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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Press


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International Press

Post by rocky on Sun 21 May 2017, 1:38 am

International Press

Investigations Russia affects a senior adviser close to Trump

newspaper "The Washington Post" reported that for the existence of Mahmtl coordination between Russia and the campaign of Donald Trump electoral investigation, last year, I met a senior official in the White House close to Trump in connection with the matter, which extend the investigations to the top shows levels, according to people familiar with .
She explained the US newspaper on Saturday, the senior adviser who is under scrutiny by US interrogators is someone very close to President Trump. He refused to persons familiar with the matter disclosure advisor name.
The sources said that investigators pour their focus on people who have had the effect of the Trump campaign and enjoyed influence within the administration but they are no longer part of them, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was forced to leave his post after the disclosure of lying about his relationship with officials Ross, The former president of the electoral campaign Paul Manfort.
The paper says that among current officials within the administration who acknowledged contacts , including Russian officials, Jared Kushner, President Smelting Trump and his high, and Jeff Sessions, the alleged American public, and Rex Tillerson, Minister of
Foreign Affairs.
It comes at a time that is heading in the investigations into more revealing stage transmission with investigators from the work that has been away from the eyes of public opinion to the stage of interviewing and the use of the jury and issuing subpoenas. According to the people who spoke to the Washington Post, on condition of anonymity, it is expected to speed up investigations in the coming weeks.

Daesh succeeded in establishing foreign intelligence recruitment and targeting

newspaper "New York Times", he said that confirmed the information that is now in the possession of the US, French, Belgian and Austrian and German intelligence services, confirms the success of the organization Daesh in the establishment of its own intelligence agency working on information gathering, targeting and recruitment of elements Aldaashah in Europe and Asia.
American widespread newspaper reported that the intelligence service of the Daesh has been successful in confirming the formation of planting hundreds of sleeper cells in Europe , Asia and the cells that the world woke up to the Tvjeratha occurred in various regions of the world over the past weeks.
Revealed that the US and European intelligence services tens of thousands of pages confessions of suspected elements belonging to Daesh during interrogation confirmed where the "intelligence Daesh" clients may Altqohm several times over the past three years under the tourism cover study or trade and showered them money for the formation of cells and then asked of them going to sleep "until the receipt of other instructions."
According to the newspaper, some were questioned about their awareness revealed they make up sleeper cells in Europe that these cells were tracking the "security device" , a name which was launched Daesh on its intelligence and called Mohammed Aladnana is the one who will administer this device , one of the assets of Syria , who has worked as a manager device and media propaganda to Daesh that emerged military prowess he withdrew the Special operations command Corps of the organization known as the "organization of Khorasan."

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