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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Iraqi banking activity structure financial permeability


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The Iraqi banking activity structure financial permeability

Post by rocky on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 7:47 am

The Iraqi banking activity structure financial permeability

....Dr. Ra'ad Hamud Abd al-Husayn Twigg

15/08/2013-11: 28 am

The Iraqi private banking activity is still at a standstill since allowing the private sector to engage in banking in the early 1990s, Government banking activity is localized mainly after 2003 to facilitate government wide financial payments to retirees and displaced persons and martyrs and widows and others that meet the need for the Government to channel funds to community groups and disadvantaged and that is suited for the special status of the State of Iraq after 2003.

This is an exceptional and significant role that banking is still few traditional banking services, it is important for the banking activity of GDP is 10%.

Conclude that the Iraqi economy is an economy of credit but a direct cash payments and the economy in a serious indicator that rotate direct cash payments by credit activity and credit multiplier. The question «do public and private Iraqi banks are attractive or anthelmintics surplus from these payments and other payments.

The answer is apparent from a small percentage of its contribution to the gross national product, the real position of the banking system is the artery that exists in the body of the Iraqi economic scale effectiveness of the Iraqi banking activity in the amount of logistical support for the Government and private economic activity, and economic importance to raise the proportion of banking activity of GNP as head of banking policy supposedly built in Iraq.

Here's how to access aim through the term of the financial permeability which means the arrival of banking for the poor, especially those unforeseen and categories not covered by the social security network which will upset the Iraqi economic life, in addition to other slides as slides medium instead of exclusively high income segments, the segments are limited while the low-income segments of the population are sliced and the energies of the enormous population.

Financial balnfazeet meant here is not a substitute for the social safety net is a bank to achieve the economic activity of these groups, and within the framework of the economic activity which will cater to the financial needs and living.

Of course, that the banking environment, how the public interacts with the public and private banks by increasing the depth of any banking share Bank branch per 1,000 people and is expanding the geographic reach and reach all provinces and districts and districts instead of relying on banks with regional side and then entering the banking business to the universities and the consequent joint actions.

The second aspect to improve the quality of banking services and access to public and private banks investment area through what is known as credit lease any car rental projects, labs and machinery after buying them from the banks to the private sector, and this requires a willingness by banks to real structure to change the organizational structure of the acquisition and possession, mergers and changes in their shift from short-term profitability profitability to the medium-term and long-term In addition to founding a bank guaranteeing depositors and lenders take interest in that one and not a particular party.

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