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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.
Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Council declares Nineveh Operations Command in drunken equipped with "250 Hummer wheel" in preparati - Tue 29 Dec 2015, 5:37 pm

there is 3 things I know.... [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] there is a GOD [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Its not ME [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and its not you either, ;) and that just my opinion!!  lol

The Six Laws of Survival: Strategies For Beating the Worst Case Scenario - Tue 15 Dec 2015, 2:45 pm

The Six Laws of Survival: Strategies For Beating the Worst Case Scenario
Jeremiah Johnson

[Editor’s Note: Our underlying goal in a SHTF scenario is ultimately to stay alive and live without exposure to risks. As much preparation as many of us have made, in the altered world of a SHTF crisis, there will be many dangers that lurk; and some of them will be inadvertently from our own doing.

Jeremiah Johnson outlines the six laws of survival. Read this. Memorize this. Apply this. One day, you will need it.]

ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, we just finished a series on how to escape from Bill Ayers’ Summer Reeducation Camp (or Gulag 17, depending on the situation). Now we will cover one of the most important elements of all: How to stay out of the “Happy” Camp. Best thing of all: do not go in. Easier said than done, however, there are some things you can do beforehand that will increase your chances of staying out of the Gulag.

These things are not complicated, however, they will require both willpower and action. They will not be things that happen on their own. In order to stay out of a camp, you must do something very important:
You must do things that others do not do, and you must not do what others do.

Let us run with this concept in a scenario:

You’re in bed…it’s a Saturday morning, and you don’t have to go to any of your 3 jobs today until noon. Your battery-powered clock seems to have stopped at 5:15 am. Puzzled you hear the drone of jet engines, and all of a sudden the house seems as if it is shaking. You jump up and run to the front door and as you walk onto the front porch, all hell is breaking loose.

Your mind is playing, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica as you look up and see dozens of aircraft flying West to East, disgorging sesame seeds that sprout parachutes by the thousands, all coming down into your neighborhood. “Red Dawn” isn’t playing: it is happening, and you’re in it. Your neighbors didn’t bother to come wake you up; however, they’re working on starting their cars, with no success. The paratroopers are landing, and a large crowd of people is running down Main Street to the tune of automatic gunfire in the distance. Yep, you guessed it! America has been invaded, and chances are you are not going to be handing out a Slurpee this afternoon.

Now what? You must fall upon the six laws of survival or else all could be lost.
The Six Laws of Survival

In a survival scenario all bets are off and the following laws will keep you alive. These laws are rigid, but necessary. Harsh, but true. Keep your cards close and always have a plan.
Law 1: Wherever that crowd is running, do not join them.

This is not to say that they aren’t (initially) running in the right direction. But what of it? They are bound to be either captured en masse or worse (bombed, strafed, or shot). For the horror of the IHM (the Incredible Human Mob), look no further than “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise where he and his family are driving the passenger van…right up and into the mob. Look what happened there. You can’t defeat their numbers, and you will be captive to them…another steer in the herd.

Strike out on your own, you and your family, avoiding the main thoroughfares at all cost, and avoiding the IHM.
Law 2: You have to have a place (and places) to go.

This is where thinking outside of the general herd will pay off. We’re going to instruct by running through a checklist…. this will be a “handy-dandy” checklist that you can print out or run over in your mind to be able to follow rule #2.

Did you preposition assets (food, weapons, money, etc.) at an initial safe location?
Is that location within walking distance for you and your family?
Once there, are you and your family secure for at least a 24 – 48-hour period?
Safe from enemy troops/government “peacekeepers” on the hunt?
Safe from fallout and/or NBC agents?
Does it have a food and water supply to sustain all of you for 7 days?
If your initial safe location has been compromised, is a duplicate location nearby?
Do you have a farther (more remote) location that you can reach on foot in 3 days?
A secure, sustainable location with supplies for at least a month?
Do you and your family have a handheld method of communication for each member?
Have you formulated short-term (initial contact, 48 hours, 7 days) plans?
Have you made long-term (1 month and month-by-month; 6 months and 6-month continuous analysis; 1 year) plans?

Guys and gals, these are just basics. You must have these things in place in order to give you and your family a fighting chance. Whether or not it is a foreign invasion or a domestic communist takeover of the United States, you must leave your home in suburbia or you will be rounded up, bringing us forward:
Law 3: You will be leaving your home, permanently or for a long time.

This is survival. The majority of readers are not living in the mountains or in a remote location. If you follow these steps and practice them on a dry-run on a regular basis…it will give you the advantage that most people will not have. You must innovate: come up with ideas that others will not think of. Do you know of an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town? Chances are that 90% of others will think the same thing in a grid-down/Red Dawn survival scenario. You need to find the places that are off the beaten path. And if there are none? It may mean that you have to create a place.

How? By caching your supplies within the walking distances described for each part of the “safe” area. By finding tunnels, caves, or other sub-structures that can protect you from the elements and at least afford partial protection from radiation. By being who it is you imagine yourself to be: a prepper…a survivalist…or a survivor. When you enter any contest, do you enter it to lose? Do you strive for just “second place” or “second best” in this arena? Chances are the answer is “no,” but you have to arrive on that conclusion on your own. All of this is a challenge, and this underlines everything for you if it needs clarification:
Law 4: In survival, there is no silver medal: “second place” means death.

Forget that phrase in “The Hunger Games,” because if you are taken…the odds are not ever in your favor. We went through a 4-article series on how to escape from the Gulag where I reiterated how important it is for you to stay out of it. I stand by this concept. If you are taken captive, the odds aren’t in your favor of getting out…for the duration of it.

And then guess what? The Germans during WWII as the allies approached began to hide their transgressions by liquidating the camps…basically killing everyone that could bear any type of witness to the atrocities. Do not think for an instant that it will not happen again. Look at Holodomor in Ukraine and the starvation tactics the USSR used to follow after the Malthusian model. Our enemies have very little regard for human life, and the lives they value are of their own people. If the Chinese communists would run over their own people with tanks and sell their internal organs while they’re still alive, what will they do with us?

Which brings us to the “Malcolm X” rule:
Law 5: You must stay out and survive by any and all means necessary.

Some of you may think “JJ is a little harsh.” I would rather be hard and harsh now, and enable you, my countrymen, to have some tools at your disposal and a “sharp tack” under the figurative buttocks of your mind to give you the impetus to do something about the situation prior to its occurrence. The country is “long in the tooth,” and you have to grasp these concepts and act upon them now…not burn off the pages and save them in the survival archives…but use them to inculcate your own, individual plan of action now.

Rule #5 means resolving yourself to do what you must in order to protect yourself from the ravages (and not just possible, but probable death) inside of one of these camps. These are all basic, “generic” things to begin as a base for your preparations. This is a form of guerilla warfare! Avoid the occupiers/oppressors at all cost! These things will work for you…if you resolve yourself (ves) to do them. I’ll close with a note on OPSEC (operational security): you better build off of these basics and keep all of them to yourself.

JJ is giving you the basics that you need, without revealing everything of his own plans. Why? Because I earned them by paying for them with years of experience and suffering, and it means my family’s survival. Such measures would run you a lot of money and imagination; such measures come from years of practical experience and the willingness to take chances. This thought brings us to our final rule, the failure of which means compromise leading to death:
Law 6: Do not tip your hand or reveal your plans to anyone.

Next installment we will talk about life under occupation, be that by foreign invaders or by totalitarian state that has morphed out of a democracy. In the meantime, prepare and plan, and when you are reasonably sure, execute a dry run. The practice does make perfect and affords you a time and trials to iron out all of the glitches in your operations. Until next time be good to one another and keep up the fight!


Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.

This information has been made available by Ready Nutrition
Originally published December 13th, 2015

Nine Important Facts To Remember As We Grow Older - Mon 26 Oct 2015, 12:46 pm

Nine Important Facts To Remember As We Grow Older

#9 Death is the number 1 killer in the world.

#8 Life is sexually transmitted.

#7 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

#6 Men have 2 motivations: hunger and hanky panky, and they can't tell them apart. If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.

#5 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.

#4 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.

#3 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

#2 In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

#1 Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers. What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow.

This is an ad, but it talks about China, the IMF and the dollar. First Look: U.S. Dollar "Substi - Sun 25 Oct 2015, 10:30 am

This is an ad, but it talks about China, the IMF and the dollar.


First Look: U.S. Dollar "Substitute"
will soon be revealed

  If you own anything priced in U.S. dollars, an upcoming announcement
could start a new era in modern finance, and could create a
once-in-a-lifetime moneymaking opportunity.
Hi, my name is Dr. Steve Sjuggerud.
I'm the Chief Strategist for Stansberry Research.
We're one of the largest independent financial research firms on the planet, with more than 350,000 clients in over 170 countries.
I've put together this letter to alert you to an important financial announcement coming soon, which could signal a huge shift in the international currency markets.
For anyone who holds their savings or investments in U.S. dollars, this day, and the months that follow, will be incredibly important--because dramatic changes are coming.
And please keep in mind: This has nothing to do with inflation, interest rates, unemployment figures, or anything like that.
What I'm talking about instead, is an official announcement, coming from one of the most powerful organizations on earth.
It's the first time in 35 years that something like this has happened.
And I believe it will trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime. You simply must be prepared, and understand what's about to happen.
Why am I so concerned?
Well, I've been active in the markets for over two decades...
I received my PhD in Finance...
I've been a stockbroker and a mutual fund Vice President.
And I even ran my own hedge fund...
But I've never seen anything in the markets that could move so much money, so quickly-
I'm talking about hundreds of billions of dollars changing hands in a single day after this announcement is made.
Now, I don't believe there's going to be a literal change to legal tender or paper currency in the U.S. But if you own U.S. assets--stocks, bonds, real estate, or just cash in a bank account--you must be aware of what's about to happen.
And as you'll see, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to set yourself up for safe and extraordinary gains.
Until recently, this story has received very little press. In the early stages of my research, I saw one small article on the back pages of Bloomberg. I saw another short piece deep inside the Wall Street Journal.
But that's already changing. And I suspect this story will explode in the months to come.
Let me explain...
A Big Announcement 
Around October of next year, the International Monetary Fund is going to make a huge announcement that could radically alter the financial markets, and initiate a transfer of wealth, unlike anything we've seen in more than three decades.
We know the approximate date of this announcement because I recently dug through all of the IMF's press releases.
Like most official documents, its filled with acronyms and insider jargon.
But if you understand the markets, it's not too hard to figure out exactly what's going on-- what they'll really be deciding.
I can tell you for certain that this meeting is all about a big potential shift in the world currency markets.
As you probably know, the currency market is the world's largest, most vital marketplace.
It's far, far larger than the stock market.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF1
After all, it's the market for money.
Maybe you don't care about currency movements just yet.
Or maybe you think currency shifts, such as the one that's about to take place, affect only traders and big banks... or people living overseas.
Believe me, nothing could be further from the truth.
Here's a quick example of what I mean.
Although most Americans didn't realize it, there was a similar (albeit much smaller) announcement in the currency markets earlier this year. And it sent shockwaves around the globe. Here's what happened.
First the Franc... Next the Dollar

