BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq demanded Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, United States to compensate for the "chaos of the occupation" of Iraq , "hinting" his candidacy for a second term as prime minister , ".ujaet claim Abadi Commenting on US President considered elect Donald Trump invasion of Iraq as" the worst decision "States Altdh.oukal Abadi in his weekly press conference, on Tuesday, that" the future of relations between Iraq and the United States relies on two policy toward the other and there is a central goal of fighting terrorism and that Daesh threat to Iraq and the United States and all the countries of the world, so there is an interest in this consolidation relations and Iraq is a country succeeds in the fight against terrorism and won in Mosul and remains the challenge of terrorism . "he added , " We want to build balanced relations and respect for the sovereignty and independence of the Iraqi decision, and the evaluation of the invasion of Iraq , setting calls to see the US and , of course , there are implications for the occupation of the coalition forces and has had consequences by dropping Saddam 's regime and rid the Iraqi people of this evil on the other hand led to chaos because of the collapse of the situation and the collapse of the army and security forces and because of the large mess of terrorist operations and to allow all countries of the world to enter Iraq , the latter led to the victims and tragedies as a result of terrorist operations . "He called al - Abadi to" review a genuine and caring for the situation in Iraq , Iraq paid a heavy price and whether the evaluation of Trump that the invasion of Iraq , the worst decision of the United States as it is the US budget trillion cost of $ addition to the victims of their soldiers who arrived at the 30,000 troops "he pointed , " I imagine that this description needs to review the impact of Iraq how many lives , a number that went and the destruction of Iraq 's infrastructure and how much suffering imposed on the Iraqis over the delay economic progress because of terrorism after the dismantling of the state after 2003 and is responsible for converting liberation resolution to the occupation of Iraq at the time and the delay in the formation of an Iraqi national authority to the Iraqis rather than be managed by the occupation forces and how many terrorists who Oatrul then released by the occupation forces , the great flaw in the security companies that worked in Iraq at the time , " and called for" a thorough investigation in the interest of all parties and we hope the Iraqis make up for the tragedy and disasters that befell them as a result of this occupation. "