BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq described a member of the parliamentary finance committee, Majida al - Tamimi, Saturday, Treasury Iraq Finance to "empty" . She said Tamimi , in a press statement today: "What Aleh arrived in Iraq from bad financial situation and the treasury empty and the balance mostly internal breaches and external due to two main reasons, the first flaw in the money management and the lack of a clear economic vision, and the other is the lack of real will to eradicate corruption , ".oohart that" the Iraqi government signed a loan guarantee with the United States - billion - dollar agreement, it does not mean anything and does not deserve all this drumming and release it like a complete supernatural ".ookdt Tamimi" it was better for the government develop solutions to modify the wrong tracks that led to the collapse of the Iraqi economy and a waste of billions of dollars, especially since there are thousands of files that have been Tochireha by regulators and others without the genuine will to hold accountable corrupt it becomes to talk about any step tampering forward unless arrest the decline and put the causes solutions ".ccant Iraqi government signed with the United States on Thursday an agreement to ensure a loan worth one billion Dolar.oukalt the US embassy in Baghdad said , " this signing is the first step in the process that would allow Iraq to a greater opportunity to enter the international capital markets. "