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF2%281%29
January 15, 2015 began like any other day in Switzerland.
But around 9:30 AM, without any warning whatsoever, the Swiss central bank announced they were ending the nation's currency peg.
Previously, the value of the Franc grew and shrank alongside the value of the Euro.
The currency was considered "safe," and had extremely low interest rates.
This enabled traders from around the world to borrow in Swiss Francs.
Homeowners throughout Europe did the same--and for years, everything seemed to work fine.
The average Swiss citizen didn't think twice about the Franc--much like most people in the U.S. think very little about the value of the U.S. dollar since everything we own is priced in dollars and everything we buy is priced in dollars, too.
But things in Switzerland began to change very quickly after the January 15th announcement.
The Franc soared as high as 40% in a matter of hours.
Because the Swiss franc got so expensive, investors quickly dumped Swiss stocks like Nestle, Cartier, and Credit Suisse...
Billions were wiped off the Swiss stock market, overnight, as part of the largest one-day drop in almost 30 years.
Nick Hayeck, the chief executive of Swiss watch firm Swatch said, "[De-pegging the Franc] is a tsunami for the export industry, for tourism, and... for the entire country."
Steen Blaafalk, CFO of Saxo Bank, told the Wall Street Journal, "I've been in the market 30 years and I have never seen anything like it."
Even worse, millions of middle-class Europeans outside of Switzerland lost a fortune because they borrowed money in Swiss Francs. Suddenly, they owed 40% more than they did the day before.
For example, one Warsaw borrower saw the mortgage payment on his family's small flat shoot up more than $240 in a single week. The 40 year old lawyer told Reuters: "When I heard the news about the Franc my first reaction was disbelief. Then came slight horror -- what would happen next?"
And a teacher living near the Swiss-Italian border said, "I'm losing tons because of the Franc. Our [family's] mantra is now, buy only what's essential."
But not everyone suffered because of the Swiss Central Bank's currency decision.
Some banks and many investors were properly positioned for the big move.
Questra Capital, for example, made millions betting that the Euro would slump below the Franc. "We immediately knew that it was going to be a very, very good day for [our] investors," said Executive Thomas Suter.
The Wall Street Journal reported that people living near Switzerland's border took advantage of this arbitrage opportunity, almost immediately.
People throughout Switzerland flooded local currency exchange centers to get more Euros with their Francs than ever before.
Take a look at the lines that formed at currency kiosks... some Swiss ATM's were literally running out of Euros to dispense.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF3%281%29
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF4%281%29
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF5
You get the point. This was a big move in the currency markets. It affected millions of people.
But here's what you need to keep in mind:
The Swiss Franc is like a speck of dirt compared to the worldwide importance and use of the U.S. dollar.
Consider this: government and public debt in the U.S. is about 100-times more than that of Switzerland.
And, there are over $1 trillion dollars of physical U.S. currency in the world, compared to only about $389 million Swiss francs.
In other words, there are 3,000-times more U.S. dollars in circulation than Swiss Francs.
So while the recent big shift in the Swiss franc was important, it's going to be nothing compared to the ramifications from what's about to happen to the U.S. dollar.
You see, I believe the IMF's pending announcement will directly affect the global use of U.S. dollars.
So while swift movements in the Franc affected some hedge funds, international bankers, and a few million people living in Europe...
Swift movements in the dollar will affect nearly EVERYONE in the world... but Americans most of all.
That's because there are simply so many more U.S. dollars in circulation, so much more dollar-denominated debt, and so many more things priced in U.S. dollars, compared to the Swiss franc or any other currency.
Here's what's about to happen...
So what exactly is going to happen?
The important point to remember is this: Very rarely do we know the exact timeline for a major event in the financial markets. 
But as I'll show you, I can show with as much certainty as there is in the investment world that this event will happen. And when it does... it's going to start a domino effect that will last for years... and will affect you and your money for a long time.
If you're unfamiliar with the IMF, think of them as a club of bankers from all over the world who regulate the entire international monetary system. 
The Brookings Institute has actually called this powerful group part of the world's "unelected government."
And they hold the special power to control what's known as the world's "reserve currencies."
If there's just one thing you learn from me today it's this: reserve currencies are probably the most important financial instrument in the world...
Most people mistakenly believe there's just one reserve currency. But today there are actually seven major reserve currencies.
Governments use reserve currencies to pay their debts... and to diversify their savings and investments.
Businesses use them to trade...
And any change to the world's "reserve currencies" quickly reverberates around the world, putting literally hundreds of billions of dollars into motion, in a matter of minutes.
Before I go any further, let me stop for just a second and tell you: The IMF is NOT going to announce that the U.S. dollar is no longer the world's #1 reserve currency.
Lots of people have been talking about that idea in recent years, but that's NOT what I suspect the IMF is about to announce.
But I'm convinced they are going to make a huge... and dramatic change to the reserve currency system -- which I believe will affect you over the next few years.
Let me explain this change by first showing you exactly what a reserve currency is and does... and why they are so important.
By definition, a reserve currency is money held in significant quantities as a means of international payments and settlements.
And as most Americans know, for about the last 48 years, the United States Dollar has been the world's DOMINANT reserve currency.
That means, the U.S. Dollar is the most widely accepted, widely used currency in the world.
For example, when South Korea wants to buy beef from Argentina... or when Germany wants to buy oil from Saudi Arabia... the countries must first switch their home currency into U.S. dollars, before settling their payments.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF6
Most people don't realize that this is one of our biggest advantages as a nation.
It's an exceptional privilege and one of our strongest weapons.
As things stand today, America is the only country in the world that does not have to pay for its imports in a foreign currency.
We can simply print more and more money whenever we need to.
Think of it this way...
Even when the U.S. is not involved in a trade, our dollars usually are. 
And that, in turn, helps to support our economy back home.
Because the U.S. dollar is the dominant reserve currency, countries and business around the world must purchase our dollars to execute their trades.  
If a country needs oil, wheat, or gold (all of which are typically priced in dollars) they must first make sure they own enough U.S. currency to make the purchase.
But this is all changing -- and more rapidly than most Americans realize.
That's because one powerful new currency is about to be granted "reserve currency status." It seems virtually guaranteed.
And when this happens, billions -- probably even hundreds of billions -- of dollars will flood OUT of the U.S. dollar and INTO this new reserve currency. 
Here's how I see it all playing out...
The IMF's Private Meeting... Revealed
Twice a decade, the executive board of the IMF meets to reassess the world's major reserve currencies.
We haven't seen a huge change to the reserve currency system in over 35 years.
And very soon, I believe the IMF will announce a NEW reserve currency.
That announcement will set off a chain reaction throughout the financial markets.
Literally hundreds of billions of dollars will begin shuffling around the globe, causing some assets to soar and others to come crashing down. This announcement will start a domino effect, that will basically determine who in America gets rich in the years to come... and who struggles.
Consider this your warning.
If you understand and know how to position yourself for what is about to happen, almost NO other decision you make with your money will matter.
I liken it to sitting on the California coast... with a detailed satellite weather map in hand... predicting a tsunami almost no one else can yet see.
Today... everything looks calm. The winds are light. The swells rolling into shore are significant, and there's nothing out of the ordinary.
But today, you and I know there's a giant tidal wave approaching... it's going to wallop most people, unexpectedly... and will change things for several decades.
Most people don't see it coming. But you and I, we can...
That how I feel, at least.
Like I said, in my 20+ years in the market, this is easily one of the biggest and most important shifts I've ever experienced.
The beautiful thing is -- we can see exactly what's coming, and exactly how to prepare.
Look here...
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF7
This is a chart which shows all of the currencies that qualify for "reserve" status, and the percentages in which they're held by governments around the world...
As you can see, the U.S. dollar is, by far, the dominant reserve currency.
When most central banks hold money in a currency other than their own, they hold the biggest portion of that foreign money in U.S. dollars... a staggering 62%. On average they hold a little bit more, 23%, in Euros... and a little bit (about 4% each) in Japanese Yen and British pounds.
And while the Swiss Franc is, in fact, a reserve currency, countries hold a paltry $17 Billion in Francs... not even enough to make up 1% of the pie.
But remember what just happened when the Swiss policy changed?
It rattled the markets.
And what's coming soon will be much, much bigger.
I estimate that the decision will alter about 10% to 15% of the world's reserve currency make-up. Again, we're talking billions and billions of dollars that start moving... and a process that accelerates every year.
In the years to come... I believe this move could affect as much as 50% of the world reserve currency "pie."
So the chart you just saw, could eventually look like this...
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF8
One thing you need to understand is that changes to the way countries hold their reserve currencies will have an immediate and massive impact on the currency markets.
And they will cause extraordinary shifts of wealth.
I think you can make gains up to 500% -- in the right investments -- in the coming years -- very safely.
There's no doubt in my mind -- if you get ahead of these currency moves today, you will look like a genius in the years to come. You will be a hero to your family members. People will ask you in just a few years... "How did you see all of this coming... how did you know this was happening?"
While others are trying to squeeze more money out of ordinary stocks, bonds, and real estate, you'll be positioned to safely make extraordinary gains, for many years to come.
And the simple reason why is because you took the time to prepare.
To show you exactly the type of gains I expect you'll be able to make, we have to look back at the last time such a major currency move took place involving the U.S. dollar.
What Happened in the 1970s is about to Happen Again Today
In the 1970s, rising international competition, spiking energy prices and unemployment creeped into the American economy.
And with very little warning, on the morning of August 15th, 1971, President Richard Nixon went on live television to make an important announcement.
He announced that the United States dollar would no longer be backed by gold.
Furthermore, governments around the world would no longer be allowed to exchange their U.S. dollars for U.S. gold.
Nixon imposed a 90-day freeze on wages in order to combat immediate inflation.
The announcement ushered in an era known as "Nixon Shock." You may remember it well.
The price of goods and gasoline skyrocketed.
Unemployment and inflation levels ultimately reached nearly 10% in just a few years.
And people began getting out of the dollar in a significant way.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF9
Various assets here in America and abroad began moving in dramatic ways.
Take a look at this chart to see some of incredible gains that we saw during this period.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF10
Today, the same thing is about to happen again.
We are going to see a similar, huge move in the U.S. dollar.
And as a result, some assets are going to get crushed... while others absolutely soar.
I believe that in the months and years to come, we'll see the U.S. dollar fall just as it did in the 70s. And the coming announcement is going to accelerate that process.
Now, let me explain why I'm so certain this event will play out the way I believe...
The Hundred Billion Dollar Shift
As I mentioned earlier, I recently tracked down copies of all of the IMF's press releases.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 Imf-trw-press-releases
And it turns out that in a recent interview, an IMF Director laid out exactly how the process would go down. 
If you read what he said, you'll see clear as day the exact timeline for how this will all play out...
The IMF already began their twice-a-decade discussion about a special basket of reserve currencies, what they call "SDRs" back in May of 2015.
Originally, the big announcement was scheduled for later this year, but it's recently been pushed back.
This is actually great news for investors because it gives us more time to take advantage of the situation.
The new plan is for the IMF to make their decision about any change to the basket in late 2016.
Here's how I predict it will play out.
By next October, I believe the IMF will announce that a new currency has been added to this basket of approved reserve currencies.  I can't know the exact day, of course, but typically these announcements happen on a Tuesday.  The exact day doesn't matter.
What will this announcement be?
Well, of the six largest economies in the world, there's just one whose currency has not yet been declared an official reserve. 
As you might suspect, I'm talking about China and their "renminbi" currency -- or what many people call "the yuan."
And when the IMF holds its final meeting, I believe they'll approve the yuan as an additional reserve currency and grant it unprecedented power on the world stage.
As a result -- literally hundreds of billions of dollars will begin shifting around the world.
This is the tidal wave. It's inevitable. It's coming... and you need to position yourself for it now.
Governments and big banks will begin moving their holdings out of worrisome U.S. dollars, and into the new reserve currency, the Chinese yuan.
The time to take advantage of this idea is right now, today, because this story still hasn't gone mainstream.
Most people don't know anything about this, let alone understand it.
This currency announcement is going to have a huge impact on you and me... because the majority of our savings and our investments are priced in U.S. dollars.
Millions of people holding U.S. assets could become poorer, virtually overnight.
The demand for dollars will inevitably fall, as countries move money out of dollars and into China's currency, as soon as it receives reserve currency status.
At the same time, people who are informed and prepared have the potential to make an absolute fortune as this situation develops.
I hope you take the time to take advantage of this situation.
The truth is, you're unlikely to see a currency event of this magnitude again in your lifetime.
But just once is enough to make extraordinary gains.
Remember the chart I showed you earlier, about the gains that were available in the 1970s?
I firmly believe we'll see moves of 1,000% in the next decade, with a handful of assets, versus the U.S. dollar.
But how, you might be wondering, can we be certain it will transpire, just as I've described?
Well, there is no absolute certainty in the investment world. But this is about as good as it gets. The odds are so overwhelmingly stacked in our favor that you simply must take advantage of a situation like this when it arises.
All you have to do is look at the evidence that's been piling up in recent years
I boiled it down to 4 key facts...
4 Reasons the Yuan will Win Reserve
Currency Status

Let me be clear about something...
I'm not predicting the end of the U.S. dollar, or anything like that. 
What I'm talking about is a possible once in a generation move in the world of international banking and finance. If it all plays out the way I think it will, it's going to have a major impact on you and your money. And if you understand what's taking place, and can get ahead of this move, you can not only protect your money, but safely make an absolute fortune in the next few years.
This is going to be a much, much easier way to grow your money over the next few years, then trying to pick the right U.S. stocks, bonds, and real estate.
Here are the four important facts that prove to me beyond any reasonable doubt that this move will take place...
Fact #1: China has the largest economy in the world
You probably saw this fact in the news last year.
As of late 2014, China surpassed the United States as the world's largest economy based on purchasing power.
This data comes from the International Monetary Fund -- the very same group that will be making the decision about the Chinese Yuan.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF12
It's absolutely inevitable that the country with the biggest economy is going to have a currency that's part of the world's reserve system.
China also happens to be the leading global exporter as well as one of the world's largest creditors (second only to Japan). That means that most countries around the world look to China for financial help... including America.
We borrow billions from China, every single day. In total, today we as a country owe China $1.3 trillion dollars.
More than 20% our foreign debt is held by China.
If they wanted, China has the ability to single-handedly crush the U.S. dollar. They could easily dump their trillion dollars in U.S. debt obligations on the market.
I'm not saying they'll do that, of course, but they now hold a tremendous amount of leverage in the financial world.
They are going to get what they want, or they are going to make life very difficult for the United States and anyone else who owes them large amounts of money.
China desperately wants the yuan to be a reserve currency -- and they'll likely get their way.
Fact #2: They already came close in 2010
That brings me to reason number two...
This won't even be the first time the IMF considers the yuan for reserve currency status.
China already came close once before, at the last review in 2010.
The only reason the IMF decided against approving the yuan was because they felt China wasn't a large enough exporter yet, and not enough people were trading in yuan.
But a lot has changed since 2010...
According to Eswar Prasad, the former head of Financial Studies and China divisions at the IMF, "the Asian nation is likely to pass both tests."
In 2013, China became the number one exporter in the world...
The proportion of China's exports and imports settled in yuan has recently increased nearly six fold in just three years.
And the International Business Times also reported that the yuan is among the top two most-used global payment currencies.
In other words: Both roadblocks that stopped this process in 2010 have been cleared in time for the coming 2016 decision.
Fact #3: The yuan is already "unofficially" a reserve currency in many places
Perhaps the most interesting development regarding China's currency is that most of the world is already treating the yuan as a reserve currency.
Consider the following:

  • Today, more than 10,000 financial institutions are doing business in Chinese yuan, up 1,011% from June 2011.

  • In December 2013, the yuan overtook the euro to become the second most-used currency in global trade finance after the U.S. dollar, according to an international agency called SWIFT, which monitors international currency flows.

