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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump Management mobilizes for "NATO" Arabic US against Iran


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Trump Management mobilizes for "NATO" Arabic US against Iran

Post by rocky on Fri 17 Feb 2017, 3:26 am

[size=36][size=33]Trump Management mobilizes for "NATO" Arabic US against Iran[/size][/size]
Ali Abdul Salman 31[ltr]  02/17/2017[/ltr]

Revealed that "Wall Street Journal" on the talks taking place between President Donald Trump and management departments a number of Arab countries to drum up anti-Iranian military alliance providing Israel with intelligence information. 
The US newspaper , citing an Arab government sources, that the potential coalition will include countries , including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Jordan, to join with other Arab countries at a later date of composition. 
The "Wall Street Journal" that the alliance will be expected based on the lines of NATO in terms of the principle of mutual defense, which is the attack on any member country where, an attack on the alliance as a whole, and that work is continuing at the present time on the formulation of the rules of procedure for this alliance. 
In a commentary on the report published by the American newspaper, the Russian military expert Igor Korothenko considered that the Arab - American alliance that is looming on the horizon will be represented, if they were mobilized, a great danger Satahedd security in the Middle East and the world. 
He said: "I do not see any reason justifying the crowd that alliances against Iran, as it does not threaten any one, but working on counter - terrorism and is committed to the nuclear deal with it," recalling the negative comments, but aggressive issued by a number of officials in US President Donald management Trump toward Iran 's nuclear agreement with them. 
He added: "You can not move regarded as a constructive, especially since Iran is engaged at the moment in the Syrian settlement, and is working to mobilize a united front against international terrorism, not to mention that the contract alliances American participation against it in the region are not consistent with international law and contrary to the regional situation in general ". 
Korothenko He guessed that the exchange of intelligence information between the countries and the United States to the supervision of the US intelligence area is subject, under security agreements which may be between Washington and Riyadh , and others, ruling out providing Israel with the information. 
He concluded by saying: "Do not the most likely delivery Arabia Any intelligence information to Israel , even if they are against Iran, also ruled out handing Riyadh such data even theUnited States itself. There are so many points of contention, not the United States provides the other to elicit information from Arab allies and handed over to Israel, because the Arabs will not welcome this matter at all. "

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