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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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including Iraq .. These hot spots where the US military is spreading


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including Iraq .. These hot spots where the US military is spreading

Post by rocky on Thu 18 May 2017, 4:07 am

including Iraq .. These hot spots where the US military is spreading

Twilight News / spreads thousands of American soldiers around the world to carry out various missions, says the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) The number of US military personnel totaled 1.3 million troops are serving, and 742 thousand individual civil service as well as 826 thousand in the National Guard and Reserve.

Revealed site Business Insider figures the US military spread of areas around the world, which include the hottest areas most at the present time, including some Arab countries.

How American troops are distributed around the world?

About 69300 soldiers working within the US command for the Pacific, and about 42 thousand troops in the Central Command, and nearly 34,500 troops in the European leadership 0.9150 within the military leadership in Africa.

American soldiers in the Middle East

Stationed members of the US armed forces, mostly from the Air Force, at the base of many air diameter.

In Jordan, there are 1,500 troops and a squadron of F-16 aircraft and Patriot battery, and rocket launchers.

In Bahrain, there are seven thousand US military, most of them sailors, and operates a large part of the Air Force from Sheikh Isa base which has the F-16, F / A-18 reconnaissance aircraft and B 3 aircraft.

The localized elements of the air force in the air base of "village housing" in Saudi Arabia.

Hot Spots

US military presence in the hot areas around the world, including:


There are about 9,800 US troops in the mission "firm support", and in charge of training and providing advice and assistance to the Afghan security forces and other institutions to fight other militant groups and Taliban missions.


There are four to six thousand troops within "steel determination process" in order to eliminate the organization of the Islamic state Daesh.

There is only 5262 soldiers were officially authorized to work in Iraq. According to Business Insider The real number is greater than that for a while, as the military leaders give statements to carry out temporary tasks, such as is the case for the 82nd Airborne Division in Mosul.


There is the 500 special forces and 200 to support the Rangers "agent steel determination" against Daesh in Syria.


Where there are 15 thousand US troops, distributed at Camp Arifjan and bases Ahmed Al Jaber and Ali Salem Al-Jawatin, he has joined the US force last year's 3,800 troops.

other countries

In Poland, there are 3,500 US troops in the mission, "NATO's determination", in order to prevent any Russian aggression and carry out missions of training and maintaining security.

The Ukraine Veetmrkz where about 250 members of the National Guard "Oklahoma" to train Ukrainian forces.

Stationed in Somalia, 40 US soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division to train the central government forces and the fight against the "Youth" militant movement.


Sixth Fleet Marine stationed around the Strait of Gibraltar, while the fifth Veugd near Saudi Arabia, the seventh and stationed in the vicinity of Japan and the Pacific.

Hammelta aircraft "Bataan" and "George Bush" track the Fifth Fleet, stationed south of Yemen, the first and second patrol in the Gulf region.


US Marines "Marines" forces deployed in several areas around the world to fight al Daesh, some of which shall contain the tasks of Russian influence and maintain security.

The most important distribution areas are:

About 400 troops in Syria, and 300 in Afghanistan and 40 in southern Sudan (for the purposes of keeping the security of the US Embassy), and 300 in Norway (part of an agreement between the two countries to train and strengthen the security of the borders of Norway with Russia).

air forces

Spreading members of the US Air Force around the world. These are some of the air Alanzalat announced recently:


Recently sent fighter aircraft F-35 to Bulgaria to take over training missions, peace-keeping and stability in the region, also sent fighter jets of the same type of service in several belonging to the NATO countries in Europe.

Operation Determined steel:

Sent 400 personnel in the Air Force to support the mission in Iraq and Syria, and there are B-52 bombers serving those forces

South Korea:

There are 12 aircraft F-16 in South Korea to deter its northern neighbor, and to support security and stability in the region, and there are also stationed launchers P-1 lobby 2 lobby 52.

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