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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Congress Launches Bill To Erase Obama’s 2016 Law Currently Allowing Gov. To “Diversify” Your Street


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Congress Launches Bill To Erase Obama’s 2016 Law Currently Allowing Gov. To “Diversify” Your Street

Post by Lobo on Thu 20 Apr 2017, 1:27 pm

Congress Launches Bill To Erase Obama’s 2016 Law Currently Allowing Gov. To “Diversify” Your Street
Posted by Allison Hillman | Apr 19, 2017 | American Strength

Obama-era regulations undermined local policies.
If you haven’t heard of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) bill, you aren’t alone. Another slippery move by the Obama administration in 2016, this legislation gives sweeping control of housing to the federal government in order to force further diversification neighborhoods.
HUD’s (Housing and Urban Development) mission is to “create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all.” Many associate HUD with “Section 8” housing that provides low-cost housing for people in poverty. Naturally, this comes with mixed reactions. The AFFH makes the job of HUD even more contentious.
Under AFFH, cities and towns that receive money from HUD will give up a majority of control over their housing decisions to the government. The bill claims that it “provides HUD program participants with an approach to more effectively and efficiently incorporate into their planning processes the duty to affirmatively further the purposes and policies of the Fair Housing Act…”
Beneath all the legal jargon, this liberal amendment makes it more costly and more difficult to provide low-income housing. This includes expensive analyses of each HUD region to compile a “giant database would include records on residents including income, race, color, religion, national origin, and much more.”
The AFFH accomplishes two Obama-era goals in one piece of legislation. It extends the control of the federal government which the former president was very fond of. He routinely passed bills, with or without support, that made Big Brother even bigger.
It also works to force neighborhoods to accommodate low-income housing which in turn tends to “balance” the number of people from different races within a community. Make no mistake, these “suggestions” are nothing of the sort, they are mandates and the AFFH has ways to enforce them.

Utah Senator Mike Lee has been a determined opponent of AFFH.
Any community found lacking in diversity, a.k.a, welfare recipients, could be sued and compelled to obey. These lawsuits would, of course, be funded by taxpayers. As one source aptly points out, “it is social engineering by the federal government on a massive scale.”
This can and has been occurring without notice or comment by the media and public. Westchester County in New York became the target of Obama and his bureaucrats. Local officials and residents went toe-to-toe with the federal government when they were sued for not having “enough low-income, high-density housing developments.”
In a clear example of David and Goliath, the feds didn’t only sue, they imposed a gag order on the man leading the fight for the county. Conservative group John Birch Society cautioned members. “AFFH is dangerous to American property owners and to local government in our communities.” He went on to say that this was “Barack Obama’s most radical assault on American private property rights and locally elected governments,” and that the “AFFH obliterates personal property rights and destroys property values in whole neighborhoods.”
This bill is dangerous and the subterfuge in the federal government added fuel to the fire. Obama and his cronies quietly enacted these types of legislation and a complicit media helped keep the slow autocratic movement under wraps. Even more disturbing, Obama-entrenched Republicans were secretly aiding the regime while their constituents suffered.
The president of the American Policy Center expressed his concerns over the perils. Tom DeWeese stated, “As HUD demands that the ‘imbalance’ be corrected by forcing federally subsidized housing into more affluent neighborhoods, property values plummet. Equity in those homes will be lost. In addition, as HUD moves to enforce these badly defined rules, its agents begin to dictate to local officials how their communities will develop. Locally elected officials simply become pawns to carry out HUD rules. Home rule in America will die under AFFH.”

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, is very concerned over the AFFH legislation.
Adding to the long list of Obama regulations now being challenged, the AFFH could be on the chopping block. In the House, the bill to overturn AFFH was led by the Republican Representative from Arizona, Paul Gosar (HR 482). Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah sponsored the bill in the Senate (S.103). This is the second time that the congressmen have attempted to fight AFFH however they hope to me more successful with the current administration. The new bill is entitled the “Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act of 2017.”
Senator Lee was quite outspoken during the previous undertaking. He stated that AFFH turned HUD into a “National Zoning Board.” He contended that the whole purpose of the legislation was “to empower federal bureaucrats to dictate where a community’s low-income residents will live.” In sharp contrast, the new bill will “nullify certain regulations and notices of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and for other purposes.”
Tom DeWeese thinks that the bill has a much better chance this time around as well but cautions that the fight is far from over. “There is great optimism by the sponsors of the bills that they will pass and that President Trump will sign them into law. However, there is growing pressure from civil rights groups, developers, and their lobbyists who fully understand the dangers these bills represent to their big government agenda. It is vital that those of us opposed to AFFH and HUD overreach keep up our own pressure by calling our Representatives and Senators to demand they support HR 482 and S.103.”

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