  • There are now a dozen official offshore yuan clearing centers -- including Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, London, Germany, Korea, and Canada.

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF13

  • At least 40 central government banks have already invested in the yuan and several others are preparing to do so, according to the British bank, Standard Chartered.

  • Some of the biggest commercial banks in the world -- HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Citigroup and Standard Chartered all trade and settle in yuan.

Even the British government, our strongest ally, has taken a bold step to prepare...
The British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced at the end of 2014 that the British government will be the first nation to issue bonds denominated in Chinese Yuan.
Osborne described the event as "a historic moment" and a statement of British confidence in the potential of the yuan to become "the main global reserves currency."
And that brings me to Fact #4...
Fact #4: The most connected bankers in the world are now preparing for this huge development
For example...

  • A senior official at an Asian central bank told Reuters, "I think this could well be the year the yuan is included," in the basket.

  • Gary Smith, the global head of official institutions at BNP Paribas Investment Partners said in 2013, "A lot of central banks hold some yuan now... every single one will hold more... than they do today." 

  • The Official Monetary and Financial Institution Forum (OMFIF) -- with thousands of followers on Twitter, including world-renowned financiers like Jim Rickards -- recently posted the following on social media:

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF14

  • And Benjamin Cohen, an economics professor at UC Santa Barbara says, "It's very difficult to imagine [the IMF] won't [approve] the yuan..."

But perhaps most interesting of all was a story buried in the "World" section of the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, the deputy managing director of the IMF, Zhu Min, actually let it slip that he's "confident the Chinese yuan will be a global reserve currency."
The financial community understands that the yuan gaining reserve currency status is the logical next step for China's currency.
So, what can you do?
Well, I've done a ton of research on this development. I got my PhD in Finance with a specialization in world currencies... and for the past 20 years, I've written about extraordinary currency situations like:

  • The collapse of the Russian ruble in '98 (and again just recently)
  • The monumental rise in gold prices in the early 2000s
  • The havoc wreaked by the 2013 Argentinian currency crisis
  • The collapse of the Japanese yen over the last 3 years
  • And the Swiss franc de-pegging from the Euro just a few months ago.

The IMF's decision will have a tremendous impact on your life in the coming years. 
If you ignore this trend, you are ignoring what is probably the easiest, safest, and most reliable way to make money and also protect your family from the inevitable financial crisis in the U.S. dollar.
So what should you do about this situation?
I believe there are four (4) steps you should take, right away to prepare for the big Chinese Yuan announcement.
These four steps will help you: a) protect your current savings, investments, and retirement accounts from the fall in the U.S. dollar that is inevitably coming, and b) help set you up to make extraordinary gains in the next few years.
Let me show you these four steps now:
Take These 4 Steps Now
STEP #1: Get the playbook for how the IMF's decision will likely play out
Remember the chart I showed you about what happened in the 1970s, the last time the dollar fell?
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF15
A few, very specific assets skyrocketed hundreds of percent.
And, 40 years later, I think it's likely we'll see a few of these assets soar once again.
What happened in the 1970s serves as a blueprint and a playbook for how I expect the IMF's October decision to unfold.
It's imperative to know which assets in particular are in the right place to climb again
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 How-to-cash-in-2016-trw-imf
It's probably not going to be the exact same investments as last time, for reasons I can explain. But some of the very same investments are likely to soar again... and a few new ones too.
I honestly believe you could see anywhere from 500% to 1,000% on some of these investments in the years to come -- if you take a position soon.
And to give you all of the specific details about this opportunity, I recently published a guide called "How to Cash in on the Most Important Financial Decision of 2016." 
It lays out everything you need to know about exactly how to play this upcoming IMF decision, along with a few additional opportunities I'll explain in full detail.
In this guide, I'll tell you specifically what soared the last time something like this happened. Additionally, I'll tell you what to say to your broker now, what price to pay for the assets I'm recommending, and what you should expect in the way of gains. There's nothing else like this guide, anywhere, at any price.
Today, I've arranged a way to send you complimentary access to this new guide.
But before I explain the details, let me go over the other three steps you should take to prepare for the announcement.
STEP # 2: The best way to make 500% in America as the dollar falls (tax free!)  
Step #2 is an incredible and safe way a lot of rich, savvy investors are preparing for this epic event.
You see, right now, there's an unbelievable opportunity to make 5 to 10 times your money... All thanks to our government's out-of-control spending.
I'd bet that as the dollar weakens this opportunity could become even more lucrative.
This investment opportunity has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, or options. But it's in a market that's almost as big as the U.S. stock market.
Best of all, this hard asset has been proven to rise hundreds of percent when the value of the dollar is in jeopardy. In the 70s, for example, this was one of the easiest 100% gains you could make.
It's really easy to buy... quite safe, and can provide extraordinary gains. Best of all, if you buy, hold, and sell this investment the right way, you can make great gains that are totally tax-free.
I think it will be the best way to make money against a falling dollar.
I've personally invested a big chunk of my own money in this kind of opportunity. And I've persuaded a lot of my friends and business associates to do the same.
And the great part is, even if I'm completely wrong about my predictions for the currency market... And even if by some miracle Washington abandons its destructive financial policies... this investment could still make you very good money.
That's partly because, unlike stocks, this can NEVER go to zero. It always has value.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF17
I truly believe this asset is set to soar very soon. And you would be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity today.
Because I'm so excited about this opportunity in particular, I've put together a second full report on just this topic.  It's called The Best Way to Make 500% in America, Tax Free, and I'll give you access to it, along with your copy of the Research Report I already described, How to Cash in on the Most Important Financial Decision of 2016.
Now, let's take a look at one more step I recommend you take right away to prepare for this upcoming announcement...
STEP #3: Take Advantage of the Secret Currency Trade of the Decade
Most people have no idea that this opportunity even exists, but it's actually one of the best performing assets of all time.
And I believe it will provide incredible gains in the years to come.
I'm talking about a very lucrative and clever way to play the currency markets without ever having to actually trade foreign exchange.
This investment offers all the protection of gold (in fact it's backed by gold)... but it's actually even better than gold, for reasons you'll soon understand.
In fact, the last time the Salomon Brothers brokerage firm included this secret currency in its annual investment survey, this investment ranked No. 1 over the prior 20-year span, with an annual return of 17.3%. In other words, it was the single most profitable thing you could do with your money over the previous 20 years.
It beat stocks, bonds, gold, silver, artwork, diamonds, U.S. Treasury bills, real estate, and oil.
And as the dollar fell in the 1970s, this asset earned over 1,000%.
And again from 1986 and 1990, investors who took advantage of this investment saw profits of 665%. Stocks, meanwhile, went on a roller coaster ride -- including the 20%-plus one day crash in 1987.
On top of huge potential gains, this might also be the absolute safest place to put a good portion of your savings right now.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF18
I think the gains could be much, much bigger this time around. Back in the 70s, many people were wary of owning various forms of gold, because it had been banned for so long. Today the market is much bigger, the gains could easily turn out to be 500% or more.
I don't want to reveal the secret right here.
But I will tell you all about it in a third research report I'd like to give you access to today.
It's called, The Secret Currency -- How to make 500% gains in the coming years, with very little risk.
And that leads me to our final, and probably most important, step...
STEP #4: Take advantage of the quickest, safest gains that result from this huge paradigm shift -- in China
One thing you need to realize is that what is happening with the Yuan's reserve currency status will likely become one of the biggest news stories and investment opportunities of the decade.
Putting just a little bit of money into this trend could make a huge difference in your savings and retirement accounts.
Because most people don't know that when the Chinese stock market moves, it can skyrocket hundreds of percent. 
For example, from 2005 to 2007, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index soared more than 600%. That's triple what we just experienced over the past few years in the U.S. market.
I know...
Most Americans don't want to put money in China. And if you want to take Steps 1-3, and avoid Step #4 altogether, that's fine. You'll still safely make a lot of money in the coming years, just by sticking with Steps 1-3.
I strongly recommend you at least consider a very small investment in China, to take advantage of this move.
And to eliminate any confusion or hesitancy you might have, I've found two really safe ways for you to play this trade.
Let me explain...
First, take a look at this chart...
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF19
As you can see, U.S. Stocks have soared more than 200% since 2009, but Chinese stocks have yet to take off.
I believe it's likely to happen again.
Now, take a look here.
As you can see, U.S. stocks and Chinese stocks had about the same value from 2011 to 2012.
But now, there's a massive value gap.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF20
And more importantly, Chinese stocks are cheaper today than they were before their past two triple-digit booms in the last decade.
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 IMF21%281%29
Like I said, I know most people are afraid to invest money in China.
So if that sounds like you, take your normal investing position, and cut it to 90%. Take that remaining 10% and just dip your toe into these investments.
The gains are likely to be extraordinary. And even just a tiny position can make a big difference in your overall net worth.
By acting right now, you are getting into a market with a history of rallying triple digits... at some of the lowest prices in years.
And when the yuan receives its reserve currency status as I expect it to, investors and money will flood into China.
The good news is, I've found a few super low risk investments that allow you take advantage of the opportunity brewing right now. 
These investments trade right here in the United States. They are cheap and easy to buy and sell.
Now keep in mind that Chinese investments can be volatile so it may not always be the right time to buy these stocks... but I will always let you know when to "get in." In 2015, for example, my readers were sitting on potential gains over 110% in about 10 months by getting in a Chinese ETF at the right time.
I believe that these two investments are some of the best places you can find truly safe triple digit gains in China.

  • One takes advantage of a new investing rule I bet most people haven't heard of. Essentially, it allows Americans to own "A-class" shares of stock typically reserved for Chinese locals. These are the types of shares that I believe could earn 50%, 100% even 150% very quickly. I think this is one of the very best ways to play the trend... Because the idea of "A-shares" is gaining momentum, I don't think you're going to get in this cheap for much longer. And like I said, when the time is right, you can make this investment right here in America, with your ordinary broker.

  • The second opportunity plugs you into some of the biggest and safest Chinese companies on the market. For example, one of them is a mobile - phone provider with over 800 million subscribers. That's more than twice the number of people living in America! And history has shown us that when this investment goes up, it goes WAY up.  During China's 2005 bull market, for example, it gained over 300%!  If more and more companies begin using the Yuan by the end of the year, these are the Chinese companies you'll hear about all over the news.

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 How-to-cash-in-2016-trw-imf
Like I said, I know investing in Chinese assets is not for everyone. But this is potentially an incredibly lucrative trade. It's easy and safe to make -- and actually carries very little risk. I hope you'll at least take a very small position when the time is right.
Everything you need to know about these Chinese investments is also included in your complimentary guide: "How to Cash in on the Most Important Financial Decision of 2016." 
You don't need to worry about learning how to get into investments in China for yourself, I've already done all of the work for you. I'll tell you stock tickers, prices, and exactly what to buy. Like I said, I expect these to be some of the quickest and safest gains you can make.
So those are the four steps I recommend you take -- as soon as possible.
This situation is going to move quickly as the story gains momentum in the coming weeks.
Every week, I'm seeing a little more press coverage. Recently, for example I saw a story in Barron's entitled "China... Aims to join IMF's Reserve Currency Club"... and another in Reuters which quotes IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde saying the yuan's Reserve Currency "Is not a question of if, it's a question of when."
Get in on this opportunity now. You truly have a chance to be in on the ground floor.
Let me show how you can get access to all of this Research right now. It's easy, simple, and cheap...
What I recommend you do right now
As I mentioned earlier, I work for an independent financial research firm called Stansberry Research.
We have a staff of about 150 people stationed around the world -- from our headquarters in Baltimore, to our analysts in Barcelona, Ukraine, New York, Seattle, and Colorado. We're also in the process of opening a new office in Singapore.
Our main objective is to find safe and profitable investment ideas -- like the ones I just told you about -- which you are not likely to hear about anywhere else.
The IMF's reserve currency decision is one of the top stories my team has been tracking this year.
In the months to come, I believe we'll see a handful of other opportunities pop up as more and more people become aware of what's about to happen.
These may be ways to protect yourself from a falling dollar, or ways to potentially profit from a rising Yuan.
So to help you get started, my company has a completely risk-free program in place.
When you take a risk-free trial subscription to my monthly research service, True Wealth, I will immediately give you access to  all of the research reports I described here. This includes:
Research Report #1: How to Cash in on the Most Important Financial Decision of 2016
Research Report #2: The Best Way to Make 500% in America, Tax Free
Research Report #3: The Secret Currency -- How to make 500% gains in the coming years, with very little risk.
In addition to these 3 Research Reports, you'll begin receiving True Wealth on the 3rd Friday of each month.
You see, my aim in True[i] Wealth[/i] is to find unique, simple, and extremely safe ways to help you invest and pay for retirement.
My motto is simple:
You don't have to take big risks to make big gains.
I don't write a typical stock tout sheet... not by a long shot.
I'm not going to tell you about the next high-flying penny stock, the next biotech trend, or a focus on one particular area of the market.
No, I do a completely different type of research from anyone else I know of in this business.
To help me, I've hired a team of mathematicians and spent over a million dollars building an advanced computer system that allows me to identify indicators for some of the most important market moves, well in advance.
I also travel in person... hundreds of thousands of miles in the past few years... investigating my favorite opportunities firsthand.
In just the past few years, I've traveled to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Switzerland, Fiji, France and Belize pursuing safe ways to help my readers make great profits.
I'm proud to say that over the years, I've managed to call the timing of a lot of big market events.
Like the top of the market in January of 2000. I wrote to my readers: "We are at the peak of most likely the greatest financial mania that will ever be seen in our lifetimes and quite possibly the greatest ever witnessed."
And then at the bottom in March of 2009 I said, "I am extremely bullish on stocks, starting now."
This is why I'm asked to appear on some of the biggest financial news shows, month after month. In just the past six months, I've appeared on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg Television. 
And this is why many investment professionals have used my ideas for themselves and their clients.
I'm talking about people like...

