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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Sun May 21, 2017 3:40 am

The world in 24 hours

Pyongyang ,
North Korea presented its condition for dialogue with the United States
criticized the deputy North Korean envoy to the United Nations, the United States policy , saying that it should retreat from its "hostile policy" toward his country before it can hold talks, while Washington expressed concern about the possibility that Pyongyang the process of developing a chemical used as a nerve gas.
He said that Kim Ryong, told reporters, on Friday : "As everyone knows, the Americans hinted dialogue ... but what is important is not words but
He explained , "retreat from hostile policy toward the Democratic People 's Republic of Korea is a prerequisite to solve all the problems on the Korean peninsula ... and then pressing issue that must be settled on the Korean peninsula is to put a decisive end to the US hostile policy toward the People 's Republic of Korea 's
And it pledged to North Korea, earlier, to develop a missile that can carry nuclear warheads be able to hit the United States, saying that the program is necessary to confront the American aggression.
The face of US President Donald Trump, warned in late April of the possibility of " a very big conflict" with North Korea, but said he would prefer a diplomatic solution to a dispute over Pyongyang 's nuclear and missile programs.
Trump confirmed later that he "honored" to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong - un under appropriate conditions, a spokesman for the American Zarhalforeigh reported that Pyongyang "stop all their illegal activities and hostile behavior in the

deputy Afghan president leaves for Turkey after the "rape of a political opponent , "
Afghan officials said Saturday that the vice president of the country, Abdul Rashid Dostum, left to the possible exile in Turkey, amid accusations of torturing him and the rape of a political opponent.
The Followers, warlord Dostum has accumulated a record of human rights violations grim and crimes, as it has become an example of impunity in Afghanistan.
Followers was likely to be travel to Turkey Dostum, in an effort to evade the judicial follow - up, the end of the course in Afghanistan.
In the meantime, he said a spokesman for Dostum, Bashir Ahmed Thiana, the Afghan official traveled to Turkey for the purpose of visiting his family and medical checkups.
He did not rule out a spokesman for Vice President, Dostum 's return to the country in the future, but did not specify a date.
He accused Dostum, over the past year, under the guidance of his bodyguards ordered, kidnapping and rape of his political rival, Ahmed Ishii.
And practiced Western countries , under pressure to launch an investigation into the charges, as the complainant provided a medical certificate confirming the assault, but Dostum remained a free man.

military agreements tens of billions between Saudi Arabia and America
announced an official at the White House on Saturday for military contracts between Saudi Arabia and the United States, worth $ 110 billion, in the first day of the visit of US President Donald Trump to Riyadh.
The official said the agreement includes defense equipment and services and enhance the ability of the Kingdom "to contribute to the fight against terrorism" in the region, according to Agence France -
The agreements signed include military deals worth $ 350 billion over the next ten years.
Trump and resolve, on Saturday in Riyadh, in his first visit abroad since he assumed presidency in the White House on 20 January.
In parallel military agreements, Riyadh and Washington concluded new deals worth $ 22 billion in the oil and gas sector.
As well as the two leaders signed between the two countries shared the strategic vision of the Convention, as well as dozens of other economic, commercial, technical and investment agreements and those in the field of transport and infrastructure.

draft resolution allows the emperor to abdicate
and the Japanese government agreed on a draft resolution allowing the Emperor Akihito , the elderly to give up the throne in the first case of its kind since two centuries.
Parliament is likely to approve the law, according to the government secretary Yoshihedy said after Soga government Shinzo Abe 's approval of the bill.
It must be waived for the throne within three years after the ratification of the law.
According to reports earlier this year that the emperor (83 years) could step down by the end of December 2018 to be replaced by Crown Prince Naruhito on the first of January 2019.
and began to news about the emperor 's desire to retire to appear in late July.
In last August , it announced that desire caused by his age and the deterioration of his health condition.
Because the current Japanese law does not include any items on the waiver of the offer, had to politicians drafting a bill to allow it.
The post of Emperor very sensitive in Japan because of its history in the wars that broke out on behalf of his father Hirohito , who died in 1989.
During the conflict was Hirohito considered a "demi - god", but it just became a symbolic figure after the reforms that followed World War
Received treatment from Akihito prostate cancer also underwent heart surgery. Although he reduced his activity but its agenda is still crowded , including official visits abroad.

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