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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Learn the Israeli minister, who called for the assassination of al-Assad and spiritual!


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Learn the Israeli minister, who called for the assassination of al-Assad and spiritual!

Post by rocky on Thu 18 May 2017, 2:35 am

Learn the Israeli minister, who called for the assassination of al-Assad and spiritual!


Reserve general, Yoav Galant, 59, served over the decades, the Israeli occupation army, and has assumed important positions, including but not limited to, the commander of the southern region in the Israeli army, ie, the first official and direct from the Gaza Strip.
During his years of service he committed, according to the suspicion of war crimes and crimes against humanity, prompting human rights organizations active in Europe to submit claims in a number of continental courts of old to his arrest and trial because of the crimes charged against innocent and defenseless of the Palestinian Arab people. Moreover, it was to be appointed commander in chief of the General Staff of the IDF, but the disclosure of his involvement in corruption cases prevent the authorities from the output of the decision to take effect.
Ended the last post in the army in November (October) of the year 2010. Several weeks ago, after the International Criminal Court in The Hague has decided to initiate an investigation into charges of "Israel" of committing war crimes in the recent aggression against the Gaza Strip, Galant told the Maariv The decision to investigate after the Palestinians fired thousands of rockets into "Israel" is a crime in itself.
He claimed that he led the soldiers in the process (OCL), late 2008 and early 2009, against the Gaza Strip, and they have maintained a high degree of ethics, so that kept their lives and refrained from injuring unarmed Palestinian civilians. He expressed support for the officers and soldiers of the Israeli army, which maintain the highest values ​​in the ethics of war, so he said.
After that, he joined the party (all of us), led by Finance Minister, Moshe Ekhalon, and in the recent elections that took place in March of 2015, was elected to the Knesset, and as the party to which he belongs, and seeded the center-right, joined the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been appointed Minister of Construction and housing in the government, a position which is still Itboooh until the moment.
Site (Times of Ozraial) reported that the Israeli minister called for the assassination of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad yesterday, first Tuesday, saying that there is no place in this world, as he put it.
Speaking at a conference near Jerusalem, he said Minister of Housing and Construction Yoav Galant, the retired general in the Israeli army, said that given the recent allegations that the Syrian regime has a mass Baaadamat and cremation, you must kill him, as his words.
The Israeli minister addressed what was attributed to the Syrian regime, the establishment of incinerators in Shehadaana prison, near the capital Damascus, he said in this context that the reality of the situation in Syria is that they executed people, using chemical attacks against them, and finally - burn their bodies, something we have not seen 70 years ago, he said, in a clear reference to what was perpetrated by the Nazis during World war II.
"From my point of view, the minister said at the conference Galant eye, also confirmed the Israeli site, we go beyond the red line. According to my view, it is time to assassinate the Syrian president, d. Bashar al-Assad. It's that simple, Galant, who was the commander of the southern front in the Israeli army said.
The Israeli minister and the assassination of semi-Assad cut "the tail of the snake," he said, then we focus on the head, which is in Tehran, he said. He stressed that the site during a conversation with the sender of the site (Times of Azraial) after his speech, the Israeli minister Galant stressed that he actually called for the assassination of the Syrian president.
He admitted that political assassinations are illegal according to international law, but he explained that he did not talk about the practical aspects. He added that anyone who kills people and burn their bodies there is no place in this world, as described.
Israeli Web site said that during his speech, said that in the Galant broader look, the lion and its ally Hezbollah make up the largest of the world organization "Daesh" and other terrorist groups threatening. He noted that in the context of his speech that the world will spend the Daesh, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.
Galant and he concluded that the appreciation of the result of not receiving these terrorist organizations support enjoyed by Syria and Hezbollah from Iran. saj

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