Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
revealed and Industry Minister Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani agency, on Thursday, said the ministry companies borrow trillion and 300 billion dinars annually to cover the salaries of its employees, adding that the ministry was held last ended 29 companies lagging behind. 

Sudan said in a press conference held at the Ministry Building and attended by Alsumaria News that "all the ministry 's companies, except one or two companies out of 33 affiliated companies take loans from the Ministry of Finance to secure the salaries of its employees," he said . "These companies borrow annually trillion and 300 billion dinars , which is large sum under the current circumstances. "

He added that the Sudanese " The ministry has a plan by 2017 to convert 10 to 15 companies from the ministry 's companies to a profitable and able to finance and insurance companies without their employees ' salaries that borrows from the Ministry of Finance." 

He said the Sudanese " The ministry had previously formed committees audited the contracts previously concluded with some of the companies between the post and the investment of $ 121 contract, which was terminated 41 holding of these contracts, as he has now been canceled 29 contracts last for the lack of seriousness of the investing companies and not being able to fulfill its obligations contractual , "noting that" these investment opportunities will be put back on solid companies and the form in which Iraq is a product that is not a net importer of goods from other countries. " 

The Ministry of Industry is still suffering from their inability to compete with cheap foreign goods entering Iraq companies, making it to a standstill and an almost complete paralysis in these companies.