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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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of a Russian report analyzes the Iraq dossier entrust the largest military organization in the world


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of a Russian report analyzes the Iraq dossier entrust the largest military organization in the world

Post by rocky on Sun 30 Apr 2017, 4:09 am

of a Russian report analyzes the Iraq dossier entrust the largest military organization in the world

3 hours ago

Twilight News / dealt with "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" the decision to grant the US Secretary of Defense the right to determine the many US military units in Syria and Iraq itself, pointing out that this means that the fate of the two countries became in his hands.
According to the newspaper article:
awarded US President Donald Trump and his defense secretary James Mattis to determine the validity of many US military units needed to work in Syria and Iraq. The Pentagon has confirmed this despite the fact that the ministry is not currently planning to increase many of these units in the countries, which activates the "Daesh. The experts , they fear that this mandate to strike easily like those, which brought to the capillaries air base.
Lost Dana White , the secretary announced press the official spokesman for the Pentagon that " the president and the defense minister to grant the right to control the level of several units in Iraq and Syria, although there is no change at this level at the present time. As this does not mean never get what changes in the task of fighting "Daesh" in Syria and Iraq. "White confirmed that the United States ' strategy in the fight against extremists remain dependent on local forces; adding that the granting of military additional powers would give" freedom of movement and the ability and effectiveness "necessary to work with partners in the region.
it is clear from the analysis, published by the American press, that the Pentagon would not be obliged to obtain congressional approval for increasing the number of military units, but he will only submit reports on the work done. However , the authorities ' fear of the granting of this authorization may result in to reveal the number of Ali US forces in Iraq and Syria. This was confirmed by a military source "BuzzFeed". According to him, the military leadership will get this initiative on the "freedom of a great maneuver on the transfer of military units to the places that must be thread in it." It is not clear whether all this It will be fully transparent, but it is clear that the step Trump goal overcome bureaucratic obstacles and strengthening the sudden factor in the work of the Pentagon.
this, and not the Ministry of Defense until recently keen to uncover many of its troops in hot spots, where the conflict has turned into a headache for the international community. According to official data it decided Barack Obama 's administration send about 500 military and 5,000 to Syria to Iraq. But these figures are very low opinion of the experts. Because revealed the true figures, according to observers, it may raise problems in Iraq. Vcilh Military Times indicate that US officials fear that revealed the true numbers of US forces in Iraq , leading to provoke dissent and provoke problems to the authorities of Baghdad.

Has become more independent, Professor of Political Science Department at the School of Economics Supreme Leonid Aasaev says the newspaper that "many American politicians in the National Security Council and the House of Representatives, they point out that the Pentagon in the era of Trump. They believe that the decision to strike a blow to Syria was not a legal validity is calculated opinion should this decision be approved by the majority of the members of the Senate. the supporters of the decision, they say that such authorization allows the implementation of specific operations, do not need a presence on the ground, and the President may decide on the agreement with the Ministry of Defense. "
For his part, Aasaev adds that the granting of authorization to Matisse, will allow Trump to create a simple war mechanism, "will enable him to invent incidents similar to what happened in the IPL. Will see a mini military operations against the Syrian regime, without the need in this case to obtain the approval of the Council Senate, but would accept the dissolution within a mini circle. this is an attempt to legitimize his actions in Syria. "

The scientific researcher at the Carnegie Middle East Center over Sayegh, he may view another, he says that "the president has according to my information many powers allow him to work without reference to the Congress, because in this case does not intend to enter into a new war, it is acting within framework of the authorization granted by Congress to the Obama administration on the fight against "Daesh." therefore, the authorization granted by the Trump Pentagon does not violate does not change the mandate given by Congress to Obama. of course, Congress may intervene if the expansion of the US presence, or led to extensive military operations. but I doubt the existence of such opposition in Congress or that the powers of the issue Sturih ".

For his part, Director of International Security Studies programs at the Institute of Defense Studies of the United Kingdom of Rafael Bantocchi The Trump says allowed to increase many US units in Yemen and Somalia. Therefore, the granting of the Pentagon to increase the power units in Iraq and Syria is within this context.


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