BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed to the security and defense committee in Parliament, on Wednesday, that the post - liberalization Mosul will be devoted to the redeployment of security forces, especially in Baghdad, while the nature of the functions of the army and the police made clear after regaining control of the city from the grip of the "Daesh" Alagrama.oukal Committee member Alexander and berries in a press statement today: " the post - liberation of Mosul , the stage will be devoted to the redeployment of security forces, especially in Baghdad and the adoption of new plans . " he added that " the Interior Ministry forces of the federal and local police are will be kept in the capital Baghdad , security in the next stage after eliminating Daesh . "He continued that" the army tasks will be to protect the external borders and spread outside the cities to repel any attack or breach of terror across the border and prevent the infiltration of Daesh criminal " and on the Committee 's relationship with the Ministry of Interior stated and berries that" the cooperation will be linked between the new interior minister , Qassim al - Araji because he was a former member of the committee which is to carry out the important observations and take some immediate measures to correct the path of the security forces in the coming days. "