  • Alex L., a NYSE stockbroker with two decades of experience who put it this way: "I learned more from Dr. Sjuggerud in the last 8 months about the wide universe of investments than I learned in 19 years as a broker. Steve's recommendations are conservative, they make sense, and they regularly make large profits - much more than one would expect from safe investments."

  • And Gary M., a Senior VP at one of the world's biggest investment firms, who called my recommendations "the major arrow in his quiver." He said he used them for his clients' accounts all the time.
    Like a lot of wealthy investors, Gary reads a lot, constantly looking for investment ideas. My research, he says, "ranks at the very top."

Nothing makes me happier than to read these sorts of emails.
So how much does my work cost... and how can you get started?
Well, a one-year subscription, including everything I mentioned here, normally costs $99 per year -- that's what many others have paid.
But right now, you can try my research, for less than HALF the normal rate. You'll pay just $39 for an entire year. That's a 66% discount.
Why so cheap?
Well, to be honest, our business really only works if our subscribers stick with us for the long-term. But we realize you've got to try our work first, to see if it's right for you.
And that's why, through this presentation, we're making it so cheap, and essentially risk-free to try. What I mean is, you'll have the next four months to take a look at the Research Reports I've just described, plus the next four issues of my True Wealth newsletter... and the next four months of my DailyWealth email reports.
If you decide for any reason within the first 4 months that my work is not right for you, just let us know and you can receive a full refund... and keep everything you've received so far.
In other words, by taking me up on this offer, you are agreeing only to TRY my work to see if you like it.
I hope you take advantage of this opportunity.
I think it's going to be by far the most important investment trend of the next five years and beyond. And you can be among the first to get in on it right now.
You can set yourself up for extraordinary gains by simply making a few simple and safe moves today.
One more thing you might want to know: As I mentioned earlier, we have hundreds of thousands of customers all across the globe.
We have grown to be the biggest research organization of our kind in the world... and we have an A+ rating with the leading online reputation management website. You can't reach an A+ status without lots and lots of happy customers.
Plus, we also have earned something else no rating agency can ever bestow...
To date, we have had more than 35,000 subscribers from around the globe tell us they like our work so much, they want to receive it for "Life"... In my mind these "lifetime subscriptions" are the absolute strongest endorsement we can ever receive, because it comes directly from the people who know us best, our customers.
Of course, I'm not asking you to make any big commitment. All I want you to do is take a few minutes to sign up for a no-risk trial subscription. Take an immediate look at all the Research Reports I've described.
All this information is yours to keep, whether you choose to continue reading my work or not. You're not risking even a penny to check everything out.
Get started now by clicking the "Subscribe Now" link below. This will take you to a secure order form, where you'll have the chance to review everything before submitting your order.
Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
Chief Strategist, Stansberry Research
October 2015
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Here are 7 simple steps on how to fight speeding tickets and win — from an ex-cop - Sat 24 Oct 2015, 3:09 pm

Here are 7 simple steps on how to fight speeding tickets and win — from an ex-cop
Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 Default
Free Thought Project
24 Oct 2015 at 10:20 ET                   

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 Man-stopped-by-police-patrol-car-Shutterstock-800x430
Man stopped by police patrol car (Shutterstock)

It is estimated that in 2014 that there were over 41,000,000 speeding tickets issued in the USA and that over 25% of these were issued in error.

The most common errors include shadowing, RFI inference, cosine angle error, mechanical interference and devices that are out of calibration.

But out of these 41,000,000 speeding tickets only 5% challenged their citation in court.

And out of this 5% less than .05% beat their ticket or have it dismissed.

Why?  Because they were not prepared!

The radar gun or lidar gun the police officer used to issue you your speeding ticket is a scientific instrument and because of this the officer must be certified and by law, must follow certain requirements.

So if you’re planning on fighting your ticket in court, we put together this guide to help disqualify the officer’s testimony and his/her equipment, so you have a better chance of winning your case.

Prepare Yourself Before You Ever Get Stopped

Before, during, and right after the stop are the most critical times to prepare your defense if you plan on fighting your speeding ticket.

Because of this, it’s CRITICAL that you remember EVERYTHING that is happening around you and document it:

  • What was the traffic flow like
  • What signs are on the roadway
  • The condition of the roadway
  • Other witnesses
  • What is the weather like

As you’re doing this, look for a safe place to pull over for you and the police officer.

If you’re on the highway in busy traffic, put your flashers on, pull over to the right and consider exiting at the first exit.

The Approach

Once you’re pulled over and stopped STAY IN YOUR CAR!

Many police officer shootings occur as the officer is approaching a violator. Because of this, his/her stress levels are high, and he/she is watching everything you and the occupants of the car are doing.


  • Reach into the glove box
  • Reach under your seat


  • Keep your hands in plain sight

Your only job at this point is to reduce the officer’s stress level as much as possible.

The California Stop

One strategy to reduce the officer’s stress level is called the California Stop.

As the officer is exiting his car, roll down the driver’s side window.

If it is at night, turn on your interior lights

Then place your hands on the top of your steering wheel palms up, facing your face.

Doing this, the officer can immediately see that you’re not an immediate threat, and his stress level is reduced.

License, Registration, Insurance Card, any Weapons?

Now that the officer is standing next to your car one of the first things he is going to ask you is for your license, registration, insurance card and if you have any weapons in your possession.

If you do have any weapons, tell him where they are and follow his/her instructions and hopefully you’re properly licensed to possess them.

Do You Know Why I Stopped You?

Remember, everything you say or do will be documented by the officer so don’t admit anything, especially that you were not paying attention.

Just say “no officer, can you explain to me why you stopped me?”

Obey the Officer’s Requests

After the officer obtains the required documentation he may ask you to step out of your car or to remain in your car, just follow his commands.

Can I See Your Radar/Laser Gun?

If the officer says that he used a radar or laser gun, seem curious and ask the officer if you can see it and if he would be willing to explain to you how it works.

If the officer does allow you to see it, take a mental picture of the device, getting the manufacturer’s name and model number.

If he refuses to show you the gun, then just ask him if he could explain to you how it works.

The Citation

As some point, the officer is going to either have you sign the citation or just hand you a copy.

While he is still with you, review the citation to see if he documented the type of device he used to measure your speed.

If he didn’t ask him/her to put on the citation the type of device he/she used.


Remember everything you do or say is being documented and possibly even being recorded by the officer.

It’s your job to do the same!

After the Stop

After the stop, find a safe place to pull over and write down EVERYTHING that happened. Then return to the area and snap photos of the area with a camera or your smartphone.

Get Ready for Your Case

Next it’s your job to get ready for your trial.

Step #1 – Know What the Officer Shot You With

To properly prepare your case, you first need to know what type of device the officer used to clock your speed.

Police radar guns transmit microwave radio signals, and it this type of enforcement that accounts for most speeding citations.Police lidar guns transmit a narrow beam of light in the near inferred light spectrum and they account for 20% of all traffic citations.

Other ways an officer can clock your speed are using a timing device such as a stopwatch or VASCAR, or following behind you clocking your speed using their speedometer.

Because of this, you need to know EXACTLY what the officer used to measure your speed.

Many jurisdictions will note on the citation what type of device was used and even the device’s serial number.

If this is not documented on your citation, then you may need to follow-up with a friendly telephone call to the agency or officer that issued you the citation and inquire.

Step #2 – Start by Downloading These Free NHTSA Guides

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is responsible for developing training programs responsive to the Uniform National Standards established by the Highway Safety Act of 1996.

Because of this, the NHTSA has published guidelines both police agencies and officers MUST follow when operating radar or laser.

As we will be referencing several portions of each of these guides in this article to help you build your case, we would recommend “googling” these titles and download these free PDFs now:

Speed-Measuring Device Performance Specification: Across-the-Road Radar Module

Lidar Speed Measuring Device Performance Specifications

Police Radar Instructor Training Course

Basic Training Program in Radar Speed Measurement

Step #3 – Have an Understanding of Case Law

Case Law Regarding the Use of Police Radar

If you were cited by an officer who used a police radar gun, your next step is to have a understanding of these most significant case laws pertaining to the use of radar in speed enforcement.

State of Florida v. Aquilera (1979)

This infamous case is known widely as the Miami Radar Trial. After a local television reporter showed a house clocked at 28 mph and a palm tree clocked at 86 mph, the story broke nationwide and radar was quickly shown to be less than accurate. In this case the Dade County Court sustained a motion to suppress the results of radar units in 80 speeding ticket cases.

The court’s opinion stated that the reliability of radar speed measuring devices as used in their present modes and particularly in some cases, has not been established beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt, nor has it met the test of reasonable scientific certainty.

United States v. Fields (1982)

District Court in Ohio ruled that it was not possible to establish from the radar results whether the defendant was traveling at 43 mph or whether the Speedgun 8 radar unit was measuring the rotation of the ventilation fan at the sewage pumping station next to the officer’s car.

The court also found that the officer was not qualified to operate the radar unit since he did not know the requirements for correct operation of the unit. In addition, the officer did not calibrate it before use, on that occasion.

Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Honeycutt (1966)

This case is a very common prosecution weapon against the 24 hours of classroom and 16 hours of field training requirement. In this case the court ruled that an officer should not be required to know the scientific principles of radar.

The court also ruled that the officer only needs to know how to properly set up, test and read the radar unit. As such, a few hours of instruction should be enough to qualify an officer to operate the radar unit.

State of Connecticut v. Tomanelli (1966)

In the case, which is the same year as the Honeycutt case, the Supreme Court of Connecticut ruled that “outside influences may affect the accuracy of the recording by a police radar set sufficient to raise a doubt as to the reliability of the speed recorded.”

The court also stated that tuning forks must be proved to be accurate to be accepted as valid tests of a radar unit. In order to establish the accuracy of the radar unit the operator must testify to the following:

  1. That he made tuning fork tests before and after the defendant’s speed was recorded.
  2. That the tests were made by activating 40, 60 and 80 mph tuning forks and by observing that the unit responded correctly in each case.

State of Minnesota v. Gerdes (1971)

The Supreme Court of Minnesota ruled that where the only means of testing the accuracy of a radar unit is an internal mechanism within the unit, and there is no other evidence of the motorist’s speed other than the radar reading, the conviction cannot be sustained.

The court also established the following conditions for proving the accuracy of the radar unit:

  1. The officer must have adequate training and experience in the operation of the radar unit.
  2. The officer must testify as to how the unit was set up and the conditions the unit was operated under.
  3. it must be proven that the unit was operated with a minimum possibility of distortion from external interference.
  4. The unit has to be tested with an external source, such as a tuning fork or an actual test run with another vehicle with an accurately calibrated speedometer.

People of New York v. Perlman (1977)

The Suffolk County District Court ruled that the radar device was not proved to be accurate since no external test had been performed before or after the arrest. This case is significant since it established the criteria of testing before and after a citation is issued.

State of Wisconsin v. Hanson (1978)

In this landmark case, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin set minimum conditions for the use of radar as evidence. Sufficient evidence to support a speeding conviction with moving radar will require testimony by a competent operating officer that:

  1. He had adequate training and experience in radar operation
  2. The radar unit was in proper working condition at the time of the arrest
  3. The radar unit was used in an area where there was a minimum possibility of distortion
  4. The input speed of the officer’s car was verified; the car’s speedometer was expertly tested within a reasonable period after the citation was issued
  5. All testing was done without the radar unit’s own internal calibration device being used

State of Florida v. Allweiss (1980)

The Pinellas County Court ruled that the testing methods for radar equipment are legally insufficient. “The use of such a tuning fork furnished by the manufacturer in this court’s opinion is tantamount to allowing the machine to test itself.

A tuning fork furnished by the manufacturer is merely an extension and part of the total speed measuring apparatus.

Case Law Regarding the Use of Police Lidar

If an officer used a police lidar gun to cite you, then your next step is to have a basic understanding of these most significant case laws that pertain to the use of lidar in speed enforcement.

Admissibility of Motor Vehicle Speed Readings
714 A.2d 381, 391-92 (New Jersey Superior Court 1998)

The Superior Court of New Jersey ordered that admissibility to lidar is subject to the following rules:

  1. Expert testimony is not required.
  2. Officers must be properly trained in the use of lidar and that training must be documented.
  3. The lidar must be tested according to procedures recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. The court further ordered that the lidar be tested against a known speed.
  5. Speed reading obtained by lidar are not affected by temperature, the degree of ambient light, or light to moderate rain. Readings shall not be accepted during heavy rainfall or while snow is falling.
  6. Speed reading made at distances up to 1,000 feet are admissible. Readings obtained in excess of 1,000 feet shall be admitted only with supporting evidence and expert testimony

State of Hawaii v Abiye Assay

Once an officer has completed a course of instruction and certified to operate lidar – training is not done. Officers must understand (memorize) 11.2 Principles of Operation.

For example, during the known-distance test officers must testify that the lidar uses proven time-distance formulas (pulse principle) and the speed of light (universal constant) to determine the known distance. Since the lidar utilizes one microprocessor to calculate time-of-flight and thus confirms the correct pulse repetition frequency, the lidar can accurately determine speed.

