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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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«Daesh» apologizes to Israel !!


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«Daesh» apologizes to Israel !!

Post by rocky on Tue 25 Apr 2017, 2:25 am

«Daesh» apologizes to Israel !!

4/25/2017 0:00

Capitals / follow - up to the morning ,
despite the release of dozens of local and international intelligence reports on the presence of suspicious relations between Israel and the gang «Daesh» terrorist; however , the recent statement by former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon on Monday exposing this relationship is beyond doubt, we have apologized to gangs «Daesh »Tel Aviv after a missile fired by« wrong »towards the area in the occupied Syrian Golan.

He revealed the Israeli minister, that the gang «Daesh» fired only once by mistake towards the Golan and then apologized for it immediately, and quoted the Israeli Channel Ten for Yaalon , commenting on the incident of the Golan Heights, last Friday night: The «most cases of the shooting was getting from the land under the control of the Syrian army », adding that« one incident occurred, in the recent period, in which «Daesh» opened fire by mistake apologized immediately ».
Yaalon drew the finger at Iran, saying that « the Iranians are directed to launch attacks against Israel», stressing that « the gang« Daesh »were not once and are firing at us , but Iran and its allies were always».
The Israeli army announced late last Friday, the fall of three rocket - propelled grenades from Syria within the territory under the control of Israel in the occupied Golan Heights, the Israeli army confirmed that it targeted the Syrian army positions inside Syrian territory. He said that the targeting was « in response to the sliding of missiles from the internal war in Syria into Israeli territory», for its part, Syrian sources explained that « an Israeli strike sourced from Tel Abu Nada in the occupied Golan targeted gun Syria stationed in one of the military points in Kenitra on Khan Road Kom Arnaba oak tree ». Egyptian Fatwa Observatory in the first reaction to the news of an apology «Daesh» Israel fatwas Takfiri and opinions militant Observatory, the Dar al - Fatwa: The «said an apology gang« Daesh »terrorist Israel shooting once by mistake towards the Golan Heights, fun raises suspicion about the nature of the relationship between the two parties, and raises further doubts about the network of terrorist gang relations in the region, which provides a cover to remain strong against the international coalition to eliminate them ». He said the advisory observatory that «Israel's former defense minister 's comments increase doubts about Israel 's relationship gang« Daesh », especially that the terrorist gang did not target Israel in any of the operations of suicide or wide Tvjeratha that hit many of the capitals of the world , east and west, and avoided approaching the Jewish state , despite its presence in the conflict zones surrounding Israel, but it apologized for the mistake towards the launch of the Golan Heights occupied by Israel missile. » He Fatawa Takfiri Observatory, that despite the leader vowed «Daesh» called «Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi» transform Palestine into a «graveyard of the Jews», the spokesman for the terrorist gang, called «Nidal Alnasiri», announced that the liberation of Palestine is not « the priorities of the Holy Jihad». He pointed out the observatory, that « the behavior of the terrorist gang not to attack Israel has long provoked criticism and some pay to accuse« Daesh »secret cooperation with the Mossad, which confounded some of its supporters think, and in fact says that the terrorist gang is fighting everyone except Israel, which is what drives the leaders« Daesh »to launch intimidation and threats against Israel, and the declaration of the alleged support of the Palestinian people», called the observatory, Muslims all over the world to «closer look at the nature of the relationship between Israel and the organization« Daesh », and should not be deceived lies the terrorist organization and his allegations of repeated about being organized« Islamic »and his call for Modesty «Jihad» and the establishment of «Caliphate» and «defend the Al - Aqsa Mosque», and other allegations repeated by the organization in order to win Muslim public opinion and to attract fighters to him and Almnkhaddaan malicious Bdaith ». French expert in the context of the relationship between «Daesh» Israel, continue to Tel Aviv to hit Syrian targets analysis, see the French expert at the University «Paris IV» Thomas Vlechih, that it is more than is «good agreement» between Israel and the organization «Daesh» terrorist, so out of chaos in the region, noting that the tension is at its peak between Syria and Israel , which are Bgaradtha on Syrian territory and falls due to the victims of this. Speaking of Vlechih, a member of the Roland Mussenier Center of the University of the Sorbonne, she told «Sputnik» Russian from his view of the overall developments in the region things. He said: «Israel pursues opportunistic policy in the Middle East and seeks to ensure continued political survival in the vicinity of a very dangerous environment for her, and this sense of cooperation between them and the organization« Daesh »her very useful». He added, «Israel follow the balance of the policy, they do not wish the demise of the « Daesh », moreover, the terrorist organization has not announced and has not in the day to attack Israel from a military point of view or even an ideology, which shows us frankly that Israel is not the enemy real organization «Daesh» terrorist ». Moreover, an expert Vlechih adds that «Israel - in order to ensure the comfort of political and quiet - to host elements of the terrorist organization and treated in its hospitals and then re - sent to the fighting front against the Syrian Arab Army . For Israel, the« Daesh »is very important in lack of continued stability in the region surrounding Israel. » He concluded the French expert saying: «Israel played a role behind the scenes about« Daesh », because Israel has an interest at the end of the day to ensure that the stability of the surrounding area to the maximum extent possible, so as to ensure the perpetuation of its stability, it 's funny and cynical policy, but a real and realistic». The capital of the myth , the sources said in the US Department of Defense, the transfer of the capital 's alleged gangs «Daesh» from the city of Raqqa to the city of Deir al - Zour in eastern Syria. According to «Fox News» channel, quoting sources in the ministry said: «During the past two months , the US military was able with the help of unmanned aircraft, watching the flight of the most prominent leaders of the « Daesh »City« fields »on the Euphrates River to the south of the town of Deir al - Zour». It is noteworthy that the city of «fields» is where US forces killed a ground operation, a senior official in the «Daesh», called «Abdul Rahman Uzbek», which it described as an aide «Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi», the leader of the terrorist organization.

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