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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Hezbollah responded to Israel's threats


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Hezbollah responded to Israel's threats

Post by rocky on Fri 24 Mar 2017, 2:50 am

Hezbollah responded to Israel's threats

He said, "Loyalty to the Resistance bloc," a member of the Lebanese Parliament MP Hussein al-Musawi, in an exclusive interview with "Sputnik", that Lebanon is a permanent goal for Israel, and at any moment can declare war on it because the conflict existential.

He said: "Israel, as described by Imam Khomeini, which is in fact as well," cancerous gland "must be removed from the presence, the conflict between us and them and threats of today and yesterday, the conflict and Judy, I mean, or we stay or not stay, but we think they are Alzailon because they are wrong. And surprised by any talk about a truce or peace with the Israelis because they are permanently evil, and takfiris now allies and clients to them, and some of the Bedouins set up a new alliance with them, and Benjamin Netanyahu personally with them in the same trench, their planes shed our skies everywhere, in Syria, in Lebanon, Qmaivhm in Palestine , threatening each axis of resistance, so we believe that anyone who believes that he is free to be resistant and which resists should doubt his freedom and his integrity and honor. "

He added: "Lebanon is a permanent goal, the Palestinians have a permanent goal, the Arabs a permanent goal, so we believe that Israel, at any moment, declare war, when its readiness, and when they do not wage war if they are unable to, it also believe that they will try, but they will be committed folly regret it. The work required by existing customers in the region, so that the state becomes in a clash with the resistance, but the state-conscious resistance conscious, but they could not achieve this goal, so the state of Lebanon and the Syrian people have become targets for them, and will not be able to but if they commit the crap you'll regret. "

He added: "We hope Russia are with us in the same trench in Syria now, to continue to Mrahenadtha the oppressed peoples, because in Russia believes that the power of God, and the power of God, and God grant victory to this trend and at least they believe peoples, must remain Russia bet on people, and not to interfere in Bazaars with America or with Israel, we are uncomfortable with the Russian position as they are working for their own good, but they made their interest in one place, which is with the oppressed peoples interest. "

On the accusation of Israel Hezbollah to liquidate leader Mustafa Badr al-Din, al-Moussawi said: "Any sane person when he heard these words, throw in the trash, this talk is worth the trash, the commander of Mr. Zulfikar Mustafa Badr al-Din is one of the pillars of resistance, is the head of heads, is a key commander of their leaders, how can we cut that our head? How it! But every time they accuse us that our guide means we laid fear in their hearts. "

He explained that the extremist groups lose their retreat, have become targets of more than one hand, this is not good for Israel, it wants extremist groups to achieve the goal set by a continuation of blood-letting, and that the regime falls and chaos in Syria, when it extends this chaos to Iraq and Jordan Lebanon, and all the region become an Israeli-American targets. "

Moussawi stressed that Israel hints when any victories can be resolved in favor of the position of the axis of resistance, or any possibility of peace from Geneva or from Astana or from any other place, are moving in this picture.

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