Baghdad / Iraq News Network Search head of the National Alliance , Ammar al - Hakim, today, in his office in Baghdad with US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman, the latest developments in the war on Daesh political movement in Alarac.ozkr statement to the Office of the wise today: The two sides also discussed " the role of the United States supporting Iraq logistically, and bilateral relations between the two countries ".ohdd Hakim , according to the statement" the need for the continuation of the international community to support Iraq in its war against Daesh terrorist and waged on behalf of the world, especially since he was on the outskirts of resolving the battle militarily " , stressing president of the National Alliance, said that" victories progression of our security forces in the coming operations O Nineveh came valiantly and discouraged Iraqis and courage that clinched the battle on the left coast , waiting for the right edit the coast and the rest of the province of Nineveh areas. "