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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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In the presence of Tramb..alsaudih embraces 55 in charge of the Gulf, Arab to change the "game" rule


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In the presence of Tramb..alsaudih embraces 55 in charge of the Gulf, Arab to change the "game" rule

Post by rocky on Fri 19 May 2017, 2:05 am

In the presence of Tramb..alsaudih embraces 55 in charge of the Gulf, Arab to change the "game" rules in the region

Arab and international   Thursday , 18 May 2017

Riyadh launched Thursday, a special website forthcoming visit of US President Donald Trump scheduled the beginning of next week, which announced the participation of 55 officials from Arab and Muslim countries in what it described as a "historic event".

Under the slogan "Momentum brings us together," top web page count descending day, hour, minute and second to reach Trump to the Kingdom, accompanied with the words "Islamic Arab summit US - a historic summit tomorrow bright."

And it indicates that the importance attached by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to visit US President. The Web site said that the meeting between Trump and officials from Arab and Muslim countries to be held Saturday will serve as a "historic event" renews the commitment of the participants to "global security and economic well-established partnerships and deep political and cultural construction and cooperation."

Besides the Arab Islamic summit US, Trump will meet the leaders of the Gulf states, and will hold a bilateral meeting with Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud.

The website said that the discussions that will visit over 48 hours will lead to "change the rules of the game."

Saudi Arabia relationship with the previous US administration apathy, especially marked because of the conclusion of the nuclear deal between Iran and the seven major countries, including the United States.

Since the arrival of Trump to the presidency, they exchanged contacts and repeated rapprochement between the two indicators. Trump criticizes Iran's nuclear deal, he has repeatedly attacked Tehran.

Trump is involved, along with Jordanian King Abdullah II in a meeting to discuss "the fight against extremism and terrorism in the digital age." He will also visit King Abdulaziz Cultural Center, and opens the "International Center for the fight against extremist ideology."

Saudi Arabia is organized on the sidelines of the visit forum brings together business leaders "from all over the Kingdom and the United States of America," and another forum looking at "the nature of terrorism and the future of extremism."

The site says, "at the time we collect the world to fight extremism and terrorism, we are working with our partners in the United States of America and the Muslim world to improve the living standards of the people of our nation and strengthen common economies," adds "tolerance and partnership Aouhdanna, a common vision for the future of our way to success

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