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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Netanyahu's dilemma


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Netanyahu's dilemma

Post by rocky on Thu 11 May 2017, 4:30 am

Netanyahu's dilemma

Thu, 11 May 2017 08:19:55

Two years after the "steadfast shelf" campaign, and with the summer solutions, Gaza still worry Netanyahu, Abu Mazen may remember, after ten years after the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip by force, demonstrate leadership ability and challenge Hamas

The economic blockade that Abu Mazen is trying to impose on the Gaza political move shiny, the leader is not expected to lose something. Often, aware of Abu Mazen, who became a 82-year-old, that he has a few years, at most, of control, it has recently become a special showing assertive.

Abu Mazen explains that he recently paid all Hamas accounts, and you considerations: "If Netanyahu Hamas helped, will see Abu Mazen to the world (ie, the ruler in the global reality match, Donald Trump) Netanyahu is responsible for the rift between Gaza and the West Bank, which is the argument that the Palestinians are not qualified after the establishment of a state. on the other hand, if the economic situation in Gaza deteriorated, leading to a war (as on the eve of operation "steadfast shelf") - has completed the collapse of the Hamas takeover in Gaza occurred (according to what warns Lieberman) and things are going in favor of the Fatah movement.

On the other hand, Hamas was sent to Netanyahu, a veiled symbol about its intentions in the short term in the new charter, which was published recently. Although Israel is not the first that received the Charter, it is estimated that the movement involved in a long-term truce lead to an economic boom, provide them with time to extend its control, and help them to prepare for the day after Abu Mazen, in the West Bank as well. By contrast, in the event of these circumstances, it joined the economic pressure non-portable lead to Hamas think that control is now at risk, and most importantly - to feel that Israel is about to withdraw such strategic weapons overtime after missiles - tunnels - there may be successful in launching another confrontation and shuffle the cards again.

If all that is not enough, Abu Mazen waging an indirect attack against Netanyahu in Gaza is not raging, but in Washington, quiet, too. Recall that at the beginning of the era of Trump, shortly before, the Palestinians were outcasts in Washington, he did not speak with one of Abu Mazen. March Abu Mazen great pressure on the Saudis, waiver of disputes with the Egyptian President, Astadhir, and got help from all sides, including the Jews on his way to the White House. Israel addresses the incitement and education of hatred among the Palestinians, but these efforts are not subject to them. It is Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinians are also now visit the White House and ears in ears Trump's management. It is advisable to accept this fact and get used to the new reality.

Abu Mazen continued to act as Commander No. "2" classic after many years served as the commander of No. "1", preferring to maintain the status quo rather than making history through the establishment of a Palestinian state.

It was too early to determine if the end of the life crisis will push Abu Mazen towards an Israeli agreement - Palestinians with the help of Trump, but it seems that it is currently working to end the occupation of Gaza.

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