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Israel has a green light to attack Lebanon


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Israel has a green light to attack Lebanon

Post by rocky on Thu 20 Apr 2017, 1:58 am

Israel has a green light to attack Lebanon

Arab and international   Thursday April 20, 2017

In its way spontaneous smile never leaving her face, she booked the Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon miles Gross Hernando Aahevarraa her place in the heart of every Lebanese met him. Lebanese reaction in contrast with Hernando make them feel their problems of everyday life, after 5 years spent in Lebanon, its message to Lebanese politicians to believe in the basic services to citizens, and the conduct of legislative elections, and avoid being dragged into any escalation on the southern front with Israel. Syria, the Spanish Ambassador welcomes the position of the Russians to investigate the chemical attack on Idlib, and warns of analysis «Machiavellian», at the same time expressing optimism for the possibility of resuming the Geneva negotiations, and the containment of the United States and Russia have their differences.

After the election of the President of the Republic of Lebanon and the formation of the government, should be pursued to walk in the «implementation of the constitutional requirements package and legislative elections», send a clear message that combines them all EU ambassadors in Lebanon, and in the forefront of Ambassador Spanish, which is considered to be «the Lebanese deserve to choose a new parliament in accordance with the law a new electoral, to be agreed upon between all political parties », despite the approval of« the difficulty of reaching an ideal electoral law », but required« electoral law to achieve better representation ».

Notes Hernando in a farewell interview with the newspaper «Republic» the position of the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, and not to vote on the extension, during the month of may be possible political parties to reach an agreement, and they need to know the deadline for logistical preparations for the elections.

She says: «I am optimistic, and the majority of Lebanese want a new parliament in accordance with the new law, Europe says it Do».

If we assume that the parliament's mandate expanded for the third consecutive time, the European countries will not be declared weapons to stop humanitarian aid to Lebanon, as some promoted, as Spanish ambassador denies this categorically.

She says: «This is impossible», but European governments are accountable to their constituents, and to convince their communities need to continue to support Lebanon in bearing the burden of the Syrian crisis that has overwhelmed, on the Lebanese people to do what they view to securing Irregularly work of constitutional institutions.

Spanish Ambassador commends the performance of the Lebanese government headed by Saad Hariri, during the Brussels conference regarding the future of Syria and the region in the last 5 April.

Says: «The paper presented by the President of the Lebanese government, which includes the next steps and areas that should be investment by, in particular, infrastructure, and the need to support host communities, reflected a common position and a coherent vision and clear to the Government of Lebanon, which is no longer able to withstand the repercussions of the Syrian displacement crisis, everyone has aroused admiration. »

And over optimism Ambassador Spanish to Lebanon's future, and the presence of young people do not have the mentality of war and preoccupied with sectarian chatter, and open to the values ​​of citizenship and points of convergence, different groups are made tremendous efforts to promote co-existence and overcome the conflicts of the past, including «Religions» Foundation and the One Lebanon and Lebanon Together.

The relay: «Since the first five minutes, I felt that Lebanon is an open society and its people are hospitable, what makes one feel like in his own country, Vakarm is not limited to the class

But certain to everyone. »

What grieves the Spanish Ambassador, that the Lebanese do not enjoy the basic services of water, electricity, transport and internet. She says: «The answers to these everyday problems are still absent, and securing these services facilitates people's lives, and I live with you and I know why you're not happy».


In Moish it, Hernando does not deny that the concern remains the master of the situation in southern Lebanon because of the fragility of the situation, and that the recent visits to European Ministers of Defense, including Defense Minister Spanish Maria Dolores Kossbedal to Lebanon is in the context of stress, that it is not in Israel and Lebanon's interest to raise any confrontation or escalation.

It indicates that during its work over 5 years in Lebanon, Hernando was keen to lose the Spanish contingent operating within the international forces in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) twice a month, and she knows every corner, and saw with my own eyes how peace allows the achievement of development and more business, while the escalation will cause destruction and increasing poverty.

She says: «The philosophy Jnraltna is based on the ongoing work to make peace rather than problems, a permanent coordination with Alqaimqamin and mayors to contain any misunderstanding, the tensions and moves at the Blue Line are discussed through tripartite meetings with senior Lebanese Armed Forces officers and the Israeli army under the supervision of UNIFIL, to maintain peace ».

Considers that the analyzes regarding Israel's possession of a green light to attack on Lebanon, after the US strike on the hairs airport in Syria is more like «novels are not based on information.»

Says: «The Americans said in the Security Council why carried out the strike, we have to differentiate between the moral and strategic analysis.»

Asked if Russia and the Syrian regime have carried out assault Khan Sheikhun chemical in Idlib as «Balloon test» for the management of Donald Trump, he says: «This idea of ​​Machiavellian, we caution people killed assault chemical, the system may be penetrative, and one of them from within this assault, be an accident, as the Russians say, who denied knowing the existence of chemicals. »

Commending inviting the Russians to conduct an investigation into the chemical attack mentioned, considers that it is not logical that «the Syrian regime's chemical assault 24 hours before the Brussels conference the day after the declaration of the Americans that the fate of Assad is not a priority for them.»

US - Russian relations

Spanish Ambassador believes that the Russians and Americans «if the intention to establish good relations, easy to contain the situation, even if they disagree on any topic, but if bad relations, it will withdraw all files».

During the past period, Trump himself expressed his desire to establish good relations with Russia, and there is «intention to achieve peaceful relations, but sometimes can not agree on everything, and this is evident in their approach to the Syrian crisis».

Remember, the Spanish Ambassador that her country did not welcome the American strike, and Madrid, the position expressed by the High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy in the European Union Federica Mgrena, which declared rejection of any European chemical attack targeting civilians, and the need to focus on a political solution in Syria.

The attributes of the European Union focus of Hernando on the humanitarian segment more than political, the fact that the European foreign policy of recent.

He says: «We need time to be more active. For example, France's attitude towards Spain is different from the Syrian crisis that stands in the middle, this is difficult in light of the difference between the countries, agree on one way, but Mgrena seeks to be our role more effectively ».

And it stresses that the EU insists on the demand to achieve a political transition in Syria. She says: «After all these years, something must be done, and the implementation of some of the political reforms and the adoption of a new constitution and a new parliament».

Despite the complexities of the situation in Syria, in light of the multiplicity of international players, but they show optimism the resumption of the Geneva negotiations.

Says: «true months ago we were more optimistic, but if we compare the war in Syria, the conflicts in the Balkans, we are aware that we have a little wait, the need for negotiations, as it can not continue with this catastrophic situation».

But are the players are tired enough to stop the war?

Sufficiently conflicting parties may not seem tired to accept certain conditions, in the eyes of Ambassador Spanish »But if we take the humanitarian consequences of the Syrian crisis and the situation of displaced people in the camps, and the cost of this war, both from Russia, Iran, Turkey, the economic disaster, straining beneath Syria, we find that friends they can more enemies persuade the regime and the rest of the parties to accept certain conditions and a framework for settlement, and to stop the war. »

Spanish ambassador to leave the country where rice enjoyed Bdalal and the love of the Lebanese, but her heart is reassuring, because it follows the march after he understood the Lebanese political life key. Spanish Ambassador, Jose Maria Ferry, who previously worked in the Spanish Embassy in Lebanon from 1981 to 1985 and spent six months within the UNIFIL forces in 2010, it will be left behind, married Lebanese Joumana cruiser, known as Lebanon is better to know.

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