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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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AG Sessions Caught In Same Position As Flynn, Dems Urging Removal On Bogus Claim


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AG Sessions Caught In Same Position As Flynn, Dems Urging Removal On Bogus Claim

Post by Lobo on Thu 02 Mar 2017, 6:32 pm

AG Sessions Caught In Same Position As Flynn, Dems Urging Removal On Bogus Claim
Posted by Sam Di Gangi | Mar 2, 2017 |

Jeff Sessions is having questions asked of him likely taken out context regarding Russian talks.
Russia used to be an ally, now they are a problem. They are a problem for diplomacy due to Putin’s rage over the NATO weapons on his doorstep, a problem for the U.S. because they are cozying up to a nuclear-armed China that openly threatens world peace on a daily basis, and now again a problem with the rumor of Russian interference with U.S. elections. Russia is simply a problem. The worst part of the matter is that, just as Flynn during the course of doing his job talked to Russia, but neglected to properly tell Vice President Pence, it seems that Jeff Sessions is also being framed for ruin.
While everything in the media is made up of long, drawn out articles on the topic, this is only done to obfuscate the fact that it does not yet appear as if Sessions has done anything wrong. Basically, Sessions was asked if he had spoken to Russia, the context being in regards to the presumed hacking that Putin denies ever happened. Sessions said that he had not, but now it has come to light that he had spoken to them during the course of his role as Senator on other matters. Also, after a speech, a group of Russian diplomats approached him as he was departing the stage.

The main reason that the left is trying to bring down Sessions has nothing to do with him doing his job with Russia and everything about bringing down Trump’s able team.
Since it’s very unlikely that Russia would send people to, after a speech in front of a large group of people, try and weasel any kind of a deal with Sessions, so that latter incident can safely be factored out. (Then again, with the Bill Clinton meeting of Lynch on the tarmac, who can say?) As for the office visit that is reported, the meeting dealt with relations between the United States and Russia. The major point of concern, as reported in the New York Times, is that regarding the visit, Sessions “left open the possibility that there had been “superficial” comments about news related to the election.” From what is so far known, it can be gathered that those “superficial” comments will be the main thorn. Were they “so how is Mr. Trump holding up on the road, Mr. Sessions? He speaks a lot and must never sleep,” for instance? If so, they are passive and allowed.
However, if anything about Russian hacking or interference was mentioned (beyond mocking the notion, which may have happened), Sessions could be sitting in on a firing session in the coming days or weeks. Sarah Isgur Flores of the Justice Department said, “there was absolutely nothing misleading.” It can not be expected that Jeff Sessions, a senator on the Senate Armed Services Committee, would not have spoken to Russia during the whole time that Trump was running for office. If so, it could be argued that Sessions was slacking, underperforming, and negligent of his duties, which he is not. He is confirmed to have spoken to” Australia, Britain, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Poland, and Russia,” according to reports. 

Trump has been very clear about the fact that he has no ties with Russia and that Russia played no part in the election.
All of this returns to context, as shown by Flores also saying, “He was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign — not about meetings he took as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee.” So it all comes down to either Sessions greatly underplaying (aka lying) about what was said with Russia or the #NeverTrump crowd trying to destroy one of the most important allies in Trump’s whole election run. After all, Sessions has been there since day one, helping the nationalist/populist message get out to the masses.
Sessions is being asked to remove himself from the Russian hack investigation, something that he seems willing to do. He likely has very little problem doing so since he has nothing to hide. He has yet to act as a guilty man would, unless his assuming that the questions were about Russian hacks only, but who would think that someone on the Senate Armed Serves Committee did not talk to anyone from Russia ever? How could that even be possible?

Who can think that Sessions (second from the right) as a member of the Armed Services Committee had NO contact with Russia ever? That would be a dereliction of duty.
Many news agencies are saying that Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was meeting with Sessions around July, which is when the hacks were said to have happened. The DNC is claiming that the hacks were from Russia, but there is no evidence of this having been the case. Circumstantial evidence is just that, circumstance related, not issue related. If Jeff Sessions is found to have committed a crime by helping, aiding, or covering up the hack, then perhaps there could be very real grounds for pursuing the matter. However, no one but the sore loser left is even promoting the notion that Russia did it. This is likely because they did not, as Putin has said all along.
The bigger problem here is that, as Trump has said prior, this is affecting how Russia and America interact on other more fact based issues. How can Trump work out real issues like weapon placements on the Russian border to combat terrorism, nuclear war, and even energy matters if the Democrats and mainstream media are out and about with fake news about a Russian hack that seems to have never taken place?

Putin (pictured) has long said that he has had NO ties or talks or dealing with Donald Trump, the election, or any hacking.
The Democrats are simply furious that, except for the big liberal cities, America overwhelmingly rejected the agenda and plans of the Democratic Party and their vision for America’s future. Putin did not work to bring down the election of Mrs. Clinton, that was done by Mrs. Clinton herself. America said “NO!” to fake climate science, open borders, and the whole third wave feminist movement that came with her. Putin did not elect Donald Trump; the America people who want the swamp drained elected him.
The goal, unless proven otherwise (in which case, Trump has a huge problem on his hands), is simply to destroy the main framework of those who Trump has chosen to make his promising vision of America’s greatness a reality. By doing so, they hope to remove all of the builders of his dream, leaving America with others who are more open to being defiled by lobbyists and the standard elite forms of corruption. America needs to watch closely what “facts” are found about Jeff Sessions because as it stands, it appears that the left is trying to bring down Sessions with out of context statements that they are using to smear him as a liar for saying. If so, this has nothing to do with Sessions and everything to do with hurting the mandate that we the voters sent Trump to the White House to accomplish.

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