Baghdad / Iraq News Network Regional Director of the World Bank, said the bank intends to provide financial support for Iraq in parallel with projects to take care of reconciliation after defeating Bdaash so as to ensure the sustainability of reconstruction after years of conflict. " Said Fred Belhadj , the World Bank's Middle East director , speaking by telephone with Reuters , " The Battle of Mosul keep all those forces together , " referring to the forces of the Iraqi people. "When the fighting ends do not know the pressure, which will list the type and this is important for the Iraqis to start this now." He stressed , "We will do our best to verify that the incentives, the reconciliation will be more temptation of incentives for each of those factions, to work individually."The World Bank approved last December a new loan of one billion and 485 million dollars to help Iraq 's economy in the face of falling oil prices and the burden of the cost of the war against Daesh bringing the total support to Baghdad to about $ 3.4 billion. Belhadj said that in addition to the financial support to be "going to bring people who have experience in rebuilding community relations from a number of countries around the world , " referring to South Africa, Morocco and Rwanda experiences. " "This will be a parallel path, we will make sure the flow of funds towards the reconstruction and rebuilding, but in order to make it sustainable, we need to make sure that the drafting of the social contract in a way that allows continuously infrastructure toughness."Belhadj said that the World Bank has also offered advice to the Iraqi government on the preservation of the Mosul Dam, but is not involved in financing or arranging Trevi Italian company chosen are last year to carry out much - needed reform of the dam. "