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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Reference introduces the first document to regulate tribal customs


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Reference introduces the first document to regulate tribal customs Empty Reference introduces the first document to regulate tribal customs

Post by rocky on Wed 24 May 2017, 2:01 am

Reference introduces the first document to regulate tribal customs

 Karbala / Range

Demanded religious authority, on Tuesday, the Iraqi tribes to preserve the prestige of the law, while warning of the danger of " the phenomenon of conflicts" on society, declared the document "moral" of tribal leaders in Iraq to sign and abide by its articles in order to preserve the public interest.
The representative of the religious authority , Sheikh Mehdi Karbalai at a conference held at the threshold Husseiniya in Karbala in the presence of Iraqi tribal leaders and security leaders and local officials followed the "term", "we call princes and tribal elders in all the provinces of the north to the south to maintain the prestige of the law and apply the law."
He added Karbalai, "We must resolve the conflicts and violations of dialogue and understanding can not be resolved conflicts with violence and can resort to the law to solve problems , " warning "if they remain such conflicts will constitute a serious future phenomenon in the Iraqi society and we are fighting fierce battles with aggression."
The Karbalai, "must start dialogue and understanding to resolve disputes , and we draw our arms to Daesh and nothing between us."
He gave Karbalai, a "moral document in which the terms of clan elders in order to Iqraoha carefully and sign it and abide by Imam Hussein (AS) in order to preserve the public interest."
The document included the moral commitment to the recent introduction of the religious authority of tribal elders and clans in Iraq directives.
Under those guidelines , which received the "long" a copy of which, the "lack of exaggeration and arbitrariness in taking the tribal chapters away from Shara and humanity, and not Reprisals relatives of the perpetrator because he does not carry the burden of committed murder."
The document also, "not to forfeit the right to personal friendly legitimacy for orphans and minors, and the lack of extravagance in Alfouath and eating all the people of the injured, and not gunfire in all social events."
The document calls for "non - aggression on the teaching staff in schools, institutes, colleges and outside of them, and not the attack on doctors, hospitals and asking them to die when the tribal chapters of the patient."
The document prohibits tribes from resorting "to the phenomenon (Alnhoh) and make women rule in the tribal chapters, as well as the prevention of the phenomenon (Alksh Esh) or to force or prevent girls from marrying someone who does not want to do."
This is a challenge and document the phenomenon of "Algeloh" which is forcing a person or family to leave the area because one of their relatives killed someone.
The document calls for "resolving tribal disputes through negotiation and understanding, non - use of weapons of all kinds between the sons of different clans."
The document emphasizes the "care of civil peace and urged all people of the country to peaceful coexistence and rejection of differences."
The document , which consists of 13 paragraph to "find appropriate solutions to support community and harmony after the return of families to areas liberated from the control of Daesh and resorting to the rule of law."
The document commits " to support the official security forces in all its divisions and its different forms and support with an emphasis on law enforcement and the prestige of the state."

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