BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced the assistant director of the Iranian president 's office in media affairs, on Tuesday, the head of Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rowhani will visit Oman and Kuwait on Wednesday at the official invitation of Sultan Qaboos and Prince Sabah Al - Ahmad Al - Jaber Al Abbah.oukal Parviz Esmaeili told Fars news today: the head of Islamic Republic of Iran will pay a one-day at the invitation of the Sultan of Oman and Emir of Kuwait, on Wednesday . "He explained, that the spiritual" will travel on Wednesday morning to the Omani capital , Muscat, where officially be received by Sultan Qaboos, and due to hold meetings and talks with senior Omani officials . "he continued: that Rowhani will leave Muscat Wednesday afternoon on his way to Kuwait, where be received by Emir of Kuwait, will be private conversations and meetings with Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Alkwytien.obin Esmaeili he accompanied Rouhani during his visit to a number of ministers and advisers in addition to representatives of the Iranian private sector, adding that the most important themes of the visit , discussed ways of developing bilateral relations in the public and private sectors, in addition to discussing regional issues, and will return the same day Rouhani in Tehran.