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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Melania Trump from Minnie Job to Long Clothes and Hijab in Saudi Arabia!


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Melania Trump from Minnie Job to Long Clothes and Hijab in Saudi Arabia!

Post by rocky on Thu 18 May 2017, 6:06 am

Melania Trump from Minnie Job to Long Clothes and Hijab in Saudi Arabia!

Melania's clothes are always flawless with her hairstyle and her gorgeous makeup. She prefers the hairstyle that hangs down and rarely puts her accessories on her head. This raises an important question about how she can wear hijab when she joins her husband on a visit to Saudi Arabia.
When former US First Lady Michelle Obama accompanied her husband to Saudi Arabia in 2015, the hijab was not rebuffed.
World leaders, including British Prime Minister Teresa Mae, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former First Lady of the United States Laura Bush, even Princess Diana, backtracked from the tradition in the 1990s when she visited the Saudi king, according to the Washington Post.
CNN also said Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice did not cover their heads during their visit to Saudi Arabia.
When Laura Bush raised the country to raise awareness about breast cancer, a Saudi doctor gave her a headscarf and wore it.
Saudi Arabia applies strict dress rules to Saudi women, as women must cover their faces, hair, and long clothing.
When Michelle Obama traveled to Saudi Arabia, she wore a loose blue blouse and black trousers and did not wear the hijab.
The leaders of the world are women who are exempt from strict dress for women, yet they are criticized for not respecting tradition or showing contempt for Saudi traditions.
Melanie Trump decided to support women's rights and equality from her role as the first lady of the United States. If she decided to wear the hijab - while many women in her position did not put it - it might run counter to her principles.
Ms. Melania Trump has never seen her wearing hats or hair accessories so suddenly seeing her wearing a hijab will be out of the ordinary.
Donald and Melania Trump are visiting Saudi Arabia as part of a multi-faceted journey. Stephanie Grisham has announced that Melania will appear more than once during her visit. The president and his wife will also go to Israel to discuss the threats posed by Iran and its proxies.
A meeting with Pope Francis is scheduled to be held in Italy, according to Yahoo. The trip will be the first trip to Trump as First Lady.
The trip aims to emphasize the United States' commitment to world peace, and their trip will end in Brussels, where Trump will attend a meeting of NATO leaders.
Since many of the wives of presidents in the world have ignored wearing the headscarf in Saudi Arabia, it is unlikely that Melania will wear it, and if she chooses to adhere to strict dress, this will anger many Americans. Melanie Trump will often wear modest, long-sleeved dresses.

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