BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq called on the prime minister , "Haider al - Abadi , " the International Criminal Court to bring the perpetrators of crimes against the Iraqi people and the international court .ozkr statement of the Prime Minister 's Office on Sunday (February 19): " The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi met at his residence in Munich on the sidelines of the Munich security conference Prosecutor Criminal Court in the Hague , Ms. Fatou Bensouda " the statement added , " the meeting discussed cooperation between Iraq and the international Criminal Court with regard to the crimes committed by the terrorist gangs against civilians in conflict zones, especially crimes committed by Daesh gangs terror against civilians in Iraq , " the two sides he described these crimes as" crimes amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity , "and stressed that" what is presented to civilians in areas occupied by these gangs constitute crimes of murder and genocide . "he called Abadi Criminal Court to" do every effort to investigate the crimes committed by gangs Daesh against the Iraqi people with all its components and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to the international Tribunal and that Iraq will give all they have information in this regard. "