BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq warned the parliamentary finance committee member , "Haitham al - Jubouri," Wednesday, the arrival of Iraq 's external and internal debt rate is "very dangerous" by $ 122 billion, pointing out that tourism, agriculture, customs and became a place for "corruption", in what was considered to the government program for the Prime Minister , "Haider al - Abadi" included all the solutions, but they are merely "ink on paper . " he said , "al - Jubouri in a press statement today:" the internal and external debt of Iraq is currently 126 trillion dinars , or the equivalent of $ 107 billion, " noting that "in the event of adding what will be borrowed from the international Monetary Fund amounting to five billion and 300 million dollars, in addition to the ten billion pounds from Britain will be the total of Iraq 's debt of 122 billion dollars . " he added , "al - Jubouri," "this is very serious figure and weigh shoulders the state treasury and cause a huge burden on the budgets of Iraq coming , "explaining that" the government and in spite of all these risks is still continuing to borrow at a time when we wish them interest revenue non - oil and retrenchment and work to find other ways to cover the costs of borrowing , which is usually weak governments that policy instead can not think or produce to bring in money . "He pointed out that" there are important sectors in Iraq , all of which are disabled , such as tourism and the economy, agriculture, customs and became a place of corruption and the collection of eclectic and very few services , "stressing that" the government is directly responsible to provide a decent life for the people . "He explained" Jubouri, the "political document and government program presented by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi included all the solutions, but has not been activated and are just ink on paper, watch the customs are losing annually ten billion dollars and collection incorrect and tourism , which represents an important and improbable in the city of Dubai existence 8 million tourists annually found negligent in Iraq despite the presence of tourism the biggest and strongest of the Dubai many times, especially religious tourism ".