Then officers must obtain, read, and understand the manufacturer’s operator’s manual (10.7 Certification) for the particular lidar used and follow the manufacturer-recommended procedures for testing. Officers must further test the lidar as outlined in 11.16 Testing the LIDAR:

Known Speed Test. All lidars must include a Technician Certification (10.7 & 11.16) every 3 years in accordance with manufacture’s specifications and NHTSA standards. (Note: New lidars come with a Technician Certification from the factory.)

Officers must successfully complete Visual Speed Estimations, Enclosure 13.2 and be prepared to present this information in a court of law. During operation officers must understand and follow a proper tracking history (11.4 Lidar Tracking History) and be prepared to testify as to visual observations and speed estimates prior to clocking with lidar.

Officers must understand all lidar effects (11.5Lidar Effects), including proper operation to avoid any of these effects. Officer must be currently certified (10.7 Certification) to operate radar/lidar. Finally, the officer must prepare all court cases as outlined in this manual. (10.8 Court Testimony, 10.9 Traffic Evidence Kit)

Step #4 – Get the Manufacture’s Manuals

Next you will want to obtain the manuals from the manufacturer for the speed measurement device used by the officer.

Sometimes a simple search on Google can locate these.

If not, you then may have to contact the manufacturer to purchase a copy and/or subpoena the manual through the courts from the police agency.

Take special note what the manufacturer’s recommendations are as far as:

  • Installation
  • Calibration
  • Use and Care of
  • Any training and certification that may be required
  • Recommended record keeping
  • Tuning fork care of the device and recommendations

Step #5 – Subpoena Records

Next, you will want to contact the court to find out the procedures in obtaining the following records from the police agency through a subpoena:

  • Officers training records
  • Officers disciplinary reports
  • Radar/Laser device maintenance records
  • Tuning fork calibration records (radar)
  • Officers certification records for the device
  • Annual calibration records for the device
  • Daily calibration records for the device

Step #6 – POST Records

All states have what is called Police Officer Standard Training (POST) regarding the certification and use of speed measurement devices.

Contact your state agency and request copies of these.

Step #7 – Preparing Your Defense

Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to go through all these manuals, training records, and training guides to discredit the officer and the equipment he/she used to issue you your citation.

Here are some examples:

Was the Officer Properly Trained/Certified to Use the Equipment?

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and case law requires that the officer issuing you the citation be properly trained and certified for the device he/she used to issue you your citation.

Once you receive his training records, check this, along with the operator manual for that particular radar/lidar gun to see if any updated training was required.

Was the Radar/Lidar Device Operated Properly?

One example we assisted in preparing a defense on was regarding an officer who targeted vehicles with his laser gun, aiming at their reflection in his side view mirror.

During the questioning of the officer, the defendant asked in what training guide and/or manual could the officer reference that this type of targeting was approved.

Because the officer could not provide this information, the case was dismissed.

When Was the Radar/Laser Gun Last Certified?

In 2004, a reporter from the Hartford Courant newspaper contacted us regarding a speeding ticket she received and asked for some tips.

The first thing I asked her to do was to check the calibration certification records on the radar gun the officer used to issue her the citation.

A few days later she called us back and related that the last certification was done over 4 years ago.

Did the Officer Properly Calibrate the Radar/Lidar Gun?

It is required that the officer perform a calibration check prior to and after issuing any citations during his/her shift as outlined in the manual for that particular make/model.

However, we have found that even if the officer may have performed this calibration test, they never documented it. This is how you can impeach an officer regarding his/her test.

One of the first things a police recruit is ever taught in training is to document EVERYTHING.

Thus, this calibration test should be documented by the officer either on the citation that was issued, in his personal notebook, on the logbook, or on the units calibration records.

Did the Officer Use the Correct Tuning Fork(s)?

Each tuning fork used for calibration is designed for a particular make/model of radar and/or laser gun and is serialized.
Check this serial number against the calibration records for that particular unit while also noting the last date of the calibration of the tuning fork(s).

Are There Any Cracks or Chips in the Tuning Fork?

A strategy we have shared with clients is to subpoena the tuning fork(s) used during the calibration and check them prior to the trial.

Because tuning forks are made from a light aluminum alloy, if dropped, small chips and/or cracks may form, which will impact the accuracy of the tuning fork.

If these chips and/or cracks are observed, then while the officer is on the stand, introduce these tuning forks into evidence asking if these were the ones used to calibrate the gun.

Once he/she does confirm this you can then introduce into evidence the facts on how this could impact the officer’s calibration test.

Was There a Shadow Error?

A Shadow Error occurs when the moving radar’s “Low Doppler” incorrectly locks onto a large metal object like an 18 wheeler in front of the patrol car and adds the speed differential to the opposite lane target vehicle’s speed.

Was There a VSS Error?

Low Doppler is used to determine the patrol vehicles speed. Shadowing has and is being eliminated by interfacing the police radar gun into the vehicle’s speed sensor. This is known as VSS or Vehicle Speed Sensor interface.

Now that the patrol car’s speed is obtained by the vehicle’s own speed sensor, the low Doppler signal from the police radar gun can be compared and accuracy is increased.

Was There a Cosine Error?

Cosine error is standard with both radar and laser guns. The greater the transmission angles of the gun to the target vehicle, the greater the error.

Who does the error favor?

Well if it was a stationary radar gun or a laser gun, the error is in YOUR FAVOR!

An example would be a stationary speed radar/lidar gun transmitting at a 10′ degree angle from the approaching target vehicle. The target vehicle’s actual speed is 60 mph, but the radar gun shows 59 mph.

However, if it is a moving radar, the consign angle could put you at a disadvantage.

Moving radar was developed so an officer could measure your speed while he is driving.

To do this, the moving radar has to capture the speed of his vehicle and the speed of your vehicle and then the internal computer displays both his speed and your speed on the display.

The speeds are computed accurately as long as the officer is within a ten-degree angle as you approach.

However, if your vehicle is at a greater angle than this, it’s anyone’s guess who has the edge.

Was the Officer’s Heater or Air Conditioner On?

In 2004, the Pennsylvania State Police purchased hundreds of new radar guns.

They were clocking rocks at 70 mph.

This is an example of mechanical interference as the police car’s heater/air conditioner fan was producing the erroneous speed-reading.

The fact remains; radar and laser guns still make mistakes.

If you successfully apply all the information in this article, you should have a very good chance of beating your next speeding ticket.

This story first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

Need More Help and/or Advice From Radar Roy?

Since 1997 Radar Roy has helped thousands of people just like you beat their speeding tickets in court through his helpful guides and resources found on his website

In 1995, Radar Roy retired at the rank of Lieutenant from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and then went on to teach you how to fight the system.


First full year in new venture - Mon 19 Oct 2015, 5:30 am

The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing

by Robert L. FitzPatrick

The multi-level marketing (MLM) field grows and its member companies multiply. Solicitations to join the movement seem to be everywhere. The impression accordingly grows that it is indeed the "wave of the future", a business model that is gaining momentum, growing in acceptance and legitimacy and, as its promoters claim, will eventually replace most other forms of marketing and sales. Many are led to believe the assertions that success can be found by anyone who faithfully believes in the system and steadfastly adheres to its methods and that, eventually, all of us will become MLM distributors.

My analysis of the MLM business is based upon fourteen years experience in corporate consulting specifically in the distribution field and more than 10 years of research and writing about the MLM model. This has included serving as expert witness in state and federal court cases, corresponding directly with more than 1,500 participants, writing a book, being interviewed for local and national radio, television, newspapers and magazines, and carefully studying numerous MLM marketing and pay plans.

This research has shown that the MLM business model, as it is practiced by most companies, is a marketplace hoax. In those cases, the business is primarily a scheme to continuously enroll distributors and little product is ever retailed to consumers who are not also enrolled as distributors.

In general, MLM industry claims of distributor income potential, its descriptions of the 'network' business model and its prophecies of a reigning destiny in product distribution have as much validity in business as UFO sightings do in the realm of science.

Financially, the odds for an individual to achieve financial success under those circumstances rival the odds of winning at the tables in Las Vegas.

The very legality of the MLM system rests tenuously upon a single 1979 ruling on one company. The guidelines for legality that are set forth in that ruling are routinely ignored by the industry. Lack of governing legislation or oversight by any designated authority also enables the industry to endure despite occasional prosecutions by state Attorneys General or the FTC.

MLM is not defined and regulated like, for instance, franchises are. MLMs can be established without federal or state approval. There is no federal law specifically against pyramid schemes. Many state anti-pyramid statutes are vague or weak. State or federal regulation usually involves first proving that the company is a pyramid scheme. This process can take years and by then, the damage to consumers is done. Indeed, even when MLM pyramids are shut down, often the promoters immediately set up new companies under new names and resume scamming the public.

MLM's economic score card is characterized by massive failure rates and financial losses for millions of consumers. Its structure in which positions on an endless sales chain are purchased by selling or buying goods is mathematically unsustainable and its system of allowing unlimited numbers of distributors in any market area is inherently unstable.

MLM's espoused core business - personal retailing - is contrary to trends in communication technology, cost-effective distribution, and consumer buying preferences. The retailing activity is, in reality, only a pretext for the actual core business - enrolling investors in pyramid organizations that promise exponential income growth.

As in all pyramid schemes, the incomes of those distributors at the top and the profits to the sponsoring corporations come from a continuous influx of new investors at the bottom. Viewed superficially in terms of company profits and the wealth of an elite group at the pinnacle of the MLM industry, the model can appear viable to the uninformed, just as all pyramid schemes do before they collapse or are exposed by authorities.

Deceptive marketing that ably plays upon treasured cultural beliefs, social and personal needs, and some economic trends account for MLM's growth, rather than its ability to meet any consumer needs. The deceptive marketing is nurtured by a general lack of professional evaluation or investigation by reputable business media. Consequently, a popular delusion is supported that MLM is a viable business investment or career choice for nearly everyone and the odds of financial success in the venture are comparable or better than other trades, professions, employment or business ventures.

MLM's true constituency is not the consuming public but rather hopeful investors. The market for these investors grows significantly in times of economic transition, globalization and employee displacement. Promises of quick and easy financial deliverance and the beguiling association of wealth with ultimate happiness also play well in this market setting. The marketing thrust of MLM is accordingly directed to prospective distributors, rather than product promotions to purchasers. Its true products are not long distance phone services, vitamin pills, health potions or skin lotions, but rather the investment propositions for distributorships, which are deceptively portrayed with images of high income, minimal time requirements, small capital investments and early success.

The word, lie, is provoking and it is used here for provocative purposes. At some level, everyone who participates in MLM in which little retailing is occurring is unconsciously lying to himself or herself. Many at the top of these organizations are consciously lying to everyone else. Deception is inherent in this type of MLM scheme and is pervasive in its marketing. Here are 10 of the biggest lies I have found to be present in almost every MLM I have encountered.

Lie #1: MLM is a business offering better opportunities for making large sums of money than all other conventional business and professional models.

Truth: For almost everyone who invests MLM turns out to be a losing financial proposition. This is not an opinion, but a historical fact. Consider some notable examples from among the largest MLMs.

In the largest of all MLMs, Amway, only 1/2 of one percent of all distributors make it to the basic level of "direct" distributor, and the average income of all Amway distributors is about $40 a month. That is gross income before taxes and expenses. When costs are factored, it is obvious that nearly all suffer a loss. Making it to "direct", however, is not a ticket to profitability, but to greater losses. When the Wisconsin Attorney General filed charges against Amway, tax returns from all distributors in the state revealed an average net loss of $918 for that state's "direct" distributors.

Extraordinary sales and marketing obstacles account for much of this failure, but even if the business were more feasible, sheer mathematics would severely limit the opportunity. The MLM type of business structure can support only a small number of financial winners. If a 1,000-person downline is needed to earn a sustainable income, those 1,000 will need one million more to duplicate the success. How many people can realistically be enrolled? Much of what appears as growth is in fact only the continuous churning of new enrollees. The money for the rare winners comes from the constant enrollment of armies of losers.

The vast majority of the losers in MLM drop out within a year. In a 1999 court case brought against Melaleuca, one of the country's largest MLMs, the company claimed it has the highest "retention" rate among distributors in the entire MLM industry. Melaleuca boasted a drop-out rate is 5.5% per month. This equates to about 60% per year, if the dropouts are replaced each month.

In its annual report to the SEC, Pre-Paid Legal, another large MLM, revealed that more than 1/2 of all its customers and distributors quit each year and are replaced by another group of hopeful investors.

This pattern of 50-70% of all distributors quitting within one year holds true also for NuSkin, the industry's second largest MLM. NuSkin also exemplifies the accompanying pattern in which a tiny percent of the distributors gain the majority of all company rebates. In 1998, NuSkin paid out 2/3rds of its entire rebates to just 200 upliners out of more than 63,000 "active" distributors. The money they received came directly from the unprofitably investments of the 99.7% of the others.

In 1995, Excel Communications, another "fast growing" MLM, reported to regulators an 86% turnover rate of distributors and 48% drop-out rate among all customers.

To obscure their dismal numbers, some MLMs classify their distributors as "active" and "inactive." The Active group includes only recent participants and those still buying products or receiving rebates. Payout and retention statistics are then disclosed only on the "active" group.

If ALL distributors who participate are included the losses and the average incomes are exposed as much worse. And, if all the distributors who enroll and quit over several years are included, the odds of success for a new distributor/investor are shown to be absurdly low. Yet, these companies typically advertise their business as "an opportunity of a life time" with "unlimited potential."

