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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Out of bounds

Post by rocky on Tue 23 May 2017, 1:57 am

Out of bounds

Indian minister: Saudi Aramco is interested in a project refinery in India ,
Minister of Oil and Gas of India Dharmendra Pradhan said, on Monday, said that Saudi Aramco "strongly" interested in a project refining with government refiners Alhendeh.oukal Pradhan during a news conference in Vienna after meeting with Muhammad Barkindo Secretary - General of the Organization of the Petroleum exporting countries "We are in talks with Saudi colleagues to bring investment from Aramco," "We want to create a global center for the refining industry in India." India , one of the largest energy consumers in the world and is seeking to diversify its sources of supply not only raw, but from gasoline and other refined products. b said Radan, said that India, which has repeatedly pressed for OPEC members to stabilize the price of oil, offered to provide experts and other aspects of technical assistance to Aramco.
Barkindo, who served as Secretary - General of OPEC last year and did not address, directly Aramco is likely to invest in India , but said that, the organization is looking forward to increasing Indian appetite for OPEC crude.
He said , "our member States looks forward to continued demand growth in India."

Abu Dhabi
Bungei and Arasco seek to buy the activities of the Foundation Saudi Grain
Informed sources it said that the US Bungei company for agricultural trade is looking to participate in the sale of mills activities of the General Organization for Grain Arabia to become the second global commodity companies showing interest in the privatization of the only body authorized to buy wheat barley in Saudi Arabia .ozkr source, on Monday, that Bungei signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arab Agricultural Services Company (Arasco) , a private Saudi company, declined to comment Bungei.
The source said in March, he said that the partnership between the American Archer Dnielz Midland giant agricultural activities and pastures Saudi Arabia, expressed Ahtmamaponcth Mills Foundation grain, not clear details about the possible price for the activities of mills is difficult to determine a specific number, as the organization has not managed by the purpose of profit. sells Saudi assets in several entities owned by the state to achieve revenues contribute to dealing with the decline in oil prices and diversify its economy under the reform plan "vision 2030" .uetoqa be grain Foundation, one of the largest wheat and barley buyer in the world, among the first companies that sell assets and STK N a model for the path that may route of Akhron.otertb Public Institution for grain to sell milling activities through four entities are established specifically for this purpose , while retaining the activities Okhry.odan Saudi Arabia imported head of wheat and barley since it abandoned plans to achieve self - sufficiency in 2008 after having exhausted agriculture desert water supply Aahihh.otstord enterprise now all wheat supplies to Saudi Arabia and up to about 3.5 million metric tons per year. It predicted that the demand for wheat is growing at an annual rate of 3.2 percent to 4.5 million tonnes a year by 2025 , which is mainly due to population growth.

Berlin ,
Minister of Finance of Germany and France agree to strengthen the euro zone
agree financial Germany and France , ministers, on Monday, on the strengthening of the euro zone in a new push for reforms disabled and warned that the power Staol political extremists if Vfal.oatvq Wolfgang Schaeuble and Bruno Le Mer, in their first meeting since the election of Emmanuel shifty on the seventh of May , president of France on the establishment of a joint working group will present ideas by July, on deepening integration in Alioro.oukal region if Mir, said that the group will discuss financial governance and coordination of economic policy and projects of joint investment and warned that on a Large economies in the euro zone, the implementation of successful reform during the mandate of the shifty , which extends to five Snoat.uallq during a joint news conference with Schaeuble , saying , "We have a responsibility to achieve results , " pointing to the strong performance of the candidates of the far left and right in the presidential elections Afrencah.oodhav before crowned together to Brussels to attend a meeting of finance and Za euro zone "this we need to achieve tangible results if we do not succeed , it will override the extremists shop . " said Schaeuble , "we both know that what is a central challenge for us financial Kozyre, is to contribute to the strengthening of Europe at the time of its opportunities as well as challenges." We know that the strengthening of the importance of a monetary union Beer , "he said , adding that Germany and France have enjoyed a special role of leadership in the region , which includes 19 members.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on another occasion, on Monday, said that Germany should succeed in the fight against unemployment , adding that, better to confront the populists skeptical of the euro is the way to solve problems.

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