BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said on Wednesday that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen , and millions of people have been displaced, and that as a result of these ordeals and suffering are weakening the region in front of the internal conflicts and interventions Alforeigh.oavadt agency Tasnim International news that President Rouhani said in a speech Wednesday morning in front of ECO "Eco" summit held in the Pakistani capital , Islamabad , that as long as security is exposed to the risk of no horizon glittery no to development and Alazdhar.oadav Rohani , "terrorism and ideas Altkveraah pose a common threat to the world whole and that coordination and cooperation in the face of these ominous phenomenon has become a necessity , "adding that" to overcome all these problems requires a move away from differentiation, and cooperation in re - strong area " , stressing that the political, military, economic and cultural presence in Iraq and Syria is the dimensions of the US and other foreign interference In order to achieve progress for them.