Lie #2: Network marketing is the most popular and effective new way to bring products to market. Consumers like to buy products on a one-to-one basis in the MLM model.

Truth: If you strip MLM of its hallmark activity of continuously reselling distributorships and examine its foundation, the one-to-one retailing of products to customers, you encounter an unproductive and impractical system of sales upon which the entire structure is supposed to rest. Personal retailing is a thing of the past, not the wave of the future. Retailing directly to friends on a one-to-one basis requires people to drastically change their buying habits. They must restrict their choices, often pay more for goods, buy inconveniently, and awkwardly engage in business transactions with close friends and relatives. The unfeasibility of door-to-door retailing is why MLM is, in reality, a business that just keeps reselling the opportunity to sign up more distributors.

Lie #3: Eventually all products will be sold by MLM, a new form of marketing. Retail stores, shopping malls, catalogues and most forms of advertising will soon be rendered obsolete by MLM.

Truth: MLM is not new. It has been around since the late 1960's. Yet, today it still represents less than one percent of US retail sales. In year 2000, total US retail sales were $3.232 trillion, according to the Dept. of Commerce. MLM's total sales are about $10 billion. That is about 1/3rd of one percent and most of this sales volume is accounted for by the purchases of hopeful new distributors who are actually paying the price of admission to a business they will soon abandon. Not only are MLM sales insignificant in the marketplace, but MLM fails as a sales model also on the other key factor ­ maintaining customers. Most MLM customers quit buying the goods as soon as they quit seeking the "business opportunity." There is no brand loyalty.

These basic facts show that, as a marketing model, MLM is not replacing existing forms of marketing. It does not legitimately compete with other marketing approaches at all. Rather, MLM represents a new investment scheme that uses the language of marketing and sales of products. Its real products are distributorships which are sold with misrepresentation and exaggerated promises of income. People are buying products in order to secure positions on the sales pyramid. The possibility is always held out that you may become rich if not from your own efforts then from some unknown person who might join your 'downline,' the 'big fish' as they are called.

MLM's growth is a manifestation not of its value to the economy, customers or distributors but of the recently high levels of economic fear and insecurity and rising expectations of quick and easy wealth. It is growing in the same way day trading on the stock market, legalized gambling and lotteries are.

Lie #4: MLM is a new way of life that offers happiness and fulfillment. It is a means to attain all the good things in life.

Truth: The most prominent motivating appeal of the MLM industry as shown in industry literature and presented at recruitment meetings is the crassest form of materialism. Fortune 100 companies would blush at the excess of promises of wealth and luxury put forth by MLM solicitors. These promises are presented as the ticket to personal fulfillment. MLM's overreaching appeal to wealth and luxury conflicts with most people's true desire for meaningful and fulfilling work in something in which they have special talent or interest. In short, the culture of this business side tracks many people from their personal values and desires to express their unique talents and aspirations.

Lie #5: MLM is a spiritual movement.

Truth: The use of spiritual concepts like prosperity consciousness and creative visualization to promote MLM enrollment, the use of words like 'communion' to describe a sales organization, and claims that MLM is a fulfillment of Christian principles or Scriptural prophecies are great distortions of these spiritual practices. Those who focus their hopes and dreams upon wealth as the answer to their prayers lose sight of genuine spirituality as taught by all the great religions and faiths of humankind. The misuse of these spiritual principles should be a signal that the investment opportunity is deceptive. When a product is wrapped in the flag or in religion, buyer beware! The 'community' and 'support' offered by MLM organizations to new recruits are based entirely upon their purchases. If the purchases and enrollment decline, so does the 'communion.'

Lie #6: Success in MLM is easy. Friends and relatives are the natural prospects. Those who love and support you will become your lifetime customers.

Truth: The commercialization of family and friendship relations or the use of 'warm leads' which is required in the MLM marketing program is a destructive element in the community and very unhealthy for individuals involved. Capitalizing upon family ties and loyalties of friendships in order to build a business can destroy ones social foundation. It places stress on relationships that may never return to their original bases of love, loyalty and support. Beyond its destructive social aspects, experience shows that few people enjoy or appreciate being solicited by friends and relatives to buy products.

Lie #7: You can do MLM in your spare time. As a business, it offers the greatest flexibility and personal freedom of time. A few hours a week can earn a significant supplemental income and may grow to a very large income making other work unnecessary

Truth: decades of experience involving millions of people have proven that making money in MLM requires extraordinary time commitment as well as considerable personal wiliness, persistence and deception. Beyond the sheer hard work and special aptitude required, the business model inherently consumes more areas of ones life and greater segments of time. In MLM, everyone is a prospect. Every waking moment is a potential time for marketing. There are no off-limit places, people or times for selling. Consequently, there is no free space or free time once a person enrolls in MLM system.

Under the guise of creating money independently and in your free time, the system gains control and dominance over people's entire lives and requires rigid conformity to the program. This accounts for why so many people who become deeply involved end up needing and relying upon MLM desperately. They alienate or abandon other sustaining relationships.

Lie #8. MLM is a positive, supportive new business that affirms the human spirit and personal freedom.

Truth: MLM marketing materials reveal that much of the message is fear-driven and based upon deception about income potential. Solicitations frequently include dire predictions about the impending collapse of other forms of distribution, the disintegration or insensitivity of corporate America, and the lack of opportunity in other professions or services. Conventional professions, trades and business are routinely demeaned and ridiculed for not offering 'unlimited income.' Employment is cast as wage enslavement for 'losers.' MLM is presented as the last best hope for many people. This approach, in addition to being deceptive, frequently has a discouraging effect on people who otherwise would pursue their own unique visions of success and happiness. A sound business opportunity does not have to base its worth on negative predictions and warnings.

Lie #9. MLM is the best option for owning your own business and attaining real economic independence.

Truth: MLM is not true self-employment. 'Owning' an MLM distributorship is an illusion. Some MLM companies forbid distributors from carrying additional lines. Most MLM contracts make termination of the distributorship easy and immediate for the company. Short of termination, downlines can be taken away with a variety of means. Participation requires rigid adherence to the 'duplication' model, not independence and individuality. MLM distributors are not entrepreneurs but joiners in a complex hierarchical system over which they have little control.

Lie #10: MLM is not a pyramid scheme because products are sold.

Truth: The sale of products is in no way a protection from anti-pyramid scheme statutes or unfair trade practices set forth in federal and state law. MLMs that sell useful, quality products have been successfully prosecuted under anti-pyramid scheme laws by state and federal officials. MLM is a legal form of business only under certain rigid conditions set forth by the FTC and state Attorneys General. Many MLMs are currently in gross violation of these guidelines and operate only because they have not been prosecuted. Recent court rulings are using a 70% rule to determine an MLM's legality. At least 70% of all goods sold by the MLM company must be purchased by non-distributors. This standard would place most MLM companies outside the law. The largest of all MLMs acknowledges that only 18% of its sales are made to non-distributors.

Robert Fitzpatrick is president of Pyramid Scheme Alert and co-author of the book, False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes. He is the publisher of THE EAGLE, a quarterly journal on distribution-related issues in the printing and digital imaging industries, continuously published since 1981. He is an author of numerous articles and monographs on distributor marketing in mature industries and he has provided direct consulting services to major manufacturers and distributors including DuPont, Fuji Film USA, Polaroid, and many others. He is a featured speaker at corporate and trade association conferences in the US and abroad. He occasionally serves as expert witness in cases brought by state Attorneys General or by distributors against multi-level marketing companies charged with operating as pyramid schemes. Robert Fitzpatrick can be reached at 1522 Lilac Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209, Tel: (704) 334-2047, email:, websites: and

Watch VIDEO: Dutch Muslim Immigrant kids warn: CONVERT OR DIE - Fri 16 Oct 2015, 7:32 pm

Watch VIDEO: Dutch Muslim Immigrant kids warn: CONVERT OR DIE
ByPamela Geller on October 15, 2015
- See more at:

Watch this exchange with a group of young Muslims in Holland. No media will ever conduct interviews such as this — but it must be seen. This is Europe’s future. Note how confident they are, brazen in their Islamic supremacism

Muslim boy #1: The kufar are standing in our way!
Interviewer: Who exactly are they?
Muslim boy #1: They are the “unbelievers.” For example people who have no faith in Islam.
Interviewer: What’s wrong with those people?
Muslim boy #1: It’ s not tolerated
Muslim kid #2: What they do is wrong. It is very easy to say …. they don’t worship Allah.
Interviewer: And what do you think about Dutch women and the way they dress themselves.
Muslim kid #3 It’s not according to our faith. I think it’s no good. No? No!
Muslim boy #1: We have to maltreat them. Yes!
Muslim teen #2: Finally it comes to it comes to this it has to be (says something in Arabic)… an Islamic state.
Where are Muslim simply can live according to Islam rules. Further, we don’t need anything else. That’s the only thing we need!
Muslim boy #1: If ISIS will come in and shoot us dead it wouldn’t be there for. We are living in a “Kufar State.” how have I to say it. It’s not our fault. They would not be punished for that. We will be punished.
My last words, when I want to say, convert yourself to Islam. All of you!
Girls behave yourself!~ And dress appropriately. Call 06112…
Let the fire. Let the fire. Let the fire in Palestine.

(no rant is complete without a helping of Jew hatred).
- See more at:

Pictorial Essay: 18 Things I Did That My Grand-kids Can’t Do Without Someone Getting Arrested - Mon 05 Oct 2015, 3:09 pm

Pictorial Essay: 18 Things I Did That My Grand-kids Can’t Do Without Someone Getting Arrested

Posted on 4th October 2015 by Stucky

Pictorial Essay, Pussified Children

WE ARE RAISING A NATION OF WEENY-FIED CHILDREN!! Yes, we are! And, we will eventually pay the price. EVERY one of the actions below in today’s ‘Murika is frowned upon, downright illegal or,  subjects you parents to a visit from the State Gestapo, aka Child Protective Services.



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(Of which I was on the receiving end of more than one black eye … to which my dad would say, “You’re such a pussy!“)

“13 Year Old Up On FELONY Charges For Throwing A Snowball That Reportedly Hit A Cop” ——-


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“Texas police shut down girls’ lemonade stand, demand permit” ——–


Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 Boys-43rd-Avenue-1960s

DANGER, Will Robinson!!!!! Above activity is I-L-L-E-G-A-L and D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S! Switch to tiddlywinks immediately!


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The routine; 1) eat breakfast, 2) announce you’re going out to play, 3) mom would scold “You BETTER be home by dinner time!“, which was 6PM, 4) wander FAR&WIDE, often miles from home, 5) crap!, it’s 5:45 … run like hell to get home, 6) eat dinner … in silence, 7) announce you’re going out to play, 8) mom would scold “You BETTER be home by dark!”, 9) wander FAR&WIDE, often miles from home, 10) crap, it’s dark! … screw it, I’m not hungry, let’s keep playing until 10PM, 11) get home at eleven, 12) listen to empty threats of something mysteriously called “being grounded“, 13) repeat the next day!


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Yeah, we ate crappy bread devoid of real nutrition. Often with real peanut butter, but with sugary grape jelly. Or, with rubbery crapola bologna, processed ‘Murican cheese, and fatty butter. We took off the tomato and threw it away. Accompanied by a sugary drink like Fruit Punch. And culminated with moar sugar, like a Hostess Cream Filled Cupcake. Yummy!! And ya know what???  Not ONE of was was FAT!! Not. One. Ya know why?  Cuz we played outside all day. (See above.)


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I learned to ride a bike on Fairmont Ave. in Newark, NJ … going DOWN a hill, when my evil mom — like the evil dad above — LET GO!  And, yeah, I fell, and got a bloody lip out of it. Mom took out her hanky, spit in it (really), wiped off the blood, and triumphantly said, “You almost did it! Let’s try AGAIN!”.  Is there a statute of limitations regarding such egregious child abuse?


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Not only did our parents not care if we killed ourselves …. they encouraged us to kill our friends and siblings.  “Mom, I’m going to take a bike ride to the park.” And she’d say, “Take your sister with you!”. Which I did. On the handle bars. Without helmets.  She survived just fine …. most of the time. You see, back in my day, there was ONE SURE WAY to get made fun of … mercilessly, and eventually getting your ass kicked.  Wearing a helmet!


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Little did I know that I was an uncouth cretin playing a politically incorrect game of Cowboys & Indians. My parents actually got me a REAL bow & arrow set when I was 14 years old.  It was a short bow, had round blunted tips made of rubber, and probably a draw strength of five pounds. But, lemme tell ya … it COULD put an eye out!! We ALWAYS included my sister in these games.  She was ten years younger … so we always made her the hostage.  Even tied her up, as above …. except usually to a tree. Then I’d shoot her with my bow & arrow. I never put her eye out. She thought it was fun. So did I. OTOH, maybe that’s why today she’s a gun-hating libtard Democrat.


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We played Cops & Robbers! People DIED! We used ketchup as blood to make it look real. We took cap pistols to school  … so we could play Cops & Robbers during recess. I believe that in rural areas kids could even take bb-guns to school. No one gave a rats ass. Ever.

Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 S-FIFTH-GRADER-PAPER-GUN-large

A five year old girl brought the above piece of paper — something her grandfather made — to class. A school official yelled at her for bringing a gun to class and threatened to have her arrested. Other school children called her a “murderer. ——-


Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 CLw4efPUwAA7shc

Do you know that it is now an “act of violence” for a child to point a finger as a pretend gun and saying “pow pow“?  We’ve come a long, long way from George Carlin’s “seven words you can’t say on television“.  There are now dozens of words, if not hundreds, that are strictly Verboten in this pussified Orwellian country.


