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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Mon 22 May 2017, 1:51 am

The world in 24 hours

Erdogan vows to fight enemies after his return to lead the (Justice and Development) ,
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed yesterday (Sunday) to fight the enemies of Turkey at home and abroad ahead of his election as president of the party «Justice and Development» ruling , which would make him the first Turkish nearly 70 years , combines the head of state and the leadership of a political party.
Erdogan told thousands of cheering supporters who gathered in the ruling party 's electoral conference , which is the only candidate for the leadership (rather than face our heads Menksh tomorrow we chose to stand tall in the face of scoundrels at home and abroad).
He added in a sports stadium in the capital Ankara «We will continue our fight against all terrorist organizations». He pledged to maintain the state of emergency in Turkey until peace is achieved in Turkey 's war against Kurdish militants and insurgents.
Erdogan founded the party «Justice and Development» in 2001 and led him to victory in the elections held a year later, but was forced to give up the party leadership since about three years ago when he was elected president , a position above the traditionally partisan politics.
But this changed after the referendum held last month, which the Turks to support a constitutional amendment narrowly to implement an executive presidential system gives Erdogan new broad powers and allows the head of state to become a member of any political party or its leader.
It will be Erdogan 's first president leading the party since the era of Ismet Inonu , who took over from the founder of modern Turkey , Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the head of the country until 1950.

Moscow ,
Russia would disarm nationality of "terrorists , " the
Russian State Duma adopted on Saturday, draft laws allow the abolition of the decision to grant Russian citizenship those who obtained false documents or were involved in the commission "of an extremist or terrorist nature" crimes.
The draft laws were submitted to the State Duma, last month, by the President of the Council, Vyacheslav Volodin, the leaders of the four blocks of the Russian parliament, as well as Chairman of the Legislation Committee of the Council and his deputy.
The current legislation on a number of conditions for foreign nationals who wish to obtain Russian citizenship, one of which is the duty to comply with the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation.
The bill is heading to consider providing false information by the applicant, in violation by the person who wishes to obtain Russian citizenship, to abide by its commitment to the Russian Constitution.
Under the draft laws on the abolition of the decision to acquire a nationality, under the provisions of the court, if the purpose of gaining the implementation of activities against the constitutional order of Russia, such as the commission of the crime and preparing and attempting to commit a terrorist crime or extremist orientation.

Tehran 's
son Rafsanjani wins all seats in the municipal council in Tehran ,
won the reformists, led by Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani, son of former president, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, all municipal council seats in Tehran, during the elections that took place last Friday, according to official results published by news agencies.
It coincided municipal elections, with presidential elections, won by President Hassan Rowhani, an ally of the reformists, a second term, far ahead of his conservative rival Ibrahim key, and conservatives were in control of the municipality of Tehran since the 14 - year - old

prisoners continuous crisis and Atvihamat with Israel
denied the National Committee to assign a strike the news of the prisoners near reaching understandings with the prisoners on hunger strike, which was published by some media citing the prison Service.
The head of the Prisoners ' Affairs Issa Qaraqe told Sky News Arabia, that there are negotiations taking place but no results or progress has been made so far to be declared.
The site of the Israeli Haaretz reported earlier that the Israeli Prison Service is in talks with representatives Aloserbhdv to end the hunger strike entered the fifth day and Althelathon.oadet Prison Service that in the event of the conclusion of the agreement , it would not constitute a victory for the prisoners that the prison administration has always been willing to respond to the demands of prisoners of this would be to agree on the way "everyone victor" and "no victor , no vanquished."
Site from the same source and that the transfer of 592 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike were taken during the past 24 hours to set up medical centers inside the prisons to make sure their health, according to media reports.

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