BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq looked supreme committee to follow up the implementation of the strategic framework agreement for a relationship of friendship and cooperation signed between Iraq and the United States in 2008, at its second meeting today, to increase cooperation between the Albuldan.ozkr Ministry statement emerging today, that " the Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari , presided the second meeting of the Higher Committee to follow up the implementation of the strategic framework of the relationship of friendship and cooperation signed between Iraq and the United States in 2008 at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry, to activate the terms of the agreement agreement, and take care of common interests and face common dangers, and the development of the areas included in the Convention, and respect for sovereignty, and the service of the two friendly peoples . " .okhls meeting , according to the statement to " the need to invest to agree on best served by reaching a sector - specific vision and translate it into reality work through the signing of several memoranda of understanding in order to activate the content of the agreement and the adoption of mechanisms for its implementation and increase the volume of cooperation between Baghdad and Washington in all ".otdm large ministerial committee areas in a number of agents, prosecutors and managers in the ministries of defense, interior, oil, planning, finance, health and the environment, higher education and scientific research, culture, transport, industry, trade, education, housing and reconstruction, and Displacement and migration and Labour and social Affairs, Justice, youth and Sports, electricity, water resources, and the Prime Minister 's Office, the body national Investment and national Security Agency, and the counter Alarhab.ocklt this committee after the cabinet approval of the proposed Ministry of Foreign Affairs to form a higher committee concerned with the management of shared files between ministries Iraqi and US in the framework of the strategic agreement and under the chairmanship of Foreign Minister.