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Practically the only way to get expelled was if you actually put someone’s eye out.  They didn’t expel kids willy-nilly for every imaginable offense.


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Pretty much every boy had some kind of pocket knife … which we were allowed to bring to school. We even sharpened pencils with them .. in class. No problem-o! The rich kids had genuine Swiss Army Pocket Knives … the ones with 38 different tools attached. I wanted the Radio Knife (above), but dad said the electric bill would be too high. In today’s lunatic zero tolerance policy you can’t bring anything sharp to school without being considered a possible terrorist. 

“Teen Faces FELONY Charges for Possession of a Loaded Tackle Box”


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When we lived in Newark I walked a good ten city blocks to school … much of it through the people-of-color section. When we moved to the burbs it was almost one mile to school, uphill, both ways.  For 12 freaking years I walked to school and back home again, most of the time alone, in treacherous and abhorrent conditions (such as, snow), and I survived, somehow. Imagine that.

CPS Investigating Parents for Letting Kids Walk Home Alone” —–


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Of course, this was before we gave a damn about 3rd world kids making sneakers for twenty cents a day. Jobs I had BEFORE I was a teenager; — paper route, shoveling snow, mowing grass, painting (with my dad who was a painter), working in an auto mechanic garage cleaning engines, and as a salesman (when I was 13 I had a summer job soliciting door-to-door for newspaper subscriptions … I got a DOLLAR per subscription …. sometimes I made as much as $30 PER DAY … I was quite a hustler, and that was a hefty sum for a 13 year old in 1966).  These were Days Of Glory.


Topics tagged under 2 on Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality - Page 9 Penny-candy

Did you know there was a time when you could take your One Dollar and get 100 pieces of candy??!! With my wealth (see above) I would eat so much candy in one sitting that I would literally make myself sick … puke-your-guts-out sick. No one cared.  Mom would simply say, “You better not throw up on the carpet. Serves you right. I hope you learned your lesson!” I never did.  These were Days Of Glory.


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Even today, at age 81, my mom’s house is so clean you could perform open-heart surgery in any room. After playing outside all day, the chances of me walking in the house were exactly zero. I’d strip to my underwear, and mom would hose me down. She had a big heart though.  In the winter time she’d use a warm bucket of water.


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We ALL did it. Sooner, or later. No one freaked the hell out when Little Johnny kissed Mary.  In fact, adults though it was cute.  “Do it again, Johnny!  Ethel, quick! Get the camera!”

“6-year-old suspended for kissing girl, accused of sexual harassment.”


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… when I got home from school, or playing, or whatever …. mom was ALWAYS there for me. That was so comforting. That moms are forced to work today … well, call me an old fashioned prude, but that’s just CRIMINAL!



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Today’s motorized versions can reach speeds of 40mph, or more. Every year there are thousands of injuries … including death. While the laws of all states exclude go-carts from public streets and highways, there is virtually zero control across America over their use on private property. The Nanny State will expel a five year old boy for kissing a girl, but let the same five year old drive a go-cart at 40mph through the woods. Hilarious.


CONCLUSION: We are doomed as a nation. DOOMED, I tell ya!!

Tianjin, China, cyber attacks and 'computationally amplified warfare' - Thu 20 Aug 2015, 6:13 pm

Tianjin, China, cyber attacks and 'computationally amplified warfare' - Health Ranger warns of China's plan to destroy America from 7000 miles away

Thursday, August 20, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Learn more:

(NaturalNews) As a follow-up to our exclusive Natural News story on the Tianjin explosion in China -- which also covered military helicopters in Beijing and "kinetic retaliation" by the Pentagon using exotic space weapons -- I'm offering additional analysis of the global war that's already under way (and where it's headed).

There are two things to disclose up front. First, make no mistake: I am pro America in all this. China is an evil, communist regime that enslaves its people and commits heinous crimes against humanity (such as the organ harvesting of political prisoners). Although I am extremely critical of the corrupt Obama regime currently in power in Washington, I am 100% pro-America and pro-freedom (and especially pro-Texas). I offer this information in the hope that America can defend itself against the crippling attacks that will soon be unleashed by China.

Secondly, I thought it was common knowledge that I speak conversational Mandarin Chinese and previously lived in Asia, but it seems a lot of people weren't aware of that. I can only speak and listen to Mandarin, I cannot read it, so I rely on translators to help me read Chinese documents. (Documents from mainland China are written in "simplified" Chinese, while those from Taiwan are mostly written in traditional Chinese.) For many years, I have maintained contact with dissident sources in mainland China, and while they aren't 100% accurate, they have proven reliable over time.

Mainland China, much like Google News, censors and does not allow anyone to access this website. The Chinese government operates a massive censorship firewall which forbids the transmission of any content that's critical of the government. (Similar to the NY Times or the Washington Post, both of which are state-run media mouthpieces for the criminal regime in Washington D.C.) As a result, Chinese dissidents risk their lives to bring you the information you're reading here. China just recently arrested 15,000 people for so-called "internet crimes." Such "crimes" include writing a blog that reports the truth about Chinese government corruption.

The Chinese game plan for attacking America
Based on what I've learned from multiple sources, the Chinese game plan for America consists of a triple-layered simultaneous surprise attack -- an "electronic Pearl Harbor" -- as described below. For the record, this information is gleaned from a combination of things I've been told, things I've read and the exercising of "connect the dots" logic that anticipates likely tactical moves targeting the United States.

Here's the triple-layer assault America may soon face:

Layer #1) An attack on the dollar and U.S. debt instruments.

Layer #2) A massive cyber warfare attack on the U.S. infrastructure.

Layer #3) An attack on U.S. military satellites to maximize the disruption of military communications, banking transactions, emergency services and other systems that depend on satellite communications.

I discuss each of these in more detail below:

#1) An attack on the dollar and U.S. debt
China is gearing up to announce its own gold-backed currency. This will be accompanied by a fire sale of U.S. debt on the global market, driving up U.S. borrowing costs across the globe, thereby accelerating America's Ponzi-style debt demise.

The primary leverage point here is to destroy faith in the dollar (and the credit rating of the U.S. Treasury) at the same time the Yuan is declared to be backed by gold, which the Chinese government has been secretly accumulating to the tune of thousands of tons over the last 15 years or so. (Don't believe the official numbers of reported gold holdings. They are intentionally misleading.)

The recent 1.9% devaluation of the Yuan (followed by two additional devaluations totaling over 4%) was merely a small tactical move in a much larger battle... a battle in which China is holding all the cards and most of the gold. By devaluing the Yuan, China is destroying the economic foundation of America's manufacturing industry, creating widespread bankruptcies and unemployment across the USA (which is heavily dependent on imports from China for its mass consumerism society).

America's primary fiscal vulnerability is that it remains a nation drowning in debt, mounting up somewhere around $18 trillion so far (with about half of that under the Obama regime alone). The Federal Reserve has indirectly resorted to printing money to pay the interest on the debt, thereby compounding the debt acceleration. (i.e. the Fed prints money to buy up the Treasury's debt instruments.) Once China unleashes its full assault on the dollar, America will have little choice but to begin radically debasing its own currency through large-scale "quantitative easing" approaching $2 trillion per year. From here, the mathematical demise of the dollar is a simple inevitability that follows a geometric progression ending in collapse.

In essence, America has placed itself in a position of extreme financial vulnerability, and all an enemy nation has to do is achieve the slightest disruption of the entire financial house of cards, unleashing a self-reinforcing financial cascade of doom.

#2) A massive cyber warfare attack on the U.S. infrastructure
Although the existence of the Chinese cyber warfare army division of the PLA has been covered in the U.S. media, the full extent of its capabilities has never been accurately revealed.

What's not being publicly discussed is the fact that China's present-day hack attacks are merely probing attacks, primarily designed to identify vulnerabilities and gather information. When PLA hackers can access vulnerable information, they will take it (such as the massive database of U.S. military personnel that was recently stolen). However, China is currently holding back and intentionally not trying to showcase its full capabilities... nor does it wish to reveal the infrastructure targets it has already compromised (water facilities, nuclear power plants, city infrastructure, telecommunications, refineries, etc.) All these infrastructure hubs will be simultaneously targeted during the primary attack.

Based on what I've researched so far, the end game strategy of the PLA is to coordinate a massive cyber attack wave against America at the same time China announces its gold-backed currency while denouncing the dollar. The two attacks are mutually reinforcing. In other words, the effect of each one amplifies the effectiveness of the other strategy. U.S. infrastructure chaos, in other words, is more devastating when combined with a sudden collapse in the faith of the dollar itself (with all the obvious impacts across banking, commerce, Wall Street, etc.).

In military strategy language, we often hear the term "asymmetrical warfare" which usually refers to terror-style attacks achieving a seemingly disproportionate psychological or tactical impact on the target population. However, China's cyber warfare strategy goes far beyond asymmetrical warfare. They are gearing up to unleash what can only be called computationally amplified warfare which relies simultaneously on the power of computational prowess (on the attacking side) and the rapid collapse of computational weaknesses (on the target side) to achieve speed-of-light domination over the relative field of battle (which is now the realm of interconnected computers rather than cities, roads and bridges).

Likely targets of this "computationally amplified warfare" include:

• Nuclear power plants
• Water pumping stations and treatment facilities
• Transportation and logistics companies
• Oil refineries
• Credit card processors and transactional commerce hubs
• Hospitals and clinics
• Emergency responders (fire stations, police, Sheriff's offices)
• Government (agencies, regulators and coordinators)
• Military organizations and weapons suppliers
• Communications hubs, including satellites and point-to-point ground-based transmission networks

If you consider that cyber attacks may succeed against some percentage of these targets at the same time China is selling off U.S. debt, denouncing the dollar and disrupting financial transactions nationwide, you begin to get a sense of the total social chaos that can be unleashed through such an attack.

3) An attack on U.S. military satellites
Satellites are fragile things. Destroying them does not take much in terms of actual mass; it only takes targeting capabilities to direct small mass objects into the orbital trajectory of the satellite itself.

This is surprisingly easy to accomplish by any nation that possesses orbital launch capabilities. Communications satellites move in predictable orbits with only minor deviations. Intersecting those orbits with small pellets of tungsten moving at ridiculously high velocities is ridiculously easy for any advanced nation to achieve. Because impact energy equals mass times velocity squared, even very small pellets of mass can shred satellites upon impact. (A simple BB from a BB gun can destroy a billion-dollar satellite if their two paths intersect at sufficient relative velocity.)

Why tungsten? It's cheap and has very high density per volume, with isotopes achieving atomic masses of 182, 184 and 186, if I'm remembering my lab tables correctly. Common lead isotopes, by comparison, have atomic masses in the range of 206 - 208.

An obvious military strategy for America's enemies would be to destroy U.S. military and communications satellites at the same time the cyber war and currency war is launched. Cutting off satellite communications will paralyze the U.S. military, shut down banking transactions and cripple much of the nation's transactional and media infrastructure. The aim is to cause maximum confusion and disruption at the same time that stocks are crashing, banks are bleeding and debt instruments are collapsing. From China's point of view, it also doesn't hurt that such an attack would likely disable the national EBT card transaction system, sending nearly 50 million Americans into mass riots across America's major cities, demanding their government food stamp money.

In addition, China obviously hopes to destroy the Pentagon's secret space weapons (i.e. "Rod of God" orbital weapons) which are now believed to have rained down kinetic Hell upon Tianjin as a warning against currency manipulations. While such satellites may be devastating weapons against immobile ground targets, they have no defenses against orbital projectiles themselves. All the Pentagon's satellites, ultimately, are "sitting ducks" in orbit.

As it turns out, it is far easier to destroy satellites than it is to build them, so China's strategy of destroying satellites is bound to out-pace America's ability to replace them. The destruction of satellites also has the "benefit" (from China's point of view) or polluting orbital paths with space debris, effectively creating "no fly zones" at high Earth orbit. Any object crossing into such a zone is likely to be obliterated by debris.

No occupation plan: Simply let America destroy itself
Interestingly, what's likely missing from China's attack plan on America is the most traditional element of a war: boots on the ground occupation of enemy territory.

By my estimation, China has no plan, nor need, to attempt to occupy the American mainland. It is sufficient, from their point of view, to remotely cripple America's currency, economy and infrastructure. From there, it's not difficult to realize that America will collapse into its own destruction and chaos stemming from the social chaos and economic apocalypse.

This is not to say, however, that Russia or other nations aren't planning their own attempted occupation in conjunction with China's economic assaults. In an actual military invasion, America's cities will fall very quickly, as most city-dwellers are incapable of mounting anything resembling a citizens' defense. The countryside, however, is a very different story, and the tale of "Red Dawn" depicted in Hollywood movies isn't merely a fictional construct.

Thanks to the Second Amendment, rural Americans are armed to the teeth, and any invading force intending to occupy America's countryside will quickly find itself mired in an untenable firefight with entrenched rural Americans sporting everything from long-range hunting rifles to semi-auto .50 caliber rifles capable of disabling vehicles over a mile away. "Don't mess with Bubba!"

The new rules of warfare
What we're witnessing in all this is a reflection of the "new rules of warfare." Because today's nations are built on fragile, delusional systems of debt and propaganda, they are easily toppled via unconventional means that don't resemble the historical tools of conventional (kinetic) warfare.

