treating will also determine what you will use to clean the wound.
What I am talking about is…

Does It Sting?

So why should I care if it stings?
When someone is hurt and you are the caregiver, it means a lot that the person you are caring for is not in pain.
This is why you should consider having several means to clean and disinfect the wound.
Some things to possibly add…
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Saline-solution-webSaline Solution – basically it is water with a bit of salt in it. This is a great solution to flush out wounds and just see what is going on. You would normally associate it to contact lens’ and using it to clean a contact lens. But you can also use it to clean a wound. Since it normally has a “squeeze” top that allows a stream of fluid to come out , you can direct the flow to a cut or scrape and not getting it all over the place.
Saline Solution –
Hydrogen Peroxide – This is a good solution to help clean and disinfect. Hydrogen Peroxide also can help aid in stopping the bleeding of  minor wounds. It has a chemical reaction with blood and start “fizzing. ”  This seems to help slow down the bleeding in like a cut finger or such. If you leave in on a fresh wound, the fizzing will start to turn into a burning stinging sensation.
Hydrogen Peroxide –
Betadine – this is a povidone-iodine antiseptic for wounds that is safe to apply to both human and pets. You don’t use this really to clean out a cut or wound, although you can. When I have used it personally I did not feel any sting to it like you would normally get with standard iodine. Betadine has been used in homes and hospitals worldwide as an important first line of defense against topical infections. Betadine Microbicides help to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause skin infection.
Betadine –
Rubbing Alcohol – Ok, talk about sting, this stuff will sting like crazy. But if you have to use it to clean a wound, then you use it. Just have someone helping keep the person still. Another option is to use vodka or scotch to clean a wound over this because at least the vodka or scotch has a lower alcohol level and may not burn as much. But if this is all you had, then go for it.
NOTE – do not use this on a small child, you can actually give the child alcohol poisoning as it absorbs into the skin and the child become somewhat  “drunk” which will quickly lead to the poisoning.
Rubbing Alcohol –

Items For Your Kit

It is great to have all the band aids and gauze, but there are some other medical tools that are really good to have in your kit.
Electronic Ear Thermometer –  These are a great way to get the temperature of a person quickly. Most hospitals now use these. Make sure you check the batteries on these from time to time if you are not using them. Keep an extra set of batteries in your kit as well just in case these go out.
Electronic Ear Thermometer – NO ORAL –
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Stethoscope-webStethoscope – Need to hear the person breathing, got tummy issues or their heart still ticking? You need a stethoscope. I actually have two. One for our kit and one we keep in the barn to listen to the horses or other animals, but primarily for the horses so that we can listen for colic which can kill a horse rather quickly.  In the case of a horse, if you do not hear any stomach gurgling, they might have colic.
Stethoscope –
Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor – You hear their heart with the stethoscope, but you need to know their blood pressure. This is where this comes in handy. SO you wrap the belt around the person’s arm and push the button and you are then given a set of numbers.
OK… so what does the numbers mean?

  • Less than 120 over 80: Your blood pressure is normal and healthy. Follow a healthy lifestyle to keep it at this level.
  • Between 120 over 80 and 140 over 90: Your blood pressure is a little higher than it should be, and you should try to lower it. Make healthy changes to your lifestyle.
  • 140 over 90 or higher (over a number of weeks): You have high blood pressure. Change your lifestyle – see your doctor or nurse and take any medicines they may give you.
    Source –

By knowing this, you will also know if the person is in danger of some sort of cardiac issue. So once you have given first aid, you then get the person to the hospital if they are in some of those danger zones as mentioned above.
Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor –
Tongue Depressors – open up and say AHHhhhhh. Use these to check a person’s throat. Maybe your child is not feeling well and you need to check for strep throat. You need to have one of these on hand or in a pinch you can use a kitchen butter knife. But what you are looking for is a red irritated throat. If looking for strep, you will see white puss on the back of the throat.  These also double great for using to splint a broken finger or use multiple to splint a hand, that is if you do not have a Sam Splint.
Tongue Depressors –
N95 Surgical Mask – If you do not know the person, having a N95 surgical mask will help prevent the spread of disease. If you child has the flu and you do not want to get it, wear one of these when you are treating them in their room. Keeping these and eye protection is important for your first aid kit.
N95 Surgical Mask –
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Eye-goggles-300x194Medical Eye Goggles – two words… spit and vomit. IF you do not have a set of these, and you get spit on or vomited on, you will have wished you had some. One of the fastest ways a virus can enter your body is by your eyes, nose or mouth. This is why you want to have these areas covered. Use an N95 Surgical Mask to keep your mouth and nose covered and eye goggles to protect your eyes.  The both of these are very important especially if you are treating someone you do not know or know their medical history.
Medical Eye Goggles –
Small Surgical Kit – There are some things that you might have to do to help the person. A small surgical kit could provide you some needed tools. For example, using forceps to keep a cut closed, Tweezers to pull a bad splinter, scalpel to lance a cyst. All these things are in a surgical kit. Even though you can purchase other things that can do the job, these are made to do the job and the quality are just better. Ever try pulling a splinter with a pair of cheap tweezers?
Small Surgical Kit –
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 5 Fenix-PD35-webFenix Flashlight – I am a huge fan of these. They are super bright and the CR123A last forever. I have one of these by the side of my bed. They are inexpensive for the quality you are getting and both Tracye and I have one. If you are in a dark area and you need to look someone over, this is the flashlight to have. It is small, compact, but incredibly bright when it is in its 960-Lumen turbo mode.
Fenix Flashlight – five brightness levels –

Building on Foundations

As you may realize by now we are “Building” upon our Car kit, then to our City kit and then going to our Country kit.
In other words, what you have in your car kit you will have in your city and country kit. What you have in your city kit will also be part of your country kit. SO the country kit will have what is in your car kit and city kit as well as other items we will talk about in the next article.
Till next week, stay safe!

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