In essence, what we're already starting to witness is the first world war in the post-kinetic age of warfare. Now, wars are electronic, not kinetic.

Specifically, you no longer have to drop bombs on a nation to shut down its factories (as was the default in World War II). Instead, you only have to control the programs that run the factories... or disrupt the commerce that financially supports the factories. Similarly, if you can shut down the power grid that feeds the factories, they're as good as dead.

Much of America today is running on faith (delusion), not economic reality, so China knows that bringing the nation to its knees does not require kinetic bombardment. It merely requires sufficient disruption to collapse the faith. Once false faith collapses, the collapse of everything else follows. China merely needs to create enough disruption so that the average America witnesses undeniable evidence that they've been lied to about the strength of the dollar, the solidity of government, the safety of bond investments and so on.

How America can defend herself against the new model of warfare
Given the new ground rules of war among nations, what can the United States do to protect herself from China's triple threat?

The answers are precisely the opposite of what the socialist regime in power right now wants to see happen:

• DECENTRALIZE: The more centralized systems are, the more vulnerable they are to cyber attacks. Decentralized systems (of water, power, food distribution, banking, etc.) are, by definition, more redundant and less vulnerable. Note that this is the opposite of what Washington wants, which is total dictatorial control over everything. (Liberal politicians, in particular, HATE self-reliance among citizens.)

• Run the federal government on a truly balanced budget that requires NO additional debt to fund. The ever-present need to keep selling off new debt is a huge part of what makes America so vulnerable and easily compromised by foreign debtors.

• Encourage self-reliance across the population so that when things go wrong, people have at least an inkling of how to get by on their own without crying for the government to come rescue them. (Democrats are wholly opposed to anything resembling self-reliance. They prefer that all people are entirely dependent on the government to take care of them.)

• Stop the Federal Reserve's monetary policy of currency debasement that essentially exports America's debts to foreign nations due to the predominance of the dollar as the world's exchange currency. The continued printing of money by the Fed is essentially siphoning money from China via the devaluation of debt (i.e. debasement of the global dollar supply). This is perceived by China as a slow, insidious theft via the central banks.

• Get serious about cyber security. Many power plants across America are still running on outmoded systems first designed decades ago. Although they've been upgraded, many were designed with security structures that simply cannot be "patched" into a state of high security. They need to be rebuilt from the ground up as new systems designed around high-security structural logic that wasn't refined until recently. For example, many login passwords of older systems are limited to passwords of merely eight characters in length!

• Get tough with international diplomacy! This is where America needs a tough negotiator like Donald Trump. The pathetically weak academics currently in positions of international diplomacy are little more than political clowns pretending to be international leaders. Only someone like Trump has the backbone to negotiate with nations like China and Russia. Putin vs. Trump might be a fair fight. Putin vs. Obama is a total joke (and Putin knows it).

• Boost the intelligence of the intelligence agencies. I don't know how many times I've written about the FBI running domestic terrorism scams across America so that it can "catch" bad guys committing the crimes the FBI plotted out from the get-go. This seems like a complete waste of law enforcement resources. Although there are some very, very bright people in the FBI, CIA and NSA, they too often get ordered to do things that are utterly stupid. In my opinion, these agencies need to have smarter directives, and they also need to reach outside the box and start talking to independent-minded thinkers, authors, conspiracy historians and others who can offer precisely the kind of analysis you'll never get from inside a bloated bureaucracy still living in the past.

If Trump gets elected President, I'd personally volunteer in his administration to help assess and shore up cyber vulnerabilities across America's critical infrastructure. But even if that gets done, we still have the massive EMP weapon vulnerability that requires a few billion dollars (and several years) in power utility replacement costs to address. To be truly safe from cyber attacks, America would need to embark on a kind of "Manhattan Project" of cyber security. Specifically, passwords alone are not enough. Dual authentication schemes (tokenized or biometric) need to become the default standard in all sensitive installations, and vulnerable systems need to be taken offline and run locally (manually) until the vulnerabilities are eliminated.

Learn more:

20 Things You Will Need to Survive When the Economy Collapses and the Next Great Depression Begins - Sat 11 Jul 2015, 5:12 pm

20 Things You Will Need to Survive When the Economy Collapses and the Next Great Depression Begins
Today, millions of Americans say that they believe that the United States is on the verge of a major economic collapse and will soon be entering another Great Depression. But only a small percentage of those same people are prepared for that to happen. The sad truth is that the vast majority of Americans would last little more than a month on what they have stored up in their homes. Most of us are so used to running out to the supermarket or to Wal-Mart for whatever we need that we never even stop to consider what would happen if suddenly we were not able to do that. Already the U.S. economy is starting to stumble about like a drunken frat boy. All it would take for the entire U.S. to resemble New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina would be for a major war, a terror attack, a deadly pandemic or a massive natural disaster to strike at just the right time and push the teetering U.S. economy over the edge. So just how would you survive if you suddenly could not rely on the huge international corporate giants to feed, clothe and supply you and your family? Do you have a plan?
Unless you already live in a cave or you are a complete and total mindless follower of the establishment media, you should be able to see very clearly that our society is more vulnerable now than it ever has been. This year there have been an unprecedented number of large earthquakes around the world and volcanoes all over the globe are awakening. You can just take a look at what has happened in Haiti and in Iceland to see how devastating a natural disaster can be. Not only that, but we have a world that is full of lunatics in positions of power, and if one of them decides to set off a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon in a major city it could paralyze an entire region. War could erupt in the Middle East at literally any moment, and if it does the price of oil will double or triple (at least) and there is the possibility that much of the entire world could be drawn into the conflict. Scientists tell us that a massive high-altitude EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast could send large portions of the United States back to the stone age in an instant. In addition, there is the constant threat that the outbreak of a major viral pandemic (such as what happened with the 1918 Spanish Flu) could kill tens of millions of people around the globe and paralyze the economies of the world.
But even without all of that, the truth is that the U.S. economy is going to collapse. So just think of what will happen if one (or more) of those things does happen on top of all the economic problems that we are having.
Are you prepared?
The following is a list of 20 things you and your family will need to survive when the economy totally collapses and the next Great Depression begins....
#1) Storable Foo
Food is going to instantly become one of the most valuable commodities in existence in the event of an economic collapse. If you do not have food you are not going to survive. Most American families could not last much longer than a month on what they have in their house right now. So what about you? If disaster struck right now, how long could you survive on what you have? The truth is that we all need to start storing up food. If you and your family run out of food, you will suddenly find yourselves competing with the hordes of hungry people who are looting the stores and roaming the streets looking for something to eat.
Of course you can grow your own food, but that is going to take time. So you need to have enough food stored up until the food that you plant has time to grow. But if you have not stored up any seeds you might as well forget it. When the economy totally collapses, the remaining seeds will disappear very quickly. So if you think that you are going to need seeds, now is the time to get them.
#2) Clean Water
Most people can survive for a number of weeks without food, but without water you will die in just a few days. So where would you get water if the water suddenly stopped flowing out of your taps? Do you have a plan? Is there an abundant supply of clean water near your home? Would you be able to boil water if you need to?
Besides storing water and figuring out how you are going to gather water if society breaks down, another thing to consider is water purification tablets. The water you are able to gather during a time of crisis may not be suitable for drinking. So you may find that water purification tablets come in very, very handy.
#3) Shelter
You can't sleep on the streets, can you? Well, some people will be able to get by living on the streets, but the vast majority of us will need some form of shelter to survive for long. So what would you do if you and your family lost your home or suddenly were forced from your home? Where would you go?
The best thing to do is to come up with several plans. Do you have relatives that you can bunk with in case of emergency? Do you own a tent and sleeping bags if you had to rough it? If one day everything hits the fan and you and your family have to "bug out" somewhere, where would that be? You need to have a plan.
#4) Warm Clothing
If you plan to survive for long in a nightmare economic situation, you are probably going to need some warm, functional clothing. If you live in a cold climate, this is going to mean storing up plenty of blankets and cold weather clothes. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you will need to be sure to store up some rain gear. If you think you may have to survive outdoors in an emergency situation, make sure that you and your family have something warm to put on your heads. Someday after the economy has collapsed and people are scrambling to survive, a lot of folks are going to end up freezing to death. In fact, in the coldest areas it is actually possible to freeze to death in your own home. Don't let that happen to you.
#5) An Axe
Staying along the theme of staying warm, you may want to consider investing in a good axe. In the event of a major emergency, gathering firewood will be a priority. Without a good tool to cut the wood with that will be much more difficult.
#6) Lighters Or Matches
You will also want something to start a fire with. If you can start a fire, you can cook food, you can boil water and you can stay warm. So in a true emergency situation, how do you plan to start a fire? By rubbing sticks together? Now is the time to put away a supply of lighters or matches so that you will be prepared when you really need them.
In addition, you may want to consider storing up a good supply of candles. Candles come in quite handy whenever the electricity goes out, and in the event of a long-term economic nightmare we will all see why our forefathers relied on candles so much.
#7) Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes
When you ask most people to list things necessary for survival, this is not the first or the second thing that comes to mind. But having hiking boots or very comfortable and functional shoes will be absolutely critical. You may very well find yourself in a situation where you and your family must walk everywhere you want to go. So how far do you think you will get in high heels? You will want footwear that you would feel comfortable walking in for hours if necessary. You will also want footwear that will last a long time, because when the economy truly collapses you may not be able to run out to the shoe store and get what you need at that point.
#8) A Flashlight And/Or Lantern
When the power goes off in your home, what is the first thing that you grab? Just think about it. A flashlight or a lantern of course. In a major emergency, a flashlight or a lantern is going to be a necessity - especially if you need to go anywhere at night.
Solar powered or "crank style" flashlights or lanterns will probably be best during a long-term emergency. If you have battery-powered units you will want to begin storing up lots and lots of batteries.
#9) A Radio
If a major crisis does hit the United States, what will you and your family want? Among other things, you will all want to know what in the world is going on. A radio can be an invaluable tool for keeping up with the news.
Once again, solar powered or "crank style" radios will probably work best for the long term. A battery-powered until would work as well - but only for as long as your batteries are able to last.
#10) Communication Equipment
When things really hit the fan you are going to want to communicate with your family and friends. You will also want to be able to contact an ambulance or law enforcement if necessary. Having an emergency cell phone is great, but it may or may not work during a time of crisis. The Internet also may or may not be available. Be sure to have a plan (whether it be high-tech or low-tech) for staying in communication with others during a major emergency.
#11) A Swiss Army Knife
If you have ever owned a Swiss Army knife you probably already know how incredibly handy they can be. It can be a very valuable and versatile tool. In a true survival situation, a Swiss Army knife can literally do dozens of different things for you. Make sure that you have at least one stored up for emergencies.
#12) Personal Hygiene Items
While these may not be absolute "essentials", the truth is that life will get very unpleasant very quickly without them. For example, what would you do without toilet paper? Just think about it. Imagine that you just finished your last roll of toilet paper and now you can't get any more. What would you do?
The truth is that soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper and other hygiene products are things that we completely take for granted in society today. So what would happen if we could not go out and buy them any longer
#13) A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies
One a more serious note, you may not be able to access a hospital or a doctor during a major crisis. In your survival supplies, be absolutely certain that you have a good first aid kit and any other medical supplies that you think you may need.
#14) Extra Gasoline
There may come a day when gasoline is rationed or is simply not available at all. If that happens, how will you get around? Be certain to have some extra gasoline stored away just in case you find yourself really needing to get somewhere someday.
#15) A Sewing Kit
If you were not able to run out and buy new clothes for you and your family, what would you do? Well, you would want to repair the clothes that you have and make them last as long as possible. Without a good sewing kit that will be very difficult to do.
#16) Self-Defense Equipment
Whether it is pepper spray to fend off wild animals or something more "robust" to fend off wild humans, millions of Americans will one day be thankful that they have something to defend themselves with.
#17) A Compass
In the event of a major emergency, you and your family may find yourselves having to be on the move. If you are in a wilderness area, it will be very hard to tell what direction you are heading without a compass. It is always a good idea to have at least one compass stored up.
#18) A Hiking Backpack
If you and your family suddenly have to "bug out", what will you carry all of your survival supplies in? Having a good hiking backpack or "survival bag" for everyone in your family is extremely important. If something happened in the city where you live and you suddenly had to "go", what would you put your most important stuff in? How would you carry it all if you had to travel by foot? These are very important things to think about.
#19) A Community
During a long-term crisis, it is those who are willing to work together that will have the best chance of making it. Whether it is your family, your friends, a church or a local group of people that you know, make sure that you have some people that you can rely on and work together with in the event that everything hits the fan. Loners are going to have a really hard time of surviving for long.
#20) A Backup Plan
Lastly, it is always, always, always important to have a backup plan for everything.
If someone comes in and steals all the food that you have stored up, what are you going to do?
If travel is restricted and your can't get to your "bug out" location immediately do you have a Plan B?
If you have built your house into an impregnable survival fortress but circumstances force you to leave do you have an alternate plan?
The truth is that crisis situations rarely unfold just as we envision. It is important to be flexible and to be ready with backup plans when disaster strikes.
You don't want to end up like the folks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. You don't want to have to rely on the government to take care of you if something really bad happens.
Right now the U.S. strategic grain reserve contains only enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the approximately 300 million people in the United States.
How long do you think that is going to last?
Now is the time to get ready.
Now is the time to prepare.
The United States economy is going to collapse and incredibly hard times are coming.
Will you be able to survive when it happens?

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